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PODCAST: 2 righteous guys behind the Iron Curtain in Commie Fornia....politically incorrect and insensitive right side commentary on politics, big tech, media and culture. Website: https://www.rantandrave.us


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PODCAST: 2 righteous guys behind the Iron Curtain in Commie Fornia....politically incorrect and insensitive right side commentary on politics, big tech, media and culture. Website: https://www.rantandrave.us






Rant and Rave, Episode #291, March 3, 2024: Trump: The Heat Is On: We Are Ascendant, We Are Winning

Rant and Rave take you through the latest Trump primary wins, Nikki hasn't won anything but still in the race ! They preview Super Tuesday when 1/3 of GOP delegates are up for grabs, and Trump will all but lock up the nomination. Meanwhile, Biden humiliated at the southern border, Trump cheered, as Biden lets in millions of unvetted illegal alien invaders (that the Left now calls "Newcomers" to make them look better, many of whom are killing our citizens.) Meanwhile, GOP Chair Ronna gone, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell gone, Speaker McCarthy gone: America First is ascendant and has the power. Also, Republicans doing better than expected in California! Even Marxists in CA are pissed.


Rant and Rave, Episode #290, Feb.27, 2024: Connecting the Dots on the 4 Fronts They Are Attacking Us On

1) The intentional southern border invasion to bring in 10-15 mm illegal votes and steal Black and Hispanic jobs at a lower price; UN ATM cards via Global Compact on Migration that Biden signed being funded by you, funneling $ to NGO's and charities to import illegals, terrorists and criminals; chemical warfare from the CCP via fentanyl killing 100k Americans a year 2) Financial; $35 trillion in debt, $2 trillion a year deficit; structural problems including inflation now embedded in zombie economy that is being propped up by the FED 3) Kinetic War Ukraine war, $120 billion US taxpayer $ to get nowhere, 1 mm Ukrainians dead; plus Taiwan/China and Mid east (Hamas, Israel, Iran) 4) Administrative State; election interference from Big Tech, control via rules and regulations from unelected bureaucrats. When we get in we will dismantle the Admin State brick by brick.


Rant and Rave, Episode #289, Feb.24, 2024: Trump Wins South Carolina, Unstoppable

Despite the illegitimate Biden (aka Obama) Marxist Regime's best efforts, Trump only gets stronger with every indictment, with more and more people supporting him. MAGA supporters will be called "white nationalist", "Christian nationalist", misogynist, xenophobe, racist (the list is endless but no one is paying attention anymore because its classic Marxist strategy: call them what YOU really are. If they say Trump is a "threat to Democracy" that means they are. And that is clear from their Republic ending tactics. We are winning and it's going to be a landslide.


Rant and Rave, Episode #288, Feb.21, 2024: Trump Is Unstoppable

Rant and Rave talk Deep State, CPAC, VP candidates, Ukraine, the southern border, crazy California stories and Joe Biden's Satanic dog.


Rant and Rave, Episode #287, Feb.17, 2024: Obama Treason Receipts; Special Guest!

Rant and Rave dig into the receipts of how Obama personally directed then CIA London Station Chief Gina Haspel to spy on incoming President Trump during the transition between Obama and Trump. This spying included the "5 Eyes" major countries intel agencies and was a coordinated attempt to frame Trump with "Russia Gate". It was all a set up to discredit and tie up Trump. Haspel later was promoted to lead the CIA. Brenan (CIA Chief), Clapper (DNI Head), Susan Rice (National Security Advisor), and VP Biden were all in a meeting Jan.5, 2017, where this was discussed. Trust no one. Question everything. We also welcome a special guest to the show!


Rant and Rave, Episode #286, Feb.9, 2024: Biden Falls Apart in Front of the World

In an 8:48 second presser on Feb.8, 2024, Biden's illegitimate regime began to unwind for the world to see live; including our enemies; they got to see an incoherent Biden try to defend himself re: his "willful retention and dissemination of classified documents" . It was a HUGE week of wins for Trump: NV historical caucus win; NV “none of the above” primary win; Biden disaster presser; Special Counsel report on Biden; CO ballot case in Supreme Court other side got smoked; Presidential immunity case heading in the right direction, Special Counsel Jack Smith on his heels.


Rant and Rave, Episode #285, Feb. 7, 2024: Election Primaries, The Border, Trump and Presidential Immunity

A lot to dive into and Rant and Rave have you covered, from the election primaries, to the border, to the circle jerk in the House and Senate on the Mayorkas impeachment and the Border Bills; plus crazy media stories, Musk and Gina Carano sue Disney, and the wildest job ad you will ever hear from Amazon Studios


Rant and Rave, Episode #284, Feb.3, 2024: East Palestine, The Border, Connecting the Dots

Rant and Rave share a powerful interview with an East Palestine, Ohio resident on the 1 year anniversary of the massive intentional and unnecessary train car explosion that released toxic chemicals into the entire area. Biden and the Globalists hate you, and everything you stand for, and it becomes very clear when illegals are getting treated like royalty and openly mocking us, and US citizens who are suffering are treated like garbage. East Palestine residents have not only been forgotten and ignored, they are being punished, because it's a MAGA territory.


Rant and Rave, Episode #283, Jan.31, 2024: Biden is Intentionally Destroying America

The southern border, millions of illegals and terrorists entering at will, preventing Texas from protecting itself, weaponizing the DOJ to convict pro life advocates of doing nothing but praying in front of an abortion clinic, now facing 11 years in prison, sexualizing our children and using surgery to permanently change their sex, importing weakness and WOKE into our military resulting in record low recruitment, got us into multiple global conflicts, gotten dozens of US soldiers killed with the debacle pulling out of Afghanistan. The list is never ending. This is not incompetence. This IS intentional.


Rant and Rave, Episode #282, Jan. 29, 2024: How The Radical Marxist Dems Are Intentionally Destroying Our Country

California murderer serves no jail time; left wing media collapsing as no one is watching or reading it, Ohio passes law to prevent sex change surgery on minors despite Governor veto which was overridden.


Rant and Rave, Episode #281, Jan. 27, 2024: Southern Border Invasion Is A Clear And Present Danger

Rant and Rave discuss the TX/Feds standoff at Eagle Pass; a letter written to Speaker Johnson and the US Intel Community by 10 former counterterrorism officers describing the Clear and Present Danger the open border represents; Biden is planting the seeds for a terrorist event, that would lead him to declare an "Emergency" (like COVID) and engage in mass mail in balloting for the Deep State to steal another election. Also discussed: illegals landing by boat in La Jolla in broad daylight; the Trucker Convoy to the southern border; the DOA Bill re: border security; and the global move to patriotic populism and economic nationalism.


Rant and Rave, Episode #280, Jan. 24, 2024: Trump On a Roll Plus TX vs US Constitutional Crisis Over Border

Rant and Rave take you inside the campaign on the Trump New Hampshire double digit win vs Nimrata Haley. Also BREAKING: a Constitutional crisis on the southern border with TX National Guard and DPS vs US Border Patrol who have been temporarily ordered by the US Supreme Court to allow in illegals. Finally, AZ officials try and bribe Kari Lake to get out of US Senate race, and Charles Payne from FOX Business goes on a HUGE MAGA rant!


Rant and Rave, Episode #279, Jan.22, 2024: How The Radical Marxists Are Intentionally Destroying AMERICA

Rant and Rave get you up to date on how the illegitimate Radical Left Biden Regime is intentionally trying to destroy our country. We will not rest, and we WILL take it back.


Rant and Rave, Episode #278, Jan.20, 2024: MAGA vs Davos: America First is Winning

Rant and Rave preview the New Hampshire primary and wrap up the Davos/WEF week. The takeaway: MAGA and America First is ascendant; Davos, the WEF, the Radical Globalists and Marxists are in decline and losing.


Rant and Rave, Episode #277, Jan. 17, 2024: Iowa Blowout: Get On The Trump Train Or Get Run Over

Rant and Rave break down the historic Iowa win for President Trump; now it's on to New Hampshire and S. Carolina. Vivek endorses Trump as predicted; Nimrat Haley flailing; Ron DeSanctimonious desperate; and Davos begins, with all the global elite and their New World Order and Global Reset in their private jets with carbon offsets and climate change agenda desperate to rub up on Trump.


Rant and Rave, Episode #276, Jan. 16, 2024: How the Radical Left Marxists Are Intentionally Destroying America

WW3 in the Mid East, Taiwan elects a conservative President who is most opposed to China; Georgia election fraud and DA Fanni Willis done; pushing the trans lifestyle that is corrupting young people and leading to mass shootings; taking away your Rights, 2A and others and the global e-vehicle idea failing miserably: no wants them ! Hertz selling its e-vehicle fleet.


Rant and Rave, Episode #275, Jan. 13, 2024: Border Invasion, Middle East War, US Cities in Turmoil

Rant and Rave discuss and connect the dots between the southern border intentional invasion by the Biden Admin, US cities now embroiled in turmoil and conflict with schools and hotels being used to house millions of illegals over US citizens and how Gov Abbott of Texas has exercised his Constitutional Right to take control of the Eagle Pass border area as the feds are derelict in their duty. Also, the US has now hit more than 60 targets in Yemen with US airpower in response to the Houthi Rebels (Iran backed) after they attacked the US with drone swarms.


Rant and Rave, Episode #274, Jan. 4, 2024: Predictions for 2024



Rant and Rave, Episode #273, Dec.31, 2023: Year End Assessment: Illegal Invasion, Election Interference

Rant and Rave discuss the single biggest threat ever to our Republic, the orchestrated, intentional and illegal invasion of millions into the United States. It's the root cause of everything bad, and we must shut the border down completely or no budget from Congress, until we have operational control. It is currently wide open. 300k in Dec alone. Unvetted. Illegal. Notices to Appear in 7 years! Now getting tax payer funded free healthcare in CA. Also, election interference in CO and MA with the Marxists trying to get Trump off the ballot since they cant beat him on the issues.


Rant and Rave, Episode #272, Dec.26, 2023: Christmas and Year End Special Recap

Southern Border, mass intentional illegal immigration, Great Replacement Theory, Media enablers of the globalist agenda, Israel war on Hamas terrorists, Maui fire cover up, Everything Trump (lawfare, off ballot, insurrectionist, TDS), Ukraine slush fund for globalists, Movement to right around the world: The Great Pushback