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A daily digest of news, views and insight from Mike Graham and Theresa May’s former comms director Katie Perrior.

A daily digest of news, views and insight from Mike Graham and Theresa May’s former comms director Katie Perrior.
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A daily digest of news, views and insight from Mike Graham and Theresa May’s former comms director Katie Perrior.






Trump, Python and Naked Rowers

Julia Bradbury joins the Republic for the first time today. Her and Mike discuss Donald Trump seperating migrant children from their parents. Also would Monty Python be commissioned in 2018? And finally caller Jenny gets very excited about some pictures of naked rowers.


Cannabis and Beer

William Hague believes that the 'War on Cannabis' has been lost and it's time to start legalising recreational use, Mike and Daisy talk to Steve Rolles from Transform. Rajesh also calls in to say how he treated his mother with cannabis when she had cancer. Also, it's expected that 14 million extra pints will be consumed during the group stages of the World Cup, and that's just Mike!


NHS, Gin 'experiences' and Magaluf

As it has been announced that there'll need to be a £20 billion funding injection to the NHS, critics are casting doubt over the alleged Brexit dividend (sound familiar?) and probable impending tax rise that will be needed to fund it. Jenny from Milton Keynes calls in to give her opinion. Why are people going on 'gin tasting experiences' and not just going to the pub? The Gin Lord, Rory Faiers, a connoisseur, explains the trend. And finally- the ultimate resort of choice for a boozey...


Flags, Awards and Britain's Sexiest Cow

Mike is joined by Michelle Dewberry. They ask why is no one flying the England flag for the world cup? Also we meet the owner of Br


World Cup Fever, Gaming Addiction and Ghosts

IT'S A GOAL! Mark Saggers talks to us from Moscow and sets the scene as the FIFA World Cup 2018 kicks off this afternoon. And yes, we threw in that iconic clip. As parents become increasingly concerned about their childrens gaming habits, particularly Fortnite, Dr Mark Griffith, Professor of Addictive Behaviour, talks us through how to spot the signs that there may be a serious problem. And finally, do you believe in the afterlife? Daisy doesn't but she does believe in ghosts, and...


Love Island (Again, sorry), Lovely Hedgehogs and Exam Stress

As MG is obsessed by Love Island and insisted on discussing it again, he and Daisy speak to Rachael Hosie of The Independent about the lack of body diversity on the show. As exam season is nearing the end, after speaking to an education expert about the recurring problem of exam stress overwhelming to school children - Anthea in Essex calls in with her thoughts on the situation. And finally, as it has been reported that hedgehogs may be under threat, they speak to Fay Vass of The British...


Trump Meets Kim, A First Time Caller and Sexy Walking

Today on The IROMG Mike and Katie Perrior speak to Jim Hoare about the Singapore Summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. Gary is a first time caller and is glad to hear some refreshing radio and we learn that a lady's walk is as important as their body shape.


The Honors System, Trains and Fast Track Detectives

Trains again. Rail companies have been saying passengers complain too much, and the chief of Network Rail has just been knighted. Hugh has a thing or two to say about the honors system, and Bruce Williamson from Rail Future, a campaign group lends his thoughts on the chaos. There is set to be a 12 week 'fast track' training scheme for graduates to become detectives- is this a good idea? Mike and Katie speak to David Spencer from Police Now. Mike calls in to offer a solution to the lorry...


Phonebox Party, G7 Gossip and the Perrior Awards

What a funny week its been, on today's show, we have our faith in the people we speak to Councillor Chris Povey in Kingsbridge, Devon about a BT phonebox that has been converted into a nightclub for one. Like, what is up with like, Love Island saying like all the time? Daisy and Mike break down some of the curious words the contestants seem to use. Tom Newton Dunn joins us live from Quebec to look ahead at an increasingly awkward gathering of world leaders, the G7 summit that is set to...


Brexiteering, Windowless Planes and You Me at Six

As at the time of the live show there were mumblings about David Davies tendering his resignation, Katie lends some insight on whats happening at number 10, and her and Mike lend insight to how they would negotiate Brexit, if they were in charge. As Emirates are already flying planes with no windows in some sections, Alex Maras, plucky Aviation Analyst offers up reasons more airlines may well remove their windows and also tells us about his very precocious and illustrious career so...


Salad Cream, Northern Trains and Jamie Oliver

Salad Cream or Sandwich Cream- how do you eat yours? Heinz have proposed a name change due to the function of the condiment but it may in turn have been a great publicity stunt and also brought to attention the snobbery of the mayo brigade. As train chaos has been rife countrywide, local newspapers across the north of England have filed a petition for the government to pay some attention outside of London, and Bill Jacobs from the Lancashire Telegraph fills us in on the transport...


Spiders, Love Island and Carbs

Today, as news reaches us that someone called a KFC delivery just to have someone round to remove a spider, Daisy and Mike ask Grant Harold aka the Royal Butler what he would do if such a request reached him. As season four of TV phenomenon Love Island kicked off last night, Daisy and Mike decided to watch it for the first time and give their reviews on it (spoiler alert, Mike hated it) and Sarah Packer from The Sun lends a bit of background on the shenanigans of previous seasons and what...


The Independent Republic of Mike Graham: June 4th

Former MI5 Op Tom Marcus joins Mike and Daisy in the studio to reflect on his time in the service and talk about his new novel, 'Capture or Kill'. A survey alleges that women are more likely to stand by their man if he has an affair, however divorce lawyer Vanessa Lloyd Platt begs to differ. As it has been revealed that there are huge price surges at restaurants within UK Center Parcs resorts, they speak to consumer journalist Jasmine Birtles about price surges while booking online...


The Independent Republic of Mike Graham: May 24

On today's show: how does old snake hips Mick Jagger keep fit? He works out three hours every day - so we get a personal trainer on with some tips on how to stay lean in your seventies.Vanity Von Glow, a drag queen, was no-platformed by a number of London venues for attending a far right rally, despite stressing that she does not share their views. She joins us int he studio to tell us about her experiences and unintended controversy.


The Independent Republic of Mike Graham: May 23

On today's show: the civil contingency agency in Sweden have distributed leaflets about how to prepare in case of war - is there something they know that we don't? Is the House of Lords outdated? Caller Nick thinks it is. But what needs to change? As news reaches us that a 30-year-old in America has been served with an eviction notice by his own parents, we speak to a father in a similar situation. Katie exposes Mike, frequent critic of the millenial generation, for his double standards....


The Independent Republic of Mike Graham: May 22

On the podcast today:The rules are changing in regards to police pursuing suspects, we speak to Norman Brennan about what he thinks. Caller Hugh in Reigate gives us an insight as to the process of how designing and building a block of flats will work and where it could have gone wrong at Grenfell. And finally, MG isn't happy with Michael Gove, who is looking to ban wood-burning stoves. Listen above.


The Independent Republic of Mike Graham: May 21

We're still talking about the big day and why the hell not - the outfits, the first dance song choice, the animated sermon from Bishop Curry.Nicola Sturgeon wants to float the idea of Scottish independence once again, seeing the Brexit situation as an open goal. Can anyone stand another referendum?


The Independent Republic of Mike Graham: May 18

On the podcast today:A Royal Wedding Special! We speak to a land lady who is fining punters in her pub who mention the royal wedding. Professor Ellis Cashmore gives Mike and Daisy parenting advice to which they take exception, and the highlights of the week with the Perrior Awards! Listen above.


The Independent Republic of Mike Graham: May 17

A PR Director is reported to be making thousands in refunds and free products via complaining and exercising his consumer rights - are we complaining too much? Mike and Daisy speak to expert Helen Dewdney, the excellently named Complaining Cow.Amsterdam's city politicians are clubbing together to clamp down on 'Disneyfication' of the city by tourists, by banning short term Airbnb stays and raising tourist tax - but will it work? Dan Fahey from Lonely Planet discusses this.