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Jeffrey and Shannon bringing you an analysis of the news and current events of today!






Lahaina Fire Inconsistencies; Chief Sund Testimony on January 6

Lahaina fire inconsistencies in Hawaii, Zelensky plan on Capitol Hill, 1+1 Media Kolomoysky narratives, Bob Menendez indicted on Bribery, now do Biden family, Capitol Police and Sund testimony, Officer Sund makes sobering comments, Capitol J6 review, Roger Stone begs for pardon, Rafikien and team call for dig, and more...


Ken Paxton Interview; Arabella Advisors FTX Connection

Truth is our pursuit, Ken Paxton on Tucker Carlson, Bush cronies used every dirty trick against Paxton and he still won, FTX Arabella connection revealed, SBF Arabella Advisors board and Arabella on Reawaken Tour, OMG confronts Pfizer over corruption, vax ineffective in children, and more...


AG Garland Testifies: Oversight of U.S. Department of Justice

House Select Committee proceedings, Jim Jordan's opening statement, Garland's narrative, Jordan grills Garland on Authority, Matt Gaetz questions, McClintock questions on Wiess prosecutor, Issa and others confused by responses, Schiff sandwiches, is Weiss in charge or not?, Biggs asks prosecutions look like quotas, and more... Support the show:


End the Wyss Loophole; Who Controls MAGA Movement Influencers?

MG Show is where narratives go to die, Paxton impeachment charade, Wyss loophole explained, Biden impeachment is a dark money operation, we need to learn and listen, Kelley Sorelle is Rhodes' girlfriend, Manhattan Madam PR company thread, RFK Jr assassination attempt, MSNBC panic about Donald Trump, the path to truth is traveled together, and more... Support the show!


Does Roger Stone Lie?

Did Roger lie? Stone in a swinger's "sex" club, Bob Dole orgy smear article, Kristen Davis and the NXIVM cult, Stone J6 inconsistencies, spaces held to attack truth, clips from A Storm Foretold, people arrested for J6 and their connections to Stone, WOOZNEWS clip, Spicer on Flynn's firing, and much much more....


A Tribute to 9/11

Jeff's testimony - Remembering 9/11, DJT speaks to the horrors of 9/11, recordings from the morning of 9-11, Omar "Some people did something.", Firefighters after 9/11 speak to their confusion, Biden in Alaska instead of New York breaking tradition, WTC 7 Collapse aired on the news before it collapsed, and more...


Georgia Grand Jury Report ZERO Credibility; Trump Calls Out Green New Deal

Georgia Trials to begin soon, Grand Jury final report overview, the[y]'ve indicted everyone breathing, remembering Veronica on The People's Bridge, Jury report inconsistencies noticed, Don Jr reacts to Joan Rivers' death, Comer accuses Bidens of being a crime family, Trump is a problem solver, green energy movement is a "culture war", and more...


How to Become UnPsyOpable; The Latest Psyop Exposed

What is a Psyop? Jan Halper video that Trump posted, Halper in her own words, Scavino video on what would change, become un-psyop-able, peace through strength, Tucker and Sinclair interview, Obama's Birth Certificate forensics, Fuddy killed by frogman after crash?, Microchip is still debunked, and more...


Assange Says No Roger Stone Collusion; Kolomoyskyi Arrested in Ukraine 1+1

Sullivan review about Stone and Assange, Assange clarifies Wikileaks never colluded with Roger Stone proving no Trump/Russia Collusion, charted connections of convictions for January 6, Watters segment on Hunter and Corruption, McCarthy and the Bohemian Club, the US Border is being used as a trafficking operation, Kolomoyskyi arrested in Ukraine, 1+1 thread on Ukrainians at J6, why Ukrainian Nazis were at Capital, Sinclair and Obama, and more...


A Conversation with Jason Sullivan

Jason Sullivan stands as a testament to unwavering dedication, meticulous approach, and commitment to excellence. His reputation as an expert in the field is highly endorsed, making him an invaluable addition for organizations and individuals aspiring to collaborate with the very best. We welcome Jason Sullivan to the MG Show.


Who Is Jason Sullivan; Internet Sting Operation ’J6DELETED’

CNN gets punked by kayak-ers during storm, J6Deleted manipulated narrative, Jason Sullivan "irrelevant"?, Roger Stone snubbed on J6 by DJT, Looking back at the MOSSAD network, "Down the Rabbit Hole" video, Alex Jones attempts to usurp, and more...


The Illegal Use of DOJ/FBI by Biden; Payseur Bloodline Refresher

Swalwell on Chapel Hill Shooting, Trump gets "street cred", Levin on Super Tuesday DJT Trial date, Biden has 5400 pseudonym names, discernment is becoming, "Summer Blockbuster" movie Truth, seventeen minutes of JB Wells on Payseur, Glen Beck has DJT on LIVE, and more...


Was Trump Set Up for J6 Violence?

Liberty is the right to tell you what no one else will, who is Kristan Davis, January 6th inconsistencies pile up, Flynn reacts to "Q', Stone quoted in "A Storm Foretold". Chalet reports framing Donald Trump, Flynn on CNN and Gala in Russia, Stone raving against Trump, Alex Jones wishes he never met Trump, and more...


A Conversation with TRAPT’s Chris Taylor Brown; Trump GA Indictment

Chris Taylor Brown joins the guys to DEBUTE " Bulletproof", TRAPT's new single dropping tonight @ midnight, Trump gets mugshot taken in Georgia, DJT returned to Twitter, Fanni questions GA Election in 2020, Trump on his way home calls in to NewsMax, X-Files episode on DNA virus circa 2018, fighter jets scrambled to Tahoe, Byron Donalds speaks on debate, and more...


Debate Night with Donald J Trump

Trump to be arrested in Georgia, interview on Twitter breaks all records, Trump's Tucker Carlson Interview in full, Trump on January 6th, Alex Jones' qanon rant, Rob Schneider talks about masks, and more...


A Look at the Maui Fire; Chapter 8 War By Other Means

Natural News article about Loomer w/ MG Show, Video of Lahaina fire raises questions, Biden deserves no credit in Hawaii, government overreach, Lunatic Fringe and the psy-war, Scaramucci model explained, and more...


Conversation with Dr Kirk Elliott: Sovereign Advisors

Dr Kirk Elliott from Sovereign Advisors joins the guys and lines out what exactly is happening behind the global financial scene ( ), Bill O'Reilly FINALLY finds Arabella Advisors, Jessee Watters finds Hunter everywhere, Mark Levin on Biden corruption, Bill Cooper - "The Truth is Bad Enough", and more...


A Conversation with Matt Thayer

Matt Thayer director of The Trump I Know, and SELECTION CODE sits down with the guys to promote The Trump I Know even ( ), Oliver Anthony's song gets amazing reaction, McCarthy is obfuscating the truth, Trump "WORST "P" EVER" review, Biden comes out as Robert L. Peters, Payseur 5 year delta and review, and more...

Trump Indicted, GA Covering Up Fraud; Trump’s GA Phone Call in Full

President Trump gives statement on Hawaii disaster, DA releases indictments early in the day, DJT statement on DA Willis in Georgia, Willis announces charges against 19 people, Tucker Carlson examines vote fraud in 2020 election, Georgia ballets appear out of nowhere, illegal ballots over difference, playing "Trump's Perfect Georgia Phone Call" in it's entirety, and more...


Trump Crushes Iowa; Prayers for Hawaii

President Trump rocks Iowa and crushes DeSantis, Loomer discusses DeSantis failures, Georgia DA is going to indict Trump soon, McCarthy on Fox - Weiss not a special council, Obama explains the "PSYOP", Power lines collapse in Hawaii in front of fires, DEW information, TrueTheVote year delta since The Pit, "We don't take plea deals" DJT, Jordan "not happy" with Weiss fiasco, and more...