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Home to The Muddied Waters of Freedom, (((My Fellow Americans))), Mr. 'Murica: The Bearded Truth, The Wrighter's Block, and more.

Home to The Muddied Waters of Freedom, (((My Fellow Americans))), Mr. 'Murica: The Bearded Truth, The Wrighter's Block, and more.


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Home to The Muddied Waters of Freedom, (((My Fellow Americans))), Mr. 'Murica: The Bearded Truth, The Wrighter's Block, and more.




The Liberty Round Table: Pilot

Join Hosts Shawn and Ashley with guest panelist Spike Cohen, Cajun Libertarian, Bootleg Libertarian, and David Lilley as they discuss foreign policy and noninterventionism. Tune in 10/4 for the next round table. --- Send in a voice message:


Episode 212 - This Episode Will Be Demonitized

David Chipman is out, and Joe Mancin is going toe to toe with AOC, while Newsome is hoping to become the 2nd Governor to win a recall election. Then we dive into Biden’s vaccine mandate and what we can expect in the near future with the lawsuits. Plus Ashley Shade joins the episode to talk about her campaign! Oh, and a Personal Injury Attorney, Chris Reynolds, Attorney-at-Law Anchor Call in Moment! Become a member: --- Send in a voice message:...


(((My Fellow Americans))) #113: Corey DeAngelis

When the CDC released its recommendation that mask mandates be continued in schools, they did so despite their own studies showing that mask mandates didn't seem to do anything to affect the spread of COVID in schools. Which seemed weird at the time. Now we know why they did it. Spike's guest tonight is Corey DeAngelis, one of the foremost experts on school policy in the country, and they're going to talk about this and much more! --- Send in a voice message:...


Episode 211 - The Supreme’s Swing and Miss

Biden has a leaked transcript showing a bit of a quid pro quo between him and the former Afghan President, but strange how “personal phone calls” don’t matter in this administration, vaping is back on the chopping block, and the DA in the Ahmaud Arbery case gets indicted! Also, the Supremes whiffed wildly on the Texas’s SB8, and the outcome is going to be scary. Oh, and a Personal Injury Attorney, Chris Reynolds, Attorney-at-Law Anchor Call in Moment! --- Send in a voice message:...


Mr Bearded Truth - 9 - Selling liberty with Duane Lester

"If you can't sell Freedom, you suck" with Duane Lester. Come learn why and how to sell liberty, our future depends on it! --- Send in a voice message:


The Wrighter’s Block Episode 65 - Martha Bueno Gets Wrighter’s Block

Martha Bueno is running for County Board of Miami-Dade County in Florida, as well as being a hemp farmer. She believes the fastest route to independent wealth is through real estate investments, and we will discuss how you can achieve that goal. She is also hosing an #SOScuba rally in Miami September 4th in which a certain 2020 VP candidate will be in attendance. Tune in today! --- Send in a voice message:


(((My Fellow Americans))) #112: R.A. The Rugged Man

Spike's guest tonight is, objectively, one of the best rappers alive. He has peformed alongside legends such as Wu-Tang Clan, Notorious B.I.G., Kool G Rap, Mobb Deep, Ice-T, and many others. He's also an advocate for freedom and liberty with a listener base of tens of millions. He is R.A. The Rugged Man, and we're going to talk tonight! --- Send in a voice message:


Episode 210 - Tumbler Auction: Redux

Matt and Spike auction off the coveted Libertarian Party Waffle House Caucus Tumbler autographed by them again! Plus, since Matt was tired of writing depressing shows, they take questions from the audience in a rare AMA episode of The Muddied Waters of Freedom! Oh, and a Personal Injury Attorney, Chris Reynolds, Attorney-at-Law Anchor Call in Moment! --- Send in a voice message:


The Wrighter’s Block Episode 64 - Don Johnson Gets Wrighter’s Block

Don Johnson is running for Summerville Town Council in Summerville, SC. He is running against the lack of transparency Summerville practices when giving tax breaks for individual businesses, and has a desire to unleash the free market to attract higher paying jobs, new businesses, and new start ups, while fixing the local infrastructure with creative ways with minimal burden to the tax payer. Sounds crazy right? Plus he has a big announcement he’s premiering on the show. --- Send in a...


(((My Fellow Americans))) #111: Mike ter Maat

How would you like to hear me speak with an active duty police officer about police reform? Well in this episode you can do just that! Mike ter Maat is a police officer. He's also a Libertarian who is running for Congress, and we're going to talk about policing, criminal justice, economics, and much more. --- Send in a voice message:


Episode 209 - This One Gets a Bit Emotional

Biden appeared on Good Morning America, but you didn’t see the entire interview, find out part of what you missed! Also, Biden puts more sanctions on Russia — wait, no, gun owners in America, and Australia shoots dogs to protect people from COVID. Plus, we discuss Garrett Foster, and give an update on what is happening in that case. Oh, and a Personal Injury Attorney, Chris Reynolds, Attorney-at-Law Anchor Call in Moment! --- Send in a voice message:


Mr Bearded Truth - 8 - A society with firearms.

Jason is bringing on a gun guru, Chris Darnell, to discuss the importance of keeping everyone safe, ending racist policies, and protecting the most vulnerable in our nation- that's right freeing up and exercising our gun rights! Like with most circumstances, the laws enacted to fulfill our desires mentioned above, work against intentions. --- Send in a voice message:


Mr Bearded Truth - 7 - Diverting to say it's okay to not be okay.

Afghanistan is rightfully being talked about by so many pundits, arm chair quarterbacks, and keyboard warriors, but there has been a gross over simplification from every source Jason has heard so far, so join in as he gives you his. --- Send in a voice message:


The Wrighter’s Block Episode 63 - Kevin Kahn Gets Wrighter’s Block

Kevin currently serves as the Political Director of the Libertarian Party of Ohio as well as the County Chair for the Hamilton CountyLiberty Party which covers Cincinnati. In addition, he was the 2020 LibertarianParty candidate for US Congress in the 1st district of Ohio.Kevin also sits on the Board of Accountability Now Ohio, a grassroots, non-profit, activist organization working to eliminate qualified immunity in Ohio via putting an amendment to the State of Ohio’s Constitution on the...


(((My Fellow Americans))) #110: King Randall

King Randall is a 21 year old Marine vet who saw a problem in his community in Georgia and decided to fix it. So he started The "X" for Boys, a program dedicated to helping at-risk Black boys in his community by teaching them vocational skills and getting them out of unsafe environments and into his organization's custody. Many of these kids were in abusive homes, homeless shelters, or juvenile detention. The X's philosophy of "do for self" instills in these boys a sense of independence...


Episode 208 - There is not a lot of good news, but we’re having an AUCTION!

We are auctioning off a Waffle House Caucus Tumbler hand made by the wonderful people at Defy The Power! It is autographed by Matt and Spike and is emblazoned with the waffle house caucus logo. It will be a one of a kind collectors item you will want to add to your already growing tumbler collection! Also, Desantis v Biden, more on the infrastructure bill, Remington lawsuit, and Afghanistan. Oh, and a Personal Injury Attorney, Chris Reynolds, Attorney-at-Law Anchor Call in Moment! --- Send...


(((My Fellow Americans))) #109: Olga Meshoe Washington

We've all seen images of the rioting and protests in South Africa, but what has caused it? And is there anything we can learn about what we're facing in the US? Spike's guest tonight is Olga Meshoe Washington. She's from South Africa and now lives in the States, and she has some eye-opening insights on what is happening in both countries. --- Send in a voice message:


Mr Bearded Truth - 6 - Matt Wright joins us to talk about the War on Drugs

Jason has Matt Wright one of the co-founders of Muddied Waters Media to discuss a bit of the history of the War on drugs and discuss how the libertarian philosophy would address the problems of drug use, addiction, and otherwise. You're not going to want to miss this! --- Send in a voice message:


Episode 207 - No Flying Cars, but The Whole Camel

Thanks to the infrastructure bill we may not get flying cars anytime soon, but they will know if you’ve been drinking before you drive. Andrew Cuomo refuses to resign, even as pressure grows for him to. Psaki doesn’t like being asked about Biden’s history with sexual assault, and Apple let’s the nose of the camel in, and it’s only a matter of time before that beast to destroy everything inside the tent of privacy we all continue to hope for. Oh, and a Personal Injury Attorney, Chris...


Mr. Murica: The Bearded Truth 05 - Criminal Justice System

Jason takes a deep dive into the criminal justice system and how it became the clusterf*ck that we have all come to know and hate. --- Send in a voice message: