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There's a special place in heaven for the TrumpVangelical so said the holy man on the day the angels fell It's easy to get in Just sell your soul to him you can buy it back anytime but you'll never own it again A special place in heaven next to Judas and Jezebel far away from Jesus underneath the Trump Hotel You can take the stairway or ride the escalator down only if your white or beige no yellow, black, or brown A place for the pretender the imposters and the faker the pious masquerader...


16 Secrets | Love & Friends

You don't try to impress me You don't complain like a fool You don't describe yourself constantly You make me feel smart & cool You don't give me your opinion You don't provide your point of view on politics or religion or the latest whoop-de-do You hide your ideology and the chaos of your mind We all love our own garbology and yours' is no better than mine You don't say all your thoughts out loud You pretend to agree with me You listen to how I feel You get to know how I see You don't...


Lefty Liberal Cuck

Lefty LiberaL Cuck / LYRICS: Please don't call me stupid Please don't say I'm in a cult I really did not vote for him I voted against you all Against you Lefty Libtards Against that Benghazi witch I voted huge, I voted hard for that crazy son of a bitch We like electing billionaires and friends of the one percent The Koch brothers and the Mercers Pick our president I don't care about the rising seas > I don't care if the earth blows up Cause Jesus is coming to rescue me from the Lefty...


We Monsters Become | Trump Spiritual Hymn

We Monsters Become / Lyrics: We take the child away from the Mother We hate the tribe we all call the Other Identify our enemies and crucify the Truth Lie to the People and poison our Youth Day by day, bit by bit, one by one We Monsters become Praise be our dear leader, he can do no wrong Praise be our military they must be so strong Praise be our religion, our country and guns Praise be Armageddon, we pray soon He comes Day by day, bit by bit, one by one We Monsters become


American Lullaby | Russian Donny Bear

A lullaby for future generations telling the story of how patriots crushed the Russian Donny Bear, Donald Trump. Goodnight my child, sleep well tonight I'll tell you a story before we turn off the light You tell your children and they'll tell theirs how patriots crushed the Russian Donny Bear Back in the dark days of 2016 America was poisoned by Vladimir Putin His toxin of choice was the Donny Bear boy a bully born to hate and destroy Putin pulled the strings of his puppet president...


Trump Tragedy | Confession

Trump Tragedy | Confession. LYRICS: My Mommy called me Donny My Daddy he did not The People called me president until I got my first mugshot I'm Mr. Trump to you The wizard of fantasyland Oh, if you only knew I'm Putin's candyman I don't care about your country I don't care about democracy nor honesty or decency to me it's all a comedy INSTRUMENTAL I'm a failure and a liar I'm a hater, I'm a fool I set your house on fire I'm against the Golden Rule To everyone who voted for me I hate to...


Fire Insurance! For Atheists Only!

I don't care too much for preachers, I don't like to go to church. But I'd hate to meet St. Peter when my body leaves this earth. I don't want to go to hell, I'm shoppin for religion, I need Fire Insurance!


Trump Beaten Blues

He wanted to be emperor, but had no clothes just a clown suit and red rubber nose A stranger to the truth, a pathological liar When he opened his mouth, beware buyer! A bully, a fraud, a sad soulless cretin this is the story of a man who was beaten Skilled at scams, but in real business he failed If he owed you money, the check was in the mail Loan him your money, a bankruptcy followed Loan him your heart, a divorce you swallowed A barrel of laughs, a dumpster full of lies a closet full of...


Donny Be Damned

Mothers and fathers, sons and daughters we've entered the tent of the carnival barker have mercy on his gang of angry applauders praising their great leader on the way to their slaughter He can do no wrong in their eyes he's their boy king, their Lord of the Flies lookin for monsters to hunt and kill lookin everywhere but the mirror, they will American patriots, left and right it's getting late, it's time to fight American patriots across the land fight for Democracy, Donny be damned Brave...


Meet You in the Middle

Maybe one day we can meet in the middle, be less tribal and more practical. After all, we all have a common dream, and one riddle to solve.


Bloody NRA Blues | Call Washington

It's time Americans stop fearing the NRA. There is something we can do. Call your representative in Washington DC. Switchboard: 202-224-3121 6/8 Blues version of Bloody NRA song.


Martin Shkreli | Pharma Bro

He put something on his finger in the middle of the night while nobody was looking he turned off the light He put something on his tongue in the middle of the Street while nobody was looking no cops on that beat You need his pill but can't pay his bill Shkreli's coming in for the kill Big Pharma's big money but big money don't make a man he jumped from the fire into a frying pan He put something in his pocket in the middle of the night while nobody was looking he ran that traffic light He...


Gun Porn Song: Guns RRR Us

Guns RRR US Song Lyrics: Come all ye good Americans Love your country and your guns Fight for your right to own and bear Wear no flowers in your hair Come now foes of the NRA Cast your stones the other way Don’t blame us when the shootin starts Got no use for bleedin hearts In Gun we trust. Yeah, Guns RRR Us. Lethal toys for girls and boys Oh what a rush! Yeah, Guns RRR Us. Come NRA, our superhero You can always cut to zero Civilized rules to govern our toys So the stockpiles grow, the...


Dung Slingin Men - Bill O'Reilly, Trump, Rush, Hannity, Alex Jones, Mark Levin

Get out of town all you guns for hire Before sundown, before your pants catch fire Cash in your chips, let the healing begin Ride into the sunset all you dung slingin' men Donald Trump, comb your cotton candy hair when the big boss fires you, will anybody care? O'Reilly, they’re laughing at you Bill now do it again! Do it live! Up on Bullshit Hill. Sean Hannity, you could have been a priest If you did not see all progress as a sign of the Beast. Mark Levin likes to sling it through his...


Spanking Song - Daddy Beat Me

Spanking Song - Daddy Beat Me is about child abuse. My parents did not beat me, but this is for other abused kids. Spanking, whipping, hitting your child is wrong. Butts are sexual. Spanking the ass is a sex act, even if it's not a bare ass spanking. So it should not be used for punishing. There’s a blood vessel in the pelvic region called the common iliac artery. When blood rushes to a child’s butt because you’re spanking him or spanking her, blood rushes down that artery. But the artery...


Bernie Sanders - Who the Hell is He?

Bernie Sanders: Who the Hell is He? CC Attribution License 3.0. Copyright 2015 John Lopker. Bernie Sanders? Who the hell is he? a friend of you and me, a man of integrity Bernie Sanders? Who the hell is he? a 21st century revolutionary Stand with Bernie 2016 it's time we stop the Wall Street machine Bernie Sanders? Who the hell is he? listen to him speak, maybe then you'll see We are red, white and blue not the red, white and green Stand with Bernie 2016


PATRIOT 1984 Protest Song

The Patriot Citizens for Religious Freedom Act Up is down, left is right, right is wrong, and the egg is cracked The Patriot Citizens for Religious Freedom Act Down is up, right is left, wrong is right, and your brain is hacked When they want to make a law to restrict your liberty They'll name it just the opposite, something more warm and fuzzy They think your liberty needs to be restrained So that you can be truly free Doublethink starts working on your brain let's call that...


Fun Gucker Can You Feel?

Fun gucker can you hear? there's a body over here Fun gucker where you been? did you hear what happened then Fun gucker can you smell? gun powder where he fell Fun gucker can you taste? blood drippin' from his face Fun gucker can you say? he deserved to die today Fun gucker can you see? he's just like you and me Fun gucker can you feel? the pain of a mama's squeal Fun gucker can you feel? the pain of a daddy's squeal Fun gucker can you feel? the pain of a child's squeal Fun gucker can you...


Big Orange Lie - TRUMP

When you got big power you can tell a big lie Repeat it often and the truth will die You can invent your own alternative facts You can make up all kinds of crazy crap Up is down, good is bad, right is wrong and happy is sad war is peace and love is hate repeat it often and they'll take the bait Some are too dumb to ever know Some are too scared to just say no Some want the power you bestow Some just want the blood to flow, SOOOOOOOO Stand up my friend, shout it out to the end shout to the...


Dirty Donald John - Putin Puppet

Fred and Mary Anne thought their son was real the doctor pulled him out and spanked him til he squealed they took him home from the hospital and gave him lots of love they gave him almost everything, even a baseball glove Fred and Mary Anne thought their son was real but they detected something strange: Donald could not feel they could not give him what he needed most they could not give him empathy, or teach him not to lie and boast Fred and Mary Anne thought their son was real he's got...