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A podast from the Browser, the world's most influential curation newsletter.

A podast from the Browser, the world's most influential curation newsletter.


South Africa


A podast from the Browser, the world's most influential curation newsletter.






Understanding Artemisia Gentileschi with Helen Lewis

Nontsi and Lindelani chat with Helen Lewis about "how the feminist passion for Artemisia Gentileschi’s life story risks overwhelming her artistic talent." Inspired by Helen's piece titled “Isn’t She Good—For a Woman?” Reading material mentioned in the conversation: Difficult Women: A History of Feminism in 11 Fights by Helen Lewis The Obstacle Race: The Fortunes of Women Painters and Their Work by Germaine Greer


Understanding Disability with Joanne Limburg

Nontsi and Lindelani chat with Joanne Limburg about her personal journey with disability and the impact it has had on her family, social and professional life. Inspired by Joanne’s piece titled “Am I disabled?” Reading material mentioned in the conversation: Disability Visibility by Alice Wong The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time by Mark Haddon Inspiration Porn


52 Things I Learned In 2020 with Tom Whitwell

Inspired by the piece 52 Things I Learned in 2020, Lindelani and Nontsi speak to the author Tom Whitwell about his list of interesting things he learned in the year 2020.


Complex Systems Of The Modern World with Tim Maughan

Inspired by the piece The Modern World Has Finally Become Too Complex for Any of Us to Understand, Lindelani and Nontsi speak to the author Tim Maughan about the complex systems of the modern world and how they affect us.


Understanding Cheating with Alicia Walker

Inspired by the interview Men who have affairs: An Interview with Alicia Walker, conducted by Arielle Kuperberg, Lindelani and Nontsi speak to the Dr. Alicia Walker about her studies on cheating and how to better understand what cheating is.


Everyone Should Be In The Crossword With Michelle McGhee

Inspired by the piece Who’s in the Crossword, Lindelani speaks to the co-author Michelle McGhee about inclusion in the crossword and the experience of existing within marginalized and underrepresented cultures.


Shocking art vs Shocking subjects

Lindelani and Nontsi chat with Sophie Haigney, about her piece featured in the Browser (titled Making Art Bad Again) about shock, protest, and visual art in the age of Trump and what similarities or differences exist in the South African context. Mentioned in the episode: Brett Murray Ayanda Mabulu


Our grandparents rule!

This week, Lindelani and Nontsi chat with Alison Gopnik, about her wonderful piece featured in the Browser (titled Vulnerable yet vital) about the importance of grandparents in the life and upbringing of their grandchildren.


Maboneng Precinct

Inspired by Stefan Al’s “The Air-Conditioned Cowboy”, Nontsi and Lindelani discuss the similarities of the becoming of Las Vegas to that of Maboneng. They further discuss the good and bad that Maboneng Precinct has brought to the community of downtown Johannesburg.


The story of Sikkim’s merger with India with Sunaina Kumar

This week, Lindelani and Nontsi chat with Sunaina Kumar, about her wonderful piece (featured in the titled Kingdom from which we learn about the "aristocrats, enigmatic wives, and spymasters in the drama of Sikkim’s merger with India." Sunaina's writings: 1. (A story of a hidden community of Uighurs living in Kashmir from the time of Silk Route trade) 2. ...


Soul-searching Part 2

Nontsi, Lindelani and X continue the conversation of soul-searching inspired by Morgan Housel's article I Have A Few Questions.


Our Answers to some of Life's questions asked by Morgan Housel

Nontsi and Lindelani are joined by X in attempting to answer some "Soul-searching" questions asked by an investment adviser, Morgan Housel. This episode is inspired by the article I Have A Few Questions.


The need and opportunity of vending machines

Inspired by Zachary Crockett’s “The economics of vending machines”, Nontsi and Lindelani discuss the need and opportunity for vending machines in less privileged areas for business owners but most importantly, for the customers who need the products (that prove to not be as easily accessible through the currently available supply chains).


A closer look at Acceptance Parenting with Agnes Callard

In this episode, Agnes Callard, an associate professor of philosophy at the University of Chicago joins our hosts Lindelani and Nontsi in an insightful discussion on Acceptance Parenting and how it either does or does not apply in their own lives. This episode was inspired by Agnes' recently Browser featured essay Acceptance Parenting You can find Agnes here: Twitter: @AgnesCallardBook: University of Chicago:...


Decisions Great and Small

Inspired by Morgan Housel’s “Common causes of very bad decisions”, Nontsi and Lindelani discuss the consequences of overlooking small decisions and the decisions we make in compromising situations. Mentioned in this episode: - Article that inspired the episode - Adventure Time - Sarafina - Mandla Hlatshwayo killed during a mugging - site for a place you mentioned


Understanding Euthanasia

Inspired by Ken Weiss’s “He is (or well, he was) just a cat! On legalized for mere animals”, Nontsi and Lindelani discuss how they understand euthanasia for animals and how the love and compassion for animals sometimes outweighs that of humanity.


Rivalry in society

Inspired by Steve Randy Waldman’s “Dispersion causes discohesion”, Nontsi, Lindelani and X discuss what they have experienced of rivalry in society.


Surveillance vs Privacy

Inspired by Adrian Hon’s “Digital Sight Management, and the Mystery of the Missing Amazon Receipts”, Nontsi and Lindelani are joined by X to discuss the surveillance that our devices invite vs our privacy. They discuss private sexual expression in the presence of their computers and furthermore if digital surveillance is welcome or can work together with documenting and assisting in cultural rituals given the present constraints presented by the lockdown restrictions.


What's in a name?

Inspired by Osama Shehzad ’s “Do you get shit for your name?”, Nontsi and Lindelani discuss what is in a name, from the African context.


To have children or not

In this episode, Nontsi and Lindelani are joined by X Njokweni in discussing the societal, cultural and spiritual obligations of having children in the African context. This conversation was inspired by Rob Delaney’s article “The pain and pleasure of vasectomy" Twitter: @XNjoks Facebook: exnjokweni Instagram: exnjokweni