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NAFNC - EP 29 - Monthly Run down of sorts

AND WE ARE BACK First off let me say thank you so much for sticking with us, the world has gotten a little mad for the two of us and we have been caught up working on a few different things. Sencondly the sound on this episode is not great, we have had some issue with recording equipment recently, we are working through it. the issues killed our last episode, what we could recover has been posted to the patreon feed so we cleaned up this episode up as best we could and we promise to...


NAFNC - Interview with Mike Stuchbery

In this episode we chat with historian & debunker of the right wing Mike Stuchbery! This interview was conducted the evening that Mike was eventually doorstepped by Tommy Robinson & proved to be very prescient in predicting those events. You can find all our interviews & other episodes on Join our community on facebook & twitter @pgmcast If you like what we do & want to support us with a donation you can sign up at


NAFNC - Interview with MP Stewart McDonald

In this episode Paul and Gerry Talk to MP Stewart McDonald about Defense policy, Getting into politics and his recent run in with Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. you can find all our episodes, Sources and some guest articles at Join our community on facebook and twitter @PGMcast if you like what we do and want to throw us a few pounds you can support us at have a look at our sponsor and use code "Gift" to get...


#NAFNC Interviews Ben Nimmo

Our first episode of 2019 is an interview with controversial analyst & writer Ben Nimmo from the Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Lab. Ben has recently been the subject of doxxing and conjecture surrounding his previous work with the Integrity Initiative & the Institute for Statecraft. We talk about Russian disinformation, techniques for spotting nefarious online amplification & the Kremlin strategies against Ukraine, the Baltic States, the US & UK. We also chat about how...


NAFNC - Ep 25 - Monthly News Rundown - Brexit, US and no go zones.

Paul and Gerry are back, we Talke Brexit, Backstop, US border madness, White people no go zones that dont exist in London, UKIP and a whole host of madness also WINTERFEST - a family event thats anti right wing a big shout out to Project Lingerie a new sponsor please please go show Rowan some love over at they are a great company. if you want to catch up with us @PGMcast on twitter and facebook and if you really want to help us out...


#NAFNC Interviews - Ryan McCuaig

Our latest interview is with the inspirational Ryan McCuaig. Apologies for Gerry's poor sound, we messed up and only brought one mic along. Rest assured the star man Ryan comes through loud & clear! You can find Ryan on Twitter @Ryan_McCuaig As always find us on on Twitter & Facebook @pgmcast And donate at Peace Out!


#NAFNC Interviews - Ep 23 - Eve Livingston

In this episode Gerry interviews Eve Livingston about her career so far, her choice of articles, her experience of online discourse & the problems facing modern journalism. Follow Eve on Twitter here; As always you can find us at & Peace Out!


NAFNC - Ep22 - Interview with Dr Jennifer Jones

Paul and Gerry are delighted to bring you this special interview with Dr Jennifer Jones where we discuss Journalism, Social media and the issues surrounding online activites in new media, we look at what your online persona says about you and the pearls of Journalism created by bloggers instead of qualified media outlets.


NAFNC - Ep 21 - Scottish Independence

In this episode Gerry and Paul Discuss what happened in the Scottish Independence Referendum, who contributed to it, where the lies came from and what changes could be made to a new IndyRef2. Contact us at visit our site for all our sources or come see speak to us on facebook and twitter just search for @pgmcast if you like what we do you can support us at


NAFNC Presents - Scapegoat Podcast

Scapegoat is a brilliant podcast by friend of NAFNC Luke. In this episode we cover the story of Gary McKinnon, a hacker who was wanted by the US Government and fought extradition. Is Gary a scapegoat for big government against truth finders, or a criminal who deserved to be jailed? Find Scapegoat on & on Twitter @scapegoatpod As always you can find Not Another Fake News Cast on & on Twitter/Facebook @pgmcast


NAFNC - Special - Please Don't Grab My Pussy

Not Another Fake NewsCast are proud to have an interview with the Authors of the Fun book of poems "Please Don't Grab My Pu$$y" Julia Young and Matt Harkins. The Guys have a hilarious chat with both authors about the book, politics and a few off topic subject regarding the state of the US the book will be available on all Quality book sites on October the 30th you can follow us on twitter @PGMcast and on Facebook @PGMcast or jump over to our website


NAFNC - Ep 20 - Monthly Rundown - August and September

Hi Folks Paul and Gerry are back with another monthly rundown. This time we Discuss Eminem being 46 and throwing out Diss tracks, Trump denying deaths of Natural disasters and how The Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley knew nothing about Northern Ireland. If you can Donate to our Patreon it would be amazing, we have lots of tiers there to suit anyone and it makes a massive difference to us and helps with our upkeep costs. drop us a mail on...


NAFNC - Interview with Mike Small from Bella Caledonia on Scottish politics

A very special episode of NAFNC where we discuss the Independence movement with one of the most recognised proponents from the last 10 years. Mike Small is the Chief editor and the driving force behind Bella Caledonia which is a highly acclaimed contributor of pro Independence media in Scotland. we discuss where the movement is going and what current politics in the UK means for Scotland. you can find us as ever on social media @PGMcast and contact us directly via email on...


NAFNC - Live at the Byline Festival - Labour, Corbyn and AntiSemitism

A very special Episode live at the Byline Festival, Paul and Gerry had an amazing time and we can be proud and announce we are performing again next year. you can get early bird tickets on their website - we Discuss Jeremy Corbyn, the Anti Semitic issues surrounding the Labour party and the way the Media are reporting it. Drop us an email at Have a listen to all our previous episode and interviews also have a look at...


NAFNC Interview with Darren 'Loki' McGarvey

A very special interview with rapper, columnist, broadcaster & novelist Darren McGarvey AKA Loki the Scottish Rapper. As ever you can contact us at Our website is Find us on twitter and facebook @PGMcast You can donate to the podcast & get lots of cool extras at Have a look at our sponsor Holzkern at if you use the code NAFNC15 you will get 15% off your purchase. Follow...


NAFNC - Ep 18 - Monthly Rundown for July

Paul and Gerry have another look at the news stories that have caught their attention over the last month, Trumps flip flopping, Steve Bannon, Brexit update, CorbynGate and a few other fun stories that they enjoyed. as ever you can contact us at all our sources will be available at find us on twitter and facebook @PGMcast Have a look at our sponsor Holzkern at if you use the code NAFNC15 you...


NAFNC - Ep17 - Sustainability, Green Energy and Cows

*File Updated to sort sound* Paul and Gerry take a look at some aspects of sustainability, How Green is the EU with Energy, what impact does eating meat have on the environment, how successful is recycling? As ever a big thank you to Holzkern for sponsoring this episode, Their watches are stylish, unique and made of wood. and if you use NAFNC15 you will get 15% off you can contact us at or at @pgmcast on Twitter and...


NAFNC - Ep16 - June Monthly round up - Trump, Tories, Brexit, Yaxley and a Dog?

In this episode Paul and Gerry look at some Info surrounding Aaron Banks, we also Discuss the hot topics such as Trump Kids Camps and the Trails and Tribulations of Yaxley-Lennon. If you want to drop us an email you can get us as ever at check our website for all our sources and merchandise plus upcoming live shows we are always available on twitter and facebook @PGMcast if you like us and can afford it, drop a...


Open Democracy Interview - With Peter Geoghegan & Adam Ramsay

In the wake of allegations about Russian meetings plus questions to Arron Banks & Andy Wigmore on the source of their political donations, we speak to 2 journailists from Open Democracy who have been looking at Banks' finances in depth over the past few months. Our Website is You can find us on Twitter & Facebook @pgmcast Our podcast is sponsored by Holzkern watches, their website is - use the discount code NAFNC15 for 15% discount. You can...


NAFNC - Live with the Skeptics

Paul and Gerry hope you all enjoy the Live audio of our Edinburgh Skeptics presentation, if you do and you are in Scotland keep a look out as we will be doing another one with the Glasgow Skeptics in the upcoming months. Remember you can always contact us at or on Twitter and facebook by searching @PGMcase our website as ever has all our sources and new t-shirts coming soon, you can have a look here - we also have an...