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News One - Trump supporter protests DeNiro. Is the reaction fair? Also, immigration seperation reaching explosive reaction. Can there be a non-partisan solution?

Trump supporter shows up at DeNiro show. Is there a solution to the children being seperated at the border. Kathy Griffin goes on profane twiitter rant on Melainia Trump FLOTUS. Is London safer with police not carrying guns? Tom Brady’s time left in the NFL. Whats next with the trade wars and new tariffs? How will our future relationship with China be affected. Do the Democrats have some talking points heading into the midterms?


News One - Funny FBI Business, Trump Foundation Sued, More problems for Mesa, Arizona PD

So the redacted IG report came out and exposed Jim Comey as an incompetent moron and some FBI agents engaged in some very poor judgement and partisanship. The Pentagon disagrees with the President about suspending war exercises in the Korean Peninsula and that North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat. More issues of police brutality in Mesa, Arizona. A racist politician says there are not enough white people in Arizona. Are we going to wait for Decision 2 with Lebron all summer? Finally,...


News one listener feedback and support

I’m asking if you have any ideas for a new stores or segments you would like added to the show. There’s a lot of stuff going on in our world as I always mention we miss a headliner and I would love your suggestion. Also, maybe you have a segment that you would like and it to the show for example promoting a podcast or two every episode I think that’d be a great idea and I’m going is something I want to get going and if you have any other ideas I would love to hear from you. Also I’d like...


News One: Previewing the Trump-Kim summit. How will success be measured?

We talk about the upcoming summit between President Trump and Kim John Un of North Korea. The aftermath of the G7 with war of words between Trump and our allies. Follow up to that video of police brutatlity in Mesa, Arizona. Black Lives Matters protests with demands while the chief promises investgattions and reforms. Why won’t minority groups meet with Trump for the good of the nation? Meghan Markle again in a fashion twitter war. Please consider becoming a patron to the show and get...


News One - Mesa, Arizona Police focus of Police Brutality issues.

So here in the quiet desert five police officers are on leave after commiting a brutal assault on a attempted break-in suspect. Also, Trump is off to the G7 and to meet with Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman. What is justified when it comes to presidential pardons? Game 4 of the NBA finals.The Washington Capitals win their first Stanley Cup. Are airlines and other planes in danger of being hacked in flight? 4 I am asking listeners to please post a review on my Podbean site -


News One: Juan Williams said C-word used in arguement between two white women. Is that racism?

There is a lot to cover as you can see by the episode length - topics include #juanwilliams, #samanthabee, #roseanne, #northkoreasummit, #trump, #china #mattis, #iran, #gaza, #israel, #useconomy, #unemployment, #healthcare, #classwarfare, #putin, #summit, #treaty, #nuclearweapons, #nancypelosi, #wages, #taxcut, #nbafinals, #stanleycup, #washingtoncapitals, #johnmccain, #midterms, #democrats, #gasprices, #lebronjames, #mueller, #gulianni, #comey, #testify, #earthquake, #hawaii, #kilauea,...


News of the week: Exclusive Patron content coming for supporting News One

News One is branching out to exclusive content for Patrons who support our show through Patreon. Each week we will start doing a weekly wrap up of what is going on and how it affect you and others in the United States and around the globe. Patreon is a simple way for you to contribute to News One every month and get great rewards in return. Everything from a shout out to promoting you product on air to co hosting an episode, Go check it out Patreon Link -...


News One : Greer says rape is just bad sex. Also, Samantha Bee is still not fired. (Some Sensitive Content)

Topics nclude:#GermaineGreer #rape, #sex, #rapists, #communityservice, #tattoo, #Roseanne, #JohnGoodman, #saragilbert, #lauriemetcalf, #samanthabee, #InvankaTrump, #HappytimeMurders, #SesameStreet, #MelissaMccarthy, #Trial, #vulgar, #joyreid, #hacked, #fired, #MSNBC, #DailyBeast, #hypocricy, #conners, #twoandahalfmen, #charliesheen, #ashtonkutcher, #NorthKorea, #PresidentTrumo, #China, #Summitt, #kimjongun, #singapore, #iran, #gaza, #missles, #mortars, #revolutionaryguard, #NBAFinals,...


News One::What network is greedy enough to pick up Roseanne?

Topics incluse Roseanne cancellation, Starbucks sensitivity day, USA and China tarriffs, North Korean Summit closer?, Who needs four private jets?, Ivanka and border seperations, More Gaza volence, NBA finals set again. NFL player walkouts?, Is Peanut Butter healthy?, Porn causes school shootings, Chelase Clinton is a hypocrite, Why is Joy Reid still employed?


News One - CNN Anchor accuses Trump involed in sex trafficing

Welcome to the first podcast of News One - formerly stuff you need to hear. Monday, May 28, 2008 - We pay tribute to our fallen soldiers this Memorial Day and to those who are heroes. Also, will the big summit between Trump and Kim happen, Bad weather in Maryland and Florida, CNN reporter bring network down more, NBA Playoffs and Stanley Cup predictions. Follow us to stay upto date when new podcasts are on air. Military Charities Wounded Warrior Project:...


News One Podcast Episode 15: Breaking News on Morgan Freeman, North Korea and Star Wars

Episode 15: #MorganFreeman and #HarveyWeinstein, #NorthKoreaSummit cancelled? #Scouts #Condoms,


News One Podcast Episode 11: North Korea bailing?, Hawaii Alert, Puppies rescued,Near miss, Royal Wedding Dad,Gaza casulaties, Blowback on Israel, Iran , Cosby, Sports betting, Grade hacking

Episode 11: #NorthKorea bailing?, #Hawaii Alert, Puppies rescued,Near miss in space, #MeghanMarkle dad ,#Gaza casulaties, Blowback on #Israel, #Iran helping #Hamas , #Cosby sentencing,# Sports betting, Grade hacking by phishing Please follow and subscribe. Also connect with us on social media with our links on the homepage. Questions or comments welcome:


News One Podcast Episode 10 -McCain remarks from WH, Israel hostility, Hawaii worsening, NBA playoffs

We discuss the stupid comment made by a White House staffer and what should be next. The American Embassy is moving to Jerusalem and that gives the Palestinians reason to protest. Hawaii sitaution worsening and NBA Playoffs


News One Podcast Episode 9: Tucson Teachers hosed, Iran deal fallout, where’s Mike, Prisoner Freed,Kim meeting set,,popular vote, long game, hero left behind, beer sliding, NBA playoffs

Episode 9: Tucson Teachers won’t get raises?, Iran deal fallout, where’s Mike?, Prisoner Freed,Kim meeting set,popular vote in future elections, long game, hero left behind in Pakistan, beer sales sliding, NBA playoffs


News One Podcast Episode 8: Iran deal, McCain no Trump, Hawaii devastated, NY Attn schneiderman General Perp, Kayne meet Kaepernick at White House?

Well we bailed on Iran, McCain bails on Trump and dumps on Palin, Kayne and Kaepernick at the White House? Korean summit nears, Hawaii update, Scouts and the LDS church Subscribe and follow the show on our social media links. Email the show with any comments/questions:


News One Podcast Episode 7- Danger in Hawaii, McCain, Race Summit, North Korea unhappy, Long pizza delivery, CobraKai, Hot in Phoenix, Mac attack, Not cool at school

Monday, May 7, 2018. Topics include: #Hawaii #Earthquake #Volcano Danger, #JohnMcCain, #Trump not invited, McCain regrets #Palin,#RaceSummit with #Kayne #Kaepernick #Korea #Summit Sours, #Pizza from NY to LA from #JetBlue, #Licking #hockey player, Loving #CobraKai, Summer and 106 degrees, 30,000 #BigMac Man, #Oreo flavors contest, Poo at the school Call to action: Please Subscribe to our many social media links on my hosting website Any questions, email me at


News One Podcast Episode 6: Scouts. Huckabee-Sanders, Borders, Starbucks settle, AZ Teachers win, Zoo Poo, Rice and Kayne,Star Trek movies, Koala in supermarket

Episode 6: Scouts rename, Huckabee-Sanders press stress, Midterms and mudslinging, Border Update, Starbucks Settlement and ASU, Arizona Teachers get raise, Worst Education states now,Big win for Ducey, Zoo Poo,Rice tallks Kayne, every ciitzen gets a job, drunk and crazy, New Star Trek movies, Koala Supermarket. Please subscribe and follow the show on multiple social sites: Join our facebook page We are on ITunes Subscribe to our YouTube chann [...]


News One Podcast Episode 5 - Teacher walkout ending?, Kayne and TMZ, Outsiders influence walkout, Korean summit, Reunification, Royal Wedding

Today’s episode -Are teachers in Arizona returning to work? At the end of the podcast we get you the latest. With these group of lawmakers who the hell knows. Also Kayne West speaks out on slavery and upsets Van Lathan. The Korean summit grows closer and a probable location may have been decided. Also, if you think the price at the pump is hurting you, well how about $8 a gallon! Finally, why the blasting classical music at 7-!!?


News One Podcast Episode 4 - Wolf after Trump, African girl held as slave, teacher walkout continues, trouble for yawning

—-more—-Topics on today’s show: White House Correspondence Dinner Couple enslave African girl Cosby jail time More from Korea China planes buzzing South Korea Josh Rosen quotes Latest on Arizona Teacher Walkout Traffic Sign hacked for Hitler Avengers big weekend Educator suspended for Yawning Email: