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Germany's Next Merkel?

The Angela Merkel era is ending. The weekend of December 7-8 in Hamburg the curtains draw half closed and we will see who officially waits in the wings to take over. Currently, there are three candidates are vying for that position. Angela Merkel became chairwoman of the Christian Democratic party in 2000 and Chancellor five years later. In what many see as the first step of a tactical retreat, Angela Merkel announced in late October that she would not seek reelection to head her party,...


Thanksgiving Special: The Berlin Thanksgiving Episode

While everyone in DC is off for the holiday, Rachel Tausendfreund is joined by two colleagues in Berlin to discuss some recent events in global politics that we can appreciate, or in the holiday lingo, be thankful for. Maryna Raklei, who works as a program officer in Berlin on projects supporting Belarussian civil society and used to work as a journalist in Minsk, talks about a successful crowdfunding campaign in support of critical press in Russia, and a new official Ukrainian...


America Voted. What’s Next for Foreign Policy?

American voters have spoken and Democrats will soon control the U.S. House of Representatives. How might this new political reality at home affect the Trump administration's policies abroad? What levers will the Democrats pull, if any, when it comes to oversight of a disruptive global agenda? GMF’s Derek Chollet and Jamie Fly join Out of Order to weigh in on how America's global posture will -- or won't -- change and what's at stake for transatlantic relations. New Feature: We want to...


Trading Jabs: What's Next for Trump's Trade Battles with China and Europe?

Trade is back in the spotlight, and the U.S. is at the center of a building international showdown. A combative economic agenda is now being realized as the Trump administration disrupts trade relations with allies and adversaries alike. From the torpedoed TPP, new NAFTA, tariffs on steel, aluminum, and potentially autos, and even suggestions that the U.S. could leave the WTO – who wins and who loses in this new landscape, and where can constructive compromises be made? Is there a common...


The State of European (dis)Union Pt 1: Central and Eastern Europe

It’s back! The Out of Order podcast returns to the airwaves. Thirty years after the fall of the wall, the reemergence of authoritarianism and illiberalism in Central and Eastern Europe is as pressing as ever and threatens to divide an already shaky EU. With Article 7 proceedings triggered against Poland and Hungary, and continued efforts by the Kremlin to disrupt European unity, what are the implications of an undemocratic Central Europe for the world’s largest economic bloc, what is the...


Update: State of Sanctions and Season 2 Teaser

In July on Out of Order, we discussed what’s on the line for multilateral sanctions against Iran in the wake of President Trump’s withdrawal from the JCPOA (better known as the Iran Nuclear Deal). [Episode Link] Now the stakes have been raised even further; last week, the remaining members of the nuclear deal announced that they will create a new payment infrastructure, allowing countries to sideswipe U.S. regulations and continue doing business with Iran. With the next set of U.S....


The Battle for the Future: Transatlantic Values and Technological Progress

During the height of the cold war, the space race between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. was as much an ideological struggle as it was a battle of technological exploration. When the U.S. first stepped foot on the moon, many framed the historical moment as an essential victory of democracy over communism. This melding of ideology and technological progress plays out in our own time through a struggle for design and control over the next wave of invention and innovation. In our interconnected...


Europe and United States fight over Iran, is the United States sanctioning itself in the foot?

In Episode IX of Out of Order Rachel Tausendfreund talks with GMF fellows Douglas Hengel, Joshua Kirschenbaum, and Andrew Small about transatlantic fights with Iran and the future of sanctions The sanctions regime against Iran that led to the JCPOA is widely considered one of the most successful implementations of sanctions ever, and also the EU’s biggest foreign policy success. But in May President Trump announced that the United States would withdraw from agreement, leaving allies and...


North Korea, the U.S. and a Bunch of Nervous Allies

President Trump’s overtures to North Korea represent perhaps the most significant foreign policy development so far during his administration. In addition to marking a departure in how authoritarian regimes are treated by the world’s major power, recent developments have the potential to transform the balance of power in Asia. While there is some relief after the days of "fire and fury" threats, U.S. allies around the world are also nervous. Host Peter Sparding talks to Andrew Small and...


Do we really need common values? On NATO and Turkey

We are back! After an extended spring break, the Out of Order crew is back in the studio to bring you informative and relevant speakers and ideas, exploring how the world was, is and will be ordered. In this episode, we discuss whether the West is a club built on common values or shared interests. Specifically, we look at the case of NATO and Turkey and consider both how democratic backsliding affects and should affect their relationship. NATO’s founding treaty refers includes a statement...


Live From GMF's Young Professionals Summit: What is the Liberal International Order Anyway?

Over the last years, policy makers on both sides of the Atlantic have become increasingly concerned that the Liberal International Order is in danger. At first, threats to this Western-led order seemed to emanate mostly from the outside, as rising powers such as China and Russia challenged the existing order. But with the Brexit referendum and the election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency, it has become clear that there are plenty of actors within our societies who are equally...


“Military Might…? Hard Security’s Role in a Soft Power World”

So far, the Out-of-Order Podcast has focused on specific countries and the role they play in trying to stabilize, uphold, change, or transform the current international order. In the fifth episode, we take a different approach as we look at what role the military and hard power plays in shaping the international order. To discuss this and related issues, hosts Amy Studdart and Peter Sparding are joined by GMF Visiting Senior Fellow Shawn Turner and GMF Executive Vice President Derek...


Unleashed or Unhinged? One Year of U.S. Global Leadership Under President Trump

In the fourth episode of Out of Order, having discussed the roles of Germany, China, and whether other international actors can fill the void left in the international system, this episode focuses on the country that supposedly is leaving this void: the United States. Hosts Rachel Tausendfreund and Peter Sparding talk with GMF Senior Fellow and Director of the Asia and Future of Geopolitics programs Jamie Fly, a long-time Republican foreign policy hand, about U.S. foreign policy in the...


Disinformation and Division, From Russia with Love

Misinformed, disinformed, and divided — that’s Russia’s goal. In the third episode of GMF’s Out of Order podcast, we look at Russia’s hybrid toolbox of trouble, and what it means for the future of the liberal international order as we know it. What is the Kremlin doing to undermine Western democracies and why? Hosts Rachel Tausendfreund and Peter Sparding talk with David Salvo and Bret Schafer from GMF’s Alliance for Securing Democracy, a bi-partisan project that tracks ongoing efforts to...


All Things China

In the second episode of Out of Order, GMF Fellows Amy Studdart, Andrew Small, and Peter Sparding take a look at China and its approach to the liberal international order. First, they discuss the so called “China shock" ˗ the analysis that China, as a massive rising economic power, has been one of the causal factors for the crisis in Western democracies, in particular by taking manufacturing jobs in some regions. They then analyze responses from the United States and Europe and wonder if,...


What's German for Blob?

In the pilot episode of Out of Order, GMF Fellows Rachel Tausendfreund, Amy Studdart, Hans Kundani, and Peter Sparding take a look at the political situation in Germany. Following the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom and the U.S. presidential elections in 2016, many observers saw Germany as the last man/woman standing. Some even went as far as to anoint German chancellor Angela Merkel to be the new defender of the liberal international order. Yet, a year later and following the...