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Ep. 32 — Examining Nashville's Mayoral Candidates

In this week’s issue of the Scene, we explore the impending mayoral election in several parts. We look at the race’s best known candidates, examine those who are vying for Nashville’s conservative vote, explore prominent local figures who are conspicuously absent from the ballot and more. On this week’s Scenecast, we sit down with staffers Steven Hale and Stephen Elliott and contributor Steve Cavendish to talk about the mayoral candidates — and we even take a little quiz to see if we can...


Ep. 31 — This Year's Nashville Film Festival

This week's issue of the Scene is our annual Summer Guide, in which we point to the most enticing events going on this summer, and take a look at interesting folks from all over town. That includes artists, a drag queen and a very charismatic chef. But on this week's Scenecast, we talk about the 49th annual Nashville Film Festival, which takes place May 10-19 at Regal Hollywood 27. In the May 3 issue of the Scene, we picked out 25 interesting titles from this year's programming. We spoke...


Ep. 29 — Talking Transit

On May 1, Nashville will conclude one of the most significant public referendums it has ever held, on the most expensive municipal project the city has ever proposed: a citywide transit overhaul. The initiative, called Let’s Move Nashville, includes upgrades in the bus system and the building of light rail on the city’s major corridors. The plan also includes a tunnel to be dug beneath downtown, from Charlotte Avenue to SoBro. Part of the plan to pay for Let’s Move Nashville is four tax...


Ep. 27 — A Look at the Predators' Playoff Run

A lot of hockey fans probably saw the Predators’ historic run to the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals as a fluke, a lucky break for the goofy catfish-throwin’ Southern town. But Smashvillians knew better. As tens of thousands of fans filled the streets of downtown Nashville to watch the team make history, they knew this was likely the start of something bigger — even if the team didn’t ultimately bring home the Cup. In this week’s issue of the Scene, we examine this season’s Predators as they make...


Ep. 26 — A Look Inside Nashville Fashion Week and More

This week's issue of the Scene covers a lot of ground, beginning with the eighth annual Nashville Fashion Week. NFW kicks off on April 3 at OZ Arts, and NFocus editor and Scene Contributor Nancy Floyd chatted with all six designers featured in this year’s opening-night designer showcase. Among those designers is Maria “Poni” Silver, the recipient of this year’s Nashville Fashion Forward Fund. In this week’s Scenecast, Floyd sits down with Silver to talk about her inspiration, which is...


Ep. 25 — Getting in the Weeds With Our Annual Food-Industry Survey

For the Scene’s second annual food-industry survey, we made a list of chefs, general managers and owners at many of the best restaurants in town and made them a deal — we give you a list of questions, and all we ask is that you respond with honesty. The participants run the gamut from experienced veterans with decades in town to talented newcomers, with a diverse mix of ages, races and genders. We asked more than 60 people to participate, and roughly 40 responded. By agreeing to withhold...


Ep. 23 — the North Nashville Heritage Project's Learotha Williams

This week, we at the Scene present our annual People Issue, in which we talk to some of Nashville’s most interesting folks. You’ll meet mother and future student Seana Arrechaga, a soldier’s widow who doesn’t like how some people have appropriated her family’s grief. You’ll meet Nashville sideman and drummer extraordinaire Jerry Pentecost, and student activist Katherine Ledezma-Soto, along with attorney and advocate Alex Little, fiber artist Kate Madeira, and ballerina-turned-boxer Sarah...


Ep. 22 — The Scene's Oscar Picks

In this week's cover package, we have a look at the state’s long and complicated relationship with cannabis — both industrial hemp, which can be grown by licensed farmers as part of a state pilot program, and marijuana, the use of which is still illegal both for medical and recreational purposes. Pick up a copy or visit to read more about that. But flip to the back of the paper and you'll find our run-down of this year's Academy Award nominees. In our latest Scenecast,...


Ep. 21 — Tennessee's McKamey Manor, a Notorious Extreme Haunted House

McKamey Manor, just an hour south of Nashville, holds frightening intrigue for thrill-seekers from all over the world. The notoriously extreme haunted house subjects willing visitors to activities that push them to their mental and physical limits, which are then broadcast to eager fans across the internet. This week, editor D. Patrick Rodgers and culture editor Megan Seling sit down to talk about the house of horrors, its complicated legality and why, despite the terror, people just can’t...


Ep. 20 — Looking Into the Work of a Mississippi Medical Examiner

Staff writer Amanda Haggard talks to journalist Radley Balko, who investigated the work of a Mississippi medical examiner named Steven Hayne, along with his dentistry sidekick Michael West. Balko discusses Hayne’s history and impact, which is darkly fascinating, as he testified in close to 80 percent of homicide trials in Mississippi for 20 years – often employing shoddy reasoning and pseudoscience. Balko will be releasing a book detailing the full story at the end of February, titled 'The...


Ep. 19 — Nashville Is the Capital of Bachelor Nation

The Scenecast is back to celebrate the pinnacle of love in America: The Bachelor. Staff writers Steven Hale and Steven Elliott and NFocus editor (turned resident Bachelor expert) Nancy Floyd sit down to talk about Bachelors and Bachelorettes past and present and why so many of them have roots in Nashville. They discuss heartthrob Luke Pell’s music career, Nashvillian Christen Whitney aka "Scallop Fingers," successful Bachelor marriages here in Nashville, Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s shortcomings...


Ep. 18 — Nashvillians of the Year

This week the Scene named the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee our 2017 Nashvillians of the Year for their work in supporting the nonprofit sector in Nashville. Executive Director Ellen Lehman talks with staff writer Steven Hale and editor Steve Cavendish about The Big Payback — their annual day of giving that has raised $9.3 million for charities in the last four years — and about how and why Nashville gives.


Ep. 16 — Paul Kuharsky

Paul Kuharsky has spent the past two decades covering the Titans for The Tennessean and ESPN. And though he spends a few hours every day delivering his opinion on sports for 104.5-FM The Zone, he’s a Columbia Journalism School grad who, first and foremost, has been a journalist. So when huge ESPN cuts came down this year, Kuharsky was forced to make some hard decisions about his career. Instead of signing on with an established outlet, he started his own site where readers could pay him...


Ep. 15 — James Mackler

After two-term incumbent Bob Corker announced his retirement earlier this fall, Tennessee has turned into one of the most interesting Senate battlegrounds in the country. Staff writer Steve Hale and editor Steve Cavendish sat down with Nashville attorney and Democrat James Mackler to talk about his candidacy to replace Corker.


Ep. 14 — 20 Years Later, A Murder Conviction Falls Apart

Two decades after Cyrus Wilson was convicted of murder, the case against him has fallen apart with four witnesses saying they lied at his original trial. Scene editor Steve Cavendish and staff writer Steven Hale discuss Wilson's case, how it got here and where it goes now.


Ep. 13 — Margo Price

On this week’s Scenecast, managing editor D. Patrick Rodgers talks to longtime local country singer Margo Price about her powerful second solo record, All American Made, out now via Third Man Records. The two talk about the sophomore slump (or lack thereof), politics in country music, touring the country in 2017, hanging out with Willie Nelson and more.


Ep. 12 — Bully

One of our favorite local bands, Bully, is releasing a new album this week — Losing will be out Fri., Oct 20 on Sub Pop — so culture editor Megan Seling sat down with singer/guitarist Alicia Bognanno to talk about the new music, the upcoming album release shows at Mercy Lounge, how the band picks their obscure cover songs and, of course, Bognanno’s very adorable dog Mezzi.


Ep. 11 — These Are a Few of Our Favorite BONs

Best Bagel? Best Place to Get Your Ass Kicked (in a good way)? Best Sandwich? Best Album? Best Cuddle Puddle? For our annual Best of Nashville issue, the Scene staff shares a few of their favorite BON’s and why they were a writer’s pick.


Ep. 10 — The Predators, Expectations and Ryan Johansen's Dog

The Preds are back for a new season and our Hockey Outsider (Megan Seling) and our Hockey Insider (David Boclair) talk about the hangover from last year, new captain Roman Josi, who's going to step up this season and make a few predictions.


Ep. 9 — Perry Wallace and the NFL protests

In the wake of the NFL player protests during the national anthem, we talk with Andrew Maraniss, the author of "Strong Inside," the story of Perry Wallace and breaking the color barrier at Vanderbilt in the 1960s. The issues which faced Wallace — and many of the names he was called just for being black — echo much of the criticism of NFL players. Maraniss also talks about the challenge of converting his book into something for middle schoolers to read, his Pulitzer-winning father and more.