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Bohemian Dreams

This song is for all of us who love to create. Love you. Dunning–Kruger. Do you know about this? The same brain that creates something also evaluates it. This song is for all of us who love to create. Talent is exceptional. One in a million. We probably are not that one, but we carry on. And we have fun. Who cares? Dust to dust. Create something today, right now. Why the hell not? -John Lopker By the way, where is the 4th man? YOU? ME? Yes, most likely, we are not Freddy Mercury, Michael...


Photo Booth | The Time Tunnel

You entered the time tunnel (35-50 years old). Here's a song for that, but you won't hear it. See you on the other end. Watch this guy age on the YouTube video of this song. (sorry to intrude)


Trumpical Sunk Cost Blues | Pearl Harbor

I sunk my faith in a Crazy Man with a neck tie three feet long I sold my soul to be his fan gonna hurt to admit I'm wrong Oh Lord! I got a lot to lose I got the Trumpical Sunk Cost Blues In for a penny, in for a pound throwin' good money after bad Don't wanna hear that flushing sound But I can't get back what I had Oh Lord! help me choose I got the Trumpical Sunk Cost Blues [INSTRUMENTAL] I got scammed by Lucifer's boy now I can't stand the smell he made my faith his little toy Made America...


3 Minute EDM Lick

EDM and ice cream are best licked. Hip Hop, however, can be taken in one bite.



Busting out of my MAGA cult gonna free my brain today Goodbye Donald, you lie too much I don't believe anything you say A fake, a fraud, a circus clown A con, a cult, a crazytown A flim-flam, phony scam radical A Fantasyland fanatical Busting out of my MAGA cult gonna save my soul today Goodbye Donald, it's not your fault You were probably just born that way A fake, a sham, a circus clown A con, a cult, a crazytown A flim-flam, phony scam radical A Fantasyland fanatical Busting out of my...


We The People

There's no such thing as the USA no such thing as yesterday no such thing as the United States no such thing as makin us great no such thing as black or white no such thing as left or right There's just you and me, We the People There's no such thing as The American Dream no such thing as a little extreme There's no such thing as a civil war can't get back from where ya never been before wrap yourself in the Red, White & Blue say your prayers for the patriot too But there's just you and me,...


Humana Extincto EDM | Seven Deadly Sins

One day humans will go extinct. Because we could not get beyond our fears, our silly beliefs, our greed, our hate, and our stupidity. The Seven Deadly sins may eventually cause our demise. This dance track is a meditation on human extinction in A minor. Enjoy. Dance while you can!


Whistle Blower | I Hope She Hears the Same

Met her one night. Never forgot her. Hope she remembers. She left on a train. With her secret. Still hear that whistle blowin.


Spaceship Earth Blues | Planet A Only One We Got

Billion of galaxies, trillions of stars All that stuff so very very far All alone in outer space All alone, one tiny human race Spaceship Earth, the only one we got Spaceship Earth is gettin' awfully hot No Planet B, no magic dome No country road gonna take us home We don't get no frequent flyer miles For millions of climate change denials Spaceship Earth, the only one we got Spaceship Earth is getting awfully hot INSTRUMENTAL Spaceship Earth, our Planet A Our little home in the universe we...


Fantasyland Dead Ender | American Unreality

I see Jesus in my toast I see Elvis all the time I like Fox Abuse the most And Talk Radio sicko slime My religion is the best My politics are just right My opinions quite correct My conspiracies bonafide I coulda been really great I coulda been a contender But I really hate to cogitate I'm a Fantasyland Dead Ender The earth was made in 7 days 6000 years ago I don't believe in climate change It's a flat earth, I just know! I once had Bigfoot in my sight holding hands with Slender Man I got a...


TrumpVangelical | Hotel California

There's a special place in heaven for the TrumpVangelical so said the holy man on the day the angels fell It's easy to get in Just sell your soul to him you can buy it back anytime but you'll never own it again A special place in heaven next to Judas and Jezebel far away from Jesus underneath the Trump Hotel You can take the stairway or ride the escalator down only if your white or beige no yellow, black, or brown A place for the pretender the imposters and the faker the pious masquerader...


16 Secrets | How to be loved

You don't try to impress me You don't complain like a fool You don't describe yourself constantly You make me feel smart & cool You don't give me your opinion You don't provide your point of view on politics or religion or the latest whoop-de-do You hide your ideology and the chaos of your mind We all love our own garbology and yours' is no better than mine You don't say all your thoughts out loud You pretend to agree with me You listen to how I feel You get to know how I see You don't...


Lefty Liberal Cuck

Lefty LiberaL Cuck / LYRICS: Please don't call me stupid Please don't say I'm in a cult I really did not vote for him I voted against you all Against you Lefty Libtards Against that Benghazi witch I voted huge, I voted hard for that crazy son of a bitch We like electing billionaires and friends of the one percent The Koch brothers and the Mercers Pick our president I don't care about the rising seas I don't care if the earth blows up Cause Jesus is coming to rescue me from the Lefty Libtard...


We Monsters Become | Trump Spiritual Hymn

We Monsters Become | Trump Regime Hymn We take the Child away from the Mother We hate the Tribe we all call the Other Identify the Enemy and crucify the Truth Lie to the People and poison our Youth Day by day, bit by bit, one by one We Monsters become Praise be our dear leader, he can do no wrong Praise be our military they must be so strong Praise be our religion, our country and guns Praise be Armageddon, we pray He soon comes Day by day, bit by bit, one by one We Monsters become


American Lullaby | Russian Donny Bear

A lullaby for future generations telling the story of how patriots crushed the Russian Donny Bear, Donald Trump. LYRICS: Goodnight my child, sleep well tonight I'll tell you a story before we turn off the light You tell your children and they'll tell theirs how patriots crushed the Russian Donny Bear Back in the dark days of 2016 America was poisoned by Vladimir Putin His toxin of choice was the Donny Bear boy a bully born to hate and destroy Putin pulled the strings of his puppet president...


Trump Tragedy | Confession

Trump Tragedy | Confession. LYRICS: My Mommy called me Donny My Daddy he did not The People called me president until I got my first mugshot I'm Mr. Trump to you The wizard of fantasyland Oh, if you only knew I'm Putin's candyman I don't care about your country I don't care about democracy nor honesty or decency to me it's all a comedy INSTRUMENTAL I'm a failure and a liar I'm a hater, I'm a fool I set your house on fire I'm against the Golden Rule To everyone who voted for me I hate to blow...


Fire Insurance! For Atheists Only!

I don't care too much for preachers, I don't like to go to church. But I'd hate to meet St. Peter when my body leaves this earth. I don't want to go to hell, I'm shoppin for religion, I need Fire Insurance!


Red States Blue | American Party Time

Power to the People gettin' off that crazy train Power to the People takin' shelter from the rain Getting ready for the party puttin on our dancing shoes Takin off our MAGA hats & Turnin' red states blue! Russia attacked the USA Republicans did nothing Putin put his puppet in place Republicans made him king Power to the People gettin' off that crazy train Power to the People takin' shelter from the rain Watchin' the tide arisin' all the boats arisin' too! The sun and moon are pullin' pullin'...


Peoples Super PAC | American Anthem

Heads they win, tails we lose It's that old revolving door Wall Street wearing government shoes politicians barefoot on the floor Heads they win, tails we lose Their greed has no shame Fat cats making all the rules we're kickin ass N takin names Heads they win, tails we lose It's a good time to be alive unless the great American Dream is something for which you strive Heads they win, tails we lose But we still have a chance if we fight back against their ruse and wake up from our trance...


Trump Beaten Blues

He wanted to be emperor, but had no clothes just a clown suit and red rubber nose A stranger to the truth, a pathological liar When he opened his mouth, beware buyer! A bully, a fraud, a sad soulless cretin this is the story of a man who was beaten Skilled at scams, but in real business he failed If he owed you money, the check was in the mail Loan him your money, a bankruptcy followed Loan him your heart, a divorce you swallowed A barrel of laughs, a dumpster full of lies a closet full of...