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Jeffrey and Shannon bringing you an analysis of the news and current events of today!






Trump back in Kangaroo Court; Gov’t Hiding Epstein’s Flight Logs?

Join Jeff and Shady as they expose the truth about Trump's rigged trial in New York, CNN's biased debates, Tim Ballard's shady operation, Dan Scavino's inspiring video, Mk Ultra's mind control, Joe Flynn's cryptic tweet, Michael Hastings' assassination, Flynn's betrayal, and the deep state's infiltration of the Trump administration. Don't miss this explosive episode of the MG Show!


Trump in Iowa; Dictator Only on Day One

America First Under Attack! MG Show Exposes the Swamp Tonight on MG Show, we delve into the murky depths of the Deep State and expose the corruption that threatens our nation. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s ties to Epstein further illustrate the rot within the establishment. Can Donald Trump receive a fair trial in the heart of Democrat-controlled New York City? We'll analyze the details and expose the left's double standards. Sheriff Lamb sheds light on the outrageous $5,000 gift cards being handed out to illegal immigrants, a blatant disrespect to American taxpayers. Witness the tremors within the Deep State as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy announces his retirement, leaving the future of the Republican Party uncertain. Tune in as Tucker Carlson takes aim at the out-of-touch socialists who attempt to silence the American people. We'll explore the collapse of China's green energy dream as their EV program implodes, exposing the flaws of their system. Mike Flynn's bank initiates a suspicious investigation, raising questions about the ongoing scrutiny faced by former Trump administration officials. We'll also witness Mike Lee's forceful criticism of FBI Director Wray, highlighting concerns about the agency's impartiality. Join us for this explosive episode of MG Show as we fight for an America First agenda and strive to expose the truth about the rigged system!


Wray Testifies Before Senate Judiciary Committee

In this episode, we delve into the latest news and events from a pro-Trump perspective. A man on the street in the Boogie Down Bronx expresses his support for Trump, while we also examine how the Bidens made direct payments to Hunter Biden's business associates. Additionally, we expose the mainstream media's panic over Trump's presidential campaign. Hunter Biden takes action by subpoenaing Donald Trump, FBI Director Christopher Wray, and others involved in his lawsuit against the government. We analyze the implications of this move for both the case and the Trump administration. Donald Trump voices his opposition to the Lincoln Project's use of AI-generated advertising. We explore the reasons behind Trump's disapproval of the ads and his strategies for combating them. Hillary Clinton once again raises concerns about the perils of climate change. We delve into Clinton's recent remarks and their significance for the Biden administration's climate agenda. Ray Epps, an individual captured on video during the January 6th Capitol riot, makes an appearance at an Oath Keeper event. We discuss the implications of this event for Epps and the Oath Keepers. JohnHereToHelp, a pseudonym for a witness who testified in General Michael Flynn's criminal trial, provides his account. We examine HereToHelp's testimony and its relevance to Flynn's case. Stay tuned for more in-depth coverage of these and other crucial topics.


Battle of Loserville; The Judge is the Public

Government level psyops are all around you, Jesse Watters talks to Sammy the Bull, Battle of Loserville: Desantis/Newsom debate, Elon shows off his Cyber Truck, BLM Leader endorses Trump, Clay Higgins speaks on FBI's role in J6, rise in disease in the military is astonishing, O'Keefe investigate Fresno, CA Chinese Biolabs, and much more...


Twitter Files 1 Year Anniversary; More Information on Censorship

In this episode of The MG Show, we delve into the weaponization of the U.S. federal government. We hear from Representative Jim Jordan, investigative journalist Michael Shellenberger, and journalist Matt Taibbi about their concerns about the growing influence of government agencies in silencing dissent. We also hear from Representatives Elise Stefanik, Greg Steube, Emily Cammack, and Harriet Hageman about their thoughts on this important issue along with w e a r e b e i n g a t t a c k e d said slooowly, and much much more...


US and UK Military Contractors Plan for Global Censorship

CTIL Files on Government Censorship and potential treason, Shellenberger and Matt Taibbi's threads from Twitter, sock puppets and spies, Matt Couch on the Seth Rich laptop, "Who did they provide cover for?", FiveEyes Foreign Intel's affect on American people, and much more...


Hunter Biden to Testify; Update on Trump’s J6 Case

Michael Cohen in a panic over GITMO possiblities, Trump files motion for J6 data, Defeat Disinfo article attacks on Trump, the Press Weasel under Sleepy Joe, Ballard new lawsuits include Reyes, Marc Elias has a panic moment about Trump, Black community is waking up bigly, "Grand Nazi Scheme": Mullins, How are career politicians so wealthy, Trump Derangement Syndrome may be incurable, and much more...


Brace Yourself For What’s Coming in 2024

"Larpers" overview of the new Q echo chamber and their narratives encroaching on everyone from everywhere, Victor Davis Hanson piece on Trump, DJT in public vs Biden in public, Jack Singlaub's past connections, McChrystal and the history of JSOC, "Defeat" disinfo counters Trump's resurge and messaging, Parkland connection to Israel/Stone, narratives will intensify, and much more...


Happy Thanksgiving; If You Feel Like They’re Lying to You, They Are

Join MG Show for a powerful episode covering ongoing investigations into The Lincoln Project and Elias Law Group, shedding light on questionable practices. Explore the lack of progress in Tim Ballard's efforts to rescue children, alongside troubling allegations against him. Commemorate the 60th anniversary of JFK's assassination with a revisit of facts and theories. Analyze Tucker Carlson's impactful speech on truth and censorship, as Jeff and Shady provide insights into the darker side of American politics. Get updates on Ballard's plaintiffs alleging abuse, and delve into the controversy surrounding the Clinton Foundation's phone number. Stay informed and engaged in the fight for truth and justice.


Media Matters, Elon Musk, Truth Social, Rumble, And Texas AG Investigates

Jesse Watters discusses Media Matters and reports of MG Show account censorship on TMTG takes legal action, filing a lawsuit against 20 corporations. WoozNewz provides a comprehensive review of January 6th footage, while Tucker's segment featuring Chief Sund delves into specifics. Roger Stone hints at Michael Flynn's potential 2024 presidential run. Explore the RunTheRace thread on the Flynn PAC. Mohave County, Arizona, expresses a preference for no paper ballots. In legal news, an appellate court rules against answers to loaded questions. And much more.


Musk to Sue Media Matters; MG Show Wants to Sue Too

Join us on the latest MG Show episode as Rumble CEO responds to Media Matters' accusations, highlighting the ongoing battle for conservative voices. QAGG is back online after a takedown and redesign, and Elon Musk stands up against Media Matters, calling them bullies. We delve into Media Matters' targeting of the MG Show, explore the controversy surrounding Biden's 60th birthday, and analyze Trump's recent Texas border remarks. Plus, catch insights into a recent SNL skit, DJT's take on loyalty, and a spoof video on Media Matters. This hard-hitting episode offers an America-First perspective on the latest news.


PANIC Donald Trump Poses the Biggest Danger to the World in 2024

Are you tired of the mainstream media’s lies and propaganda? Do you want to hear the truth about the issues that matter to you and your country? Then tune in to the MG Show, a bastion of America-First values, where you will get incisive commentary and thought-provoking insights that challenge the status quo. In today’s episode, the MG Show covers a wide range of topics, from the Schumer plan’s mass immigration scheme, to China’s escape from fentanyl sanctions, to The Economist’s biased attack on former President Trump. You will also learn about the hidden history of the Payseur bloodline, the power dynamics behind the media narratives, and the timeless lessons from H.C. Andersen’s “The Red Shoes.” Plus, you will enjoy a flashback to a classic conversation between Trump and Oprah, and a critique of Biden’s reckless deal with Iran. Don’t miss this episode of the MG Show, where you will hear the voice of the silent majority, the defenders of the Constitution, and the champions of America-First values.


Trump’s Motion to Dismiss; IfNotNow Funded By Arabella Advisors

Welcome to the MG Show! In this episode, we uncover the truth behind the alleged manipulation of Georgia's Dominion voting machines, exposing their role in the 2020 election. We discuss the globalist elites' internet manipulation targeting the black community and ways to combat censorship. Touching on "IfNotNow" and their Boston bridge shutdown funded by Arabella Advisors, we reveal their anti-American connections. Habba's analysis of Trump's New York court case motion to dismiss highlights biases and exposes Trump's innocence. We address the deep state and media's relentless harassment, emphasizing Attorney General Bird's role in opposing the unconstitutional gag order against Trump. Tune in for a concise America First perspective. Stay informed with the MG Show!


FBI Wray in Hot Seat; Trump Jr. Says RFK is a PsyOp

In this episode of the MG Show, we delve into critical topics including Watters' exposure of a cocaine cover-up, Blackburn's pursuit of justice through Epstein-related subpoenas, Rep. Higgins' revelations on the FBI's role in the January 6th incident, the National Guard's use in shaping a false insurrection narrative, RFK Jr's stance on globalist agendas, Don Jr's comments on Durham investigation, Snedeker's uncovering of Nino Rodriguez's fraud, the significance of, Trump's mistrial motion in NY, insights from Veronica on upcoming events, all analyzed from an America First perspective! Tune in for an in-depth exploration of these crucial issues. Support the Show!


House Passes Israel Aid Package; How Did They See ’Horrific’ Images?

In this episode, New York's Hochul discusses counterintelligence efforts on social media, Oregon employs AI for surveillance, journalists observe Hamas atrocities without intervention, Flynn receives over $250,000 from a defense fund, revelations about financial contributions to Conservative Inc, Rogan expresses preference for Trump over Biden, DJT Jr comments on THE New York case, connections between Turkey and New York Mayor Adams are explored, and more. Support the show @


Don Jr. in Court Today; RFK Jr Confirmed Psyop

Welcome to the MG Show, your source for unfiltered truth from a conservative perspective. In this episode, we cover the passing of Donald Trump's sister, Nygard's guilty verdict for sexual assault, and Don Jr.'s New York court appearance, dismissing it as a "kangaroo court." We explore the theory that RFK is a globalist psyop and discuss the call to release the Epstein client list for transparency. Plus, catch DJT at UFC, Biden's shirt-struggle, and Comer on Boiling: Biden corruption. Support our show at for more conservative insights. Stay informed with the MG Show.


Feds Bust Foreign National Prostitute Ring; Convicted for Mocking Hillary Clinton on the Internet

In this groundbreaking episode of the MG Show, we navigate through the lens of a President Trump supporter and investigative journalist who has faced censorship from both DHS and Stanford. Our focus begins with the recent high-profile brothel arrests, exploring the secrecy surrounding the client list and its implications for the public. Tucker Carlson engages in a riveting conversation with Douglass Mackey, delving into Mackey's experience facing prison time for a controversial HRC meme. The episode also addresses direct attacks on the MG Show, shedding light on the challenges faced by those seeking to uncover the truth. We expose Stanford's role in censoring the American people online, examining the far-reaching consequences of such actions. The episode further unveils the intricacies of DJT's Transition Team, revealing details about its composition and potential impact on the nation. Join us for this eye-opening episode of the MG Show, where we break the silence on high-profile arrests, confront attacks on free speech, and expose the censorship affecting the American people. Support the show!


Epic Trump Rally; Don Jr. ”Biden is a ROOMBA”

In this MG Show episode, we explore Trump's mention of Roger Stone, Halper Hayes' latest actions, and Roomba Joe's Trump Rally participation. Former President Donald J. Trump shares his vision for the future, and we touch on Media Matters' Q630 report. We highlight the recent DJT rally, including Sarah Huckabee's speech, and dive into QAnon research from May 2018. Ginger McQueen's perspectives add depth to our discussion, emphasizing the community's need for renewal. Join us for a captivating look at political events and the call for change. Support the show!


Federal Government Censors @intheMatrixxx; Ivanka Trump Takes Stand in NYC

In this MG Show episode, we shed light on censorship faced by a President Trump supporter and investigative journalist. We discuss the Stanford censorship review, highlight the plea for Senator Jordan to engage with Americans, and explore censored posts. Our past censorship experiences are reviewed, and Steve Pieczenik shares insights from six years ago. We dive into the Flynn/Clapper connection, Assange's take on Saudi Arabia and Qatar, WikiLeaks emails, and "Judge Nudey" on various topics. Join us for a revealing look at the battle for free speech, conservative viewpoints, and the pursuit of truth. Support the show!


DHS Censored Speech in 2020 Elections; Jan Halper Hayes Busted, Again

In this episode of the MG Show we explore a range of eye-opening revelations. Senator Jim Jordan leads the charge by exposing the Department of Homeland Security's censorship during the crucial 2020 elections, revealing that inthematrixxx was censored 17 times, as documented. We delve into the connections between CISA and the election process, discuss the implications of the "Free Palestine" survey, and even touch on the unexpected release of Judge Engoron's revealing photographs. Senator Howley investigates human trafficking at the border, stressing the urgency of addressing this issue. The show also looks into the Presidential Transition Team and shares President Donald J. Trump's unique insights on the New York Case. We end with DJT's book recommendation, General Kellogg's "War By Other Means." Join us in this episode of the MG Show as we reveal these fascinating truths that shape our world and its future. Support the Show!