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As the planet we call home faces a climate emergency, Living on Earth is your go-to source for the latest coverage of climate change, ecology, and human health. Hosted by Steve Curwood and brought to you by PRX.

As the planet we call home faces a climate emergency, Living on Earth is your go-to source for the latest coverage of climate change, ecology, and human health. Hosted by Steve Curwood and brought to you by PRX.


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As the planet we call home faces a climate emergency, Living on Earth is your go-to source for the latest coverage of climate change, ecology, and human health. Hosted by Steve Curwood and brought to you by PRX.




[Broadcast] India Climate Activist Jailed, A New Leader For USDA, The Butterfly Effect, and more

India Climate Activist Jailed / Beyond the Headlines / A New Leader for USDA / The Butterfly Effect: Insects and the Making of the Modern World Amid ongoing massive farmer protests, the Indian government is cracking down on activists including Disha Ravi, the young climate activist who founded Fridays for Future - India. How climate activism connects with the Indian farmer protests, and the government's attempts to silence activists and journalists. Also, President Biden's pick for...


[Broadcast] India’s Farm Crisis and Climate Change, Angry Birds and the People's Climate Vote, Modernizing Mobility and more

India's Farm Crisis and the Climate Emergency / Beyond the Headlines / Angry Birds and the People's Climate Vote / Bottlenose Whales in the Arctic / Modernizing Mobility / BirdNote®: Here Come the Barred Owls / In Honor of Black History Month: Harriet Tubman and the Barred Owl India is experiencing dramatic climate impacts that are hitting farmers especially hard. On top of that, the Indian government recently passed legislation that could make it harder for farmers to get a fair price...


[Broadcast] Biden’s Pen and the Climate, GM in the EV Fast Lane, Teddy Roosevelt's Conservation Legacy, and more

Biden's Pen and the Climate / Beyond the Headlines / GM in the EV Fast Lane / The COVID Biking Boom / An Owl-Inspired Hearing Test / Teddy Roosevelt's Conservation Legacy President Biden has signed detailed executive orders focused on protecting the environment and fighting against climate change, laying the groundwork for strong climate policy and green investment. And the private sector is already moving in that direction: General Motors recently announced a bold plan to phase out...


[Broadcast] Whole Govt For Climate Action, Covid Risk For Tribal Cultures, Becoming Wild and Culture Among Animals

The Whole of Government For Climate Action / Resisting Line 3 Pipeline / COVID Risk for Tribal Cultures / Beyond the Headlines / Vista: A Break in the Storm / 'Becoming Wild' and Culture Among Animals The Biden Administration is making big and early moves to tackle the climate crisis and show the rest of the world and major investors that the U.S. is committed to decarbonization. Also, Native American communities have been hit especially hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, with nearly twice...


[Broadcast] U.S. Back In Paris, Biden Reverses Trump Rollbacks, Ubuntu and Unity For Healing, and more

U.S. Back in Paris Agreement / Biden Reverses Trump Rollbacks / Little Time Left to Save Right Whales / Beyond the Headlines / Ubuntu and Unity for Healing At his inauguration on January 20th President Biden called for unity at a time when America faces multiple crises. For a model of unity, Mr. Biden might look to the African concept of Ubuntu as a way to heal the many broken relationships in America. Also, hours after taking the oath of office, President Biden signed several...


[Broadcast] Merrick Garland and the Environment, Deb Haaland: 'Fierce For Our Planet', Interior’s Next Frontiers and more

Merrick Garland and the Environment / Deb Haaland: 'Fierce for our Planet' / Interior's Next Frontiers / Beyond the Headlines / A Mayan Bee Guardian / Ice Visions President-elect Biden's Attorney General pick, Judge Merrick Garland, has ruled over many environmental rules and regulations while on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. What an AG Garland could mean for environmental policy and enforcement. Also, after four years in pursuit of extraction at the expense of...


[Broadcast] Georgia's Green and Brown Voters, ANWR Oil Leasing, Remembering Barry Lopez, and more

Georgia's Green and Brown Voters / ANWR Oil Leasing / BirdNote®: The Oilbird's Lightless Life / Activism Cuts Plastic Waste in the Bahamas / Beyond the Headlines / Remembering Barry Lopez The Democratic victories for both of the Senate seats in Georgia's runoff elections are thanks in part to the state's environmental voters, who are more likely to be people of color and young, and to live in urban centers. Also, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge likely has billions of gallons of oil...


[Broadcast] Wildly Magical: Stories of Animal Encounters

Care for the Common Critter / 'It Could Be the Last One': Stories of People Helping Rare Critters / Wildly Magical: Animal Encounters in the Galapagos / Native American Stories of Human and Animal Kinship From one woman's dream of swimming with marine iguanas, to uncommon encounters with common rabbits, to a Native American tale of how the dog came to be our loyal companion, and much more, this Living on Earth holiday storytelling special features stories of how other species on this Earth...


[Broadcast] The Reindeer Chronicles: Working With Nature to Heal the Earth, UN Moves Forward With Paris Climate Agreement, Keeping Coal From Going to the Bank, and more

UN Moves Forward with Paris Climate Agreement / China's Bold Climate Action Plan / Keeping Coal from Going to the Bank / Microfiber Pollution: Note on Emerging Science: Denim / Beyond the Headlines / The Reindeer Chronicles: Working with Nature to Heal the Earth / Story Time Environmental destruction and habitat loss can feel overwhelming, but the trend can be reversed, as people around the world reclaim land and help mother nature heal herself. That's the focus of a new book called "The...


[Broadcast] Africa's Low COVID Deaths, Journeys North: The Pacific Crest Trail, Produce and Microplastics, and more

Africa's Low Covid Fatality Rate / Beyond the Headlines / Journeys North: The Pacific Crest Trail / Produce and Microplastics / 'Tis the Season for Green Gifts Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Africa has shown a surprisingly low fatality rate. Underreporting may not fully account for the discrepancy, so scientists are looking further to see if there may be other factors. Also, every year, several hundred intrepid hikers walk all the way from Mexico to Canada, on the Pacific...


Migrations Author Charlotte McConaghy, The Pandemic and Hunger, A Climate Leader from Ghana, and more

The Pandemic And American Hunger / Beyond The Headlines / Ghanaian Climate Leader Wins Goldman Prize / Troubles For Science Research In The Pandemic / The Road To Darwin / Migrations: A Powerful Novel About A World Losing Life / BirdNote®: What In The World Is A Hoopoe? The 2020 novel Migrations is set in a future world where polar bears, chimpanzees and wolves are extinct, though not all is lost. For the novel's protagonist, this mass extinction is personal, sparking her perilous journey...


[Broadcast] Mustering Georgia's Environmental Voters, Planetary Health, Making the Pill from Yams to Fish, and more

The Climate & Georgia Senate Showdown / Mustering Georgia's Environmental Voters / Beyond the Headlines / Making the Pill from Yams to Fish / The Dark / Note on Emerging Science: Sea Otters Protect Alaskan Reefs / Planetary Health The 2020 Presidential election had a historic turnout, especially with voters under age 30 and voters of color, who are more likely than others voters to list climate or the environment as their top priority when casting ballots. We look at how turnout among...


[Broadcast] How Biden Can Keep It in the Ground, Sustainable Thanksgiving on the Half-Shell, A Trip to the Pawpaw Patch, and more

How Biden Can Keep It in the Ground / Beyond the Headlines / Down Yonder in the Pawpaw Patch / Native American Traditions of Giving Thanks / Sustainable Thanksgiving Fare from the Sea How President-elect Joe Biden can "keep it in the ground" by halting or reducing fossil fuel extraction on federal lands for a new climate protection agenda. Also, oysters can be eaten in many ways beyond the half-shell, and when farmed correctly they help nourish local economies and ecosystems. Celebrity...


[Broadcast] Climate and the Biden Transition, Lead in Hunted Meat, "Tree Stories" Written in Rings, and more

Climate and the Biden Transition / Beyond the Headlines / Lead in Hunted Meat / Midtown Coyote / Tree Story: The History of the World Written in Rings How the Biden transition team can best plan to fight climate disruption after four years of policy disruption while in incoming Administration also prepares to address the crises of the Covid-19 pandemic, the economy, and equal justice. Also, millions of American families who eat game could get lead poisoning from the bullets that killed...


[Broadcast] Joe Biden and Bipartisan Opportunities on Climate, Preparing for COVID-19 in Winter, Tales of Two Planets and more

Biden, Republicans and the Climate / Green Questions on the 2020 Ballot / Beyond the Headlines / Ice Hockey COVID Outbreaks / Tales of Two Planets: Stories of Climate Change and Inequality In A Divided World Some Republicans see opportunity for bipartisanship with a Democratic president, especially on the climate. How climate solutions can find support on both sides of the aisle if Congress remains divided amid a Biden presidency. Also, advice about getting through the Northern winter...


[Broadcast] All We Can Save, Arctic Sea Ice Overdue, Fall Gardening Tips, and more

Arctic Sea Ice Overdue / Beyond the Headlines / All We Can Save / How Wildfires Benefit Wildlife / Remembering Mario Molina / Fall Gardening Tips An influential new collection of essays seeks to elevate women's voices in the climate movement and makes a strong case that diversity and inclusion are fundamental to addressing the climate crisis. Also, after record heat in the far north this summer, Arctic sea ice is unusually late to re-form this year. What this delay could mean for the...


[Broadcast] Climate and the Elections, Melting Ice and Rising Seas, Overcoming Climate Anxiety, Hiking in Six-Inch Heels and more

Environmental Justice Debated / Climate and Senate Races in North Carolina and Georgia / Rapid Ice Melt and Rising Seas / Overcoming Climate Anxiety / Beyond the Headlines / Hiking in 6-Inch Heels The final presidential debate and US Senate races in North Carolina and Georgia underscore the growing climate concerns of voters. The Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets are melting at alarming rates thanks to climate change, and will continue to do so for decades even if the Paris Climate...


[Broadcast] EPA Devalues Science, China Leads on Climate, Prairie Senate Races Show Climate Divide, and more

Prairie Senate Races Show Climate Divide / Beyond the Headlines / Note on Emerging Science: Puffins Use Tools / China Leads on Climate / California's Electric Vehicle Future / EPA Devalues Science To Downplay Chemical Risk / BirdNote®: October Migrants / Urban Farming During COVID Studies show that children exposed in utero to the pesticide chlorpyrifos suffer brain damage. But in a new risk assessment the EPA is claiming that data is "inconclusive" because it protects the identities of...


[Broadcast] Amy Coney Barrett and Environmental Law, VP Debate on Climate, Endurance Against Tough Odds, and more

Judge Barrett and Environmental Law / Vice Presidential Debate on Climate / The Environment in Western Senate Races / Climate Change Disrupts Major Transportation Corridor / Beyond the Headlines / Enduring Against Seemingly Impossible Odds Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is a textualist who tends to interpret the law narrowly, meaning that if she is confirmed, she would generally rule against innovative environmental advocacy legislation. Also, Vice President Mike Pence and...


[Broadcast] Maine Senate Race and the Environment, John Kerry Cochairs Biden Climate Plan, Beavers Return to England, and more

Maine Senate Race and the Environment / BirdNote®: Swallows on Wires / Climate on Chaotic Debate Stage / John Kerry Cochairs Biden Climate Plan / Black Lung and COVID-19 / Scylla and Charybdis on the Zambezi River / Beavers Return to England One of the key races in the 2020 elections is for the US Senate in Maine, where the environment is consistently rated as a priority issue for voters. Incumbent Senator Susan Collins is known for having a strong environmental record compared to her...