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Jeffrey and Shannon bringing you an analysis of the news and current events of today!






KONNECH: Evidence Suggests FBI Shielding Firms Tied to Chinese Government

Shocking evidence suggesting a deep-rooted conspiracy involving the FBI, Chinese government, and an American election software company. The episode kicks off with the revelation that Konnech, the software provider for numerous prominent cities and counties in the United States, has been closely tied to Chinese firms that have been financing and developing the company for the past 15 years.


ACE Act Introduced; Trump Declassified Mar-a-Lago Documents Confirmed

Drop proofs today, ACE Act and the House Oversight Committee, Comer to hold Wray in contempt, Shady Tweet goes viral, Trump Campaign Video: Wolves, Tucker's first episode on Twitter on Ukraine, Trump declass Crossfire Hurricane, Obama shares his tactics, Russia addresses Fake News of Kakhovka Dam, Jimmy Dore skit, Instagram sex trafficking, and more...


Congress/FBI Document Fight Update; Honoring D Day Patriot Style

The witch hunt of Trump, Comey fears "Retribution", Loomer confronts Come in Illinois, Tim Scott appears on The View, D-Day is honored and remembered, Ted Cruz talks about Garland indictment, Glen Beck on Ukraine and the Military Industrial Complex, Newt Gingrich tells you what, Gaetz compels Pomerance Trump case, armor up and fight, and more... Video @ Today's MG Show brought to you by: - use code MG Show for 15% off your first order and another 10% off when you subscribe!


The Vax is not Trump’s; J6 Committee Evidence Tampering

Landon Copeland tells us Antifa was at January 6th, Ukraine and Swastika flags fly in Chicago, Trump explains HCQ to the media, Kash Patel lists traitors, J6 original video has no sound - soundtrack added, Comer speaks at Capitol about Wray, highly credible informant informs on Biden, watch: China training their children to hate, weaponizing kids, prejudice and tricker explained, and more...


Biden Fall Again; We Shoot Documents Not Narratives.

Biden falls and Trump comments, Mika & Joe review of Trump attitude, review of Tara Rodas interview, DJT on the ground in Iowa, it's time to stand up, Bill Cooper speech from long ago, what we want is America to survive, defining fake narratives, DJT speaks about drug scourge, DJT shares videos on corruption, and more...


A Conversation with HHS Whistleblower Tara Rodas

POWERFUL testimony of Tara Rodas on children being trafficked on the border in the first hour, Project Veritas' interview, House Select Committee interview, DJT vs DUHSantis, Trump is still in their head, and much much more...


Why Corporations are going “Woke”?; Proof Arizona 2022 Election was Stolen

Greg Steube on 'triggered' DJT Jr, Lindsey Graham Ukraine drops, WEF, UN, CEI, ESG, DEI cooperate to control, rating system directed toward corporations, Comer to hold Christopher Wray in contempt, Alex Kaplin is still promoting the show, JP Morgan's Dimon involved in..., AZ Election: Kari Lake fighting for YOU, video reveals timeline of AZ steal, funding a foreign proxy war, and more...


A Conversation with Dom Lucre

Dom Lucre is a former hip-hop executive and a veteran of the United States Army, where he served with honor and distinction. He is also a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump and a breaker of narratives on social media, where he has amassed a large and loyal following. @dom_lucre on Twitter.


Desantis’ Failed Announcement for President; Truth at the International Covid Summit

DeSantis launch was abysmal, DJT Truths on loyalty, trolling, South Dakota Pandora Papers and Trust Law, we want truth and fairness from the GOP, Communism/Globalism will fail, O'Keefe confronts Fetterman's assistant, DeSantis' Headlines fail, Dr David Martin at the International COVID summit “Covid-19 was an act of biological warfare perpetrated on the human race. It was a financial heist. Nature was hijacked. Science was hijacked.”, and more...


MG Show Endorses Trump for 2024: Here’s Why

E Jean Carrol case and Garland's letter to DJT, Trump Truths firing at Desantis, Loomer calls out Comey on the platform, DeSantis is NOT America First, Ron will announce POTUS run tonight on Twitter, why Ron is running, meet Elon's friends, Quandt ad for Ukraine deep State, companies in Ukraine supporting Tyranny, OMG Fetterman assistant expose, and more...


Anti Defamation League Defamed MG Show?

Sussmann "Duham" seen in 2018, Yuval Harari speaks about qanon, ADL tweet gets ratio'd on Twitter, FBI releases QAnon files, "Is it our fault we are right?". FBI was actively involved on January 6th, DJT joins John Solomon, United Spot does Joe Biden, drop reading, and more...


Durham Confirms Election Interference; Rickey Schroder Drops Truth Bombs

Nunes on failed "Russia Russia Russia Hoax", Kash discusses the "destroy Trump" narrative, Clapper says "Obama made me!", 5 year delta on Nellie Ohr's ham, Ricky Schroder explains "non-accountability", NY turns Republicans in to Democrats, Gun Control really means "You Control", DJT's Truths, no vote machines in 2024 AZ elections, and more...


A Conversation with Mike Gill: Pandora Papers Follow the Money

New Hampshire is now home to $932.5 billion in assets managed through trusts. Is this where the bodies are buried for the political elite? Mike Gill joins the MG show to tie New Hampshire's Pandora Papers to Biden, Obama and more. Today's MG Show brought to you by: - use code MG Show for 15% off your first order and another 10% off when you subscribe!


Weaponization of the Federal Government Hearing Review

Weaponization of FBI House Hearing, Retaliation toward Congressional whistleblowers, Jordan opens hearings, Swampy's substack review, Garret O Boyle testifies on experience with the FBI, Media Matters drops, Mr Friend testimony, Mr Allen witnesses, MTG announces articles of impeachment, and more...


Kari Lake Election Case in Arizona; Durham Fallout

Myles Grimard CEO & Co-Founder of Brickhouse Nutrition (Field of Greens) joins the guys at the top of the show, Kari Lake in Maricopa County court in Arizona, Durham fallout on Guttfield, BioClandestine comments on Durham confirming drops, Geraldo flips like a pancake, Greg Jarret on Durham, Andrew Weissmann lies again, and more...


Comprehensive Durham Report Analysis; Trump Speaks About What We’ve Known for Years

Durham Reports what we've known long ago, named in posts 39 times, Midnight Judges Act explained, Technofog threads, Page, Strzok Weissman and Comey, DJT talks FISA, Comey, Klinesmith, Hillary wants China to have more fun, TruthSocial clips regarding Durham, DJT Live on Bongino, the Truth is all you need, and more...


CNN Trump Townhall Review

First hour MG Show questions CNN narrative, debunking NARA, CNN "hair-on-fire" reactions via MSNBC, E Jean Carrol has blue rocks, Lincoln Project blows a gasket, Kash debunks National Guard on J6, Narrative set, narratives debunked, CNN Townhall with DJT in full, and more!


New Information on Allen Texas Mall Shooter; Trapt’s Chris Taylor Brown

Trapt’s Chris Taylor Brown has received emails from Mauricio Garcia, the Allen, TX Mall Shooter. There was about 5 emails that was sent detailing a troubled man. The last email to Chris was just 18 minutes before the shooting on May 6th. In hour 2 the guys play the House Oversight Committees damning evidence regarding Joe and Hunter Biden’s selling out of America. Where is the DOJ and FBI?


NLPC Chairmen connects Buffet to Gates, Epstein and Arabella Advisors

Peter Flaherty shareholder calls out Buffet, arrested after comments, speaks to Levin. Arabella Advisors MG Show coverage, James Comer update on Hunter Indictment, Trump Truth regarding the border, Dark Brandon on darkest days ahead, they want Trump incarcerated, Bill Maher and Dr Phil on Trump, and more...


Equal Justice Under the Law; More Hunter Biden Revelations

Invasion at the Southern Border, Soros explains plans of destruction, Comer's clear message to DOJ on Hunter Indictment, DeSantis talks about MAGA, InnerCityPress thread on Carrol/Trump in NY fiasco, Joe and Mika call for border security, Tucker is preparing to go nuclear, Archer Biden hiring Burisma corruption, ExFBI Freeh wants a "Hunter job", HRC credit rating with Soros and Miles4Imigrants, and more...