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Jeffrey and Shannon bringing you an analysis of the news and current events of today!






Trump Town Hall; James Biden on Capitol Hill

Trump takes the stage with Ingraham, Haley is the real disaster, the U.S. border is the priority, Trump coming to Nevada (rallies incoming), the excited South Carolina crowd, James Biden appears in D.C., Biden's sawdust cocaine, Arabella Advisors: Wyss and dark money action, Green New Deal roots found in WWII, Mike Benz video on Hollywood, Laurel Canyon, and much much more...


The National Security State: Censorship and Election Interference

Elon rolling out changes to Twitter algo while Tucker interviews Mike Benz on tracking and censorship, the National Security State is the Elephant in the Room, to go to war it's essential to lie, DHS in charge of elections conversations and instructs social media sites to censor what they don't like, "The Truth is Censored, Not the Lie" and much much more


Anti-Scientology Protestors Make MSM News; Happy Presidents Day!

Anti-Scientology protesters in LA get assaulted and arrested, Video of the attack at LA restaurant proving false arrest case, Masterson Rape Case details, LIVE at "SneakerCon" with President Trump sells out in hours, Flynn & co. fund raiser at Mar-a-Lago, FlynnPAC and it's connections, DJT "Russia is a phony story, Flynn's optic generation at it's worst, and much much more...


The Illegal Spy Campaign; Friday Wrap up

Don Jr and Matt Taibbi on "Generals", Spicer's Flynn clip, delta posts hit different now, Public Enemy #1 named as Arabella Advisors by President Trump, GCHQ document is a fake, MSNBC claims Trump's Georgia case is dead, Fani (FAWN-EE) Willis' father testifies, Biden heads to East Palestine finally after 379 days, Trump team posts video about it on day 377, CISA targets Judiciary on elections PRIOR to elections, and much much more...


Two Trump Cases Today; More on Spy Campaign and Shootings

Trump's statement on New York Court Case, Watters expose on CIA, Review of RedPill78 and corresponding attacks, 39 days until Trump's Jury Selection, Parkland: False Flags during Bad News, DJT in South Carolina, Tyler Clark, 1630 Fund, and Arabella Advisors "Public Enemy #1", and much much more...


CIA Had Foreign Allies Spy On Trump Team, Triggering Russia Collusion Hoax, Anons Knew

MSM 5 years behind MG Show, 5 years ago YOU were right! Watters/Shellenberger discuss targeting, DJT on the political crime of the century, FVEY and non-domestic surveillance, Spy Operation against Trump and the Kraken, HUMINT/SIGNINT explanation, Singlaub and the CIA, @Shadygrooove Twitter (X) thread "An Overview of Half a Decade of Deception", and much much more...


Hunter's Business Partner Bobulinski on the Hill; Who is Singlaub?

We kick off reviewing Tony Bobulinski's interviews from when he became a whistleblower in 2020 as he visits Capitol Hill in a closed hearing today, Who is John Singlaub?, History of OSS and CIA and connections to Flynn, Private Intel Operations continues, NSO Pegasus and PROMIS surveillance, America's Future history, and much much more...


Superb Owl; Trump in Federal Court for Documents Case

Celebrating Jeff's birthday to kick off the show, Super Bowl review of events, "Just like we drew it up" says Biden on Twitter minutes after the game ends, DJT called the "most respected leader", Bird Brain gets the DJT callout, Stone was not part of Nixon Foundation, DJT in court in Ft Pierce SCIF, JD Vance uncovers 'impeachment" clause hidden in Ukraine "funding" bill, and much much more...


Tucker Putin Interview; Biden's Pressure Made Matters Worse, For Him

Do you suffer from PTPD? We can help! Biden Press Conference goes from bad to worse, DJT on the 25th Amendment, Tucker interviews Vladimir Putin, and the guys comment on Putin's interview - ALL in this special 3 hour episode.


Trump's Colorado Ballot Case in US Supreme Court

We tune in to the Supreme Court hearing on Colorado's attempt to disqualify President Trump for the Ballot, Justice Barrett's comments and questions, Poso goes after Seb Gorka, DJT gives live comments on SC case from Mar-a-Lago, Uranium One - Tucker and Hillary, rinse and repeat pharma scare tactics, Scott Walter testimony over Vote Fraud, "fraction magic" review, Ballard and O.U.R court case and much much more...


Special Guest Jessica Palmadessa on the Scientology Protests in LA

In this episode, we have a super guest interview with Jessica Palmadessa, an activist who protests against Scientology in Los Angeles. In the second hour, we explore the history and controversies of Scientology, how South Park exposed its secrets, how Leah Remini served a lawsuit to David Miscavige, and how Scientology agents infiltrated the U.S. government in the 1970s in Operation Snow White. And much more!


Inside The Broken Border Deal; Discernment

@ShadyGrooove on Twitter posts about the MG Show and the comments are encouraging, Watters World outlines U.S. Border issues, Bills written in secret, Scarborough melts down on air, Illegal Aliens and the border crises in depth, Trump interview on the border, "Where are we going to put all these people?", Biden weakens border on purpose strengthening his undeniable incompetence, and much much more...


Alex Jones Show with Ivan Raiklin Review

Ivan Raiklin & Alex Jones call for Trump's assassination, psyop spaces aim at Jeff & Shady, Scaramucci Play explained in detail, on the LA streets protesting Scientology, Trump on Bartiromo, RFK is not an option, DJT is a force they cannot reckon with, and much more...


Friday Wrap Up; Friday Psyop Series Con't

SNL skit with DJT success, DJT on bad border deal, UAW and CBDC, "Taylor Swift is not a PSYOP", FVEY Nations Spy Network, mass-media psychosis, breaking the narrative, Klaus Schwab on brain implants, Scientology exposed by protestors, snow white, and much much more...


Trump Takes Unscripted Questions; Podesta is Back

Trump's hands are fine, must have been AI, DJT holds Q&A, Biden mumbles, freezes, and stumbles, Podesta back in the news, Crowd Psychology review with Gustav LaBon, anonymity gives the crowd power, 28 drops re: Podesta, and much much more...


Lauren Bush Lauren Funding Illegals; Big Tech on the Hill

Thank you all for your support -, RFK called out by Trump, Watters follows the money, FEED Foundation and Lauren Bush Lauren found to be importing illegal aliens, Cori Bush pushed out by Dems, Donald's Bible, Biden to visit East Palestine, Watters exposes Law & Order, beheaded father's son called 'qanon", Stinchfield explains Q vs MSM, and more!


Mayorkas in the Hot Seat; Fifth Column

Today we cover the Mayorkas Impeachment hearing at Homeland Security, watch Mr Green's opening statement, move to expose the flyer being handed to illegal immigrants of every language - READ LIVE ON THE SHOW, Live Dig the phone numbers to expose the FEED Foundation and her Founder is a BUSH!, House discusses Immigration, Roger Stone crying AI, Rosevelt comments on the Fifth Column in America, Watters world on MK Ultra, and much more.


Trump Campaign Responds to RFK for VP Psyop, Again

DJT bashes FOX over RFK Jr. "VP" claims, Don Jr. laughs at the idea, Ark of the Covenant STOLEN?, "The Truth is Bad Enough", #FlynnFacts - adding to the list, PSYOP EXPO: "DJT for Speaker!", going to the Border isn't smart, Media Matters' on time strawman smear article, Shady's viral boarder video, and much much more...


J6: A True Timeline

MSM reacts to MG Show reporting, Hansjorg Wyss gets front page, Flynn building his own Arabella, Stone's unsealed search warrant, convoy caution, Jan 6, 2021, and we present "J6: A True Timeline"


Trump Posts 2 Articles that Shed Light on J6 MIL-CIV Alliance

General Milley delayed J6 deployment and lied about it, Mil-Civ alliance: anti-Trump?, Chief Sund in his own words, activity surrounding Flynn in the j6 timeframe, DJT video "Our Movement", back to the people, emotional mind control explained, Body Language Ghost analyzes Trump/Ramaswamy interaction, Trump/Carrol case play by play, and much much more...