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Charlie Hurt: Politically Unstable - Where news and commentary collide. Get the best of Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt’s irreverent conservatism as he hashes out the big stories of the day with host Andy Parks.

Charlie Hurt: Politically Unstable - Where news and commentary collide. Get the best of Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt’s irreverent conservatism as he hashes out the big stories of the day with host Andy Parks.


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Charlie Hurt: Politically Unstable - Where news and commentary collide. Get the best of Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt’s irreverent conservatism as he hashes out the big stories of the day with host Andy Parks.






Georgia voting law: The racist liars cry 'racism' yet again

Jim Crow is back? “The lies are on so many levels here, it’s kind of hard to even fathom how dishonest it all is.” Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt joins Andy Parks on Politically Unstable with a look at what really happened with the Georgia election law. Not only is the criticism racist itself, but as Charlie reports, there is another problem with this whole story about this Georgia law banning water at the polls. It is a total and complete lie.


Mangling Spanglish on the Southwest border

“Welcome to the White Privilege Presidency.” Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt joins Andy Parks with more on his latest column, “Roberta Jacobson: Mangling Spanglish on the Southwest border.” Charlie says that Biden is “living proof that no matter how dumb you are or how wrong you have always been or how many things you have screwed up, if you are just White enough and willing to wait around long enough accomplishing nothing, the kingship will eventually be yours.”


America back open for lawlessness at the border

In just the first few months of Joe Biden’s presidency, he has nearly managed to double the number of migrants thronging our borders. And there is no indication that the increases will slow any time soon. Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt joins Andy Parks to look at how and why Biden changed all of the policies that were working at the border and created an entirely unnecessary problem. And… can anyone just tell us who the hell is running our federal government right now?


Trump remains the greatest threat to The Swamp

“People voted for him not because he was nice but because he was right on the issues.” Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt joins Andy Parks to explain why Trump is still standing, and how he emerged at CPAC very much intact and as powerful as ever inside the Republican Party. The future going forward is about election integrity, and that matters because of the other big issues like China, trade, wars and illegal immigration. These are issues that all voters care about, and it’s why...


A deal for impeachment: Trump won again

“We’re still winning. Trump won again.” Impeachment 2.0 backfired, not once but twice. Charlie Hurt and Andy Parks break down what happened last week in the Senate and where everyone goes from here. Charlie maintains that the most nonessential outfit in the United States is the US Senate. The fact that they could stop everything to deal with this nonsense just explains everything. Andy asks, what is Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell thinking at this point? Charlie says that McConnell is...


Welcome to Washington, 'Notorious MTG'

“Part of what is so appealing about Marjorie Taylor Greene is that her flaws are so ridiculously obvious.” Charlie Hurt and Andy Parks dig into the appeal of the new Congresswoman from Georgia. Charlie says she’s just another innocent victim in the whole damned racket. Andy sees a big future for her within the party. Greene called out the press, she called out every issue in which the government is failing the American people. Charlie reminds us that we are in the midst of a revolution and...


Trump terrorizes the swamp

“Washington will never be the same.” Charlie Hurt and Andy Parks dig into what they see as the future for former President Donald Trump. It is true he has been denied a second term. For now. But Charlie maintains they also stole his first term from him. “Democrats have a seething contempt for even their own voters, but especially those who would vote for Donald Trump.” In a town where everybody gets a honeymoon, Trump wasn’t allowed to work one single day without the constant onslaught of...


Biden's mandate: Don't call it the China virus

Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt joins Andy Parks on this Inauguration Day to talk about the mandate of President Joe Biden and what Charlie calls “the dumbest administration on earth.” Charlie says the only real mandate is to be nice. Nicer than President Trump. “He’s not a historical figure, he’s just been around for five decades.” And, a look at the level of hate against Trump and his supporters, and how they may be denied an opportunity to vote for him ever again.


The impeachment of King Lear

Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt joins Andy Parks to explain why he says Shakespeare would have been in love with Donald Trump. But first, what does Charlie expect in Biden's first 100 days? Is impeachment the top priority? "It's going to be a very, very long two years and it's going to get uglier than we've ever seen." Charlie says not only did Trump not get a honeymoon phase, he didn't even get a first term.


Peddling 'malaise' doesn't travel far in real America

Charlie Hurt and Andy Parks take a look at the results from Georgia. Charlie says Republicans need to do a lot of soul searching to figure out what the problem is here and where they are today. Is Donald Trump really to blame for problems in the party that go back 30 years? Will Republicans be able to learn the lessons? Andy asks, where to we go from here?


Give Christmas thanks, then go vote!

Continuing to give Christmas thanks, Charlie Hurt joins Andy Parks with a look at the upcoming Georgia election and the importance of voting despite concerns of shenanigans. Andy wonders whether voters will trust that their vote is actually counted. "Whatever happens going forward, the worst thing that can happen is if people walk away... It is our duty to remember everything that President Trump fought for and accomplished, and to turn now to protect those accomplishments."


All hail AOC, Death Panel Princess

"So, this is what Death Panels look like." Charlie Hurt and Andy Parks get into who, of all people, is at the front of the line for the new coronavirus vaccine... Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Charlie says, "for these people, everything is about politics all of the time." He says not a single member of congress should be able to get the vaccine until every other American has had that opportunity. "The life of a Washington bureaucrat!"


2020: Is it over for President Trump?

"There is a reason that Democrats made all of these changes in this election." Charlie Hurt and Andy Parks talk about the odds of a window of opportunity for President Trump to prevail in the 2020 election. As Charlie says, it appears that the states have spoken and Joe Biden will be our next president. But the political options are still open to examine issues like censorship, journalistic integrity, massive mail-in ballot issues and the need to fight for what's right.


Waiting for Kraken

"Understandably, Trump supporters are profoundly frustrated today." Charlie Hurt and Andy Parks on how Georgia, once a reliable vote for common sense and freedom, has now become the No Man’s Land between two trenches locked in vicious battle for the future of the Republic. Charlie says these are hard times, without a doubt, and the problem is that people in the country are surrendering to outside forces. Can Republicans prevail in Georgia?


Joe Biden and the 'Strolling Bones'

Charlie Hurt and Andy Parks ask, can you imagine the reaction if Trump had been attacked by a dog? "Somebody get that man a walker! With fresh tennis balls!" And we take a look at some of the "unprecedented" and "historic" picks to join the Biden administration, including former Secretary of State John Kerry as the climate czar. "At least we can all agree on one thing, Charlie says. "The guy is an unrivaled expert on hot air. And he made a lot of money — the old fashioned way. He married...


Climbing into bed with the Kraken

"Anything is possible." Charlie Hurt and Andy Parks get together to examine the details of claims made by Sidney Powell on the 2020 election. Charlie says a reasonable person might evaluate all these various improbabilities and conclude that somebody is lying. Maybe Kraken is just a myth. But this is our new world — the world of politics — in the age of Trump. Charlie says he's willing to believe anything now. Also, would a Biden presidency be the third term of Barack Obama?


Trump should fight, and fight to the very end

"It must really be hard to live today in a nation of 73 million Nazis." Charlie Hurt and Andy Parks dig into Christiane Amanpour comparing the Trump presidency to Hitler’s rise to power. And then, we get Charlie's take on the state of the presidential race, the examples of voter irregularities, and where does the Trump campaign go from here? "The fact that we are having the argument is incredibly positive. It's a debate we should have been having for a very long time."


An election in the era of conspiracies

Charlie Hurt and Andy Parks put their heads together to try to make sense of this election. Charlie says that President Trump has created such instability, it delights him. Is this a Biden victory lap? Is that premature? "Please, spare me all the pearl-clutching over President Trump and 70 million American citizens who are today rightly suspicious about whether this latest election was stolen." Charlie says he has more confidence today that President Trump has a real chance of winning this...


So, was it a Super Tuesday?

Whether is was a Super Tuesday depends on who you ask. Charlie Hurt, Stephen Dinan and Andy Parks break down where things stand for the Democrats. Was it a total, complete rejection for Bernie Sanders? Were voters rejecting the idea of socialism? Is Joe Biden now in a position to put together the delegates needed to win on the first ballot?


Immigration: Are we tired of all the winning?

Should President Trump take the victory on our southern border? Stephen Dinan explains what, exactly, E-Verify does and why it matters in the 2020 campaign. Along with Charlie Hurt and Andy Parks, Politically Unstable asks, is Trump taking the Chamber of Commerce approach over the average American worker in dealing with immigration?