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Old news stories that make you wonder "Whatever happened about...?"

Old news stories that make you wonder "Whatever happened about...?"
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Old news stories that make you wonder "Whatever happened about...?"






Episode 20: Ben Johnson

First of all I would like to apologise for how late this episode is, it was recorded in March when the Winter Olympics were still on and it was snowing rather heavily here in the UK. It is all my fault not Russell’s, I have been struggling to concentrate on editing for any period of time and have only been able to do it in short bursts. Here it is though, I hope you enjoy it. David. In this episode we leave our comfort zone and talk about sport. Yes, anyone who knows us knows that...


Episode 19: The Millennium Bug

And…we’re back! In this here episode 19 we discus the Year 2000 or Y2K problem. What it was, what caused it, simmilar issues in the past and future, and the effects it has had on today’s world. David unleashes the Haylinator on an unsuspecting world and we also welcome our Wikipidean overlords after a very strange interuption…


Episode 18: Old News Back In The News

We’re looking back over all our old episodes and bring them up to date with anything that has happened over the last two years. There’s a surprising amount. There’s trips down several memory lanes and of course Russell has more car problems! He should probably just get the bus.


Last Tuesday’s News

This is the episode you’ve all been waiting for! We’ve been trailing it for over a month now but this is the joint episode we did with the guys from The Last Tuesday Project. Just to explain what happens: Russell and David acted as the first ever joint “Dimblebies”, we gave them one subject to discuss but they’re allowed to veto that subject and move on to our second choice but if they do that they aren’t allowed to go back to the first. We all then get one hour to research the subject...


Episode 17: The BALTIC

We’re getting out of our comfort zone this time and talking about art, specifically the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead. Meanwhile, Russell is having yet more car trouble, uses the word “bunkum” and David reveals how much he reviles a particular dead art critic. If you’d like to feed back on the subject matter or the advertising that we are trying out get in touch via e-mal oldnewspod@gmail.com, tweet @OldNewsPod or leave a comment on our Facebook page. We’ll also be...


Episode 16: The Human Genome Project

Remember the Human Genome Project? Remember how it was going to change all our lives? We look into what happened. Is it going to take another 40 years? Meanwhile, Russell discovers “Some kind of bacterial thing”, David gets his third new job in a year and we have 3 whole new “Old News” stings! Plus a little treat at the beginning! Remember if you’d like to send in a sting for us just record yourself saying “Old News” in any way you like and send it to oldnewspod@gmail.com


Episode 15: BSE Mad Cow Disease

After Russell’s trip to Canada Old News is back with another marathon about BSE, or Mad Cow Disease as you might know it. We find out about how boring David’s job sounds, which countries we’re big in and we invent the Trudeau Scale of Canadian-ness. We’re still looking for “Old News” stings from our listeners. Record them on any device you like, in any format you like, and send them to us at oldnewspod@gmail.com


Episode 14: The Boxing Day Tsunami

A tired sounding Russell and David discuss the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami (known in Britain as the Boxing Day tsunami), the events of the day, the reconstruction, the charity effort, and the unexpected outcomes. David also reveals his yearning to own a fez as his podcasting hat and we invite our listeners to send us recordings of themselves saying “Old News” for us to use as links. If you would like to send us an “Old News” record it in any way you like, in any file format,...


Episode 13: The Channel Tunnel

and President We’re digginging ourselves into a big hole and doing and episode on the Channel Tunnel. Russell indulges his love of trains, David guesses some French, the Queen and President Mitterand do the business, and somehow we end up in Turkmenistan. We also talk about shed erections, David still being stiffer than said shed, and pineapple cider.


Episode 11: Exoplanets, Kepler and Aliens

We’re heading back into space this time to talk about the discovery of the first exoplanet. During the discussion of observation methods, signals and space telescopes we mange to include broken cars, the 57 varieties of hard left politics, ancient Rome and the East India Company.


Episode 8: Digital Switchover

This time David and Russell look back at the UK’s switch to digital TV and radio while drinking some actual real beer. Somehow noodle-like worms, French Canada, monkeys and good old John Logie Baird come into it.


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