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A stream of consciousness, comedy oriented podcast focusing on news, politics, and society in general.

A stream of consciousness, comedy oriented podcast focusing on news, politics, and society in general.


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A stream of consciousness, comedy oriented podcast focusing on news, politics, and society in general.








Potentium – Episode 348 (9/29/22)

NASA’s DART impacts asteroid 7,000,000 miles away The utter stupidity of some Gen Z’ers (9:30) CO pigs leave suspect in car on train tracks…Guess what happened (33:05) OH candidate J.R. Majewski lies about military service & the GOP pulls ad funding (37:05) Hypocritical Republicans vote against bill to reign in dark money in politics (40:25) Jan. 6th - Hitler mustache insurrectionist gets 4 years/IA insurrectionist who assaulted Michael Fanone gets 7 years/Call from WH to...


Potentium – Episode 347 (9/23/22)

Yankees’ Aaron Judge hits his 60th home run of the season American schools get D+ grade/Book banning (5:00) CA law will protect off the clock cannabis use (23:40) Street racing assholes (29:45) Abbott, DeSantis & immigration (35:15) Trump - Matt Gaetz sought pardon for sex trafficking case/NH Rep Donald Bolduc flops on Trump & election fraud after win/GA election breach/Questions Special Master that he recommended/Master sides with DOJ/NY files $250 million dollar civil suit against Trump...


Potentium – Episode 346 (9/15/22)

AL to possibly use Nitrogen Hypoxia to execute inmate OK inmate dies in prison after filing “Baby Shark” torture lawsuit (9:25) Gun sales to be tracked by credit card companies (15:30) Blockhead Herschel Walker agrees to debate Raphael Warnock (19:55) Terrorist Leprechaun Hamish O’Glubbish vs. Leonard the drunken orgy Demon…Round 1 (21:45) Lindsey Graham hypocritically proposes nationwide abortion ban after 15 weeks (32:05) Dumbass Rep. Louie Gohmert of TX presents convicted Jan 6th...


Potentium – Episode 345 (9/8/22)

Eliza Fletcher’s body found 19 year old OH “father” leaves baby to die in hot car on purpose (8:55) MD cops berate 5 year old (13:05) Former NYC cop gets 10 years for Jan. 6th assault on Capitol Police/72 yr old PA man gets 3 1/2 (20:30) Trump - Steve Bannon to surrender/Ginni Thomas emails WI election officials/Mar A Lago docs/Special Master granted by Trump appointed Judge (26:58) Biden - Philadelphia speech (37:55) Lizzo at the MTV VMA’s/Bill Maher - Celebrating obesity (47:55) ND/Brian...


Potentium – Episode 344 (9/1/22)

Vegan “mother” gets life in prison for starvation of her 18 month old son TX school boards & “In God We Trust” (5:20) MO schools & corporal punishment (18:05) Adorable Pud - Max Headroom calls in/Twitter Spaces/The Pud gets suspended again/Fakes more calls (22:50) Trump - DOJ responds to unsealing of affidavit/QAnon regurgitation (1:10:18) Football is back!/DeShaun Watson/Bills Punter Matt Araiza accused of taking part in gang rape of HS teen in college/ND/Bears/Serena Williams (1:18:45)...


Potentium – Episode 343 (8/25/22)

PA Judges busted in private prison scheme involving kids Uvalde Chief Pete Arredondo FINALLY fired (7:20) Florida - Dogs maul mail lady to death/Pig blocks pregnant couple from ER out of spite/Teen forced to give birth because she’s not “mature enough” for an abortion (8:05) AK pigs savagely beat man in parking lot (26:10) The Adorable Pud starts a Twitter Space, invites me in & KIND OF debates/The Adorable Pud KIND OF calls in to the show (31:45)


Potentium – Episode 342 (8/18/22)

Little league batter consoles pitcher after getting hit by a pitch/Youth football coach shot & killed during game by Aqib Talib’s brother TX man poisons himself in court after guilty verdict for child molestation (16:35) FL Gov. Ron DeSantis wants cops & EMT’s to teach in public schools (18:25) Adorable Pud update (25:35) Jan. 6th rioter & former cop sentenced to 7 years in prison (31:45) Trump - Mar A Lago fallout/Threats to the FBI/Daniel Dale fact checks multiple GOP excuses (34:35) Bill...


Potentium – Episode 341 (8/11/22)

MN abortion pill case Alex Jones fined $45 million in punitive damages (9:20) Do I have to say it? MORE Uvalde incompetence (14:25) Breonna Taylor cops Federally charged (20:25) MS Emmett Till case (24:00) Biden - Chips & Science Bill passes/July jobs report/Major climate & tax bill set to pass/PACT Act (27:30) Trump - FBI searches Mar A Lago/Trump cultist shot dead after showing up armed at FBI office/Pleading the 5th/Tax returns (40:15) Anne Heche in coma after accident & not expected to...


Potentium – Episode 340 (8/4/22)

The Uvalde disgrace UNBELIEVABLY continues GA schizophrenic woman dies after parents call police for help (7:50) Co-Pilot jumps out of damaged plane & dies (14:25) Alex Jones confronted by Sandy Hook parents in court (22:10) IL Gubernatorial candidate Dan Bailey compares abortion to the Holocaust (38:15) Justice Samuel Alito insults world leaders & Royalty who questioned the overturning of Roe v. Wade (41:10) Trump - LIV Golf/Buries Ivana at his golf course for a tax break/AZ & other...


Potentium – Episode 339 (7/28/22)

Yes…MORE Uvalde, TX disgust TX couple assaults & shoots at driver with 2 year old in the car after traffic dispute (8:45) Alex Jones trial/“Alex” calls in (13:15) Garrett Ziegler’s idiotic comments/GOP rep votes against bipartisan gay marriage bill, then attends his son’s gay wedding/Matt Gaetz’ idiotic comments (26:20) Steve Bannon found guilty after a 3 hour deliberation (38:15) Jan 6th Hearings/Biden & Manchin/Trump’s edits/Merrick Garland(43:35) Two MN officers in George Floyd case...


Potentium – Episode 338 (7/21/22)

British heat Still MORE Uvalde PD patheticism/IN mall shooting (6:50) NYC Bodega owner charged with murder for defending himself (22:40) Abortion fallout - OH 10 year old rape case/Effect on women who miscarry/Confusion at hospitals (29:10) Ted Cruz wants the SCOTUS to overturn Federal gay marriage ruling/SCOTUS approval rating has reversed in the past year, down to 38% (46:30) Steve Bannon trial/Jan 6th Hearings/Senators agree to clarify VP’s role in election certifications (52:10)...


Potentium – Episode 337 (7/14/22)

Email from long time listener Eric prompts a special episode & a stroll down memory lane... Calls to Howard Stern in the 90's Winning the Miss America Book Contest in '96 Calls to Opie & Anthony in the 2000's Hanging out with The Reverend Bob Levy back in the day


Potentium – Episode 336 (7/7/22)

Awesome 4th of July fireworks display in my town 4th of July parade shooting in Highland Park, IL (5:35) Akron, OH shooting of Jayland Walker (13:15) More unbelievable incompetence out of Uvalde, TX (17:35) Bill Maher - Guns & Hollywood (26:20) Terrorist Leprechaun Hamish O’Glubbish calls in (41:15) SCOTUS - EPA/State Legislatures & voting/Clarence Thomas & his debunked conspiracy theory about vaccines & aborted children (48:45) Kinzinger tapes (59:20) Brittney Griner (1:05:15) Pool with...


Potentium – Episode 335 (6/30/22)

SCOTUS - God, guns, misogyny & willful ignorance… -WA football coach allowed to pray on the 50 yard line after games (5:45) -NY gun law struck down (14:30) -Roe v. Wade overturned (21:15) Jan 6th Hearings (38:40) Voting in the primaries in my small town (1:02:30) Pool (1:04:14) The Adorable Pud suspended from Twitter thanks to yours truly (1:05:50)


Potentium – Episode 334 (6/23/22)

Pool Family business - Happy two year anniversary without an episode to those conspiracy theorist nutjobs at Damaged Goods/Adorable Pud update/Anuddercast (9:05) Uvalde Tx is one pathetic town from top to bottom (26:55) John Cornyn booed at TX GOP convention (34:50) NM court orders county to certify election (39:15) Jan 6th hearings/Trump supporters “reflect” on Jan 6th (41:30) The Goat Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James/Schools don’t how to set up Track & Field hurdles anymore/Mayans/The...


Potentium – Episode 333 (6/16/22)

Baby Holly found after 40 years Woman who wrote an essay on how to kill your husband, gets life in prison for killing her husband (11:05) Woman sues Geico for getting an STD in a car insured by them (14:35) Bipartisan gun bill in the works (18:30) Herschel Walker, after condemning absentee fathers for years, has an illegitimate son he never sees (24:45) White Supremacists arrested after planning riot at pride event/GOP Rep Carl Paladino says Hitler is the “Type of leader we need” & agrees...


Potentium – Episode 332 (6/9/22)

Previous victim of predatory IN pastor confronts him at the altar in church Ron DeSantis & his authoritarian rule over Florida (12:35) TX Gov. Abbott pushes for mental health reform to deal with mass shootings after cutting state mental health budget by over 200 million (18:35) NY Rep. Chris Jacobs won’t seek reelection after GOP backlash for supporting assault style weapons ban/Former Capitol Officer Michael Fannone speaks on the AR-15/Reality Check - Gun Laws (21:00) CA man goes to Justice...


Potentium – Episode 331 (6/2/22)

Woman gored by Bison at Yellowstone More details about local law enforcement failure in Uvalde, TX (10:15) Leonard the drunken orgy Demon calls in (20:25) Durham Report - Michael Sussmann found not guilty of lying to the FBI/Reality Check (28:05) MI GOP tapes on future elections (39:20) Bill Maher - LGBTQ “trends” (44:50) Proposed bill would force NCAA schools to share revenue with athletes (1:01:30) Top Gun Maverick/The Offer/Obi-Wan Kenobi & Moses Ingram/Johnny Depp wins his case/Bo...


Potentium – Episode 330 (5/26/22)

TX school shooting Sec. Of State & GA elections/Herschel Walker (23:35) More Ginni Thomas emails (34:40) SNL - Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Kyle Mooney & Lizard Man leave SNL/The Offer/Mayans (37:20) Ray Liotta dies (41:35) Metallica - “Ride the Plagiarism” with guest Voedessa Vain (44:15)


Potentium – Episode 329 (5/19/22)

Mass shootings in America/Replacement Theory & Tucker Carlson GA State Trooper bus search of HBC LaCrosse team (24:45) Study shows fecal Transplants can reduce the effects of aging/Impromptu interview with Dr. Paul Haider, Master Herbalist (29:30) SC man dies of a heart attack while burying murdered girlfriend (56:20) Madison Cawthorn loses his Congressional seat (58:20) Rand Paul single handedly holds up Ukrainian aid (1:03:10) Fred Ward dies (1:07:25)