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Charlie Hurt: Politically Unstable - Where news and commentary collide. Get the best of Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt’s irreverent conservatism as he hashes out the big stories of the day with Commentary Editor Kelly Sadler.


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Charlie Hurt: Politically Unstable - Where news and commentary collide. Get the best of Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt’s irreverent conservatism as he hashes out the big stories of the day with Commentary Editor Kelly Sadler.






Biden's Border Crisis with Chad Wolf

In July, nearly 200,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended trying to cross the border -- a 325% increase from the average number of July apprehensions during the Trump administration. Ten of those apprehended were on the terror watch list. Enough fentanyl was seized to kill every single American Tune in as former acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf answers: What is going on at the southern border?

Brutal honesty with Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway: "I. . . survived many people trying to take me down and push me out, and I won't forget that." Former Trump senior counselor Kellyanne Conway sat down with Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt and Washington Times Commentary Editor Kelly Sadler in a fiery interview to discuss her new book, Here's the Deal, her time in the White House, and critiques of Trump's 2020 campaign team. "If Washington is a town where people have mastered the art of backstabbing, Kellyanne Conway is not a backstabber," said Charlie during the interview. "You see her coming and you better be prepared for it." The gloves are off in this latest episode of the Politically Unstable podcast. Listen now.


Durham probe + Mrs. Greene goes to Washington

"You can't compare it to Watergate because it would be a disservice to all of the people involved in Watergate, this is so much worse." Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt gives his take on the explosive allegations in the Durham probe. Charlie tells Andy Parks about how, after ignoring the story that broke Saturday, a few left-tilting news sites bestirred themselves late Monday with articles focused on rebutting or downplaying the report. And then, say what you want about Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, but one thing is for sure. The “political bad girl” has not gone all Washington on her constituents back home in Georgia. Charlie shares details on his recent sit-down with Marjorie Taylor Greene and the reaction to her arrival in Washington.


New front in attack on Trump

"It is always wonderful to have new allies fighting to save our country. It is also delightful when hopeless nerds entertain us with their pretzel logic and fancy words." Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt joins Andy Parks with a look back at how the loudest voices in political conversation are the most out of touch with regular voters. Self-awareness is generally not the strong suit of the intellectual, literary rowboat cruise ship set in New York City.


When all else fails, go to war?

Look! Over there! War in Ukraine! Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt joins Andy Parks and says President Biden is a desperate, dangerous weapon-wielding idiot who suffers from the profound delusion that he is some kind of expert on the world stage and knows what he is doing. Charlie says only in Washington could a fool with Biden’s record of failure, dishonesty and disaster keep getting promoted until reaching the highest office in the land. We saw what a disaster Biden was at ending the war in Afghanistan. Who on earth would trust him to start a new one?


Forever 2021: Merry Christmas and Let’s Go, Brandon!

It is only right and fitting that we give a little shoutout to President Biden this Christmas as we close out the first year of his historically disastrous presidency. So says Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt. Charlie tells Andy Parks he's not sure whether Biden is aware of how disastrous it is. At least you can’t say Biden hasn’t unified America. Despite his very best efforts to divide us, everyone this year is uniting around this simple Yule Tide refrain. Let’s go, Brandon!


Blumenthal meets the Commies

Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt tells Andy Parks that in Chicago, the dead vote. In Connecticut, they get elected to the United States Senate. In his latest column, 'Corpse of ‘Da Nang Dick’ Blumenthal makes peace with Commies,' Charlie says Sen. Richard Blumenthal looks like an unwrapped mummy. And, he was cavorting earlier this month with his state’s branch of the communist party, a group called the Connecticut People’s World Committee. And people wonder why former President Donald Trump got elected and will again if he decides to run in 2024.


Bob Dole ‘a giver, not a taker’

"It makes you want to tear your ears off." Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt takes a look at the politicians who thronged the Capitol Rotunda and the National Cathedral to remember the life of Dole — at least to remember the life of Dole as it related to them. Charlie tells Andy Parks: "These people might be monstrous failures in everything they do, but at least they are consistent." All this self-celebration was particularly off-key considering the man these people were supposed to be remembering.


Roe on Death Watch

It has been 50 years of scalding debate since the High Court seized control of abortion away from voters and elected legislatures. Never in that half-century has Roe v. Wade been so threatened as it is right now. Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt joins Andy Parks with his take on the latest abortion case before the United States Supreme Court. Charlie says the only question, at this point, is how much one of those justices will allow the political storms outside the Court’s chamber to affect his decision.


Running out of Greek letters to appease the Chinese

"Don’t mention the war!" Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt tells Andy Parks, as history teaches with wrath, politeness is often a luxury of the powerful. It was revealed that the World Health Organization skipped the letter “Xi” in the Greek alphabet so they could name the newest variant of the China Virus “Omicron” instead and spare Chinese President Xi Jinping the embarrassment of having one of his variants named after him.


Kyle Rittenhouse versus lawless vigilantes

The eternal question of our time: Is the media evil or stupid? Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt sits down with Andy Parks to ask (and answer) the big questions after the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. Is it possible they are both? Charlie says he was trying to get to a one-or-the-other answer but it wasn't happening. "Go back and look at the definition of vigilantism." Charlie explains that defending yourself is not vigilantism. Yet, still today, the media persists in telling the same lies over and over and over again.


Biden, the Duchess of Cornwall and the stench of pervasive conspiracies

Oh, to live in this age of conspiracies. Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt tells Andy Parks, "it's always the hypocrisy that gets you." Charlie says President Biden wants to be European so badly, he feels the need to lecture the E.U. about methane gas. When... reportedly... he let rip an enormous cloud of personal methane. The White House apparently has no comment on this. Also this week, the good news is voters in Virginia this week fired the first shot in the war to end the carnival of absurdity that has infected our politics over the past few years. Charlie explains how this election was a win, not just for Republicans, but for all parents.


Biden caught with his rusty drawbridges down

"Even as he delivers the most unusual lecture ever delivered by a president on the functionality of drawbridges, Biden is unable to offload container ships hauling desperately needed food and goods for the American people." Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt joins Andy Parks for this week's episode of "Politically Unstable with more on why Biden can't seem to offload the container ships hanging around off the U.S. coast. The problem, said the president of the most powerful nation in the history of mankind, is that when the drawbridge goes up, trains and cars have to stop. Because they cannot go over the drawbridge if it is open. So now we know.


Narcissists fret as the Trump train rolls on

No, GOP swampers, Donald Trump is not going away. Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt joins Andy Parks with more on Trump's rally in Iowa and his place within the party. "I wish he would spend more time on the issues... but he is a dog with a bone. He won't let the election stuff go. It's the perfect thing for him, it's like catnip." As Charlie points out, it creates ripples among the media and in Washington, but it very much advances his credibility with voters.


Biden and his Band of Burnouts

"Watching Biden speak on television, Americans could watch the stock market tank in the corner of the screen with every sentence." Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt joins Andy Parks to dig into his latest column, "Media road whores are Biden band’s only fans left." Charlie says when Democrats aren’t blaming Republicans for refusing to co-sign another credit card application, they are attacking their own for holding similar reservations. "The hysteria and forceful sense of entitlement is downright dangerous." Charlie calls them common street criminals. Only dumber.


Missing the mean tweets

President Donald J. Trump has not been out of office one year, and already there is so much Americans miss about him. Top of the list, apparently, are the Mean Tweets. Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt tells Andy Parks, that explains the spontaneous eruption of vitriolic epithets percolating all around the country. "Luckily for Mr. Biden, he is senile." Plus, did President Biden go before the United Nations this week to lecture the world about “dignity?”


A slow death by media for our president

"You know it's gotta be bad when even Chuck Todd grasps something." Does Joe Biden have a credibility problem? Charlie Hurt says Chuck Todd is the expert on credibility problems. Charlie tells Andy Parks that all that corruption is coming home to roost. All the lies and coverups are becoming uncontainable. The True Joe Biden is emerging. If you live by the press, you die by the press.


Shameless: Pols use 9/11 to lecture America about ‘unity’

"The ceremony heaved hot air from professional politicians who have made livings out of speechifying, including a former governor, a former president and the sitting vice president of the United States." Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt sits down with Andy Parks to take a look at how the 20th anniversary of 9/11 was remembered by our politicians. "These people have spent years pulling every lever they can find to divide people by categories we couldn't even imagine." Charlie says it's beyond gender and race. Now it's vaccinated vs. not vaccinated, masked vs. unmasked. They have run out of ways to divide us so they invented new ones. As they say in Biden’s political world, “bad optics.”


Merchants of Death

Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt tells Andy Parks, nothing reveals people’s true selves like death. Democrats argue that life begins when it's convenient for them. At some point, a life becomes a life. And Texas was very science-oriented in finding a place to define that moment. Charlie says it's a debate our society needs to have. They have found the right to abortion in an optical illusion of the constitution, Charlie says. And "My Body, My Rights" seemed to be important to Democrats until it came to the COVID-19 vaccinations.


Images of Biden’s war will never fade

If a picture is worth a thousand words, never was that more true than last week. Is President Biden in way over his head? Is that possible after 50 years of public life? Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt tells Andy Parks, rarely has one image more perfectly captured the moment — and totality — of a man’s presidency. "Befuddled by time, disoriented by a riot of terrible decisions, and confused by the demand for answers, President Joe Biden stood in the East Room of the White House, clutched his binder to his chest, and folded before the American people. Almost weeping, he pressed his face into his hands and closed his eyes."