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Episode 40: The Rohingya Refugee Crisis

On this episode of the Radical Bureaucrats Podcast, we discuss Hurricane Florence, and Trump’s denial of the official death toll in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, Paul Manafort’s agreement to cooperate with the Mueller investigation, and the circus that is Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. For our main piece, we discuss the ongoing crisis of the Rohingya people in Myanmar. Support Us on Patreon!


Episode 39: Trump & Trade

On the podcast this week, we discuss some of the commentary made during John McCain's memorial service aimed at Donald Trump, Trump's latest immigration crackdown against Latinos that are US citizens living on the US-Mexico border, and finally California's latest 100% clean energy commitment. For our main piece, we'll discuss the Trump administration's international trade policies. Support Us on Patreon!


Episode 38: Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

There was an insane amount of important news this past week. This episode, we cover the passing of Senator John McCain, and take an honest look at his legacy. We also discuss the new energy policy released by Trump's EPA, and dive into the news regarding Trump's circle of criminals, including the conviction of Paul Manafort and plea deal from Michael Cohen. For our main piece, we discuss the conflict and ongoing humanitarian conflict in Yemen. Link to comment on the Affordable Clean Energy...


Episode 37: Freedom of the Press

This week, we discuss the implications of Trump revoking John Brennan's security clearance (with a small tangent about Omarosa), the several new child sex abuse scandals rocking the Catholic Church, and our updated analysis of the 2018 midterm elections. For our main story, we talk about freedom of press under the Trump administration in light of the concerted effort of over 300 news outlets to push back against Trump's attacks. Support Us on Patreon1


Episode 36: Primary Election Results & Other News

This week's podcast episode is a solo episode covering some of the major news topics of last week since several of our podcasters are out of town. This week, we discuss the primary and special election results from last Tuesday, Canada's diplomatic faux pas with Saudi Arabia, China's religious crackdown against its Muslim minorities, and the current state of the Turkish economy. Support Us on Patreon!


Episode 35: Religious Liberty

On the podcast this week, we cover the financial troubles of the NRA, the assassination attempt on the Venezuelan president, Trump's feud with LeBron James, and recent losses by the Trump administration in the courts on the issue of immigration and DACA. For our main piece, we have a conversation on the discourse in the United States around religious liberty in light of Jeff Sessions' announcement on the creation of a religious liberty task force in the Department of Justice. Support Us on...


Episode 34: Election in Pakistan

This week on the Radical Bureaucrats Podcast, we discuss the new discourse on racism in Germany in light of Mesut Ozil's resignation from the German national team, Michael Cohen's ongoing conflict with his former client, Donald Trump, the evacuation of the White Helmets in Syria and the current status of families that have been separated at the southern border. For our main story, we discuss the election that just took place in Pakistan, and the rise in power of Imran Khan, who will likely...


Episode 33: The Student Loan Debt Crisis

This week on the podcast, we discuss the White House communication nightmare in the fallout of the Helsinki summit, and then the arrest of Maria Butina, the 29 year-old Russian agent that infiltrated the NRA. For our main story, we discuss the student loan debt crisis, how it got to this point, and what it's implications are for those under the weight of crushing student loan debt and the broader economy. Support Us on Patreon!


Episode 32: Russia, the World Cup & Human Rights

In this week's episode of the Radical Bureaucrats Podcast, we cover the UK's Brexit drama, Trump's visit to Europe and his disastrous meeting with NATO, Trump's even more disastrous meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki and ongoing unrest in Nicaragua. For our main piece, we discuss Russia's human rights violations in the context of the World Cup. Support Us on Patreon!


Episode 31: Elections in Turkey

After a pretty rough week, we dedicate much of this episode breaking down to suite of terrible Supreme Court-related news that has come up this past week. We also discuss some much needed points of optimism with a few major progressive primary victories in New York. Finally, we devote the main segment of this episode to diving further into the elections in Turkey that we discussed last week, and what the broader international relations implications of Recep Erdogan's victory are. Support Us...


Episode 30: MS-13

In this week's episode of the Radical Bureaucrats Podcast, we discuss Trump's new executive order rescinding his administration's policy of separating families as they cross the southern border, the Supreme Court's decision supporting Texas's racial gerrymandering, the recent election in Turkey, and the incident where Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave a Virginia restaurant for her role in defending Trump's horrible policies. For our main story, we discuss the out-of-control (by...


Episode 29: DOJ IG Report, Trump-Kim Summit, and Family Separations

This week's episode of the Radical Bureaucrats Podcast is a solo one as we're still undergoing some transitional issues, and some of us are still moving around. In this episode, we talk about the Department of Justice Inspector General's report on James Comey's handling of the Clinton email investigation, the results of the Trump-Kim summit, and the ongoing crisis of child separation of migrant families at the border. Support Us on Patreon!


Episode 28: Executive Authority

On this episode of the Radical Bureaucrats Podcast, we discuss the ongoing science drain that is taking place in the White House, Austria's expulsion of a number of Muslim imams from the country, new indictments against Paul Manafort by Robert Mueller, and Trump's behavior at the G7 summit. For our main topic, we discuss the limits of executive authority and the possibility that Trump might pardon himself of federal crimes. Support Us on Patreon!


Episode 27: State of the Transatlantic Relationship

This week on the podcast, we discuss the results of the recent wave of primary elections, more updates (again!) on the North Korea summit, as well as the Mueller investigations, and the Supreme Court ruling on a prominent LGBTQ rights case. For our main story, we discuss the nature of the transatlantic relationship between the United States and the European Union. Support Us on Patreon!


Episode 26: Immigration Enforcement Under Trump

This week on the Radical Bureaucrats Podcast, we discuss the flip flopping of the administration on talks with North Korea, ongoing economic sanctions against Venezuela, the Irish referendum ending the ban on abortion, and updates on the status of the Iran Nuclear Deal. For our main topic, we dive into immigration enforcement under the Trump administration, and how Trump is inflicting even greater levels of suffering against vulnerable undocumented migrants in this country. Support Us on...


Episode 25: Violence in Gaza

This week on the Radical Bureaucrats Podcast, we discuss the recent shooting at a high school in Texas, some new examples of congressional bravery, the confirmation of Gina Haspel to CIA Director, and new revelations that Don Jr. met with emissaries from Gulf states during the campaign. For our main story, we discuss the ongoing violence in Gaza by Israeli military over Palestinian protests taking place in the Israel-Gaza border. Support Us on Patreon!


Episode 24: The #MeToo Movement

This week on the Radical Bureaucrats Podcast, we provide an update on developments with regards to the Iran Nuclear Deal since Trump withdrew from the agreement last week, the ongoing problems of Michael Cohen, further diplomatic developments with North Korea and the results of the first set of primary elections of the 2018 midterms. For our main piece, we have a lengthy discussion on the ongoing discourse of the #MeToo movement. Support Us on Patreon!


Episode 23: Iran Nuclear Deal

We've got another short episode this week because we just finished writing our master's thesis a few days ago. This episode we discuss the Iran Nuclear Deal, which Donald Trump just announced the United States will withdraw from. We provide a brief overview of the provisions of the deal, and talk at length about the implications of Trump's choice to reimpose sanctions on Iran, what that means for the deal, and what that means about our relationship with Iran and our international...


Episode 22: Racial Injustice

On the podcast this week, we cover the DNC's new lawsuit against the Trump campaign, Russia and WikiLeaks, concessions made by North Korea ahead of the Trump-Kim summit, the bombing of a voter registration center in Afghanistan, and outrage over a high-profile child rape case in India. For our main piece, we dive into several prominent cases of racism and racial injustice that took place in recent weeks, and tie them together into a broader conversation on the issue of racism in the United...


Episode 21: Minipod - Major Political News Coverage

This week's podcast episode is a bit shorter as all of us are embroiled in graduate school work, conferences, and travel outside of Germany. However, we could never just leave you hanging, and so we have a discussion of the major news stories that broke last week. This episode, we talk about the US strikes on Syria, James Comey's book and media tour, the FBI raid against Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, and Paul Ryan's announced resignation. Support Us on Patreon!