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The World Cup is under way: Who do we route for without a home team?

Even with the prospect of the World Cup coming to the US in 2026, fans of soccer in the US are at a loss of who to cheer for this year, without the US respresenting. Alicia talks with reporters from Ohio and New York about the World Cup, what their predictions are, and why the US ultimately didn't make it. Guests: Tom Passmore - The Leader - New York Michael Leonard - My - Ohio


Police body cameras: What are we learning about police interactions now that we can see them?

Police body camera footage this week in Canton, Ohio shows a long and drawn out encounter with a man pulled over in a traffic stop. For those who watched the cut clip that ran across social media, one would only see a mans car window being smashed out a police canine latching on to his arm during a take down, and the shared claim that it was all over the driver not having a front license plate. However, the police department in Ohio released the full body camera footage and a completely...


The Felony Lane Gang: Who are they and why do we care?

Host Alicia Preston talks with a local detective about the Felony Lane Gang, who they are, and why we should care. A victim of a stolen purse that was located in her car in a parking garage, Alicia learned of the gang while canceling her credit cards and debit card.


Pot Legalization: How is it all playing out?

9 states in America have fully legalized marijuana for recreational use. 14 others have decrminalized it, basicallly making it the same as a traffic ticket. 29 state have medical marijuana programs although what ailment or illness qualfiies a patient for use varies from state to state and in many, while legal, the programs are set up, there are no dispensaries and no legal way to actually obtain the medical marijuana that has been legalized. Alicia talks with a reporter from Massachusetts...


Bubble wrapping the art of Protecting our children from everything, but is it best for them as they grow up?

From preschool through college there are questions about how we, as a society, are raising children and young people through their school years and if it is in a manner that will help them function as adults. Afterall, that is the jobs of educators--teach kids how to be grown ups through academics and other activities. Alicia talks with reporters from Pennsylvania, Florida and North Carolina about particular situations that invite the bubble wrapping conversation. Guests: Chris English...


The Be Best Campaign: Will it help curb bullying?

Following the announcement of the First Lady's Be Best Campaign, Alicia talks with reporters in Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire about legislative action and local school surveys being conducted. What's being done? How are communities getting involved in the effort to put an end to bullying? These questions and more are discussed this week. Guests: Howard Frank - The Pocono Record, PA Max Sullivan - Seacoast Media Group, NH


The NFL Draft: The stories of the draftees told

Alicia talks with reporters from The Fayettville Observer, and The Avalanche Journal, where the results of the NFL Draft had a great impact. Guests: Sammy Batten, Sports Writer - Fayetteville Observer, North Caronlina Don Williams, Sports Writer - The Avalanche Journal, Texas


Distracted Driving: Are cellphones to blame?

April is distracted driving awareness month. Host Alicia Preston talks with reporters from North Carolina and western Michigan, about what the legisltation in their states are doing about distracted driving. Guests: Myron Pitts - Fayetteville Observer, North Carolina Audra Gamble - Holland Sentinel, Michigan


Remembering Barbara Bush: Two hometown perspectives

Following the passing of former First Lady Barbara Bush, Alicia talks with reporters from Texas and Kennebunk, Maine, where the Bush's resided over the years. Guests: Donna Buttarazzi - Seacoast Media Group, New Hampshire Adam Young - Lubbock Avalanche Journal, Texas


Personal Data: Where is it used, and how vulnerable are you?

This week Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified with the Senate and the house regarding the data that facebook collects and uses. How does it affect your personal data? Where is it going? How else is your personal data getting used? Alicia uncovers some interesting uses for personal data, that you may not have considered.


Bullying in America: How prevalent is it?

Alicia tackles the subject of bullying this week. How prevalent is it? Is social media to blame? Alicia speaks with Dr. Elizabeth Englander, the director of the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center and Professor of Psychology at Bridgewater State University about this subject.


Sanctuary Cities: Where are they and what do they mean?

This week Alicia dives into a conversation with Columnists regarding two topics that were making headlines. Sanctuary cities and Stormy Daniels. Guests: Columnists Rick Holmes Columnist John Crisp


The fear isn't over for Austin: What's next in the wake of the Austin bomber?

March 2nd marked the beginning of multiple days of fear for the austion community as a packaged bomb went off. Alicia talks with a reporter from the Houston Chronicle who covered the bombings, and another community member who discusses what was happening at the community level while all of this was unfolding. Guests: Andrea Zelinski - Houston Chronicle - Austin Bureau Tim Schmitt - Center for News and Design, Austin Texas


Students walked out of school in memoriam and/or protest, on 3-14-1: They spoke, did anyone listen?

March 14th, one month to the day after the shooting massacre at a Parkland Florida High School left 17 dead, students across the country left their classrooms to walk out --some in protest of what they percieve as lax guns laws, others in quiet memorium of those who were killed just one month before. Alicia talks with reporters from Washington D.C. , Michigan, Illinois and Florida regarding the different experiences that occurred across the nation. Guests: Gary White - Lakeland Ledger...


Tariffs on imported steel and aluminum: What does this mean for economies domestically and Internationally?

President Trump recently signed into law tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. Alicia talks with editors and reporters from Jacksonville Florida, and Illinois to discuss both sides of the issue. Guests: Mike Clark - Florida Times Union - Florida Kelsey Landis - Belleville News Democrat


Opioids in America: Can states sue their way out of the crisis?

The Opioid crisis is ramping up across America. Prescription drug use is turning to street drug use too often. Alicia asks the question, can states sue their way out of the crisis? Alicia talks with reporters from South Carolina and Ohio about this approach to tackling the crisis. Guests: Bob Montgomery - Reporter, Spartanburg Herald Journal, South Carolina Marla Matzer Rose - Reporter, Columbus Dispatch, Ohio


School shootings: Can we address what's happening in America before the next tragedy?

In the wake of the Parkland, Florida shooting, there continues to be more shootings in schools, threats, and protests. Can we begin to address what's happening in America before the next tragedy? Alicia talks with reporters from Ohio, Florida, and New Hampshire about the reactions happening locally as a result of the event. Guests: Samantha Ickes - Ohio Tony Holt - Florida Hadley Barndollar - New Hampshire


Another school shooting in an American town: How do we stop it?

Alicia talks with Dr. Deborah Osgood, and expert in human behavior about the recent school shooting in Florida, and what steps could be taken to stop this from happening.


The 2018 Olympics: Who is competing from your town?

Alicia talks about the excitement of the Olympics, as well as spotlights a few athletes you might not know yet that are competing. Guests: Victor Fernandez - Eerie, Pennsylvania Paul Kardasz - Ocala, Florida


Pats vs. Eagles: Who will win the Super Bowl? - NewsCycle

This week, Alicia talks with reporters from the Philadelphia area, and New England as fans prepare for a big weekend in football. One reporter has been in Minneapolis for the week covering press conferences ahead of the game. Everyone shares their predictions. What's yours? Guests: Tom Moore - Bucks County Courier Times, Philadelphia Kevin McNamara - The Providence Journal, Rhode Island Ryan O'Leary - The Portsmouth Herald, New Hampshire