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Jeffrey and Shannon bringing you an analysis of the news and current events of today!

Jeffrey and Shannon bringing you an analysis of the news and current events of today!


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Jeffrey and Shannon bringing you an analysis of the news and current events of today!






Americas Future Direction; Grassroots Rise and Reign

Today the guys bring local action and national impact in to view with Zach's new show Grassroots, DJT interviews and Truths, Konnech importance "Swampy", Biden is every race and ethnicity, AKAP muh qanon, DeSantis video about Florida recovery, Putin makes interesting statements again, Kash on declassification orders during Trump Presidency, Bidens' business dealings, and much much more....

Election Software Executive Arrested on Suspicion of Theft

Special Guest Patrick Orlando drops in to encourage stock holders to vote, Konnech en brief, winning continues, CCP tells Pompeo to quiet down, Bobalinsky on Tucker, calm before the storm, Nunes on CNN lawsuit, and much much more...

A Conversation with Brian Cates

First hour the guys sit down with Brian Cates LIVE, Patriot Talks about the rabbit hole, Canadian Patriot speaks truth, Russian sub falls off radar, Trump sues CNN and other's coming, Watters reveals where presidential records are kept, and much much more...


Trump Rally Recap; FBI’s 7th Floor No More

Today the guys bring you the Trump Rally review, FBI spys (allegedly), dark money and the Clinton's, Arabella joins with Kiwi nonprofit, Election was stolen in 2016/2020?, Bill & Melenda Gates investments to control pharma, Kash on the 7th floor, and much much more...


Putin Annexation of Four Areas of Ukraine; Stands in Stark Contrast with USA

Triggerin' Commies eryday! Today the guys list events leading to the truth - that you should learn and not be told, Putin Speech on annexation and current US leadership, horrid experiments, McCain & Kerry's Russia visits reviewed, DJT on Habberman, and much much more...


Coolio About to Expose “Them” Dies; Seth Rich Laptop News

Florida devastated by Hurricane Ian, Coolio speaks about truth, Queue becoming center stage, Fight For Trump rap, Pipeline in Russia possibly sabotaged, 30 ex FBI agents attest, Trump goes on a Queue spree, Seth Rich laptop deadline, Media Matters attacks again, DeSantis LIVE Florida update, and much much more...


A Conversation with Kash Patel

A Conversation with Kash Patel - DJT Precipice commentary, Tucker on DJT, Florida's Desantis on Ian, debates in mid-terms, Shinzo Abe salute and tribute, we are the news now, and much much more... Pick up PART TWO:


Foreign Dark Money Assembles in TX; Al Jazeera Looks For QAnon

Today the guys bring insight to current events. Pelosi gets booed @ Climate event, Texas Tribune's foreign funding, Al Jazeera talks MG Show, Hillary still smells of sulfur, Jamie Raskin on Stone, Trump brings country together, Ted Cruz on Trump Critics, Newsom and Liz Cheney interviews, WAKEY WAKEY, and much much more...

More Proof of Undeniable Voter Fraud; Trump’s Virtues

"DJT goes full Q", Project Veritas exposes vote fraud in Texas, what a day for Patriots, DJT on Hannity the moran, Kanekoa substack, Trump Virtues video, Video evidence of vote fraud, and much much more...


As Seen on TV: We Are The News Now

They guys make their MSM debut on CNN, DJT Truths are getting fun, Trapper - Cooper - O'Sullivan shout out, Tish James gets the focus, Brilliance of 2015 DJT speech, White Squall, Special Master review, Time Square billboard, and much much more...


A Conversation with A. J. Rice

The guys sit down with A.J. Rice, CEO of Publius PR on his new book, Woking Dead in the first hour and in the second hour bring updates on breaking news, election dark money addressed by Biden administration, Democracy Docket reports on "Republican Anti-Voting Lawsuits", AlphaPunisher's Truth video, and much much more


True The Vote Under Siege; Trump confirms Q Again

Jeff and Shannon return live from a power-packed weekend of Patriot games, True The Vote Under Siege; Trump confirms Q Again, Trump Expands The Conversation; Fake News Falls Into The Trap, John Wayne has a message for Patriots, free advertising from AKap in DC, DJT at Ohio, MSM QAnon narrative NBC, PBS, DJT in DC 17 times, President Trump interview on NewsMax, and much much more.

Who is Really Behind the Railroad Strike; Kamala gets a Busload

Today the guys kick back with fun and the news: Payseur review, Scavino's Trump post about restoring America, RailRoad strike averted, Durham case gains clarity with Turley, Bannon RailRoad deal, Trump Truths on Electric Cars, Illegals catch Bus rides to Kamala's house, J6 Solomon Article, Eye-patch McCain Stein99 interview, Brandon is a disaster, and much much more...


FBI Violates Lindell; Explosive Durham Developments

Today the guys bring you the latest happenings with Mike Lindell warrant, Durham update by TechnoFog, Definition of vaccine, Trump Truth Durham progress, media bias on the HRC server, Watters clip on Danchenko, DJT cooperated before FBI raid, Trump Truths videos he wants us to watch, Weissmann and lawyers, FBI and Twitter whistleblowers and much much more...

Konnech Sues TrueTheVote after The Pit

Konnech vs. The Pit review in its entirety


Flannel Friday Thursday with Gregg Phillips

The guys have Gregg Phillips on the show early, so welcome to Flannel Friday Thursday!


A Conversation with Paul Manafort

Paul Manafort, author of Political Prisoner: Persecuted, Prosecuted, but Not Silenced. As campaign chairman for Donald Trump’s 2016 residential campaign, Paul implemented the structure that delivered the nomination and eventually the general election for Donald J. Trump. Support the guys monthly @

A Conversation with Roger Stone

Today the guys host Roger Stone second hour, Biden economy reality, China speaks on Europe, Message to Joe Biden, Kash Patel & DJT, a nation in decline, and much much more... Catch Roger on his signature show on - LINDELLTV2 @ 5pEST Help Roger Fight! or to support the guys monthly!


Biden Declares War on Americans

Today the guys cover resident Biden's authoritarian speech, twitter verified accounts come together with single word posts, Project Veritas catches another one, Trump considering pardons for J6, Dinesh on FBI, and much much more!


BlueAnons Out in Force; Project Veritas Exposes Projection

The guys prepare for Roger Stone on tomorrows show, kicking off the first hour with Castle Maralago, James O'Keefe uncovers the sidelining of Conservative applicants, DJT on raid and photos, news reports and archbishop comments, frenproofs on no name, targeted children, Stormy Joe comms Trump 45, and much much more.