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Every day Conversations on Race for Every Day People brings people together across race and culture for open comfortable conversations about race in a casual setting to bring race to the people. Our mission is to disrupt the way race is talked about, break racial silos and have a global impact on how people see each other.

Every day Conversations on Race for Every Day People brings people together across race and culture for open comfortable conversations about race in a casual setting to bring race to the people. Our mission is to disrupt the way race is talked about, break racial silos and have a global impact on how people see each other.
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Every day Conversations on Race for Every Day People brings people together across race and culture for open comfortable conversations about race in a casual setting to bring race to the people. Our mission is to disrupt the way race is talked about, break racial silos and have a global impact on how people see each other.






Episode 22 : Latin X in the Conversation on Race

Download Episode Conversations on Race and LatinX with Bernardo Ferdman and Placida Gallegos What is LatinX? Bernardo Ferdman, a Jewish Latino, born in Argentina and raised in Puerto Rico, and Placida Gallegos, a Chicana woman define LatinX, and talk about issues of race, skin color, and ethnicity in the Latin culture. They share issues of skin color, ethnicity and race in the Latino culture. Placida talks about her family and how being light skinned was valued more than her...


Episode 21 : Healing from racial and economic trauma

Download Episode Key topics: Block Chain for Social Justice Resilient Wellness Black female entrepreneurship Racial and economic trauma Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Block Chain world Daisy Ozim who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Lagos, Nigeria, is the founder Resilient Wellness, a co operatively owned healthcare system that provides holistic medicine and health education to marginalized and underserved communities. She's also the director of Blockchain...


Episode 20 : Political Correctness vs Cultural Competence, Expanding the Privilege Convo

Download Episode Dr. Nika White Dr.Nika White a thought leader in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion talks with me about race in South Carolina and her earliest memories of racism as an African-American woman. This is a very powerful discussion with real solutions. Keypoints: In order to have a meaningful conversation on race, across race, we need to be focused on cultural competence as opposed to being “politically correct.” The emphasis on “political correctness,” hampers...


Episode 19 : Are LGBTQ People of Color Viewed as Sexual objects?

Download Episode My guests were in this episode are Paoi Eulalia and Alessandra Stevens from MXD Magazine. MXD Magazine is a publication that celebrates LGBTQ People of Color (POCs), non-conformists, and allies. Both Paoi and Alessandra are Filipino-American but represent different genders and generations. One of their objectives is to fight racism masked as sexual preference, among other façades. Too often LGBTQ people of color are either objectified as exotic sexual objects or are...


Episode 18 : Are Whole Cities Racist?

LeRon Barton is a widely published author on race, mass incarceration and dating. He is 40 years old and African-American. Key topics on the show are: Download Episode


Episode 17: Everyday Conversations on Race with Precious Stroud - Black Women's Project

Download Episode Precious Stroud- founder or the Black Female Project.org Precious Stroud- Gen X Black Woman from Berkeley Importance of story telling in communications Important to talk about race because everything is racialized. She says race impacts everything in her life. Impacts how society was set up. If someone believes another person is inferior based on color of skin, they won’t promote that person. Economics doesn’t impact how long Black people live but it’s the...


Episode 15: Everyday Conversations on Race with Jada Imani

Jada Imani, an Oakland, CA-based MC, hip-hop artist, workshop facilitator, and founder of the Tatu Vision movement, is dedicated to helping co-create regenerative communities through her performing event production and hosting, healing practice, and coalition-building with communities of poets, Hip-Hop aficionados, entrepreneurs and Permaculture practitioners. She was born in Belleville, Illinois and spent half of her childhood in Illinois and Missouri. Jada believes we are all influenced...


Episode 16 : Everyday Conversations on Race with Howard Ross and Tracy Brown- Redemption, Race and Belonging

Download Episode Howard Ross and Tracy Brown- Experts on race, belonging, and all aspects of diversity and inclusion for over 25 years. Howard is a white Jewish man and a baby boomer and Tracy is an African-American woman and a baby boomer. Most people want to feel like they belong to something greater than themselves and being part of an environment where they can feel supported and connected. Tracy started cross-race dinners where people talk about race, make new connections and new...


Episode 14 : Patrick Tindana and Simma, "The Inclusionist" in an everyday conversation on race

Download Episode Patrick Tindana nd Simma, “The Inclusionist,” Patrick Tindana and Simma, “The Inclusionist” in an everyday conversation on race. Key topics: Hear the history and motivation behind Everyday Conversations on Race. What it was like to be the only white student at a Hispanic college, and why it’s not the same as being the only person of color in an all-white school. Why it’s more important for white people to take action to eliminate racism today than to spend time...


Episode 13 : African-Americans in the Executive Suite

Everyday Conversations on Race with Charmaine McClarie and David Casey African-Americans in the Executive Suite Guests: Charmaine McClarie, senior executive coach and David Casey, Chief Diversity Officer of Fortune 30 pharmaceutical innovation company Charmaine McClarie and David Casey share their experience in meeting the challenge of racism and bias as African- American as well as provide sage advice to other African-Americans and everyone else who wants to reach the highest...


Episode 12 : Race, Immigration and the Cross-race Convo

Download Episode Conversations on Race- Perspectives from a black Ghanaian and a white Hungarian Patrick Tindana and Peter Kovacs: a Ghanaian and a Hungarian share stories and perspectives on race as immigrants to the US A cross-race conversation about race with Patrick Tindana a black African from Ghana and Peter Kovacs, a white Hungarian Key topics: Why Patrick Tindana had to leave Ghana for being gay What it’s like to be from a country where everyone “looks the same” and...


Episode 11 : Hassan Zee-Race and Equity from Pakistan

Guest is Hassan Zee and he talks about life and difficulties he felt in Pakistan and moving in another country. Main topics are Race and Equity. • How Hassan Zee handled racism when he came to the US • The need to stop generalizing all Asians. There is no one culture throughout Asia • How one person can make a difference in the race conversation. • Hear how an older White woman named Julie Halvorsen had a major impact on the life and career or Hassan Zee when he moved here from...


Episode 10 : Black, Jewish, Orthodox Rabbi-MaNishtana

Jewish, Orthodox Rabbi and African-American, MaNishtana enters the race convo as a voice of young Jewish leaders who speak out on issues of race, racial justice and religion in the Jewish community and beyond. He shares his experiences, perspective and Jewish philosophy with us in all of these areas. MaNishtana is a speaker, blogger, screenwriter and author of two books. He is the author of “Thoughts From a Unicorn, 100% Black, 100% Jewish, 100% Safe Episode highlights with MaNishtana:


Episode 9 : How To Be An Ally Across the Race Convo

In Episode 9 Guest is LeRon Barton


Episode 7 : Race, Racism and 3 Emmys Producing Oprah

Everyday Conversations on Race for Everyday People Episode 7- Race, Racism and 3 Emmys Producing Oprah Race, racism and racial bias are still challenges that people of color have to contend with in the pursuit of success. Engaging in everyday conversations on race, with people different than you is one way to reduce racism and racial bias. It’s widely accepted that a Black person in America has to be at least twice, and even three or four times as good as a white person with similar...


Episode 6: Race, Mental Health, Domestic Violence, and the Criminal Justice System

Race plays in important role in issues of mental health, domestic violence and treatment. Race and whether someone is a pearson of color or white, impacts who goes to jail, who gets help and who is ignored. Gerald Chambers, MFT at www.GeraldChambers.com shares his experience and insight about these issues and more on Everyday Conversations About Race for Everyday People. According to Gerald, research shows that the darker the skin tone, the more likely the conviction and the harsher the...


Episode 5: Redemption After Racism, How to Talk About Race With Love

You'll hear Priya Klocek, an Indian-American woman and Dante King, an African-American man, both diversity, equity and inclusion evangelists talk about when holding people accountable for past behaviors helps or hinders the race conversation. Can we allow for change, new perspectives and education? Can we correct people with love and help them grow? When is an apology an excuse to continue racist behavior? How do we have the race convo with love and disrupt racism? Listen to Talking...


Episode 4: The Diversity Calling - Building Community One Story at a Time

Guests - Juan Lopez and Sidalia Reel Juan Lopez and Sidalia Reel members of the DiCE Group (Diversity Community Exchange) share what it was like to build a multicultural community and write a book about it with nine people from very different backgrounds. Hear them discuss challenges and solutions and learn how to share your stories and build relationships across race and culture.


Episode 2: Why Are People of Color Invisible in the LGBTQ Community?

Guests: Kevin Hawkins and Ali Marrero Calderon [caption id="attachment_441" align="alignleft" width="150"] Kevin Hawkins[/caption] [caption id="attachment_548" align="alignleft" width="150"] Ali Marrero-Calderon[/caption] Ali Marrero a Puerto Rican lesbian activist and member of the baby boomer generation and one of the original “Dykes on Bikes,” at SF Gay Pride, shares the mic with Kevin Hawkins a millennial Black man with roots in African-American and Liberian culture. As they share...