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In the run-up to the Dutch Parliamentary Elections of 17 March 2021, two political nerds armed with nothing but their microphones guide you through everything you need to know about the politics that make the Netherlands tick.

In the run-up to the Dutch Parliamentary Elections of 17 March 2021, two political nerds armed with nothing but their microphones guide you through everything you need to know about the politics that make the Netherlands tick.




In the run-up to the Dutch Parliamentary Elections of 17 March 2021, two political nerds armed with nothing but their microphones guide you through everything you need to know about the politics that make the Netherlands tick.




#12 Political No Man's Land

Over the past weeks, the political crisis in the Netherlands has continued to get worse, and the ongoing storm of new incidents is making the path to forming a new government increasingly difficult. On this Poldercast, we take stock of the story so far, and try to look for ways out of this political no man’s land. Facebook @thepoldercast / instagram @thepoldercast / twitter @thepoldercast


#11 Dualism

After the negotiations to form a new government collapsed before they properly began, discussion mainly revolved around Mark Rutte and his future as the leader of the country. But the leaked memo also ignited a much broader debate on the relationship between parliament and government, and the extent to which the opposition can play its role as a check on the coalition. So on this week’s Poldercast, we take a break from those in government to look at those meant to control it, as we discuss...


#10 Pieter Omtzigt, Position Elsewhere

Pieter Omtzigt, Position Elsewhere. These four words, noted down in a leaked confidential memo, may very well bring an end to the political career of prime minister Mark Rutte. A relatively minor incident escalated and led the newly elected parliament to launch an attack on the norms and procedures of coalition-building and on the conduct of Mark Rutte himself. As the country picks up the pieces, The Poldercast examines how a straight-forward election instead turned into a debate on...


#09 Vote of Confidence

Now the votes have been counted, the Poldercast digs into the results to take a closer look at what the outcome means for the Dutch political landscape. Facebook @thepoldercast / instagram @thepoldercast / twitter @thepoldercast


#08 Pre-Election Special

Early voting has started, and the elections are almost here. On this week's Poldercast, we run through the twists and turns of the last few weeks, look ahead to the likely outcomes, and make some bold predictions on what will happen once the votes are cast. Facebook @thepoldercast / instagram @thepoldercast / twitter @thepoldercast


#07 Minor Addition

With the elections just around the corner, the Poldercast wraps up the remaining parties that currently sit in Parliament - DENK, Party for the Animals and 50PLUS - says goodbye to those are unlikely to return, and looks at some the more credible contenders that may make it in - JA21, Bij1 and Volt. Facebook @thepoldercast / instagram @thepoldercast / twitter @thepoldercast


#06 The West vs. the Rest

On this episode of the Poldercast, we head out from the political centre in the west and into the rest of the country to look at the issues and dynamics that set the agenda in different regions of the Netherlands. Differences in demographics, cultural context and political representation mean that, even in a small country, what matters locally often ends up shaping the national debate. Facebook @thepoldercast / instagram @thepoldercast / twitter @thepoldercast


#05 Populism in the Polder

In this episode we’ll discuss the legacy of the assassinated Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn, tracing his influence to two populist parties active today - Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV), and the Forum for Democracy led by Thierry Baudet. We’ll look into the main points of difference between these two parties, and explore some of the controversies that have surrounded these parties since their founding. Facebook @thepoldercast / instagram @thepoldercast / twitter @thepoldercast


#04 Christian Appeal and the Dutch Consensus

The Netherlands is a famously secular country, and yet the last government consisted of not just one, but two Christian parties. The continued staying power of Christian parties in the fragmented political landscape begs the question: What role does Christianity still play in Dutch politics today? And how do these parties manage to punch above their weight to set the agenda? Facebook @thepoldercast / instagram @thepoldercast / twitter @thepoldercast


#03 The Decline of the Left Wing

Once a political powerhouse, the Dutch Labour party PVDA is losing voters to both left and right and is struggling to keep its status as a major political force on the left. Instead, 3 different flavours of left: socialist, labour and green are now fighting for dominance. This episode of the Poldercast will look for an explanation for the decline of the Dutch Labour Party and will discuss if merging is a viable option for the 3 left wing parties, who currently have a combined number of just...


#02 The Netherlands, Liberal Paradise?

The Netherlands is often said to be a progressive bastion, where drugs are legal, ethical taboos are broken, and people are free to live their lives as they see fit – a true Liberal Paradise. But how true is this stereotype, and is the Netherlands at risk of losing its status as world-beating progressive beacon? This episode of the Poldercast will cast a critical eye on the Dutch cliché of a liberal paradise, and look at what the two main liberal parties – VVD and D66 – have in store for the...


Introducing the Poldercast & the Resignation of the Rutte Cabinet

In this bonus episode, your two hosts introduce themselves and the podcast and talk about their plans for the series going forward. Burning questions will be answered, like “Why do we need a podcast about Dutch politics in English?”, “What can we expect to learn over the coming weeks?” and ““What on earth is a Polder?” They also address the scandal that caused the sitting government to resign, just two months before the ballots are meant to be cast. Keen to get a running start on this road...


#01 The Netherlands, Coalition Country

On 17 March 2021, the Dutch will cast their vote to decide who will govern the country for the next 4 years. But what does this mean in a country where no party rules alone? This episode of the Poldercast introduces the defining feature of Dutch politics – the Coalition System – and gives you a sneak peak at what coalitions are likely once the votes have been cast. Facebook @thepoldercast / instagram @thepoldercast / twitter @thepoldercast