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2018 Midterm Election Results: With a divided Congress, what's next?

NewsCycle host Alicia Preston speaks with Jessica Wehrman, Washington correspondent with The Columbus Dispatch, about the 2018 midterm election results and what they mean for the country. Zac Anderson, political editor for the Sarasota Herald Tribune, also joins the show to discuss what is happening with the Governor and U.S Senate races in Florida.


Bill Kristol talks migrant caravan,midterm elections and President Trump on NewsCycle

NewsCycle host, Alicia Preston, talks with nationally recognized conservative commentator, Bill Kristol about the migrant caravan,mideterm elections and the possibilty of President Trump being challenged in 2020.


Homelessness in America: How are communities dealing with it?

Homelessness across America presents many challenges for communities. How are they dealing with it? NewsCycle host Alicia Preston speaks with Erin Dietzer from the Holland Sentinel, Mark Patkintin of the Providence Journal and Bob Gaetjens with the Record Courier about homelessness in America and what communities are doing to combat this issue.


Election Day 2018: What are the issues that concern potential voters?

NewsCycle host Alicia Preston interviews Sherman Smith, State Government Reporter at the Topeka Capital Journal and George Bennett, Staff Writer and Reporter with the Palm Beach Post about what the candidates are talking about and what issues potential voters are concerned with in the upcoming election.


Devastating Hurricanes: What can be done to protect and prepare

The devastation of Hurricane Michael left 18 dead, and many lost businesses and their homes. Alicia Preston speaks to Joe Callahan, who has been covering hurricanes for 30 years, from the Ocala Star Banner and the Gainesville Sun. Alicia also talks with Kyle Bagenstose from the Bucks County Courier Times, The Intelligencer, and the Burlington County Times.


Human Sexuality and Responsibility: What are we learning about sexuality in society?

With the Brett Kavanaugh investigation and hearings dominating the news, Alicia Preston and Dr. Deborah Osgood discuss human sexuality and responsibility and explore what we are learning about sexuality in society.


Another mass shooting in America: What happened in Jacksonville Florida, and does it impact America?

August 26th marked yet another mass shooting in our country. Alicia talks with reporters from Jacksonville Florida about the events that took place, and what's been happening since that day for the community of Jacksonville, Florida.


The Catholic Church facing another scandal: Why does this global epidemic exist, and what will be done?

A grand jury in Pensylvania recently released a report bringing up another situation of abuse with priests of the Catholic Church. Alica talks with a reporter from Pennsylvania about the unraveling story, and what looks to be done about it in the future.


Leaders are in demand: Are you the next leader, and what does it mean?

In her new book Dr. Deborah Osgood shares the stories of 6 different leaders, and how they grew into their leadership role. Alicia discusses the book, the role of a leader, and why there is such a demand for leaders right now in our society.


Primary Elections: What do the results tell us about what's coming in November?

Alicia talks with reporters from Kansas and Ohio about the results of the primary elections that occured in Kansas and Ohio. With the special election for Congress, what do the results mean for November in this current political climate?


Food Waste in America: How big of a problem is it?

Food waste in America is fast becoming a hot topic. Alicia talks with reporters about just how much food is wasted in America each year, as well as what some groups, and schools are doing to provide options for the leftover food in our country.


Socialism in America is on the rise: What is behind it?

Socialism is actually a big movement right now. What's behind the growth? Alicia talks with national political reporter for the AP, Steve Peoples.


Civility in America: How do we reunite the great divide?

Alicia talks with columnist Rick Holmes about recent events throughout America demonstrating a need for conversation about civility.


The World Cup: France vs. Croatia, did you see this coming?

Alicia revisits the topic of the World Cup with reporters Tom Passmore and Michael Leonard about their previous picks, the fascinating wins that have occurred during this tournament, and what Qatar has in store 4 years from now.


Clearing up confusion regarding family separation at the border, what really happened and what happens now?

While the issue of parents and children being separated at the border started to make news some time back, it was only in the past week that the issue hit a fever pitch with Americans across the country calling to end a practice of removing children from those crossing the southern border and housing them in various forms of tents and warehouses. Alicia talks with reporters who covered rallies, as well as spoken with Senators on this issue, in an effort to help clear up the confusion and...


The World Cup is under way: Who do we root for without a home team?

Even with the prospect of the World Cup coming to the US in 2026, fans of soccer in the US are at a loss of who to cheer for this year, without the US respresenting. Alicia talks with reporters from Ohio and New York about the World Cup, what their predictions are, and why the US ultimately didn't make it. Guests: Tom Passmore - The Leader - New York Michael Leonard - My - Ohio


Police body cameras: What are we learning about police interactions now that we can see them?

Police body camera footage this week in Canton, Ohio shows a long and drawn out encounter with a man pulled over in a traffic stop. For those who watched the cut clip that ran across social media, one would only see a mans car window being smashed out a police canine latching on to his arm during a take down, and the shared claim that it was all over the driver not having a front license plate. However, the police department in Ohio released the full body camera footage and a completely...


The Felony Lane Gang: Who are they and why do we care?

Host Alicia Preston talks with a local detective about the Felony Lane Gang, who they are, and why we should care. A victim of a stolen purse that was located in her car in a parking garage, Alicia learned of the gang while canceling her credit cards and debit card.


Pot Legalization: How is it all playing out?

9 states in America have fully legalized marijuana for recreational use. 14 others have decrminalized it, basicallly making it the same as a traffic ticket. 29 state have medical marijuana programs although what ailment or illness qualfiies a patient for use varies from state to state and in many, while legal, the programs are set up, there are no dispensaries and no legal way to actually obtain the medical marijuana that has been legalized. Alicia talks with a reporter from Massachusetts...


Bubble wrapping the art of Protecting our children from everything, but is it best for them as they grow up?

From preschool through college there are questions about how we, as a society, are raising children and young people through their school years and if it is in a manner that will help them function as adults. Afterall, that is the jobs of educators--teach kids how to be grown ups through academics and other activities. Alicia talks with reporters from Pennsylvania, Florida and North Carolina about particular situations that invite the bubble wrapping conversation. Guests: Chris English -...