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Show Notes – April 25, 2021

The animus toward the transgender community in this country continues to be disturbing. We’ve reported on the Outbeat News segment the alarming number of transgender people murdered each year and as we shared last month, the violence is targeted equally at transgender men and women. New legislation in states across … Continue reading →


Show Notes – March 28, 2021

Immigration has been a political, social, and media story especially during the four years of the Trump administration. Often lost in the debate are the millions of individual stories of struggle and success for those who come to this country. This month we talk with Harma Hartouni – a Survivor. Gay, … Continue reading →


Show Notes – Feb. 28, 2021

This month we pay tribute to Bay Area LGBTQ activist Ken Jones, who passed away last month at the age of 70. Ken was instrumental in desegregating the LGBTQ community in the 1970’s. He worked with Gilbert Baker to literally make the first rainbow flag and he continued his life … Continue reading →


Show Notes – Jan. 24, 2021

This year’s Creating Change Conference is going virtual and we will be attending for the first time. This annual conference prepares LGBTQ+ activists to lead our movement and on our show this month we will talk with conference organizers about the goals and hopes for this year’s program. Creating Change … Continue reading →


Show Notes – Dec 27, 2020

As our world struggles to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, the AIDS pandemic continues without a cure. December 1st is World AIDS Day and this month we talk with staff leaders at Face to Face to learn the latest about HIV prevention and treatment. We will also hear how those living … Continue reading →


Show Notes – Nov. 22, 2020

Last week the F.B.I. released the statistics for reported hate crimes in 2019. It’s not surprising that the numbers have increased including an 18% increase in hate crimes targeting transgender people. Forbes magazine also reported this month that the total number of transgender people murdered so far in 2019 has … Continue reading →


Show Notes – Oct. 25, 2020

October is LGBTQ history month and the time each year when we remember the significant events that have shaped our lives and experience. October 11 was National Coming Out Day and while you may wonder if people still today struggle with coming out, please know they do. LGBTQ people young … Continue reading →


Show Notes – Sept. 27, 2020

This month we continued our two-part series looking at discrimination and racism in law enforcement. Our guest is Dale Peters, producer and host of “Black In Blue” – an online show about people of color who work in law enforcement. As an African American man working in law enforcement in … Continue reading →


Show Notes – August 23, 2020

While the nation is calling for police reform, many public safety agencies are struggling with not only public outcry, but how to deal with the CV-19 health emergency, recruitment and mental health. For LGBTQ+ members of police and fire agencies, these issues can be overwhelming. This month we start a … Continue reading →


Show Notes – July 26, 2020

Last month the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that LGBTQ+ people could not be fired or otherwise discriminated against at work. But the fight for employment protection started almost 70 years before. This month we talk with Eric Cervini about his new book, The Deviant’s War: The Homosexual vs. the United States … Continue reading →


Show Notes – June 28, 2020

Happy Pride! This month we talk with investigative reporter and author Frederic Martel from his home in Paris, France about his book, “In The Closet Of The Vatican.” For over 5 years, Mr. Martel conducted interviews with some of highest ranking members of the Roman Catholic Church about a hidden … Continue reading →


Show Notes – May 24, 2020

Scott Lowell is the actor who played Ted Schmidt on the ground-breaking Show Time series, Queer As Folk. The series premiered 20 years ago now and this month Scott produced a 4+ hour reunion of the cast and crew as a fundraiser for CenterLink, an organization that supports local LGBT … Continue reading →


Show Notes – April 26, 2020

This month we continued our coverage of how the corona virus is impacting the LGBTQ community. Cathy Renna, from InterPride, shared information about the Global Pride celebration being planned for June 27 online. We shared 2 weekly messages from local activist Cleve Jones and heard from the assistant editor of … Continue reading →


Show Notes – March 22, 2020

We broke from our usual programming to provide special team coverage of the corona virus emergency here in Sonoma County and talked about how it is impacting LGBTQ organizations and people. Greg Miraglia and Gary Carnivele talk with Sara Brewer from Face to Face and discussed current news related to … Continue reading →


Outbeat News In Depth Show Notes - February 23, 2020

As LGBTQ people continue to move out of “gayborhoods” like San Francisco’s Castro, the history and identity of the area can disappear. Cities like San Francisco are preserving that history by establishing “cultural districts.” This month we talk with two members of the newly formed LGBT Cultural District Board and … Continue reading →


Show Notes – Jan. 26, 2020

Mark Schoofs went to high school with our host, Greg Miraglia. On this show they talk for the first time since graduation. Mark has had an extraordinary life working as a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist for publications such as Chicago’s “Windy Times” and the “Wall Street Journal.” He founded the … Continue reading →


Special: 50th Anniversary Of Stonewall With Making Gay History Vol. 4

This year we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the riots at the Stonewall Inn. But LGBT history and the movement toward equality and civil rights for LGBT people didn’t just start in 1969. There were many people who took part of the movement before and after Stonewall. This year’s 50th … Continue reading →


Show Notes – Dec. 22, 2019

This month we talked with Loren Ostrow and Luann Boylan from Living Out, a development company building a state-of-the-art LGBTQ senior living complex in downtown Palm Springs. LGBTQ senior living communities are few and far between. Living Out has come up with an innovative model that offers community and connection … Continue reading →


Show Notes – Nov. 24, 2019

This month we talked with Dr. Tim Seelig, director of the San Francisco Gay Mens Chorus, about their Lavender Pen tour through the deep south of the United States. The tour was featured in the documentary, “Gay Chorus, Deep South,” recently featured at the OutWatch LGBTQ Film Festival here in … Continue reading →


Show Notes – Oct. 27, 2019

The Raven Players Theater company produced “The Laramie Project” play this month and we went on location to meet with the director, Steven David Martin, and members of the cast to talk about their experience with the play and what they hoped to accomplish by bringing it to Sonoma County. … Continue reading →