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Tony O'Brien Interview - The Security Industry

Today we are joined by security consultant Tony O’Brien. He has worked in the security industry pretty much his entire working life. He came up in the old school days of “hired for size and fight capability” and has now become a voice for change on the perception and legislation of the security industry. We talk about the industry as a whole and its components. Also, on how it used to be, how it is now and what could it be. We cover pre- and misconceptions, legislation, grey areas,...


Atheism, moving away from the old? - Interview with Kelvin O'Connor of Atheist Ireland

Today we are joined by Membership Officer of Atheist Ireland, Kelvin O’Connor. We discuss what the organisation does and how it operates. We talk about what atheism actually is and how it is being perceived in Ireland in general, especially some “militant atheism”. We touch on some policy issues, voting statistics, morality and the education system. Of note are the recent abortion, equal marriage and Blasphemy referenda, which that shows a huge shift in secular attitudes in traditionally...


Season 2 Episode 7 - Isis Brides, Disturbing documentaries, Brexit stupidity

Today we discuss the disturbing documentaries floating around, personality cults, can you seperate the artist from the art, far rightness, Isis brides returning, a bit of brexit and a bunch of other stuff.


Season 2 Episode 6 - All about music and what is our relationship to it

So today these people you listen to discuss music! The industry itself, the evolution of the modern industry and its state now. We give off some opinions on how we perceive it and is our relationship to music today warped by our nostalgia? Listen in to find out more. And also, is today's crap music really that crap? If you have any comments of ideas or suggestions, contact us in any of the ways below. We will gladly reply! E-Mail us directly at rumboyz101@gmail.com or hit us up on social...


Interview with Lloyd Evans - Ex-Jehovah's Witness. Leaving a cult and damage now and beyond

You know that knock and the door. You answer. As soon as you see who’s there you close the door with the standard accompanying and dismissive phrase "I'm not interested". Yes, it’s the Jehovah’s Witness. Today's interview guest is Lloyd Evans who is an ex-member with plenty of stories to tell (who was also on Leah Remini's show). He tells us about his (nearly) whole life in the organisation. He shines a light on the challenges, the damage, the practices and the personal effect of being in a...


Year in Review 2018 - Mental Health and your information

We all have goals, we all have hopes, we all have ways of getting there. But the issue of anxiety and associated illnesses tends to be undercut and -valued because people thinks it's just a "snap out of it" concept. We talk about this and other experiences. We also discuss how social media and our data is affecting us and what the effects of it are. We wish you all the best in the new year!!! If you have any comments of ideas or suggestions, contact us in any of the ways below. We will...


Season 2 Episode 5 - UFO's in Ireland, horny Judas Goats, Vatican corpses, Relaxations apps

Today we discuss a broad range of topics including a recent UFO sighting in Ireland, R Kelly getting his chin (and more) wiped on stage by fans and his fight club, Shane deletes his Facebook, meditation and relaxation apps and the philosophy of Hygge, eat that cake, the remains found on Vatican grounds and how horny goats were used to cull the errant goat population on the Galapagos islands. Shoutout to our boyz at the excellent German language Bytesize Podcast, delivering the sweetest,...


Interview follow up with Kevin from Tech Showdown - Overblown tech reveals: Don't fall for hype! Also mumble rap & philosophy

Today Shane catches up with PC-Tech reviewer Kevin from his channel Tech Show down. We discuss his move to Taiwan and the hurdles he had to overcome, the high cost of high flying equipment, the big players generally don't like comparisons and the truth, tech reveals and launches and how rubbish they can be, overcoming the odds, being attacked by horrendously large hornets, Hip Hop, mutli tasking gaming while listening to podcasts and some deep existential philosophy on the side. For the...


Season Episode 4 - Fraud, KKK, Politically Correct, Racism, Christmas decorations

Today we talk about Cat's experience of near fraud and how to stay safe online, idiots dressing up in KKK garb in the north of Ireland, racism, political correctness, comedy and public statements and their limits, Louis Theroux's new documentaries, assisted suicide and a bit of polygamy. Also Christmas decorations, all the time. If you have any comments of ideas or suggestions, contact us as per below. We will gladly reply! E-Mail us directly at rumboyz101@gmail.com Follow us by searching...


Season 2 Episode 3 - Blasphemy referendum, Royal Babies, canada cannabis, assassinations still going

The guys cover various issues such as the blasphemy referendum coming up in Ireland, royal babies, housing crisis in Ireland, publicly known assassinations and separation of church and state stemming from the blasphemy law. Social justice is touched on in a non-explosive way. But it will be seized upon because it's so non social. If you have any comments of ideas or suggestions, contact us as per below. We will gladly reply! Follow us by searching "Random Urban Memories": Any podcasting...


Season 2 Episode 2 - X-Factor, Diesel Scandal, Budget & taxation & failing systems, climate change

Today we discuss the X-Factor and all contestant shows and their common factor, the Irish national budget announcement of this year and the current state of affairs and it's crumbling health service. We give our brief and skewed couch-economist view of the budget. Mentioned is the fact that it’s now research-paper-proven the ultra-high earning pay ultra-low tax (which is nothing new of course, but it is officially been presented). Trickle-Down or Supply-Side economics is bullshit (Bruce...


Special Interview Episode Daniele Bolleli

An insight into the mind that makes history meet epic in a short and sweet format: A Professor Daniele Bolleli Interview. Podcaster, Author, Educator and very nice guy to talk to. If you listen to podcasts, you might have heard of him before. If not, then google and immerse yourself right now! You will be amazed at how amazing history sounds now compared to your school times! We had a quick & great chat with him asking about his process, research, politics of today, equipment, education and...


Season 2 - Totally Random Talk - Vaccinate! -Fake news, flat Earth, disease, Russian influence & social media,

CHEMTRAILS! And please excuse the bad sound quality. We got together to chat and I did not pay attention to the sound settings. But apart from that: There is zero structure or timing to this chat at all. This is us freestyling. An episode dedicated to random and nonsensical ramblings from us. Everything from medical tourism, exam pressure, hydration, flat earth, conspiracies, death due to disease, Russian interference, hacking, trolling, social media influence, over-reach, fake news,...


Season 2 Episode 1 - Togetherness, foreigners, census data, eastern drinking, welfare, amazon

Dirty foreigners & jobs and women! Are we really that different? Nearly being killed by "fake" climate change, eastern drinking, a light overview of the last Irish census statistics 2016 and it's shortcomings, divorce, welfare abuse/use of the system and the helpfulness of the welfare offices, religiousness. A major point is the surprising common we have through our struggles and hurdles in life on a daily basis regardless of where we are from. This is something we need to recognise and...


Oh No Ross and Carrie Interview Special

Oh No! You mean Oh hell yea! Ross and Carrie are here to talk to Random Urban Memories! Shane gets to interview Carrie Poppy and Ross Blocher of their acclaimed Oh No Ross and Carrie Podcast. This interview covers some of the things you might have always wanted to ask these endearing folks and explains the motivations and facts behind the investigations. Their acclaimed podcast is a excellent collection of insights that delve deep into extraordinary claims such a the paranormal, fringe...


Epidsode 11 - Update, Las Vegas, misinformation / fake news, social media is a cesspit, gambling

We briefly discuss Shane's honeymoon in Vegas and how shooting craps was crap this time, how social media is attracting a platform of vitriol and misinformation. Also David Wolfe Avocado is dangerous with his seemingly harmless posts (then he has got you!) and how politics have been affected by social media.


Episode 10 - US trips, sticky couches and Irish Hurricanes

The gang got together fully for the first time to talk about our recent and upcoming and past US trips, the weird weather going on that is changing and causing hurricanes in Ireland. Also we cover online retailing and the expectations as a customer and sticky fabric on couches. Search and find us on any social media by looking for Random Urban Memories! :)


Special Episode: Our new Social Media Manager Catriona

We are today introducing Catriona Hegarty as our social media manager. Quite simply we sucked at it, and she was glad to start straighten us out. Cat is a phenomenal resource on music, trends and events around the world. She spent 9 of her life years on a cruise ship, on multiple levels of authority. She has been around the world, she has seen all the weirdness you can image. So let's see what she has in store for us.


Special Interview Episode with Kevin from Tech Showdown

Today we get to meet PC enthusiast and hardware reviewer from his famous channel "Tech Showdown". We discuss the trials and tribulations of becoming a YouTuber and the work that goes into it. The premise was an insight into what is required. For all you non-tech folks out there, don't be scared off. We only discuss hardware towards the middle, purely for the fact that there is so much going on right now. Please check out his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNBQvT7zlLuK-hqRtv1j47g...


Episode 9 - LIVE! - Galway Races, Housing Crisis and Taxation, DNA

Today we streamed not only the podcast live, we combined it with a Facebook Live Stream! We discuss the Galway Races in Ireland that are about to kick off and how messy they are. Also we discuss the housing crisis and Mortgages and the taxation measures the government wants to implement. (again). Also we talk about Shane getting DNA analysis and waiting for the result. We then touch on the ethical implication of human embryo editing.