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Final Broadcast

We are closing the Radical Bureaucrats Podcast with a brief rant on the ongoing saga of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination. We also reflect on our time working on the podcast, as well as the current state of politics.


Episode 40: The Rohingya Refugee Crisis

On this episode of the Radical Bureaucrats Podcast, we discuss Hurricane Florence, and Trump’s denial of the official death toll in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, Paul Manafort’s agreement to cooperate with the Mueller investigation, and the circus that is Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. For our main piece, we discuss the ongoing crisis of the Rohingya people in Myanmar. Support Us on Patreon!


Episode 7: End-of-Year Drunken Rant

For the last episode of the Radical Bureaucrats Podcast of 2017, we decided to do something a bit different. After quite a bit of liquid courage, we talk as a group about how we felt the course of the year went, what our perspective on the future of politics are, and dive into a bit of philosophy as well. Overall, we had quite a deep and thoughtful conversation with some ranting, some thoughtful critique, and a lot of swearing. We hope you enjoy, and have a wonderful holiday season! Support...


Bonus Podcast: Doug Jones Wins in Alabama

We've got a special bonus podcast for you in order to talk about Doug Jones's incredible victory over Roy Moore in the Alabama special Senate election. In the episode, we discuss how the final vote broke down, what were the factors that ultimately played into the result, and what are the political implications of this election moving forward for national politics. Support Us on Patreon!


Episode 6: Zimbabwe

This week on the Radical Bureaucrats Podcast, we discuss the resignation of Al Franken, provide you resources on how you can support victims of the ongoing wildfires in Southern California, and discuss the foreign policy implications of Trump's decision to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In our main story, we provide an in-depth overview of Zimbabwe's contentious history, and have a conversation with Panganai Ngorima on what the removal of Robert Mugabe means for the...


Episode 5: Trump and the Judiciary

Our episode this week is a bit longer than usual because we had a lot of ground to cover after Thanksgiving. This week, we talk about the new sexual harassment allegations against Rep. John Conyers, Michael Flynn's plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller, North Korea's most recent missile launch test, the passage of the GOP tax plan in the Senate, and the showdown at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. After covering the major news items, we have an interview with Professor...


Episode 4: North Korea

On this episode of the Radical Bureaucrats Podcast, we talk about the eminent demise of the Islamic State, the gutting of the State Department by Rex Tillerson, and the latest update on the situation in Zimbabwe. Then, we dive into a conversation on the topic of North Korea, first by establishing a bit of historical context for those that might not be familiar with why the Korean Peninsula is so complicated, and then we're joined by our friend Kareem Sharaf to talk more about the current...


Episode 3: Net Neutrality

This week, we talk about more about the GOP tax plan in both the House and the Senate, the latest sexual harassment allegation against Al Franken, improving poll numbers for Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate special election, the developing situation in Zimbabwe, and what took place at the COP23 climate conference in Bonn, Germany. Then, we dive into a detailed discussion about net neutrality, why everyone needs to be paying attention, and what you can do to keep the internet free and...


Episode 2: German Federal Elections

In the second episode of the Radical Bureaucrats Podcast, we talk about the Senate GOP tax bill, Trump's trip to Asia and comments about Vladimir Putin, the sexual assault allegations against Roy Moore, the results of the special elections last Tuesday, and the white nationalist march in Poland. Then, we're joined by our friend Florian Schurig, who works for the Social Democratic Party in Germany, to talk about the implications of the German Federal Election results from September. Support...


Episode 1: Race in America

It's the moment you've all been waiting for! The first episode of the Radical Bureaucrats Podcast is officially live! In this episode, we do a quick introduction to who we are, why we're doing this podcast, and what you, our audience can expect. From there, we dive headfirst into talking about some of the biggest political news of the day, including the Manafort indictment, and then launch into a great discussion on the topic of race in America. Support us on Patreon!


Teaser Trailer

Get hyped! The very first episode of the Radical Bureaucrats Podcast will release in exactly one week! We'll begin with an introduction to who we are, talk about some of the major news items of the day, and launch into our discussion on the topic of race in America. Click the links below to subscribe to our podcast on your favorite listening platform so that you don't miss an episode! If you like what we're doing, and want to help ensure that we can continue producing this podcast, sign up...