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Talking Life One Beer At A Time! Join US as we begin each episode with The BEER of the Day and then Journey Down a Rabbit Hole of Radio Games, Entertainment News, And a WEE bit of The O So Dreadful Topic of Politics.

Talking Life One Beer At A Time! Join US as we begin each episode with The BEER of the Day and then Journey Down a Rabbit Hole of Radio Games, Entertainment News, And a WEE bit of The O So Dreadful Topic of Politics.
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Talking Life One Beer At A Time! Join US as we begin each episode with The BEER of the Day and then Journey Down a Rabbit Hole of Radio Games, Entertainment News, And a WEE bit of The O So Dreadful Topic of Politics.








Pop Up Interview With Shari And Michelle Harding And Gustav Ljungdahl - Karbach Chocolate Stout

(Mild Audio issues) (Pop - Up Skype Interviews !!) (Pop-Up Thursday) 5:00 - Today We Speak with South Carolina Independent Filmmakers " Shari and Michelle Harding " About their new Short Film "The Farmhand" which you can follow them through their Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/thefarmhandshortfilm/ 33:00 - And Also We Interview Sweden Prop artist / Filmmaker " Gustav Ljungadahl " about his work including Root of Darkness and His Creations - which you can follow him from his...


Phillip Andrew Interview - Shiner Candied Pecan Porter

Today On " Opinions And Beer " Adam Gives a Swift Review of Shiner Candied Pecan Porter and then jumps into our first Skype Interview with Emmy Nominated Producer and Professional Life Coach/ Public Speaker Phillip Andrew . Interview Starts At - 1:50 Phillip Andrew IG: @PhillipAndrewLA Twitter: @PhillipAndrewLA Audio Blog: https://soundcloud.com/phillipandrew/ Website: www.PhillipAndrew.co Phillip Andrew is an Emmy-Nominated Los Angeles-based television producer who has been asked to...


New Years Resolution 2019 - The Edray Report - Sierra Nevada Celebration IPA - Opinions And Beer

Special Episode Entering The New Year, Be sure to join our facebook group and follow us on Instagram In today's episode I review Sierra Nevada Celebration Fresh Hop IPA as I speak to Edray ( Edray1416 ) on his new years resolutions , his website the Edray Report, Gardening, making a website, grocery store waste , farming , and some brief looks into whats to come in the new year for Opinions and Beer


Snickerdoodle Ale - Drunk Thoughts To Myself - Ramblings of A Beer Guy

We will be back in January! Make Sure To Join Our Facebook Group for Opinions and Beer, Let us Know what we should Drink Next, Let us Know what we're doing well, what we need work on, what you want more of, ect. In today's Episode Adam is by himself drinking a Snicker-doodle Ale, while rambling about current news and thoughts that may of been better left inside his head. Merry Christmas and See You Guys in January


Shiner S'more Ale - Batteries and Slipknot Chicken Dispute - Commercial React

Today we take our time with Shiners New Birthday Beer S'mores Chocolate Marshmallow Ale, While chatting it up with Keenan and Steven. As we dive into another Commercial React Thursday. / Commercial Reacts Begin at - 12:55 / Second Commercial Reaction - 16:35 / Third Commercial Reaction....Slipknot VS Burger King - 23:20 / (*Again Apologies if its hard to hear some of the guests, this will be fixed by next episode)


Christmas Movie Tournament - Saint Arnolds French Press

Christmas Tournament Starts at 8:00 Today I Am Joined By Keenan and New Guest Steve for this Christmas Movie Tournament to determine "What is the Best Christmas Movie" *(Apologies in advance, one of our guest Mics wasn't picking up very well, and so they sound kinda low in both Today's and Thursdays Episode, Working to resolve the problem in future episodes)


Samuel Adams White Christmas - Mental Health Awareness

This Week we take the time to talk about Mental Health Awareness as well as Current Outrage News / 1:46 - Kim Jong-Uns' Nuclear Face Mask / 2:53 - Mental Health Awareness / 5:00 - Mental Health Awareness - Diet / 6:27 - Addiction / 6:55 - Crisis Text-line "741741" For Help 7:50 - Daily News - Ban Candy Canes - BAN Reindeer Slavery - Gender Fluid Santa 14:58 - The Edray Report Website Coming Soon Hey Guys, Shorter EP. Will be back to regular format on Tuesdays Show


90's TV Shows Commercial Reacts - Avengers Trailer React - Harpoon Dunkin Coffee Porter

5:30 - Avengers Endgame Trailer React / 10:37 - Captain America / 14:05 - Bumblebee/John Cena / 20:00 - 90s TV Reboots / 24:00 - Courage The Cowardly Dog / 25:00 - Cop/Law Shows / 27:25 - Street Sharks/Power Rangers Type Shows / 28:55 - 90s Tween Shows VS Today's Tween Shows / 30:38 - Commercial Thursday / 31:12 - Hi Honey I'm Home / 34:46 - Cop Rock / 37:00 - Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills / 40:03 - USA Network / 41:20 - which show would you reboot / 42:55...


Baby It's Cold Outside - Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale - Christmas Quiz #2

Today We Discuss The Controversy surrounding multiple Christmas Classics While Drinking Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale. We finish the show with our 2nd round of the Christmas Quiz 0:20 - The Speakeasy Gentleman Podcast Plug 1:47 - Goose 312 Urban Wheat Ale Review 6:00 - Rudolph the Marginalized Reindeer 9:50 - Baby Its Cold Outside 17:24 - Christmas Quiz #2


Sparkling Swan - Hanukkah - Adam Sandlers Eight Crazy Nights

Short Episode Today, I Give My Review On Sparkling Swan and then Listen as we give our little knowledge of Hanukkah , we learn how to play Dreidel, then we speak far too long about Adam Sandlers Eight Crazy Nights lol. 2:34 - Hanukkah 7:40 - Jewish Actors 11:00 - Eight Crazy Nights


Dragons Milk - Nightmare Customer Stories

Today We Review New Hollands Dragon's Milk Stout and then continue on to Commercial Thursday, followed by us reacting to Nightmare Customer Stories 00:37 - Dragon's Milk Review Commercial Thursday - 4:05 - Dunkin Donuts Runaway Bagel 7:25 - Where's The Beef? 10:16 - Fred Is this Fish? ---- Nightmare Customers - 16:00


Queen of the Seven Kingdoms - Christmas Quiz #1 - Christmas Songs

Join us as we Review Queen of the Seven Kingdoms Game of Throne Beer and then partake in a Christmas Quiz followed by Listening to Christmas Songs 4:20 - Christmas Quiz #1 14:04 - Listening to Christmas Songs


Would You Rather - Shiners Brewer's Pride

Join US as we Drink and Review Shiners Brewer's Pride and then top it off with a game of "Would You Rather?" Would You Rather Begins at 4:00


Classic Video Game Commercials - Belhavens Scottish Ale

4:39 - Sega Dreamcast / Sega Saturn 14:53 - Video Game Commercials / React 30:00 - Metal Gear Solid Movie News? What Day IS IT!? Its Commercial Thursday! Listen to The Gang as we discuss Sega Dreamcast/Sega Saturn and React to Old Video Game Commercials (Sorry for the occasional Static in the background, SOMEBODY...couldnt stop messing with the mic lol)


Enter Night Pilsner - Battle of the Bands (Metal)

(Apologies, one of our hosts kept messing with the mic causing UN-wanted static during segments of this podcast) - Join us as we Review Metallica's Enter Night Pilsner while holding a Battle of the Bands Tournament! 4:10 - Battle of the Bands Intro 4:42 - Anthrax VS. Slayer 9:20 - Tool VS Dio 14:54 - Black Sabbath VS Judus Priest 17:17 - Mastodon VS Avenged Sevenfold 20:18 - Megadeath VS Motorhead 22:35 - Manowar VS Mercyful Fate 26:08 - Iron Maiden VS Pantera 27:55 - AC/DC VS...


Thanksgiving Quiz - Jam Band Berry Ale

Talking Thanksgiving Food, and History!! Join Lauren and I for a Special Thanksgiving Podcast while we celebrate the day while sipping on Jam Band Berry Ale 3:11 - Thanksgiving Food 6:55 - Thanksgiving Quiz #3 18:50 - Video Reacts 22:08 - Outro Song


Samuel Adams Coffee Pale Ale - Thanksgiving Quiz #2 - Commercial React

Join Me, Keenan Kitchens and Craig Domec in this episode of Opinions and Beer where we partake in the second Thanksgiving Quiz, React to Old Commercials, Discuss The Holiday(s), All While sipping on Samuel Adams Coffee Pale Ale! Enjoy! Talking the Holidays - 4:30 Is Keenan Native American - 9:30 Thanksgiving Quiz #2 - 12:35 Commercial React! - 22:00


Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald Review - UFO Winter Blonde

Join us as We Enjoy UFO's Seasonal Winter Blonde while Reviewing Fantastic Beasts 2 The Crimes of Grindelwald and Dive into the Harry Potter Universe, Asking how does this all fit and what comes next? Wizarding World Talk Starts At - 2:06


Racial Issues with Alex Genealogy & Edray - Hatch Chile Lager

A Swift Review of San Antonio's Hatch Chile Lager, Followed by our Introduction to the World of Alex Genealogy, and Continued with Topics of Race Relations from both past and present with the controversial figure Edray 1:39 - Who Is Alex Genealogy?(Lee) 17:12 - Racial Divide 26:10 - Edray's Pro Segregation Stance 32:32 -Confederate Monuments 42:00 - Abraham Lincoln-Civil War 47:21 - What Makes a Racist 56:21- Donald Trump


Winter White Ale - Retro Commercial React

Intro - Veteran's Day - 02:15 - Winter White Ale Review (Beer of the Day) 04:37 - The 2 Minute Beer Review Podcast https://the-two-minute-beer-review.pinecast.co 06:57 - Thanksgiving Quiz #1 17:00 - Radio Shack Cell Phone Commercial 19:14 - Peter Piper Pizza Commercial 23:07 - 7-Up Commercial/Cool Spot 28:50 - Closing Statements