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You’ve scoured the internet for politics, news and opinions…well now you’ve done it! In The Dangerous Mind of Max Miller podcast host Max Miller provides a unique insights and opinions on hot topics in the news, pop-culture and the World at large.

You’ve scoured the internet for politics, news and opinions…well now you’ve done it! In The Dangerous Mind of Max Miller podcast host Max Miller provides a unique insights and opinions on hot topics in the news, pop-culture and the World at large.
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You’ve scoured the internet for politics, news and opinions…well now you’ve done it! In The Dangerous Mind of Max Miller podcast host Max Miller provides a unique insights and opinions on hot topics in the news, pop-culture and the World at large.






I Am Not Running For President!

The Voice of the Radical Center crew, Max, Ginger and Mike get right down to basics as they talk about abortion rights, tariffs, the priorities of the Texas Senate (hint, it has something to do with plastic bags), the fact that Max is NOT running for president, and somehow they find time to discuss Max’s DIY skills, which it turns out are nonexistent.


Not So Sweet Home Alabama

Max can’t get the words out of his mouth correctly as he explains how Trump possibly, maybe, ripped off a ten year old boy when they were playing golf. Next Max goes into his definition of courage, which he refines from the last time he spoke on this subject, and wonders is there something more than physical courage. Before Max gets to his main topic of Alabama and their outlawing of abortion, he does find time yet again to explain to the Donster that China is not paying the tariffs, we are.


The Boeing Pinto?

The weekend version of the Voice of The Radical Center kicks off with Max in rhapsody over the fact that his beloved Spurs (no not the San Antonio one) have made it to the Champions League final, where they will play Liverpool. The popularity of soccer though is missed by Ginger, who, while pleased Max is pleased, pushes to move the show on from sports and to its main mission, politics. Next they get on to the exciting subject of buying appliances, which is somehow connected to the fate of...


It's All A Matter Of Degrees

The Voice of the Radical Center crew have talked many times about the crushing debt that families take on to send their kids to college, but conversely, Max and the gang are huge fans of Austin Community College, and other community colleges nationwide. On this show, Dr. Melissa Curtis and Jim Koerner from Austin Community College, discuss the benefits of going to a community college, not just for kids out of high school, but also for adults trying to get their careers back on track. Of...


Lindsey And Ted's Excellent Adventure

Max hits his next show wondering what is going on with William Barr, Ted Cruz and Little Lindsey Graham, until he figures out exactly why it is that that so called Conservatives have prostrated themselves in front of The Donald. And it’s not just politicians, many pundits have decided to buckle under despite everything they have said before totally contradicting themselves in Trumpland. Meanwhile real families believe healthcare is the number one issue they would like to see resolved.


The 737 Maxster

Max hits the start of the week with Michael Devine, the clinical physiologist as they discuss the 737 Max, strange job titles for Texas lobbyists, and the priorities of the Texas Governor, Greg Abbott. Finally, after venting for a few minutes, they actually find time to talk to an expert who council's small companies on how to grow, and what he hears them telling him about the current economy.


Steve King Walks On Water (Apparently)

Max abandoned yet again by Mike and Ginger, still manages to get a show out the door as he accompanied this time by the ever loyal Max Miller Dog and Dan the Producer behind the glass. Max starts by noticing how messianic Steve King has become by comparing his suffering to that of Jesus Christ. Alrighty then! Then in shock and amazement, Max recounts a proposed Democratic policy that might actually make sense. Good grief Charlie Brown! Max also finds time to remind us all that Trump and Kim...


The Washing Machine Spin Cycle

The Maxster starts the week by confessing his many weaknesses, in particular when it comes to chocolate, but this gets Max going on an Easter theme and allows Max to show his total lack of religious education. But as always the main issue for Max is nothing is being done for everyday Americans right now, as Max reminds us, neither Democrats or Republicans are doing anything useful for us. Then Max gets into one of his favorite topics, tariffs, and how tariffs are nothing more than an...


Independent And Loving It

So what happens when dad goes out of town and leaves the kids in-charge? You get a good freaking podcast that is what happens. The Maxster is off doing...well...whatever it is that Max does when he is out of town & has left Ginger, Mike, and The Max Miller Dog in-charge of the show for a day. With Max out of town, Ginger and Mike took advantage of the situation and dove into our favorite topic, the 2020 Democratic candidates for president. Now, it would be boring if Ginger and I just said...


Food Glorious Food

Max, Ginger and Mike are back up to full strength after they both abandoned Max earlier in the week, Mike ostensibly to go skiing, but the others are doubtful about Mikes ability on the slopes. Moving on quickly Max wonders whether he would ever get on a 737 Max, and exactly what it is that TX rep Tony Tinderholt plans to accomplish with his idea that any woman who has an abortion would face the death penalty. Then the team jumps into Gingers favorite topic, food, and how the US is producing...


When Bernie Met Reality

Max is on his lonesome as he broadcasts from the new and improved Max Miller Studio in Beautiful Sunny Downtown Austin Texas, where he is on his own as Michael and Ginger have decided to skip the broadcast for very dubious reasons indeed. Max starts by wondering what it takes to improve the discourse in America, after all it is easier to tear down a building than it is to build a new one, and Max likes to think that the Radical Center is a good start to civil discourse, in particular as...


G.O.T Or G.O.P?

While Mike is off skiing like the one-percenter he is (he isn't really, he owes $98,000 in college debt) Max and Ginger are left to carry the load as they broadcast from a charity event for Parkinson's. This doesn't stop Max and Ginger from disagreeing on many topics, and getting into a little thrown down about, is Max really an Independent? This hurts Max terribly, as he had expected more from Ginger. They do start talking about Game of Thrones first, and find out they are completely...


Max Miller: It's The Stupid Economy Stupid

The Radical Center team gets together to talk turkey about how the economy is going great, but not for everyone, in particular for many Trump supporters who are left out of any stock market increase or even saving for retirement. However it seems all this is too much for Ginger who gets upset when Max starts to outline how he might fix this, and how the Democrats really are quite useless.


Max Miller: Immigration Or Spinigration

Max is joined as ever by Ginger and Mike to talk about a subject that Max surprisingly doesn’t seem to care too much about, Immigration. Ginger and Mike gang up on poor defenseless Max as they push for a more enlightened immigration policy, as Max says the US cannot be blamed for every problem in Latin American countries. Max does find time however to point out the UT Texas System does have $31 billion dollars in the bank, and he questions why a state school needs to have so much money.


Max Miller: Obamadare

Max, Ginger and Mike decide yet again to try to solve the United States healthcare problem where we spend 20% of our GDP on healthcare, yet have worse results compared to other major economies. Needless to say, they fail misserably in providing an easy solution, although they do find time to point out the hypocrisy of Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, and Ginger points out how many people have gone bankrupt in other countries compare to the United States. Somehow in all this Max also gets...


Max Miller: College Costs Crush Consumers

Max, joined as ever by Mike and Ginger discuss yet again the outlandish cost of college in the United States, and the how much debt people have even if they want to become a teacher. Try as they might though, they cannot solve the problem, except to suggest that politicians need to think about providing a solution. Max does find time however to notice that after an OPED he posted about how much UT Texas has in the bank, $32b, someone went onto to Wikipedia and deleted the endowment number....


Max Miller: Trump, "I See Dead People"

Max is joined by his Voice of the Radical Center co-host Ginger McCaffrey as they delve deep into the mind of Donald Trump, which shocks them so much they have to start drinking heavily to recover. Once they have downed a few drinks, they move on to the plight of farmers in the United States, and how Trump could be helping them, but seems to have decided spend time visiting a tank factory, and not flooded farmers in Nebraska.


Max Miller: Is Beto O'Rourke Secretly Irish?

So many Democrats seem to be running for the Democrat presidential nomination that Max gets confused in this radio version of Voice of the Radical Center. Joined as ever by Ginger and Mike, each presenter gets to analyze a couple of the would be nominees. Ginger chooses one that Max has never heard of, while Max chose to talk about Beto O’Rourke who then decides is really Irish.


Max Miller: GOP's Weekend At Trumps

Max gets into the movie Weekend at Bernie’s, which makes him think of Weekend at Trumps. But he starts off on a serious note talking about the USS Wasp which was sunk in 1942, and an amazing letter an officer on the ship sent to his five year old son. Max contrasts this with Tucker Carlson’s character and other Fox News opinion heads. Finally, Max gets back to how insanely hard it is to get your kids into the correct college.


Max Miller: Government By The What For What?

Max and the Voice of the Radical Center regulars, Ginger, and Counselor Mike are joined by Accountant Mark to discuss the every spiraling costs of sending a kid to college, and what can be done to lower the price, or to make it more accessible. Unfortunately for the Voice of the Radical Center, even with their massive brain power, they cannot seem to solve the problem. Rest assured they will revisit the issue soon. Max then resorts to telling stories about how many weird hotels he has stayed...