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Red Mom Blue Mom is produced by two moms on opposite sides of the political aisle. Each week we have conversation about politics, current events and social issues.

Red Mom Blue Mom is produced by two moms on opposite sides of the political aisle. Each week we have conversation about politics, current events and social issues.
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Red Mom Blue Mom is produced by two moms on opposite sides of the political aisle. Each week we have conversation about politics, current events and social issues.




Red Flag Laws with guest Laura Carno

"Red Flag" gun laws are growing in popularity across the U.S., including most recently in Colorado where a new law was signed in April 2019. We are joined by Laura Carno to discuss the pros and cons of Red Flag legislation, the impact of these laws on suicides and mental health, the influence of the NRA/gun lobby and a deep dive into understanding the due process provided for in the Colorado law compared to other states that have similar laws on the books. References: Text of new CO law -...


Paid Family Leave

Paid family leave is currently a hot topic among many politicians on both the right and the left. The US is one of very few countries in the world that don't have government mandated paid leave. Currently there are several proposals in Congress (as well as some at the state level here in Colorado) which would mandate private businesses offer paid family leave to their employees. Is this a good thing for those business owners? More importantly, is this a good thing for women/mothers? Join...


White Supremacy and Nationalism

The recent mosque shootings in Christchurch New Zealand have put white supremacy and nationalism back in the news. Join us as we discuss what role President Trump has, if any, in the rise of white supremacists groups and is "nationalism" a bad thing? Also, what is the connection between nationalism and racism? Caitlin and Shelley have very different perspectives. References (links may only work on New Zealand attacks offer evidence of web of supremacist extremism...


The most wonderful time of year! Just kidding - it's tax time.

Tax time in the US is quickly approaching. Is anyone in Congress - Republican or Democrat - really serious about reducing taxes? Is the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that Trump signed into law in December 2017 making a positive impact on the middle class or is it ultimately a scam? Join us as we discuss tax policy, Trump's proposed budget and if government should be taking more or less of our money. References (hyperlinks may only work on A Year After the Middle Class Tax...


Is there a gender pay gap?

The gender pay gap has been in the news recently with the announcement of a lawsuit filed by the US Women's National Soccer team for gender discrimination by the US Soccer Federation. Also, sometime in April is typically when we see various organizations promoting "Equal Pay Day", a symbolic date on which some claim that women finally catch up to what men earned during the previous year. But is there really a gender-based pay gap? And should the US Women's National Soccer team earn as much...


Sex ed curriculum and talking about sex with your kids

In Colorado there is a new sex ed curriculum bill for public schools currently working its way through the legislature and likely to be signed into law in the near future. The bill is controversial with claims from some Republicans that it is too progressive for various reasons, including how LGBT issues will be taught as part of the new curriculum standards. Join us as we discuss the bill with our first ever guest: Alison Macklin, fellow mom and a Vice President at Planned Parenthood of the...


Jussie Smollett, hate crimes and hoaxes

The Jussie Smollett story has captured the nation...and not in a good way. What a schmuck. Join us as we talk about hate crimes and FBI hate crime data, hoaxes, media bias and the only silver lining in the Smollett story as defined by Trevor Noah from The Daily...


AOC, climate change and the Green New Deal

AOC and her Green New Deal have been all over the news lately and have been applauded by some on the left while being mocked by many on the right. Join us as we talk about AOC and her impact on politics, climate change and if it's in fact an emergency as Blue Mom Shelley believes (spoiler alert: Red Mom Caitlin is not so sure), and some of the specific ideas presented in the Green New...


Immigration Policy

Immigration has been a hot issue in recent months, including debate between Congress and President Trump about border security that ultimately led to a government shutdown. Is a wall immoral as some of the left have claimed? How do people even immigrate legally to the U.S.? Do Republicans/conservatives have a racist undertone when talking about...


Abortion legislation in NY and VA

The recent success of the 2019 Reproductive Health Act in NY and the proposed (although failed) late term abortion legislation in VA have caused celebration on the left and outrage on the right. We discuss the specifics of the law and our perspectives on abortion, including is abortion ultimately a religious issue? Episode references: Institute:...


Toxic Masculinity

Toxic masculinity is all over the news lately, including the Gillette razors ad and the new guidelines from the American Psychological Association on how therapists can help men/boys. Is toxic masculinity really a thing? And if so, how is it impacting how we parent our kids, especially boys? Episode references: Gillette ad: guidelines summary: Times:...