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Now more than ever, the press is a part of every story it covers. And CNN's "Reliable Sources" is one of television's only regular programs to examine how journalists do their jobs and how the media affect the stories they cover.

Now more than ever, the press is a part of every story it covers. And CNN's "Reliable Sources" is one of television's only regular programs to examine how journalists do their jobs and how the media affect the stories they cover.
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Now more than ever, the press is a part of every story it covers. And CNN's "Reliable Sources" is one of television's only regular programs to examine how journalists do their jobs and how the media affect the stories they cover.






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December 8, 2019: Carl Bernstein on the impeachment hearings and what's next; Olivia Nuzzi on the messaging wars; politicians using the courts to punish the press?

Plus, Trump's hypocrisy about anonymous sources; a British researcher shows how phones are changing news consumption; and a Harvard professor argues that America has "lost its mind." Irin Carmon, David Frum, Olivia Nuzzi, Carl Bernstein, Liz Mair, Damon De Ionno, and Thomas Patterson join Brian Stelter. via Knit


Professor Thomas Patterson on 'How America Lost Its Mind'

The media bears partial responsibility for the assault on reason that is crippling American democracy, Thomas Patterson says. The Harvard professor's new book on the subject is titled "How America Lost Its Mind." He talks with Brian Stelter about how media divisions and party polarization have threatened "collective rationality." As for those media players "beyond the pale in terms of their willingness to fudge the facts," Patterson says "we have to shame them out of existence." via Knit


December 1, 2019: Tale of two Fox News judges; Zurawik's take on pro-Trump media; 'follow the money' in the Trump age; how Bloomberg is covering Bloomberg's campaign

Dahlia Lithwick, Caroline Polisi, David Zurawik, Rebecca Davis O'Brien, Andrea Bernstein, Kathy Kiely, Peter T. Coleman, and Angela Denker join Brian Stelter. via Knit


November 24, 2019: Katie Hill on right-wing media; Prince Andrew's interviewer Emily Maitlis; Jake Tapper on Trump's penchant for lies

Plus, Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the "mystery of President Trump's unannounced hospital visit," and Margaret Sullivan, Juliet Huddy, Oliver Darcy, Joel Simon, Kathleen Carroll, Steven Hassan join Brian Stelter. via Knit


Steven Hassan explains "The Cult of Trump"

Steven Hassan, a leading cult expert with firsthand experience escaping the Unification Church, says Trump's cultivation of his base is cult-like. Brian Stelter questions Hassan's claims and asks why he has decided to branch into politics through the new book "The Cult of Trump." They discuss how social media has accelerated the spread of influential ideologies and "destructive cults," and the pivotal roles played by media and religion. via Knit


November 17, 2019: Radio host canceled for criticizing Trump on the radio; Stelter: This is when Trump needs to have credibility; Here are pro Trump-media's defense tactics on impeachment

Plus, ways to help rebuild local journalism... Dan Rather says McConnell is part of the Trump "cult..." The Atlantic wants to show "How to Stop a Civil War..." Dan Rather, Nicole Hemmer, Abigail Tracy, Craig Silverman, Jeffrey Goldberg and Jennifer Preston join Brian Stelter. via Knit


Medill dean discusses Daily Northwestern controversy and calls for 'campaign of media literacy'

Charles Whitaker, dean of Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, discusses the student newspaper's ill-considered decision to apologize for covering a campus protest. The Daily Northwestern is independent, but Whitaker spoke out when the students were "pilloried," he said, by pro journalists. Whitaker says this episode, and a recent controversy at Harvard, show that "The public is quite unaware of what journalism is, what our processes are," and "what it means to be...


November 10, 2019: Bill Moyers says he fears for the country; Anthony Scaramucci accuses Trump of 'traitorous-like' behavior; what it's like to cover Capitol Hill during impeachment

How transcripts highlight Sean Hannity's political power... Why there's a right-wing fixation with the whistleblower's identity... Plus more from Bill Moyers and Anthony Scaramucci. Brian Stelter also talks with Melanie Zanona, Addy Baird, Manu Raju, Max Boot, Tara Dowdell, and Jess McIntosh. via Knit


Dave Jorgenson shows how the Washington Post newsroom ticks on TikTok

Since he launched the Washington Post's TikTok account in May, video producer Dave Jorgenson has created over 120 videos that show how the D.C. newsroom ticks with humor. Brian Stelter asks him about what the Post gains from TikTok; whether other news outlets should be using it; and how his videos have built trust and familiarity with the Post's reporters. They also discuss Jorgenson's daily production process, reactions from staffers, and attempts by presidential candidates to participate...


November 3, 2019: Joe Walsh says Fox News hosts are lying to their viewers; debating the role of pro-Trump voices on CNN; the journalists of Ground Zero are getting sick

Will right-wing media protect Trump from conviction? What are the dangers of political ads on the web? Why do the president's mispellings matter? Brian Stelter talks with Joe Walsh, Daniel Dale, Colby Hall, Aisha Moodie-Mills, Irin Carmon, Sarah Barnett, Bill Frischling, Bruce David Martin, Vincent Novak and Michael Barasch. via Knit


Jeff Zucker talks about CNN in the Trump era, fact-checking, Fox News, and the future of TV

Brian Stelter sits down with CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker at the CITIZEN by CNN conference in New York City. They discuss the network's relationship with President Trump; decisions about whether to air Trump events; and a baseless lawsuit threat from one of Trump's lawyers. Zucker also defends the hiring of "Trump voices;" discusses the possibility of hiring Shep Smith; and addresses his interest in running for public office someday. via Knit


Ezra Klein: As impeachment escalates, Trump will become more 'corrosive to democracy'

Ezra Klein says people think about impeachment all wrong. It doesn't have to be a "traumatic" worst case scenario, he says: "We fire people for poor performance in most jobs. It seems that in the most important job, in arguably the entire world, we should be able to do the same thing." Klein, the editor-at-large of Vox Media, talks with Brian Stelter about his new podcast, "Impeachment, Explained," and the need to apply historical context to the daily drama. Klein also analyzes Trump's...


These aren't news cycles, they're shock cycles; damage control after Mulvaney presser; Ronan Farrow on the big picture in 'Catch and Kill'; how hateful anti-media video highlights 'empathy gap'; former FB advisor warns 2020 could be '2016 on steroids'

October 20, 2019: Daniel Dale, Erik Wemple, Olivia Nuzzi, Elaina Plott, Matt Lewis, Katie Rogers, Krystal Ball, Ronan Farrow, Dipayan Ghosh and Mo Elleithee join Brian Stelter. via Knit


Save Journalism Project co-founder John Stanton on why Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is the 'antithesis of free expression'

After BuzzFeed's DC bureau chief John Stanton was laid off in January, he co-founded the Save Journalism Project to "stand up" for journalists and "educate the public" about "the dangers facing us." Stanton talks with Brian Stelter about Facebook and Google's impacts on the news industry; Mark Zuckerberg's recent talk about Facebook's values and free speech; and what Facebook is doing about "toxic" content and disinformation. via Knit


Shep Smith's stunning exit; Three former Fox personalities speak out; Zurawik says this is a 'severe blow' to Fox's credibility; the power of Trump's anti-Democrat stories; Sam Donaldson and Douglas Brinkley speak about impeachment coverage; former Bush a

October 13, 2019: Sam Donaldson, Douglas Brinkley, Julie Roginsky, Carl Cameron, Conor Powell, Peter Wehner, Irin Carmon, Amanda Marcotte, and David Zurawik join Brian Stelter. via Knit


'Antisocial' author Andrew Marantz on the 'virality industry' and the 'hijacking of the American conversation'

New Yorker staff writer Andrew Marantz embedded with extremist "gate-crashers" teeming on social media platforms and the lax "gate-keepers" in Silicon Valley for his new book titled "Antisocial: Online Extremists, Techno-Utopians, and the Hijacking of the American Conversation." In order to take the conversation back, Marantz tells Brian Stelter, "the only way forward is to really really look this stuff in the face." He also talks about the Overton Window, media manipulation, the "alt...


Trump's force field of falsehood; former Fox News host says they're 'lying by omission;' the power of language in politics; how authors get White House sources to talk; Iowa news director says Trump supporters are staying firm; 'my gut tells me' Trump wil

October 6, 2019: Masha Gessen, Oliver Darcy, Juliet Huddy, Michael Shear, Barbara Res, Douglas Heye, Jess McIntosh and Robert Leonard join Brian Stelter. via Knit


Matt Taibbi: With today's media, 'there's no profit incentive to get people to stop worrying'

Matt Taibbi's new book "Hate Inc.: Why Today's Media Makes Us Despise One Another" makes the case that news outlets have become "a twisted wing of the entertainment business," chasing clicks and views to survive. In a blunt conversation with Brian Stelter, Taibbi says he wants to encourage more "consumer awareness about the news." Stelter challenges some of Taibbi's arguments, including his portrayals of Fox News and MSNBC, and they discuss how Noam Chomsky's "Manufacturing Consent" applies...


Impeachment probe special edition; interview with Robert De Niro; Christine Pelosi's message for the Democratic party; Ruddy says impeachment probe is 'mortal threat' to Trump; Fox shows are smearing the Ukraine whistleblower; Glasser says White House is

September 29, 2019: Robert De Niro, Suzanne Nossel, Amanda Carpenter, Susan Glasser, Susan Hennessey, Christine Pelosi, and Christopher Ruddy join Brian Stelter. via Knit