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Potentium – Episode 214 (2/20/20)

Airline reclining controversy (4:05) GA Five year old saves his entire family from house fire (12:25) Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy from molestation lawsuit fallout (16:50) SC 5 year old abducted from her front lawn and murdered by pedophilic neighbor/Why pedophiles should commit suicide (22:50) Mentally ill children & their treatment by schools & law enforcement (28:15) Michael Avenatti found guilty (41:30) Democratic debate (45:55) Trump - Mike Bloomberg/William Barr’s...


Potentium – Episode 213 (2/13/20)

The Mob/John Gotti OH school bus crash/Seat belts on school busses (5:05) Father of sophomore at Sarah Lawrence College moves into his daughter’s dorm room & engages in physical & mental abuse, prostitution & sex trafficking (9:45) Virginia to replace Lee-Jackson Day with voting holiday (14:15) Rep. John Larson of CT slams GOP over Medicare (22:50) NH Primary/Dirty Bernie calls in (28:10) Trump - Impeachment acquittal revenge/Alexander Vindman escorted out of the White House/Prosecutors...


Potentium – Episode 212 (2/6/20)

The Creeper Bill Racism - MI man yells, “Why didn’t you stay in Mexico?” After parent describes his child’s experience with school racism (12:35) Another Damaged Goods “comeback” (19:40) Iowa Caucuses (54:30) Trump - Impeachment/Mitt Romney/Fact checking the State of the Union/(1:00:45) Rush Limbaugh gets the Medal of Freedom…And lung cancer (1:32:50) Super Bowl/Oscars (1:36:15)


Potentium – Episode 211 (1/30/20)

The “Corona Beer virus” AZ Woman sues to use fertilized embryos from ex husband (7:10) TN anti-gay adoption bill (13:45) Listener emails/Messages - Recreational marijuana/Religion & abortion/Mental illness/Aliens farming humans for food (22:05) Trump - Netanyahu’s “peace” deal/Lev Parnas tape/John Bolton manuscript/Giuliani the nut/Chris Wallace on Trump (42:55) TV & Movies - Curb Your Enthusiasm/Star Trek Picard/Criminal Minds/Fargo/Better Call Saul/Prodigal Son/Hatfields & McCoys/(1:22:25)...


Potentium – Episode 210 (1/23/20)

CA man kills three teens with his car because of ding dong ditch (4:30) GA Death row inmate requests death by firing squad (10:30) Virginia gun debate - Councilman wears AR-15 to City Council meeting/Nazis arrested/Gun rally/Laws (16:55) Mrs. Florida busted for fraud (34:45) Hillary Clinton (pot) says nobody likes Bernie Sanders (kettle)/Dirty Bernie calls in (40:45) Martha McSally exemplifies the Republican Party under Trump (54:30) Trump - Religion/Downplaying traumatic brain...


Potentium – Episode 209 (1/16/19)

Co-Host - Devon Craft - Co-Owner of the BS Podcast Network & Co-Host of the Science Faction Podcast bspodcastnetwork.com Devon’s thoughts on the Trump Presidency PA teen “hunters” charged with felonies after abusing wounded deer (16:45) KY girl expelled from “christian” school for wearing a rainbow sweater (28:25) Hillary Clinton cleared of Uranium One/Clinton Foundation charges by DOJ (39:45) Elizabeth Warren vs. Bernie Sanders (48:00) Trump - Iranian imminent threat narrative/Russians hack...


Potentium – Episode 208 (1/9/20)

Australian wildfires/Half a BILLION animals killed “Affluenza” asshole arrested again (7:45) Ft. Worth Chicken Express employee told to remove her hijab or leave/Religious “freedom” (14:00) Psychic arrested for scamming woman out of $70,000 (19:00) Nutjob seeks help from QAnon to get custody of her son back (25:10) Anuddercast, podcasting & Trump (29:35) Trump - Ukrainian aid emails/John Bolton willing to testify/The Iranian conflict/Ukrainian plane shot down over Tehran/Trump on Obama &...


Potentium – Episode 207 (1/2/20)

Co-Host - Andrew from Youngstown New year’s “resolutions” MI Judge denied communion for being gay/Supporting gay marriage (13:20) Trump - Eddie Gallagher/Impeachment, Collins & Murkowski/Ukranian aid/Air strikes/US Embassy attacked in Iraq/Trump picks Evangelical Guillermo Maldonado as host for rally (30:45) Don Imus dies/Imus calls in from Heaven (1:16:05) Celebrity deaths of 2019 (1:31:55)


Potentium – Episode 206 (12/26/19)

Louisiana church uses plane to spray town with “holy water” Kevin Spacey posts another bizarre video for Christmas (6:35) More measles at airports from more anti-vaxxer idiots (11:40) IA woman runs over girl “because she was a Mexican” after running over black boy an hour earlier (18:05) US diplomat’s wife "charged" in UK for killing of Harry Dunn (22:50) Rudy Giuliani gives drunken interview to New York Magazine…With his zipper open (28:00) Trump - Christianity Today condemnation/Christian...


Potentium – Episode 205 (12/19/19)

Co-Host - Andrew from Youngstown The Army/Navy game & racist cadets Hallmark commercial controversy (13:50) KY Governor Matt Bevin pardons murderers, rapists, child molesters & murder for hire convicts on his way out of office (30:45) Trump - Vampira, Greta Thunberg & attacking children/Rick Gates sentenced/Impeachment/Talking impeachment in ’08/Mocking Debbie Dingell’s dead husband (42:05) TV & Movies - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood/Rocketman/Modern Family/Young Sheldon/Treadstone/Prodigal...


Potentium – Episode 204 (12/12/19)

OH, KY & their ridiculous abortion bills Houston Chief of Police urges gun control while Virginia Sheriff promises to deputize thousands in his gun sanctuary county (16:15) Four more teens escape redneck juvenile detention centers (30:05) The GA ass slapping jogger is a Boy Scout leader & Youth Minister (32:30) The stupid ass Peleton “controversy” (37:10) Trump - IG report on FBI “spying”/Christopher Wray/Michael Horowitz/William Barr/House introduces Articles of Impeachment/People evidently...


Potentium – Episode 203 (12/5/19)

Co-Host - Ricky from Degeneration Radio (@rickyradio) Politics - Voting for Trump/Depression “Kid Rock” goes on drunken rant on stage at his restaurant at Little Caesar’s Arena/Lease will not be renewed (28:00) George Zimmerman sues the Martin family, and everyone else (41:30) Devin Nunes sues CNN/Ukraine (55:50) Trump - Political tactics/IG report clears FBI of “spying”/Kim Jong Un’s “Christmas present”/Says Giuliani acted alone in Ukraine/Floppin’ John Kennedy/Impeachment & Constitutional...


Potentium – Episode 202 (11/27/19)

Another special episode… Interview with Nino Sciglitano Jr. of Wilmington, Delaware The murders & suicides in and around his family His monumental asshole of a “brother”/Host of Anuddercast anuddercast.net Happy Thanksgiving folks! Thanks for listening!


Potentium – Episode 201 (11/21/19)

13 year old, barefoot & shackled, escapes NC jail 911 fails (7:30) MO Officer awarded $19 million in discrimination case (14:40) Roger Stone found guilty of lying to Congress & witness tampering (17:25) Impeachment - Yovanovitch, Vindman, Williams, Volker, Morrison, Hill, Sondland & Holmes testify (28:40) Bill Maher - Prickstarter (1:12:05) Ricky, from Degeneration Radio (for now) gives us kind words (1:20:25)


Potentium – Episode 200 (11/14/19)

Man arrested for eating breakfast sandwich on BART platform in San Francisco Buffalo Wild Wings, Popeyes & The Waffle House all have a bad week (11:25) NYC bans foie gras (28:30) Incidents of mental & physical abuse in America’s schools (34:20) Incidents with Florida school officers & police (47:50) WWII Veteran goes off on Trump protesters in NYC (51:30) Trump - Trump Foundation fined $2 million/“Anonymous” excerpts/John Bolton/Impeachment/Bill Taylor & George Kent testify/Peter Welch...


Potentium – Episode 199 (11/7/19)

Co-Host - Andrew from Youngstown Why Bianna is no longer on the show Trump - Discrimination by “Religious freedom” toward LGBT parents wanting to adopt/Trump is now a Floridian/Impeachment witnesses testify to “quid pro quo”/Democratic election victories (1:01:35) My ordeal at the end of, and after the Tool concert at the United Center in Chicago (1:30:50) All Chicago sports teams suck


Potentium – Episode 198 (10/31/19)

IA gender reveal stupidity & death 8 Year old MI boy burned in “Fire Challenge” (8:10) Twitter removes political ads as Facebook keeps posting false ones/Mark Zuckerberg (13:05) Another girlfriend convinces her boyfriend to commit suicide (20:10) Southwest pilots caught using “bathroom cam” (25:20) TN convicted teen rapist gets probation (29:15) Judge rules GA Sheriff cannot put “No trick or treating” signs in front yards of sex offenders (35:55) Kellyanne Conway intimidates & threatens...


Potentium – Episode 197 (10/24/19)

Transgender woman wins cycling championship House passes animal cruelty bill (10:10) Apple Watch saves fallen hiker’s life (14:05) New car! (19:25) The Lunch Break Bandit (22:50) Chicago mobster Joey “The Clown” Lombardo dies (25:15) AZ, NM & CA police incidents (28:00) Paid family leave in the US (36:15) Toxic baby food (41:45) Woman arrested for murder of her daughter/Munchausen by proxy (45:05) TN City Commissioner Warren Hurst & his redneck, homophobic comments (49:30) The State of...


Potentium – Episode 196 (10/17/19)

TX police officer charged with murder for “welfare check” shooting (3:30) Racism - PA teacher hurls the N word at black man after febder bender (7:40) GSU book burning (15:55) WI jury awards Sandy Hook parent $450,000 against conspiracy theorist James Fetzer (20:20) Trump cultist Emily Travis supposedly calling in (23:30) Cuba Gooding Jr. accused of more sexual assaults (27:15) UK children, meditation & mental health (30:40) Serial stowaway Marilyn Hartman arrested again (36:20) Trump...


Potentium – Episode 195 (10/10/19)

(Technical difficulties with the intro) Serial killer Samuel Little (5:05) FL Surprise birthday shooting (10:15) FL Judge sentences 21 yr. old to ten days in jail for accidentally missing jury duty (13:30) GA redneck at McDonald’s admits he’s a racist (18:00) MT Grizzly attacks three hunters in one day (22:05) Matt Lauer accused of rape (25:25) Woman catches fiancé sexually assaulting a bridesmaid two days before her wedding…She marries him anyway (30:35) Ellen DeGeneris & pal George W. Bush...