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73 - The Equalizer

CONTENT WARNING: The following episode includes discussion of terrorism, hate crimes, disasters, & public health crises that have involved illness, injury & death. Listener discretion is advised. None of the content of this episode is a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions regarding a medical condition. Several regions around the globe have been battling the scourge of a novel coronavirus,...


72 - Return to Normalcy?

After a strong showing by US Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont in the early contests of the Democratic nomination season, former Vice-President Joe Biden has gained a great deal of momentum, starting in South Carolina and thru Super Tuesday. Is this a positive turn of events for the Democrats in terms of moving away from a democratic socialist as their standard-bearer, or is having a centrist candidate as the frontrunner a bad sign for the party's chances of beating Donald Trump in the...


Bonus - Editorial by Jaye: The Case for Socialism

In the public release of the October 2018 Patreon exclusive, Jaye discusses socialism - what is socialism, why is it so misunderstood, and why would it - in some form - benefit American society? The Cold War, entitlements and more are on the menu, so check it out! Twitter: @potstirrercast IG: @potstirrerpodcast Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/potstirrerpodcast/ Website: http://PotstirrerPodcast.com Source Material: Bump, Phillip. 2015. "Do You Know the Difference Between a Communist...


71 - Do the Work

The 2020 presidential nomination season is underway, and the Democratic race is heating up. As US Senator Bernie Sanders has received some early momentum, many Democrats, especially moderates, are concerned about Sanders, who is not a Democrat, and his democratic socialist ideology. Should Democrats be worried about the "socialist" label? Also, do Democrats have the right to feel entitled to votes from groups within their base, such as progressives and black Americans? This is the last...


70 - Resist

Potstirrer Podcast is back! In the first regular episode of 2020, Jaye discusses the acquittal of Donald Trump in the US Senate removal trial, after being impeached by the House of Representatives. What does Trump's acquittal mean for democracy, the rule of law, and America's future? Featured Podcast: Stranger Still http://strangerstillshow.com Twitter: @potstirrercast IG: @potstirrerpodcast Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/potstirrerpodcast/ Website: PotstirrerPodcast.com Flying...


69 - Best of 2019

In the final episode of 2019, Chuckles joins Jaye for a countdown and discussion of the most downloaded episodes of 2019. They also talk about the 2020 presidential election, including the Trump impeachment, predictions for the Democratic nomination, and if Trump will be re-elected. NOTE: Potstirrer Podcast will be on break in the month of January, to prepare for the 2020 election cycle, but will be back in early February! Featured Podcast: Stranger...


68 - War on Christmas 2019

In the third annual Potstirrer Podcast War on Christmas Special, Jaye discusses the pre-Christian origins of several Christmas traditions, including the twelve days of Christmas, Yule logs, Santa Claus and more. How did the Christmas holiday develop over time? And, if Christmas isn't purely "Christian," what are evangelicals waging the "War on Christmas" truly fighting for? Twitter: @potstirrercast IG: @potstirrerpodcast Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/potstirrerpodcast/ Website:...


67 - America's Drug War, Part 5: Legalize It

CONTENT WARNING - This episode includes discussion of mature themes, including illicit drug use, prescription drug abuse, and both legal and illicit drug addiction. Listener discretion is advised. In the final installment of America's Drug War, Jaye discusses recent trends in the American drug landscape, including cannabis decriminalization and legalization in several US states, and the opioid epidemic sweeping suburbs and rural areas. How did the War on Drugs, particularly its focus on the...


66 - America's Drug War, Part 4: DARE to Just Say No

CONTENT WARNING - This episode discusses mature themes, including detailed discussion of illicit drug use. Listener discretion is advised. In the penultimate installment of America's Drug War, President Ronald Reagan and his successors take the mantle of drug warrior in the 1980s and 1990s. Jaye discusses campaigns and programs designed to reduce drug use in children, such as Just Say No and DARE, as well as the crack epidemic of the 80s, and the shift to punitive measures that the federal...


65 - America's Drug War, Part 3: Laws Made for Breaking

CONTENT WARNING - The following episode discusses mature themes, including illicit drug use and political assassinations. Listener discretion is advised. In the third installment of America's War on Drugs, Richard Nixon makes good on his second chance at becoming president of the United States in 1968, instituting his "law and order" policies during his president, chief among them sweeping anti-drug policy. These policies concentrated mostly on cannabis and opiates such as heroin, but also...


64 - Urban Legends

In the spirit of the Octobermonth season, Jaye discusses urban legends, particularly three stories voted on by listeners, and provides historical and social context for their spread. What are some common themes in these urban myths? Why do these stories persist, even in the information age? And - are these often frightful tales real? Featured Podcast: Divisive Issues Website: http://frondsradio.com/divisiveissues Twitter: @potstirrercast IG: @potstirrerpodcast Facebook:...


63 - America's Drug War, Part 2: Killing Billie Holiday

CONTENT WARNING - The following episode discusses mature themes, including murder, suicide, illicit drug use, child sex abuse and domestic violence. Listener discretion is advised. In the second installment of America's War on Drugs, drug czar Harry Anslinger continues his reign from the 1930s through the early 1960s. During his 32 years as commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, he campaigned against not only about cannabis, but also against narcotics and opiates. Jaye discusses...


62 - America's Drug War, Part 1: Assassin of Youth

CONTENT WARNING - This episode discusses mature themes, including illicit drug use and graphic details of murder. Listener discretion is advised. The War on Drugs in the United States has cost $1 trillion since 1971, and 20 percent of the prison population is incarcerated for drug offenses. Yet there is little evidence it is responsible for declining drug use. How did the War on Drugs truly begin? Jaye explores US history and explains how Prohibition led to our nation's drug war. Featured...


61 - Plausible Deniability

CONTENT WARNING - This episode includes discussion of gun violence. Listener discretion is advised. With the rash of mass shootings in the United States, including ones such as the El Paso, TX shooting linked to domestic terror, what is leading to these mass shooting incidents, and domestic terrorism generally? Jaye discusses a possible culprit, stochastic terrorism. What is stochastic terrorism, and can the violent rhetoric of politicians lead to radicalization and extremist violence? Jaye...


60 - Urban Renewal - Part 2: Revitalization or Gentrification?

In the final installment of a two-part series about urban renewal, Jaye discusses contemporary urban renewal, particularly the impact of privatization on urban renewal efforts in America's impoverished inner city neighborhoods. Why have these neighborhoods persisted? Also, what efforts have federal, state and local governments, as well as corporations, made in revitalizing - or gentrifying - these neighborhoods, and have these efforts succeeded? Jaye discusses these approaches, and both the...


59 - Gun Violence: America's Epidemic

In the wake of the recent mass shootings in El Paso, TX, Dayton, OH, and Gilroy, CA, Jaye discusses gun violence, including many of the root issues that contribute to the gun violence epidemic in the United States, and the importance of properly addressing these issues. She takes on white supremacy, misogyny, other right-wing extremist ideologies, and Donald Trump's failure to unqualifiably condemn white supremacy. Is gun control the answer to the scourge of mass shootings? Content Warning:...


58 - Urban Renewal Part 1: The Story of Black Cincinnati

In part 1 of a two-part series about urban renewal, Jaye talks about the history of America's urban slums. How did these poor, run-down neighborhoods develop in US cities, and how did these areas become associated with people of color, particularly black Americans? The history of Cincinnati's West End is discussed as an illustration of how segregated, impoverished neighborhoods developed over time, and how residents became vulnerable to the negative effects of urban renewal policies. Learn...


BONUS - Dr. King & The Birmingham Eight

This Patreon bonus episode, originally released March 2019, is being released free this month as part of Flying Machine's Flyer Drive! To learn more and become a Patron, go to http://flyingmachine.network/support. Enjoy the episode! Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" is famous for several iconic statements, including the admonishment of "white moderates." But did you know that the "white moderates" Dr. King was referring to were specific local clergymen in...


57 - Political Spectrums (with Elle Riccardi)

As the myriad of Democratic presidential candidates with tons of ideas are hitting the debate circuit, Elle Riccardi from the podcast Short, Colorful + Loud joins Jaye to discuss political spectrums. What are the building blocks of political spectrums? Where did "left" and "right" come from? Are communism and fascism all that close to each other? Elle and Jaye discuss various kinds of political spectrums, including left-right, horseshoe theory, the political compass (including how they...


56 - A Hail Mary for SCOTUS

In the aftermath of the US Supreme Court ruling effectively declaring political gerrymandering legal, Jaye discusses the challenges Democrats face in mitigating the damage of an increasingly right-leaning SCOTUS. In this episode, Jaye focuses on the novel Supreme Court plan touted by Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, which is intended to neutralize the ideological and partisan slant of the court. What are the pros and cons of the plan? Jaye makes the case that the challenges...