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Jeffrey and Shannon bringing you an analysis of the news and current events of today!






intheMatrixxx Returns to Twitter; Bragg & Witch Hunt Losing Momentum

Jeff "intheMatrixxx" Pedersen is back on Twitter, DJT support grows and solidly so, Stefanik video on Soros and Bragg, Comer on DJT and Biden, normal is being turned upside down, all four investigations of Trump are political witch hunts, Young Republicans for Trump, Rand Paul questions COVID hearing, Bragg has something obvious, and more...


Flannel Friday with MG Show

St Patrick's Day Special: Twitter Files # 19


A Conversation with Trapt’s Chris Taylor Brown

Chris Taylor Brown from TRAPT live in the first hour debuting "Ignorance is Bliss" on the MG Show, Alex Kaplan gives MG Show and Lindell free publicity, Fauci on Cuomo in a panic, O'Keefe comes on to Timcast, Biden Crime Family money, Chip Roy, DeSantis, and the game, and more...


Banks Gone Woke; MSM Ignoring Trump Will Fail

Comer on Biden's bank records, Tucker points to lockdown "Payday", Banks gone woke in multiple ways, Hunter 2024, Kari Lake on how beating the UniParty isn't difficult, Trapt's Chris Taylor Brown tomorrow, brothers of Smollett, DJT at Jackson residence, Vatican and the globalists' tantrum, billion dollar fraud charges against Miles Guo, and more...


Trump Brings the Heat in Iowa; Bank Collapses and J6

They attack those who are effective, DJT in Iowa and machine shop, stand up to those who attack America, roadblocks, Q&A responses from Trump were gold, SVB Board is ultra woke, Dodd Frank gets "Dodded", AZ Maricopa Lake case update, New January 6th footage, Pfizer protection mechanism from years ago, and more...


Trump Was Right as Banks Collapse; J6 Cover-up?

Trump's early warning of Economy collapse, major bank problems and SVB, Sonsini and banking criminality, China is embedded in the banking crisis, Tucker and others in media, GOP begins to subpoenas of Hunter, more Banks begin to slide, Jake's call with the FBI, DeSanctis on the ropes, and more...


A Conversation with Tony Lyons

Tony Lyons, President and Publisher at Skyhorse, and an attorney, joins the MG Show for the first hour, Jake Chansley on video telling the people to go home, read Trumps Tweet to them, McCarthy to release tapes to the public, Dinesh on Fox and much more... promo code MGSHOW


A Conversation with Tara Reade; Twitter Files in Congress

Tara Reade sits with the guys in the first hour, Tucker triggers the entire establishment, should McCarthy release the videos, Jordan hearing on Twitter Files, Matt and Mike testify before the House, Jordan ACTIVATED, and more...


Darren Beattie Discusses Trumpism without Trump; Tucker J6 Censored

Today's MG Show brought to you by: - use code MG Show for 15% off your first order and another 10% off when you subscribe! Darren Beattie is Editor of joins the guys in the first hour, Bret Bair showcases bias, MSM spin machine in full panic, "No Trumpism without Trump", Soros loves DeSantis, insurrection lies revealed, Jeff's family foundation discussion, Antifa at the Capitol, and more...


Official J6 Narrative Collapsed; Panic in DC

Tucker Carlson's review of January 6th, narratives of insurrection shown as false, Sicknik died of strokes, Ray Epps lied in disposition, protesters sing National Anthem from jail, Schumer perpetuates Sicknik lie and demands FOX stop Tucker, Michigan refuses electors, Georgia ballots found, and more...


Attacks on Truth Intensify; Trump Shows Leadership at CPAC

Gregg Phillips attacks, MAGA Communism and fatalism, the narrative shills out in full force, Kari Lake explains "Bribe" attempt, Con Inc ElizabethDove article, Hancock, aka "UK Fauchi," exposed by whistleblower, Patriot releases 100k text messages, Order out of Chaos Bush Jr, DJT at CPAC on why we need him, and more...


Flannel Friday: JT Wilde, Gregg Phillips & Patriot Games and Dr Judy Mikovits

Flannel Friday Launch of JT Wilde's new single "Patriot Games" with the guys, JT Wilde, and Gregg Phillips and in the second hour Judy Mikovits to talk about her book, Ending Plague, A scholar's Obligation in an Age of Corruption! Today's MG Show brought to you by: - use code MG Show for 15% off your first order and another 10% off when you subscribe!


A Conversation with Dr. Richard M Fleming

Dr. Fleming discusses vaccinated-driven variants, natural immunity, and bioweapons with the MG Show, sharing valuable insights and expertise in the field of immunology and public health. Get the Book:


A Conversation with John H Thaler

Join the guy LIVE with Mr Thaler today for both hours. We address Jovan Pulitzer's comments and Tracy Beanz' Twitter Thread with John Thaler and dive deep in to the corruption he and his team have brought to the fore. Don't miss this piece of the puzzle!


Every State is a Border State; Examining Secretary Mayorkas’ Border Failure

Trump posts "Deuces" video, letter to America from the Post, Sheriff Lamb testifies at Congressional Hearing, Border Patrol hearing loses focus, MTG questions 'secure' border, the true nature of Fentanyl, mask mandates for children, Gaetz explains corruption in-depth, Putin addresses nation, and more...


Flannel Friday: The Fight For The Wall Is For So Much More

FLANNEL FRIDAY BOOMS INCOMING: Arizona Hearing Jackie Berger addresses Hobbs' Corruption, "...backbone of operations...", Bill Cooper immigration causation, Black Panther member finds roots on the Mayflower, drops on the border, Patriotic Reading of drops and more...


Seth Keshel at the AZ Senate Committee; Keshel Joins Us Live After His Testimony

Cpt. Seth Keshel speaks at ARIZONA SENATE COMMITTEE ON ELECTIONS AND HOUSE COMMITTEE ON MUNICIPAL OVERSIGHT & ELECTIONS on mass discrepancies, Seth joins MG Show live, disgusting divisive remarks by MSM, UNCONTROLLED burn: DJT in East Palestine Ohio, 'crazy lady' Jury Foreman on CNN, and much more...


Medical Doctor Tossed Out of Sarasota Hospital; Is Corn Pop Really a Bad Dude?

Sarasota Florida Dr removed for speaking at Hospital Board meeting, Ivermectin isn't dangerous?, Dr Latell talks about his escort, Corn Pop was a REAL dude, Konnech's Eugene Yu case in LA County, J6 Police say it was a setup, Solomon reports, DJT prosecution not on table, and more.


MG Show Host in latest Twitter Files; East Palestine Water Safe to Drink?

Putin addresses his Nation, Biden goes to Ukraine, Twitter Files #16 includes request to censor @inthematrixxx by Senator Angus King (an anti-American Globalist), historically NATO is not to be trusted, Project Veritas's former head James O'Keefe speaks, DJT comments on Crime and law & order, MYID rolled out 2 years prior to East Palestine train spill, and more...


A Conversation with Couy Griffin Cowboys For Trump

Join the MG Show for an exclusive conversation with Couy Griffin, founder of Cowboys for Trump. 2nd Hour - What do they think of you, Bill Cooper - Silent Weapon, Palestine Ohio and EPA officials comment, Climate Change sunscreen, JD Vance goes to East Palestine, and more... Today's MG Show brought to you by: - use code MG Show for 15% off your first order and another 10% off when you subscribe!