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Jo Koy spreads the word on Easter Sunday

Jo Koy joins the NOW What podcast to explain why he had to pay his own way to get comedy specials on Netflix, how his humour builds bridges between communities, why colonized people compete when it comes to religion and resurrecting Tia Carrere in his new movie Easter Sunday.


Soca in the backyard with Kes the Band

Kes The Band lead singer Kes discusses why his music breaks through in a changing soca and Carnival landscape and what to expect from IzWe at Markham Fairgrounds and J'ouvert in Toronto.


NOW What EP186: Nailah Blackman (re)defines soca and Issa Rae and Syreeta Singleton on women in rap and WAP

Soca royalty Nailah Blackman and her producer Anson Soverall explain what two years locked down in Trinidad looked like, how Carnival season is bouncing back hard, the new music they’ve been working on while we’ve been in our bubbles and what truly defines the soca genre. Plus, Issa Rae and Syreeta Singleton discuss their new show Rap Sh!t, the struggles for women in rap that inspired it and what they think is so special about WAP.


NOW What EP185: Space invaders in Slash/Back and Obi-Wan Kenobi

Slash/Back director Nyla Innuksuk discusses her Inuit alien invasion thriller (hint: it's a metaphor for colonization) and Obi-Wan Kenobi director Deborah Chow and actor Hayden Christensen talk about going from Toronto to a galaxy far, far away and the politics in Star Wars.


NOW What EP184: The wealth gap on AppleTV+ series Loot and Director X’s upcoming Robyn Hood

Loot co-creators Allan Yang and Matt Hubbard explain how their series starring Maya Rudolph searches for laughs in the wealth gap. Plus: Director X (who also has a new show tackling the wealth gap) and LeSean Harris recollect movie memories for Telefilm in an initiative to celebrate the theatrical experience.


NOW What EP183: Fatuma Adar takes Dixon Road to the theatre

Writer and performer Fatuma Adar discusses representing the refugee experience and the Somali-Canadian community in her moving musical Dixon Road with writer Huda Hassan and NOW What host Radheyan Simonpillai. Read more about Dixon Road, which is playing at the High Park Amphitheatre until June 19, here:


NOW What EP182: From Markham to Marvel with Iman Vellani

Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellani discusses her love of artsy foreign films, going to the same Markham high school as Hayden Christensen (aka Darth Vader) and reconnecting with her roots by playing Kamala Khan, the first Muslim superhero


NOW What EP181: The Kids In The Hall keep their comedy alive through a pandemic and in a whole new climate

Old classics are returning to the streamers: a new take on Cinderella called Sneakerella co-starring Brantford's Devyn Nekoda arrives on Disney+ and The Kids In The Hall brought a new season 27 years after the last to Prime Video Canada. Nekoda (01:00) discusses flipping the glass slippers into fancy new kicks and how we could possibly realize the dream of seeing a great Toronto dance movie. NOW's former senior film writer and podcast host Norm Wilner spoke to Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald...


NOW What EP180: Turned onto Modern Whore, the ”engorged” edition

Author Andrea Werhun and photographer Nicole Bazuin discuss expanding the sex work memoir Modern Whore with stories from a Toronto strip club and even more stunning imagery. Plus, Stephanie and Rad get into the 20th anniversary of Spider-Man, the trans joke Dave Chappelle made after being attacked on stage and reactions to a leak revealing that the US Supreme Court will overturn Roe vs. Wade. CHAPTERS (1:15) Sam Raimi's Spider-Man turns 20 Looking back at how Spider-Man broke the...


NOW What EP179 - David Simon on The Wire, We Own This City and Defund The Police

The Wire creator David Simon joins to discuss his new series We Own This City, the dystopia created by the war on drugs and why defunding the police may be the right thing to do in some cases. Culture writer Stephanie Hinds joins to discuss Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde; Vin Diesel and Fast & Furious director Justin Lin; Elon Musk and Twitter; Freshii and Nicaragua; Toronto and Carnival. And we introduce you to Quebec filmmaker Miryam Charles, who is showing her haunting and beautiful...


Angelica Lisk-Hann is changing the Canadian stunt scene

Angelica Lisk-Hann is nominated for a Canadian Screen Award in the Best Stunt Coordination category that she had a hand in creating. Lisk-Hann joins us to discuss her journey from performing stunts on movies like AVP to becoming the first Black woman to be a stunt coordinator. She discusses the challenges in an industry that still relies on Blackface to meet demands for diversity.


NOW What Ep177 - Hello, Hello (Again)

Norm and NOW editor Radheyan Simonpillai talk to stars Alex Mallari Jr. and Rong Fu and co-creator Nathalie Younglai about what their new CBC Gem series Hello (Again) hopes to do for Asian-Canadian representation, and the challenges of creating a consistent performance when shooting a time-loop story out of sequence.


NOW What Ep176 - Sarah Polley Is Running Towards The Danger

NOW editor Radheyan Simonpillai talks to actor turned filmmaker turned author Sarah Polley about her new book Run Towards The Danger: Confrontations With A Body Of Memory, and how after 14 years behind the camera she’s finally thinking about getting back in front of one.


NOW What 175 - BLK and LOL

This week’s podcast was so packed we had to break it into two episodes. In this one, Norm talks to Jennifer Holness and Sudz Sutherland about their new documentary series BLK: An Origin Story, and then checks in with Last One Laughing Canada players Colin Mochrie and Andrew Phung about their experience on Prime Video’s reality endurance series.


NOW What Ep174 - Akintoye Is the TikTok Rapper Toronto Needs

For this week’s Sound Of Toronto Right Now issue, NOW editor Radheyan Simonpillai talks to TikTok rapper Akintoye about coming up, finding his voice, building a brand and being absolutely, one hundred percent himself through all of it.


NOW What Ep173 - Creating CBC’s The Porter

Building onto his cover story this week, Norm talks to Arnold Pinnock, Annmarie Morais, Marsha Greene, Charles Officer and RT Thorne – the creative team behind the new CBC drama The Porter – to explore the genesis of the show and what it means to them to have made it. The Porter premieres on CBC and CBC Gem Monday (February 21) at 9 pm ET.


NOW What Ep172 - Love and Sex 2022: Still Dating Through the Pandemic

With NOW’s annual Love and Sex issue on the stands this week, Norm and NOW’s managing editor Glenn Sumi invite Colin Asuncion, Haley McGee and Bee Quammie to expand on their conversations about what it’s like to be single and dating with COVID still making everything extra complicated.


NOW What Ep171 - The Protests You Didn’t Hear About Last Weekend

You might have heard about the trucker convoy that came to Ottawa last weekend. In fact, you probably heard so much about it that you didn’t notice the other, arguably more legitimate assemblages that happened in Toronto on Saturday and Sunday. In this episode Ahmad Jarrar of the GTA Palestinian Movement and Mskwaasin Agnew of the Salt River First Nation tell Norm why they feel their respective events were overlooked by the Canadian media.


NOW What Ep170 - TallBoyz Roll Into Their Third Season

Norm talks to Guled Abdi, Tim Blair, Vance Banzo and Franco Nguyen about the third season of their sketch series, and how they’ve levelled up the comedy and the commentary – even enlisting Paul Sun-Hyung Lee from Kim’s Convenience to confront CBC cancelling Trickster.


NOW What Ep169 - Has Body Positivity Lost Its Meaning?

This is the time of year when NOW’s Love Your Body issue comes out. But we’re not doing that any more; after seven years, the landscape of body positivity and self love has changed. Ramona Leitao and Radheyan Simonpillai talk to four of our previous Love Your Body subjects – designer and human-rights activist Biko Beauttah, author and relationship coach Leisse Wilcox, model and TV personality Mina Gerges, and musician and composer TiKA – as well as Sabrina Maddeaux, who pitched and created...