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NAFNC Interview with Darren 'Loki' McGarvey

A very special interview with rapper, columnist, broadcaster & novelist Darren McGarvey AKA Loki the Scottish Rapper. As ever you can contact us at Our website is Find us on twitter and facebook @PGMcast You can donate to the podcast & get lots of cool extras at Have a look at our sponsor Holzkern at if you use the code NAFNC15 you will get 15% off your purchase. Follow...


NAFNC - Ep 18 - Monthly Rundown for July

Paul and Gerry have another look at the news stories that have caught their attention over the last month, Trumps flip flopping, Steve Bannon, Brexit update, CorbynGate and a few other fun stories that they enjoyed. as ever you can contact us at all our sources will be available at find us on twitter and facebook @PGMcast Have a look at our sponsor Holzkern at if you use the code NAFNC15 you...


NAFNC - Ep17 - Sustainability, Green Energy and Cows

Paul and Gerry take a look at some aspects of sustainability, How Green is the EU with Energy, what impact does eating meat have on the environment, how successful is recycling? As ever a big thank you to Holzkern for sponsoring this episode, Their watches are stylish, unique and made of wood. and if you use NAFNC15 you will get 15% off you can contact us at or at @pgmcast on Twitter and Facebook if you like what we are doing...


NAFNC - Ep16 - June Monthly round up - Trump, Tories, Brexit, Yaxley and a Dog?

In this episode Paul and Gerry look at some Info surrounding Aaron Banks, we also Discuss the hot topics such as Trump Kids Camps and the Trails and Tribulations of Yaxley-Lennon. If you want to drop us an email you can get us as ever at check our website for all our sources and merchandise plus upcoming live shows we are always available on twitter and facebook @PGMcast if you like us and can afford it, drop a...


Open Democracy Interview - With Peter Geoghegan & Adam Ramsay

In the wake of allegations about Russian meetings plus questions to Arron Banks & Andy Wigmore on the source of their political donations, we speak to 2 journailists from Open Democracy who have been looking at Banks' finances in depth over the past few months. Our Website is You can find us on Twitter & Facebook @pgmcast Our podcast is sponsored by Holzkern watches, their website is - use the discount code NAFNC15 for 15% discount. You...


NAFNC - Live with the Skeptics

Paul and Gerry hope you all enjoy the Live audio of our Edinburgh Skeptics presentation, if you do and you are in Scotland keep a look out as we will be doing another one with the Glasgow Skeptics in the upcoming months. Remember you can always contact us at or on Twitter and facebook by searching @PGMcase our website as ever has all our sources and new t-shirts coming soon, you can have a look here - we also have an...


NAFNC - Ep15 - Syria, Russia, Poisoning, Gassing and War?

In this episode Paul and Gerry Look at Russia and how some questionable events have lead to tense relations we also look at Syria, what happened and who is saying what about it. We look at the OPCW, Russia, Syria, Chemical weapons, Skirpal, Poisonings, Gassing and the legality of the "Allied actions" as ever we are available on Twitter and facebook @PGMast you can always drop us an email on and all our sources can be found on our...


NAFNC - Ep14 - Monthly Roundup - Fake news Digest

In This Episode Paul and Gerry Discuss all the good and bad news from the last month. we look at Syria , Trump, Dankula, Russia, we talk free speech and Tory corruption. this episode for us is particularly long, if you want to discuss any of the topics please do not hesitate to contact us Twitter @PGMcast Facebook @PGMcast you can look at our sweet new T-shirt designs here all our sources are...


NAFNC - Special Ep - Dylan Curran interview on personal Data Security

NAFNC would love for you to take less than 1 minute out your time and vote for us here - Dyaln's recommended web browser NAFNC are happy to bring you a very special episode. Paul is joined by Dylan Curran an Irish IT professional who specialises in Personal Data Security and all that comes with it. Due to recent events surrounding Cambridge Analytica and SCL Group, Dylan has found himself a very busy man indeed. if...


NAFNC - Ep 13.5 - An interview with İyad el-Baghdadi

In this special episode Gerry interviews İyad el-Baghdadi a scholar from the middle east who has put together a compelling case and evidence to suggest Collusion between the UAE, Saudi and Donald trump. in episode 13 Gerry and Paul Dive a little deeper into certain components of this theory and discuss the facts around it all. we hope you enjoy this episode and how the information brough to us by İyad is as exciting to you as it was to us, he is able to to use various sources that...


NAFNC - Ep 13 - Tillerson, Trump and middle east Collusion?

This episode comes with an interview as episode 13.5. in this Episode Paul and Gerry Discuss Saudi's involvement in the Trump Campaign, did they illegally fund the president elect? Should people be looking at Erik Prince more closely, is there outright evidence to show the POTUS organised a meeting with the Russians and sent Erik Prince on his behalf and is there evidence that links Cambridge Analytica to the Qatar Crisis? the interview which accompanies this episode (13.5) is...


NAFNC - Ep12 - Monthly run down and interesting stories

Continuing on our new structure for 2018 and season two, this episode is a look at news stories that have caught the Eye of Paul and Gerry, we have a few beers and chat politics and news, you can hear us argue about personal opinion and play Devils advocate regularly. We Discuss identity politics, South Africa, Texas Transgender athletes, north Korea, Trump the topics do not stay linear for long and we have a lot of fun recording these episodes. Next episode will be a more in depth...


NAFNC - EP11 - Carillion and Privatisation

In this episode Paul and Gerry take a look into the Carillion Fiasco. we look at the British Governments role in letting a failing company hold on to and gain more contracts and what this means for the British tax payer. we then have a look at other companies who are still being propped up by the government despite being in very similar situations, why are we being told this is a more lucrative and cost effective solution for the UK and why do our Government not learn from mistakes...


NAFNC Ep 10 - 2017 the year of Fake News

Here is the last instalment of the first year of Not Another Fake NewsCast. with so much more to come in 2018 Paul and Gerry look back at the last year and episodes In this episode we discuss things we got right and wrong, developments from our stories and we generally have a laugh. this is a much more relaxed episode than usual, this is Paul and Gerry just shooting the breeze, having a laugh, a times we get serious, at one Point Paul full on belly laughs more so than he has in a...


NAFNC Ep 0 - Bonus Pilot episode

Almost exactly a year ago Paul and Gerry finally decided they were going to record their new podcast idea. The Pilot was recorded on the 7th of February 2017, we had no idea what we were doing, we had one mic between us, we put together the premise of the podcast and recorded around an hour of chat. As we step into the new year, Paul was working on cleaning up the sound of the episode and decided its as clean as he can get it so we decided we should let you all hear it as a thank you...


NAFNC Ep 9 - Kim Vs Trump - North Korea

We are back! after some time off through illness and work NAFNC are back and this time we are looking at North Korea, Kim Vs Trump the twitter battle of the century. how did we get here? what caused North Korea to get to where they are, is there more going on, is the chance for nuclear war high? As ever all our sources are on our website you can contact us at our email here - we have our Facebook...


NAFNC Ep 8 - Gun Control - US and the Rest of the world

In This Episode Paul and Gerry look at Gun Control in the US and compare it to the rest of the world, the episode was recorded on the second of November so there is no reference to the Texas shooting over the weekend that followed. If you disagree or want to chat about this topic or any other you can contact us at we have as ever provided all our sources on our website at we are always about to chat on twitter and...


Fake Disaster Guys

Here is the Camping Special where we talk about our camping and survival weekend with Those Conspiracy Guys and The Disaster Artists in Dublin. this was the precursor to our live show where we talk about the weekend away amongst other stuff. we'll be putting out the videos over the next week or so on our Youtube and Channels as well as the other two shows channels. watch our live video here...


NAFNC Ep7 - HSBC, UK Government, Saudi and ARAMCO

In this episode of Not Another Fake NewsCast Paul and Gerry look at the Shady world of HSBC, looking at their involvement with various Drug cartels and the incriminating evidence the US senate had compiled on them before the UK Government swooped in to protect them.. we look at the sharing of staff between some of the well known UK businesses and how that may create conflict of interests we then look at a huge story which suggests the UK changing certain business practices to...


NAFNC Ep6 - Fake News On Drugs

Hi all this episode is looking Drugs, the war on drugs, we Discuss China, Contras, Afghanistan, we look at Mexico and the Dodgy legal trade of drugs in the US. If there is anything you are willing to donate to our awesome trip with TCG and DA - that is the link to our Wishlist. Website - Facebook - Twitter - Merch Store...