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A daily digest of news, views and insight from Mike Graham and Theresa May’s former comms director Katie Perrior.

A daily digest of news, views and insight from Mike Graham and Theresa May’s former comms director Katie Perrior.
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A daily digest of news, views and insight from Mike Graham and Theresa May’s former comms director Katie Perrior.






The EU, General Elections, and Fake Twitter Accounts

Theresa May has been told by the EU that the Brexit deal is not negotiable. Are we heading towards a General Election? Some of our listeners think so,and some others believe we talk Brexit too much. In the meantime Wetherspoon's have gone to court to shut down a parody Twitter account. And, of course, here's this week's Perrior Awards!


College Green, Confidence, and Plumbers

Live from College Green, Mike speaks to Charlie Mullins, Peter Bone, and Wes Streeting


MPs, Votes and Counts

Live from College Green, Mike speaks to John Whittingdale, John Rentoul and takes your calls


Brexit, Deals and a Missing Mace

Mike heads down to Parliament to see what all the fuss is about. Crispin Blunt tells Mike that's being going on with Brexit. The MP who tried to take something from the chamber explains himself. And Neil in Macclesfield sticks up for Theresa May.


Brexit Vote, Crossrail, and Scottish Infowars

Katie Perrior chats to Mike about what is going to happen to Theresa May´s Brexit vote in Parliament. Transport journalist and author of ´The Story of Crossrail´ Christian Wolmar talks about the sorry state of the railways in Britain. talkRADIO´s Political Editor Ross Kempsell gives us the latest Brexit news, and George Galloway tells us more about a Scottish'led infowars attack on Corbyn and the Labour Party.


Theresa May, Cash Machines, and The Perriors

Not long now until the Parliamentary vote on Theresa May's Brexit deal. David Davies, Conservative MP for Monmouth, tells MG how he thinks it will all pan out. Plus, former Met Police officer Peter Bleksley talks about gangs of cash machine thieves, and we have this week's Perrior Awards


Facebook, Posh People, and Toast

Scott McGready chats to MG about Facebook snooping on your calls and texts, big corporations who harvest your data, and what is happening with O2's network. Comedian Mark Dolan laments the death of common sense after hospital warn their staff not to make toast until they are fully trained to do so. Plus, Royal Butler Grant Harrold critiques Tatler's latest do's and don't's for the upper class.


Legal Advice, Cinema Tickets, and Long Index Fingers

Matt Kelly, editor of The New European, discusses the publication of the full Brexit legal advice. Independent retail expert Claire Bailey tells MG why paying £40 for a ticket to see a film at the new Odeon cinema in Leicester Square isn't that bad after all. Plus, psychologist and dating coach Jo Hemmings talks us through a recent medical report which claims that women with long index fingers are more likely to cheat on their partners.


Article 50, Family Trees, and YouTube

A top advisor to the European Court of Justice has said today that the UK can stop Brexit by revoking Article 50. Francis Grove-White from Open Brexit joins Mike to discuss this. George and Larry Lamb visit to talk about ancestry and how a third of us don't know how closely related we are to others. Plus, a seven-year-old boy is the highest-earning YouTuber. Jasper Hamill from the Metro tells Mike why this is.


Brexit, Career Advice, and Vegan Idioms

Should phrases like 'bringing home the bacon' be changed to please vegans? MG chats to Andrew Walker about this. Also, author Robert Winder talks about the Home Office's Windrush blunder.


Europe, Earthquakes, and the Perriors

Katie Perrior is reunited with Mike to discuss the G20 Summit in Buenos Aries. Ian Stimpson of Keele University talks about a mysterious earthquake that has scientists across the world baffled. Plus, former producer Cornelius Mendez returns to present to us this week's Perrior Awards.


McDonald's, Leigh-on-Sea, and Mead

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said that when it comes to managing staff, the NHS could learn a thing or two from McDonald's. Dr Louise Irvine and Professor Sir Robert Lechler discuss this with MG. Also, Leigh-on-Sea in Essex (note: not Sunderland) has been voted the happiest place to live in Britain. Councillor Carole Mulroney tells us what's so special about Leigh-on-Sea. Then later, beekeeper and director of the Northumberland Honey Company Luke Hutchison tells us why young people are...


Migrants, Trains, and Charity Shops

Sajid Javid wants a rescue ship to save stranded migrants in the English Channel. David Davies, Conservative MP for Monmouth, chats with MG about this. Also, Mike discusses the state of British railways Bruce Williamson from Rail Future, and Robin Osterley from the Charity Retail Association talks charity shops and how they are now struggling to cope with the amount of donations they receive.


Money, Mars, and Mackems

Mike talks to Sarah John, Chief Cashier at the Bank of England, about who should be on the new £50 note. Lucinda Offer from the Mars Society discusses the new probe that has landed on the red planet, plus the latest revelation from Elon Musk and Tesla. Also, Mike is put to rights about Sunderland by some of his callers.


Pubs, the NHS, and Sunderland

Mike Smith talks to MG about the current state of the NHS. David Wilson from the British Beer and Pub Association tells us why pubs are closing and why new coffee shops are opening. Plus, talkSPORT's Andy Dawson isn't best impressed with MG's description of Sunderland.


Black Friday, Only Children, and Wool

Professor Ellis Cashmore fron Aston University tells us why there is an increase in single child families. Mike speaks to Councillor Laura Miller and Dr Paul Cavill about PETA's campaign to change the name of Wool in Dorset to Vegan Wool. Plus, Giselle Wainwright from Sun Savers gives us the latest Black Friday bargains.


Roadblocks, Climate Change, and the UAE

A group of MPs have said that Britain should sever ties with the United Arab Emirates following the Matthew Hedges incident. Mike chats to Crispin Blunt MP about this story. Also, George Barda from Extinction Rebellion explains why his protest group is planning to block a number of the main bridges in London, which would cause huge frustration for motorists in the capital.


Google, God, and Gender

Should Zakir Naik, the outspoken owner of Islamic satellite TV station Peace TV, be allowed to broadcast his controversial opinions on British airwaves? Is God male, female, or neither? And should you be using online search engines to diagnose illnesses?


Police Officers, Alcohol, and Television

Front-line police officers could disappear soon if the public aren't willing to help them catch criminals. Would you step in to help a police officers confront a violent thug? Also, could watching more than two hours of TV a day make you die earlier than someone who doesn't watch TV at all? Mike chats to Dr Hamish Foster from the University of Glasgow to find out more.


College Green, Holly & Dec, and Men

Today Mike came live from College Green in anticipation of the 48 letters of no confidence for Theresa May... which were nowhere to be seen. But Mike didn't let this spoil his day out of the studio, as he spoke to co-director and founder of DeltaPoll Joe Twyman, he chatted to The Sun's Hannah Hope about the new series of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, and he discussed Theresa May's speech at the CBI Conference with Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP.