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Jeffrey and Shannon bringing you an analysis of the news and current events of today!

Jeffrey and Shannon bringing you an analysis of the news and current events of today!


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Jeffrey and Shannon bringing you an analysis of the news and current events of today!






A Conversation with Kash Patel

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Eco Health Alliance Whistleblower: Sons of Tyranny Takes Center Stage

Today's MG Show brought to you by: - use code MG Show for 15% off your first order and another 10% off when you subscribe! Eco Health Alliance Whistleblower, Dr. Andrew Huff, brought foward by Hannity, DTRA Metabiota Biolabs, Sons of Tyranny review, Andrew Huff substack: Emerald Robinson, Kari Lake joins Tucker, Kash Patel chastises Musk for half-truths, Shumer and Pelosi's January 6th comments, DJT Truth posts, and much much more...


What’s Missing in the Twitter Files: Gov’t Influence Over Social Media and Surveillance State

Today the guys sit down with Dr Gregg from BrickHouse Nutrition on Field of Greens supplements for your every day health needs [ promo code MGSHOW ], Twitter fallout of Hillary and others, Mika freakout over Trump, Kanekoa video on Biden Laptop, Twitter files review, Intel agencies protecting pedophiles, James Woods on Tucker and Twitter, Hobbs twitter contact for censorship, Patriot Act is information control, and much much more...


Flannel Friday with Gregg Phillips

Flannel Friday is hot with Gregg Phillips joining the guys live covering current events, McCarthy the wolf in sheep's clothing, Jim Jordon tech and TikTok, Ukraine cultivating fascists NAZIS, Balenciaga background research, stay away from alien probes, Kappy, and much much more...


Moral Relativism Destroying Our Country; Payseur Review

Today the guys bring light to the Epstein estate agreement to pay $105,000,000 in damages, Bloodline family control review, January 6 ProPublica investigation, Code Monkey & Neon Revolt, Moral Relativism, Payseur 17 min breakdown, Balenciaga being ignored, Railroad strikes loom, Kanye on Alex Jones, Federal Reserve and Payseur Trust targeted, and much much more...


Biden’s DHS Caught Dead to Rights Trafficking Children

Today the guys bring in Project Veritas to kick off the first hour - an expose on trafficking people, traficking from Texas to Florida unnoticed, Joe Pags has Kari Lake update, WOR Radio coverage of traffickers, Whitehouse seems to support XI rather than the people, California legalizes child molestation, Moderna Pfizer COVID vaccine ramp-up, Balenciaga exposure being dismissed as QANON conspiracy, Chinese People know it's communism, and much much more....


A Conversation with Capt. Seth Keshel: Election Stats Guru

Captain Seth Keshel in the hot seat today calling on Patriots to stay engaged and not slack off during the Holiday Season, Captian K goes over numbers for Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona Elections, Kari Lake isn't giving up: comments on Election fraud, Kanye (Ye) on TimCast, Tucker speaks on Musk and censorship, AlexStein99 all smiles asking the hard questions to Balenciaga employees and much much more....


The Push for Statism; AZ Election Civilian Hearings

Returning from the long Thanksgiving weekend today the guys bring in STATism and it's meaning, Arizona Maricopa County hearings under way, new posts "Not a prophet," Bannon gives Arizona update on certification, video on God gene, TrueTheVote response, on Arizona, China seeing protests and cracks down, testimonies from Arizona Voters, Pandora's Box book, and much much more...


A Conversation with Toria Brooke

The first hour is ON AND POPPIN' with citizen journalist and rock star Toria Brooke, second hour filled with sauce, review of our life with Q, understanding the true target for warfare, Tucker calls out the pedo-elite, Gregg and TrueTheVote decision on contempt, Thanksgiving wishes to and from all, and much much more...


A Conversation with Liz Crokin: Kanye, Epstein, & Pritzker

Today the guys welcome Liz Crokin to the show and dig through the history of Pritzker, Epstein, Kanye (Ye) ... so much information, so much more...


Maricopa County Runbeck Issues Again; Time to Show the World

Today the guys run over Runbeck, clowns running the elections, Gates in Arizona, Arizona ballot issues, Maricopa Attorney phone call, how to control the cheat, Marc Elias with Petty memories, Code Monkey 2 Runbeck dig, Gaetz hits back at the establishment, 2020 Election integrity hearing, Trump speaks on Special Counsel , and much much more...


Flannel Friday with Gregg Phillips

Special Friday guest Gregg Phillips in today for the first hour on how he and Catherine Englbrecht have been since being detained for 8 days in a Texas Prison, CNN and Don Lemon meltdown on Jeopardy, Kanekoa Lieber Harvard and China, David Brock's new job, Hunter and Joe Biden under investigation, and much much more...


House Investigation of Joe Biden Begins; AZ Update

BOOM BOOM BOOM - Today the House lays out investigations on resident Joe Biden, Jim Jordon on Democrats, Charges include trafficking and laundering?, Arizona Mules on video, Hunter becomes the Hunted, Maricopa outrage on full display, DJT fights for you, New World Order and Great Reset promotions, General Flynn's new book, Ghosts in the Machine, and much much more....


Trump’s Historic Announcement; Get involved Trump 2024

EPIC Show today! Q is not Devolution, Billings, facts on Fed ops on January 6th, Trump targets China in speech, FTX regulation discussions, "Our Movement" DJT Speech, Solomon on Obama and Bush incoming disinfo, missiles were from Ukraine, not Russia, Obama confuses intentionally, Michael Moore Trump message, Wayseer and much much more...


Do Not Certify Arizona; Getting Ready for Trump’s Announcement

Jeff and Shannon live today bring you Kari Lake's challenge to the fraudulent election results, Nov 15th announcement from DJT, PAC to stop MAGA, TrueTheVote statement on circumstances, Arizona voters describe irregularities, Kash Patel gives an update, Hobbs should recuse from position, DJT Truth Social barrage, it's ours to take back, and much much more...


Michele Swinick: How They Stole the Midterms in AZ

Michele Swinick joins the guys and brings a fire hose of information with her on the Arizona Election in Maricopa County,, democrats in charge of machines per Obama, Arizona Maricopa chair Gates, Bannon on TrueTheVote's Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, Kash Patel update on AZ Election, Biden, Ukraine, FTX, and Pelosi sittin in a "laundering" tree, and much much more...


Don’t Get Caught Up in Their Operations

FriYAY THANKS TO OUR VETERANS, Reagan there is no argument, DeSantis and Trump, 11.11 drop review, Ric Grennel defends Trump till death, ballot drops in Arizona, veterans day message, drop 1913 - RHINO listing, we need the democrats, and much much more...


Trump’s Red Wave Slow Walked; Konnech Update

Today the guys bring you Election coverage and show counting problems all over, Gregg Phillips' AZ Updates, New York Governor same percentages, LA County drops charges against Eugene Yu, Paul Ryan's Fox News pivot, Kari Lake on Tucker and her remarks on Arizona Governor's election, DJT's Truths, Storm was upon Jeff, Project Veritas CT School video and much much more....


Election Night Debrief; Setting the Stage?

The guys are back in force! Trump Rally Florida review, Project Veritas catches vote encouragement, Election reviews and analysis, Zeldin, Lake, Hobbs clips, Q Posts, Collins and muh Qanon, Trump on Newsmax Election, 174 wins and 9 losses according to President Trump, and much much more...


JoRae Perkins Joins Us; Vote Like America Depends on It

Mid-Term Election Special Coverage with ShadyGrooove, JoRae Perkins, and much much more!