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New podcast-only episodes of Praxis starting in 2020 featuring interviews with activists, organizers, academics, and artists about making radical social change. Formerly heard on KYRS-FM, full archive of past shows available everywhere and at or by searching "Praxis Archive" wherever you get your podcasts.


Medical Lake, WA


New podcast-only episodes of Praxis starting in 2020 featuring interviews with activists, organizers, academics, and artists about making radical social change. Formerly heard on KYRS-FM, full archive of past shows available everywhere and at or by searching "Praxis Archive" wherever you get your podcasts.






Episode 12: 2020 Season Finale

Host Taylor shares an extra-long final episode of the 2020 season featuring many, many voices and a lot of gratitude for everyone who helped bring this project to life after many years. In the first section of the show, we … Continued


Episode 11: Sanctuary & Solidarity, Denver, CO

Host Taylor shares an interview with Arturo Hernandez Garcia from July 2015, on his last day living in sanctuary at the First Unitarian Church in Denver, CO. He shares his story of living for years in the U.S. and raising … Continued


Episode 10: Feral, Montreal, QC

Host Taylor interviews Feral–writer, editor, and lifelong anarchist–about her work both in the anarchist creative scenes of Quebec and as a writer of dystopian fiction. Discussion includes historical perspective comparing the movements of the 1960s to the present, the fusion … Continued


Episode 9: kai lumumba barrow, New Orleans, LA

Host Taylor interviews kai lumumba barrow–artist, organizer, and founder of Gallery of the Streets–about her work, specifically the visual opera ECOHYBRIDITY: LOVE SONG FOR NOLA and her current work, [b]REACH: Adventures in Heterotopia. Discussion covers broader themes of abolitionist aesthetics, … Continued


Episode 8: Andy Lee Roth, Project Censored

Host Taylor interviews Dr. Andy Lee Roth–sociologist, professor, and associate director of Project Censored–about his work and research into the creation of news media and the 40-plus years of work Project Censored has done to highlight under-reported stories while spreading … Continued


Episode 7: Rev. Earl Koteen, Berkeley, CA // Kim Noble, Atlanta, GA

Host Taylor interviews Reverend Earl Koteen–Unitarian Universalist minister, climate activist, and Ecological Justice minister with Green the Church–about his work both in California and nationwide toward ecological justice. Discussion includes reflections on the crucial role of storytelling in movement building, … Continued


Episode 6: Ratha Lai // Ethan Buckner, Richmond, CA

Host Taylor interviews Ratha Lai—environmental justice organizer and consultant—about his experiences working with the Sierra Club, with the Asian Pacific Environmental Network, and many coalitions working toward the end of fossil fuel exports and toward environmental justice using the Just … Continued


Episode 5: Rachel Schragis, New York, NY

Host Taylor interviews Rachel Schragis–visual strategist, cultural worker, and organizer–about her work to bring artists to the center of movement organizing. Discussion spans from her time creating visuals during Occupy Wall Street, through her work with People’s Climate Arts collective … Continued


Episode 4: Peter Werbe, Detroit, MI // Sandy, Montreal, QC

Host Taylor interviews Peter Werbe—radio host, anarchist, and member of the editorial collective of Fifth Estate magazine—about the history of the longest running anarchist publication in print, about the parallels between the current moment and the radical social movements of … Continued


Episode 3: Chas Jewett, White Horse, SD

Host Taylor interviews Chas Jewett—organizer, rancher, and member of the Cheyenne River Sioux tribe—about her work in environmental and anti-racist organizing and the ways her life has transformed since stepping back from that work in recent years. Discussion includes the … Continued


Episode 2: Jim Walsh, Denver, CO // Elka Schumann, Glover, VT

Host Taylor interviews Jim Walsh—professor, activist, and founder of the Romero Theater Troupe—about his work and the work of the troupe in bringing history to life through theater in Denver, Colorado. Discussion includes the rewriting of public history, radical models … Continued


Episode 1: Paul Messersmith-Glavin, Portland OR

Host Taylor interviews Paul Messersmith-Glavin—anarchist, acupuncturist, parent, organizer—part of the collective running the Institute for Anarchist Studies which publishes the journal Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, based out of Portland, Oregon. Discussion includes material from an August 2020 interview and from … Continued


Big News for Fall 2020

New interviews coming this fall, and more big announcements coming soon. To ensure you get the full update as I migrate the podcast and put up the archive, sign up at


Praxis 254: The Final Episode

Host Taylor Weech is interviewed by friend and former Praxis guest Madeline McNeill about the past 7 years of hosting the show. They are also joined by phone by Peter Werbe, editor of Fifth Estate magazine ( and Sandy Williams, editor of Black Lens News ( In the last third of the show, a portion of a remix piece in progress focused on climate change is shared. The archive of past Praxis shows will stay live for some time. For questions about the...


Praxis 253: Austen Louden on Striking Workers at Providence

Host Taylor Weech talks with UFCW 21 shop steward and organizer Austen Louden about the recent strike authorization of both UFCW and the Washington State Nurses Association at Providence hospital locations throughout Washington State on the eve of the final bargaining with hospital management at Sacred Heart hospital in Spokane, WA. For more information on the strike, visit or Intro Music by Jason Cross Outro: "There is Power in a Union" performed by Utah Phillips


Praxis 253: Veterans for Peace on Reclaiming Armistice Day

Host Taylor Weech interviews Veterans for Peace Chapter 035 members Rusty Nelson, George Taylor, and Hollis Higgins about their chapter's role in the national work to reclaim Armistice Day as a day honoring peace. Discussion includes history of the day, dissenting opinions from veterans themselves on the way our culture honors or remembers the legacy of the military, information on issues related to war and militarism in our region, and much more. For more information on Veterans for Peace...


Praxis 252.2: Cherika Carter, Election Special 2019 Part 2

Host Taylor Weech talks with Cherika Carter, Campaign Manager for WA Fairness, about the statewide ballot initiative I-1000 (listed on ballots as Ref. 88) that restores affirmative action practices overturned in the late 1990's throughout Washington State. You can learn more about the campaign at or on social media @wafairness. For more local election analysis and coverage, see Part 1 of this episode and full candidate forum recordings at


Praxis 252.1: Sandy Williams, Election Special 2019 Part 1

Host Taylor Weech talks with Black Lens News founder and editor Sandy Williams about the upcoming elections in Spokane, WA for Mayor, City Council President, City Council, School Board, and more. To read the full election edition of The Black Lens with candidate interviews and more, visit For more local voting resources, check out:


Mayoral Candidate Forum--Spokane Coalition of Color

Full audio from the Spokane Coalition of Color's candidate forum with the Mayoral candidates Ben Stuckart and Nadine Woodward. For more information on Spokane Coalition of Color, visit


School Board Candidate Forum Spokane Coalition of Color

Full audio of the Spokane Coalition of Color's candidate forum featuring the 6 candidates for School Board. Position 1: Nikki Lockwood and Katey Treloar; Position 2: Kelli MacFarlane and Jenny Slagle; Position 3: Erin Georgen and Kevin Morrison. For more information on the Spokane Coalition of Color, visit