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Jeffrey and Shannon bringing you an analysis of the news and current events of today!






TrumperMel Brings Strategic Election Integrity Updates

Melody Jennings live with the guys discussing her plans to engage with Patriots nation-wide instructing them how to use their Constitutional powers at a local level with Clean The Vote, Kari Lake holds packed-house event has to move outside, DJT phones in during Kari's rally, DeSantis feeling his oats, globalist thread, DJT on gender mutilation, woke school board exposed, Houston Methodist Hospital whistleblowers, and more...


Pfizer R&D Director Has Break Down; Paul Pelosi 911 Call & Body Cam Footage

Flannel Friday brings the booms to wrap up the week: Pfizer director loses it on O'Keefe, Rubio sent a letter to Pfizer, Paul Pelosi body cam footage, Twitter Files 15 over media fraud, Russian Bots, Twitter Files: Parkland, Hamilton68, John Todd on Atlas Shrugged, Gaalt and Payseur globalist agenda, and more!


A Conversation with Angela Stanton-King

1st hour the guys sit down with author and political commentator Angela Stanton-King for an exclusive,, DJT inspires us everyday, J6Patriot's story on FBI raid, government banned TikTok hosts Schiff's complaints, Project Veritas exposes Pfizer Director of Research, January 6th video shows Boylen dying, DJT on House Committee, media, swamp, and more!


Mar-a-Lago Coincidences; McCarthy Finds His Stride

Today, the guys presented Jeffrey at Mar-a-Lago. Trudeau was out in public and people were not happy. McCarthy found his stride with committee assignments and the shift of Schiff and Swalwell. The Penguin, crow, and ladybugs all had something to say. Project Veritas confronted Adam Goldman. DJT declassified while Biden could not. Carlson discussed Pence documents. Welcome to WWIII, folks. There's also a new DJT video and more.


Antifa Origins Revealed; FBI’s Russia Russia Russia Indictment Boomerang

Tuesday's show brings ANTIFA domestic terrorists in to view with Marjorie Taylor Greene on Tucker, the drops, and the bloodlines, Pence has documents booms, Lady Lindsey loves his Nazis, Democrat Minority Whip and Antifa mother's son/daughter arrested, Damar won't show his face, Zelenskyy thanks the bloodlines, Kash on Biden Docs, Charles McGonigal video, FARA schematic counter-intel, and more!


How Fake News Gets it Wrong; More Biden Dumps

Monday reports drip, drip, drip, flood - waking up! ProPublica on TrueTheVote and Gregg Phillips debunked, Ukraine freedom hospital, Antifa Clark climate change, MG Show representation, Diamond Tribute: Silk eloquently speaks, mostly peaceful violence in ATL, Nunes on Bartiromo on Biden DOJ docs, Kash on Biden and Hillary, and much more...


A Conversation with Ret. Special Forces Soldier Jeremy Brown

First hour Flannel Friday with Ret. Special Forces Soldier Jeremy Brown who's being held for sentencing for events on January 6th, 2021, whistleblower comes forward on Konnech, MG Show America First explained, DJT speaks on migrants and healthcare, Biden family's 'deny deny deny' strategy, Bongino on the Biden Center, viewer mail bag, and much much more...


Green Tyranny is Exposed; World Economic Forum Ridiculousness

NHL player refuses to wear "Pride" jersey, Bill Cooper on the Roman Circus parallels, Baldwin facing involuntary man slaughter charges, NAZI roots in WEF's Schwabb, Hunter surfaces as potential whistleblower, Pfizer CEO silent on questions, MRNA to the food supply, Elon Musk tweets poll, DJT on foreign investments in America's farmland, Kemp/Wray at Davos, and much more...


Madonna Child Trafficking?; Big Pharma Can’t Be Trusted

Madonna deletes her Instagram as she's accused of human trafficking, details on celebrity adoptions, Fauci and NIH repeating history, the AIDS bioweapon, Pfizer lawsuits, Oxford speaker on "the woke," and much more...


A Conversation with Banners4Freedom Robert and Jamie Agee

Pfizer will have their day, Donald John Trump talks about Biden's house, Tucker Carlson clip on Secret Service and documents, Robert and Jamie Agee with stop in, Jim Jordan and Scalise on documents and investing, Vaccine injuries causing second thoughts, WEF's Schwabb and the control over you, Bill Cooper on Privilege and America, Hunter Biden becoming the hunted, and more...


Arabella labeled Deep State in Congress; Twitter Files Pharma Lobby

The guys kick off the week with Zinke speaking to Congress about Arabella Advisors, Clay Clark's Jeff and Shady Arabella presentation, MLK letter from the FBI, 2013 State Dpt scandal, WEF Treason list, Johnson calls out Fauci, Biden raised in every community but his own, Twitter Files on Pharma, and much much more...


Why are So Many Pro Athletes Collapsing; Car-a-Lago

Today's Flannel Friday on FIRE! DJT posts video on the precipice, Bill Gates on Population Reduction, Department of Defense controlled COVID from the offset, Kanekoa thread on vaccine deaths, McCarthy invites Biden for the State of the Union, Rogan on Soros, Watters on Car-A-Lago, Twitter Files supplemental, qanon triggers Shiffy Schiff, and much more...


More Biden Classified Documents; Twitter Files 14 #ReleaseTheMemo

Biden's lost docs appear with a Corvette, Techno Fog overview, Trump Truths "Jack Smith", learning 'projection' and post correlations, McCarthy does a press conference, Twitter Files 14, Nunes Memo, #ReleaseTheMemo, an appreciation of the unvaccinated, blame it on the CPP, and more...


Hypocrisy of Full Display: Biden Docs Deep Dive

Suffering from a medical coincidence? Kash Patel, DJT, MTG, and Biden on classified docs, General Flynn OpEd on corruption, Rep Donalds on Joy Reid, Tucker details Biden's lawyer's discovery, and much more...


Biden Illegally Has Classified Docs; Church Committee History

Today's show kicks off with @Shadygrooove back on Twitter, Diamond - a true Patriot, DJT speech to get reelected, Chinese cross border while U.S. Senators watch, Biden's classified docs, Church Committee investigated NSA and CIA, CSPAN History of Church Committee, 1975 Com review - Twitter Dr's FAKE, Berenson Twitter Files - Gottlieb, accusations in the House of Representatives, and much much more...


McCarthy Wins in 15 Proof; Brazil Uprising

Fire show posts 5yr delta proof on Speaker vote, Friday night lights for McCarthy, Jeffries cries out for qanon, McCarthy remembers Washington crossing the Delaware, new house rules, Kari Lake to scotus, Brazil update as people rise up, Vigilant Citizen studio 666, General Flynn remarks on drops and anons, Ted Lieu and Twitter not in sync, infiltration can't be cooperated with, and much much more...


House Speaker Votes Continue; Jan 6 Narrative Losing Momentum

Flannel Friday with the guys as ShadyGrooove addresses discernment, J6 anniversary, Sicknick and Trump, Speaker Vote and Matt Gaetz, Jeanine Piro rants over the top, Solomon reports on 2020 J6 case, Kevin finally gets more votes, J6 woonews debunking of insurrection, 1, 112, 222 votes down Speaker, and much much more...


Speaker of the House Battle Heating Up; Psychological Warfare

EPIC Show today: the guys bring President Donald John Trump's video statement on the border and drugs and another on speaker, Marc Elias and Tucker on Neo Cons, Boebert smashes Hannity as he reees, Kash Patel speaks on speaker, Dark Brandon scares Americans again, Grassley on investigations, WEF sets pedophile agenda, Matt Taibbi on censorship, PsyOps with Passio, and much much more...


Battle for the Speaker; Ruby Freeman and New Twitter Files

EPISODE 2 SEASON 5! The guys cover Trump on McCarthy, Vaccine is a subject to be discussed, Chip Roy speaks to Congress, [WTM] Freeman evidence, Ruby Freeman in her own words, Twitter Files #9 and #10a, and much much more...


Damar Hamlin: Shot Heard Around the World?

Buffalo Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin was in critical condition, Patrick Riley gives an inside look of the Army's rollout of the Vaccine and the true origins of COVID-19