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Polarised: Liberals and Authoritarians

The first episode of a brand new podcast series from the RSA, 'Polarised'. Matthew Taylor and the author of 'Born Liars' and 'Curious', Ian Leslie, investigate the forces driving us further apart – and what can be done about them. They start by asking the sociologist Paula Surridge whether we've become a nation divided into two tribes: liberals and authoritarians. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts: Subscribe on Android:...


Rebuilding Life After Prison – 2: A first job on the outside

Gethin’s early life included time spent in care, and years spent going in and out of prison. Now in his forties, he runs his own successful business. For the RSA, Rachel O’Brien talked to him about his journey, and to Bruce, the first person to give Gethin a full-time job knowing his past. “Volunteering got me to the stage where I was able to go into that interview and demonstrate my skills, rather than just my rap sheet.” – Gethin


Rebuilding Life After Prison – 3: A mentor

Having been convicted for trafficking, CJ served her sentence in Japan and the UK. Studying a law degree through the Open University, CJ now works for SOS, part of the St. Giles Trust, a charity working to break the cycle of reoffending. While still in prison, the Longford Trust matched CJ with Jessica Jones, a barrister working in human rights law. She is CJ’s career mentor. Rachel O’Brien sat down with CJ and Jessica to talk about their relationship, and what they’ve learned from each...


Rebuilding Life After Prison – 4: ‘Tom’

Rachel O’Brien talks to ‘Tom’ – not his real name – who although still young, has spent nearly half of his life inside. Despite some fantastic governors and staff, the prison service is still under acute pressure due to cuts in funding and staffing. Ironically, the officer due to join us for this episode was unable to do so because of an incident in the prison where he now works. Rachel talks to ‘Tom’ about the nature of prisoners’ relationships with frontline staff, and whether or not the...