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Praxis is a weekly news and commentary show featuring interviews with thinkers and activists in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Praxis is a weekly news and commentary show featuring interviews with thinkers and activists in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.
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Praxis is a weekly news and commentary show featuring interviews with thinkers and activists in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.






Praxis 247: Brittany Ramos DeBarros on Resisting the Military Industrial Complex

Host Taylor Weech interviews Brittany Ramos DeBarros, Campaign Co-Director for Drop the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) at About Face--an organization of post 9/11 veterans against the wars--and former Captain in the Army Reserve. Conversation covers Brittany's history as both a soldier and an activist, the broader movement in history of members of the military resisting militarism, and more. *Interview Only due to an issue with the live show's file* For more information about this work,...


Praxis 246: Loke(Ruth)Aloua on Indigenous Nonviolent Resistance

Host Taylor Weech talks with Loke (Ruth) Aloua about her work in nonviolent resistance, specifically to the actual and proposed future development of telescopes on Mauna Kea, imagined possible futures, and more. In the second half of the show, more on the movement to protect Mauna Kea is shared along with information on the media coverage of and facts surrounding the current deforestation and burning of swaths of the Amazon rainforest for agribusiness. All links mentioned in the broadcast...


Praxis 245: Rabbi Michael Davis on Palestine Solidarity

Host Taylor Weech talks with Rabbi Michael Davis about his visit to Spokane's Unitarian Universalist congregation for a weekend of discussion and exploration of his own story and the broader story of being a Jewish faith leader in support of Palestinian rights. For more information about his work, visit


Praxis 244: Chris Crass on Anti Racist Feminist Organizing

Host Taylor Weech talks with long-time activist and writer Chris Crass about his work in bringing white people in to anti racist organizing, men into feminist praxis, and building powerful grassroots movements to transform society. For more about Chris and his work, visit Intro Music by Jason Cross


Praxis 243: Rebecca Long & Emilie St-Pierre on Future Ada

Host Taylor Weech talks with Rebecca Long and Emilie St-Pierre about their work with Future Ada, a non-profit based in Spokane, WA focused on inclusion of gender minorities in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics)fields. Discussion also focuses on the importance of diversity to design practice, cyber security for activists, and how in a toxic culture tech might still be reclaimed for liberatory purposes. More information about Future Ada at


Praxis 242: P.E. Moskowitz & Kate Burke on Gentrification

Host Taylor Weech shares two related interviews on gentrification: The first features journalist and author of "How to Kill A City", P.E. Moskowitz about their research across the U.S. and world on the persistent patterns of gentrification and strategies to combat it for the protection of tenants and cities. The second interview is with Spokane City Council Member Kate Burke who is leading on housing justice at the city level and kicked off an ongoing dialogue locally on the topic of...


Praxis 241: Dahr Jamail on The End of Ice

Host Taylor Weech interviews author Dahr Jamail about his book, "The End of Ice" and the stories about climate disruption, connecting to the plane, his career as a journalist and war correspondent, and more. You can read more about his work and the book at


Praxis 240: Shahrokh Nikfar on Iran & the U.S.

Host Taylor Weech is joined by host of KYRS' The Persian Hour to talk about life as an Iranian-American, the latest developments between the two countries, stories of returning to Iran after years away, and much more. You can listen to The Persian Hour Saturdays at 12 PM PST streaming at


Praxis 239: LGBT+ Roundtable / Queer State of the Union

Host Taylor Weech brings in a roundtable of LGBT+ movers and shakers working in Spokane for a discussion on the state of support, need, and vision for the local queer community as Pride month comes to a close. Discussion features Robbi Katharine Anthony, Shantell Jackson, and June T. Sanders and covers topics from supporting students, to developing tools for empowerment, to representation in the arts. Links mentioned in the show & further information:


Praxis 238: Tirrany Hex on Drag Queen Story Hour

Host Taylor Weech talks with Andrea Tate aka Tirrany Hex about her role in the past weekend's Drag Queen Story Hour at the South Hill branch of the Spokane Public Library, the intent of the event, her experience in the drag community, the protests of the reading, the response to the protests, and much more! The second Drag Queen Story Hour will take place at the Downtown branch of the Spokane Public Library on Saturday, June 22nd at 2 PM.


Praxis 237: Alan Jones on Juneteenth in Spokane

Host Taylor Weech talks with Inland Northwest Juneteenth Coalition Co-Chair Alan Jones about the history of Juneteenth, the significance of the celebration to African American communities around the country, the plans for the local celebrations here in Spokane, and much more. For more information on the INW Juneteenth Coalition including details for all of the events mentioned, visit Outro: "Juneteenth Jamboree" by Gladys "Fatso" Bentley


Praxis 236: Lindsay Schubiner on Defending Democracy from White Nationalism

Host Taylor Weech interviews Lindsay Schubiner, Momentum Program Director at Western States Center, about the attempts by white nationalist movements to normalize their views and undermine democratic institutions. Conversation includes specific regional examples and success stories on pushing back, as well as clarification on the role of white nationalism in our country vs other forms of racism and bigotry. The show closes with some news updates related to some of the politicians featured in...


Stop The Bans Rally--Podcast-Only Special

In case you missed the Stop the Bans rally in Spokane, WA on Tuesday, May 21, here is a rough recording of all of the speeches and action. Featured voices (in order of appearance): Maria Felice, emcee Sarah Dixit, Planned Parenthood organizer (introduction) Naghmana Ahmed-Sherazi (3:10) Dow Constantine (7:05) Lola Cage (Fridley) (12:06) Jet Tilley (14:48) Cynthia Hamilton (20:27) Alice Semingson (26:23)


Praxis 235: Sarah Dixit & Fernanda Mazcot on Organizing Against Abortion Bans

Host Taylor Weech talks with Sarah Dixit, Public Affairs community organizer, and Fernanda Mazcot, Raíz program community organizer, of Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho about recent legislation attempting to ban or further restrict abortion access across the country. Discussion includes what is at stake in terms of access to reproductive healthcare including abortion, long term strategy by both the anti-abortion movement and the pro-choice movement, personal stories...


Praxis 234: Mothers Day Round Table

Host Taylor Weech discusses motherhood in the context of social movements with two of her favorite moms. Liz Moore is a life long activist, director of the Peace & Justice Action League of Spokane ( and mom to two school-aged boys. Erika Prins-Simonds is a writer, marketing/communications specialist, board member at River City Youth Ops (, and mom to a 16-month old. Discussion includes the activist roots of Mother's Day, a couple of organizer moms we...


May Day March--Podcast-Only Special

In case you missed the May Day March in Spokane, WA, here are some highlighted speeches from the gathering outside the jail, where Spokane County is cooperating with ICE and CBP and being paid per head to temporarily house immigrants on their way to deportation.


Praxis 233: Ivan Torres on U.S. in Latin America & Martín Martinez on May Day Immigration March

Host Taylor Weech interviews history scholar Ivan Torres about his study of Latin American Revolutions and the impact of history on current U.S. involvement in Venezuela and Central and South America more generally. Discussion includes impact of past policies on the current situation at the U.S./Mexico border, building solidarity with local immigrant communities, and more. In the final third of the show, Martín Martinez joins by phone to invite listeners to the Spokane May Day march (or to a...


Praxis 232: Amanda Mead & Rita Vigil on IDK Her Podcast

Host Taylor Weech talks with the hosts of the I Don't Know Her podcast, Amanda Mead and Rita Vigil about their show and their own activism and reasons behind amplifying overlooked women of history. They also present the women of a lost early episode of the podcast, Sophie Scholl and Jeannette Rankin and share more of what's to come! For more about the podcast, visit


Praxis 231: CPT Witness in Palestine & Spokane NAACP Centennial

Host Taylor Weech interviews a recently returned volunteer with Christian Peacemaker Teams ( about his time working in solidarity and witness in al-Khalil (Hebron) in the West Bank. Resources and organizations mentioned include: B'Tselem ( No Way to Treat a Child ( Deadly Exchange ( In the latter third of the show (36:30),...


Praxis 230 Pt. 2: Bianca Davis Lovelace and Johnathan Hemphill on Poor People's Campaign

*This episode is split into its two interviews for convenience* Host Taylor Weech interviews Rev. Bianca Davis Lovelace and Johnathan Hemphill, two of the chairs of the Washington State Poor People's Campaign, about their activism, the campaign itself, and how people affected by poverty, militarism, racism, and ecological devastation have come together around the country to organize for a better future. For more information about the Poor People's Campaign, visit