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53: Do We Wanna Live Like Gammon People?

The Norway option, gammon wars and the plight of expats with DR MICHAELA BENSON of Goldsmiths University of London. In the week when confusion continues to reign about the EEA option, Labour’s Brexit policy and what to do about customs, we talk to sociologist Dr Michaela Benson about how the endless uncertainty is affecting British citizens who live in the EU27. Who are the BrExpats, apart from pensioners in Spain and DJs in Berlin? How nervous are they about the future? What, if anything,...


52: Lords Almighty! Unpicking that rebellion with our special guest, Greens co-leader CAROLINE LUCAS MP

After those pesky, meddlin’ peers in the House of Lords took a wrecking ball to Theresa May’s Brexit policy, we sort through the rubble with our special guest, Greens co-leader and Brighton Pavilion MP **CAROLINE LUCAS**. Are the Greens picking up votes because unlike everyone but the Lib Dems, they’re proudly and unabashedly anti-Brexit? How do they square some of their Lexity supporters with their internationalist instincts? And why is the freebooting neoliberal Single Market ironically...


51: Double-guest special with FEMI from OFOC and BILLY BRAGG

It’s inefficient Euro-socialist overmanning time as we present a special, super-extended episode of Remainiacs with not one but TWO special guests. First the fantastic **FEMI OLUWOLE** of youth campaign [Our Future Our Choice]( tells us why he gave up a promising career to fight Brexit, how young people are the ones who can turn this mess around… and why everyone turns into a worse version of themselves on social media. Then the legend that is **BILLY BRAGG** comes...


50: DAVID LAMMY MP on the Windrush fallout and the dirty roots of Brexit

Few MPs have grown in status since the Brexit mess unfolded – but DAVID LAMMY, the member for Tottenham, is one of them. We’re delighted to have him down in the Remainiacs Bunker to discuss the unsavoury roots of Brexit, what the Windrush scandal means… and whether Labour will ever get off the fence regarding our membership of the EU? “We have to be crazy if we think the country is happy with being poorer.” This week’s REMAINIACS is presented by Dorian Lynskey with Ian Dunt and Peter...


49: People’s Vote, Windrush shame and Scotland vs Brexit with Kirsty Blackman MP of the SNP

Remainiacs welcomes SNP Westminster deputy leader and economics spokesperson KIRSTY BLACKMAN MP for a long-overdue Scottish perspective on Brexit. What does our departure from the EU mean for Scottish independence? Which would she prefer: no Brexit and Scotland stays in the EU, or independence but Scotland outside the EU? Will the SNP leave the “rUK” in the Brexity lurch? Listen in as our cast cite great-aunties from Arbroath in a bid to nail a Scottish passport after we leave the EU....


BONUS: A taster of Anger Management with NICK CLEGG

When Nick Clegg appeared on Remainiacs last year, the ex-Deputy PM enjoyed it so much that he asked our backroom team to help him create his own podcast… so here's a special taster for Remainiacs listeners. ANGER MANAGEMENT WITH NICK CLEGG is a new fortnightly series all about anger, and you can see more [here]( What is anger doing to our society? Are we stuck in an Age of Rage? And what can we do to get reason back on top? Nick promised that he...


48: Philomena Cunk’s writers help us fix Brexit

This week the co-creators of BBC2’s investigative dimwit Philomena Cunk – top comedy writers JASON HAZELEY and JOEL MORRIS – descend into the Remainiacs bunker to get all that Brexit misery off their chests. What should go inside the Museum of Brexit? How will Britain manage to negotiate a wide-ranging trade deal with the 1950s? What’s at the core of Cunkism? And what was in the original final scenes of ‘Cunk On Britain’ – the ones they daren’t film? Plus this week’s new Centrist party,...


47: Fixing the BBC, Leavers for a Final Say vote and Ask Remainiacs

This week on the premier reason-based podcast for Brexit-watchers… **The BBC’s coverage of Brexit** is causing increasing alarm. Is the Corporation failing in its duty to explain? Is it just frightened of government and demagogues? How do we fix it? Is John Humphrys really past his sell-by date? And if Remainers join the Bash The BBC mob, will we all live to regret it? Plus: Theresa May’s world tour of Britain’s cow-sheds. With even volunteers for Vote Leave saying there must be a Final...


46: We set the Brexit Doomsday Clock

**Europe: it’s the Final Countdown.** On this week’s show we look at what to expect – and what can go wrong – in the twelve-month road to our inglorious exit from the EU. Plus! After Christopher Wylie’s testimony to the Culture Committee, is the Referendum result irrevocably tainted? Does Keir Starmer care more about keeping Labour together than keeping Britain in the Single Market? Why is Ros obsessed with whale meat? And can the Brexiters successfully abolish time and space? “Journalism...


45: ALASTAIR CAMPBELL on the Battle against Brexit

The most fearsome spin doctor in politics is now a doughty fighter for Remain. ALASTAIR CAMPBELL enters the Remainiacs basement bunker to tell us what Remainers should really be doing… why Prime Minister David Cameron (remember him? posh chap?) kept avoiding the weirdly asocial Theresa May… and why we’re in a nightmare era of very serious issues decided by very un-serious people. But do the roots of the post-truth era lie in the same victory-at-all-costs news management that Alastair...


44: JAY RAYNER on the Brexit food fiasco

Very excited to welcome legendary food journalist and Observer restaurant critic JAY RAYNER for the eye-opening, jaw-dropping hard truths of Britain’s Brexitised food policy. Are we really only days away from empty shelves in the event of Hard Brexit? Why is our food culture still shaped by the effects of WWII? Which parts of EU food policy ARE a disaster (that we won’t be able to influence once we leave)? And did you know that it’s now OK to eat cod, and climate change has produced a huge...


41: James O’Brien vs. the Brex-o-sphere

Last sane man on the airwaves and giant of Remain JAMES O’BRIEN of LBC joins us for possibly THE most epic interview we’ve yet had, in a special take-no-prisoners edition of Remainiacs. From BBC balance to Paul Dacre’s reign of terror over Tory ministers to Farage, Minford Madness and the DUP on Viagra, James puts it ALL to rights. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this one. Plus: The European Research Group’s latest punishment beating for Theresa May. Peace in Northern Ireland gets thrown...


40: Johnson’s tatty olive branch, McDonnell in wonderland, fun with tariffs!

This week on the podcast that know clarity from carrots: end-of-career music hall turn Boris Johnson “reaches out” to Remainers by telling us to shut up and agree with him. The Government re-re-re-relaunches its Brexit policy – again. Fish passports and foie gras. John McDonnell’s simple solutions to complicated problems. Plus: Tariffs! Tariffs! Tariffs! Why do they matter and what will Brexit do to them? And are the great villains of fiction LEAVE or REMAIN? “If goods can’t cross borders,...


39: MINI-PUBCAST: The monstering of George Soros, regional impact leaks

PODFLASH: Two big Brexit stories broke immediately after we finished recording last week's episode, and we didn't want to wait til next Friday to deal with them. So Ian Dunt met our producer Andrew Harrison in the Red Lion pub off Whitehall to discuss the trashing of philanthropist George Soros – is Britain REALLY buying the worst conspiracy theories of Eastern European autocrats? Plus, those leaked regional impact statements and what they mean. Beware: pubby background noise. Regular...


38: What Brexit REALLY means for working Britain

This week on the podcast that NEVER fiddles the figures: What will Brexit do to work in Britain? Employment consultant Rachel Marangozov joins us to explain what leaving the EU might really mean for the future of jobs. That odd-looking death threat to a Leave voter that Zac Goldsmith chose to share on Twitter rather than sending to the police. And more Rees-Mogg than anyone can reasonably handle. This week’s REMAINIACS is presented by Dorian Lynskey with Ros Taylor and Peter Collins....


37: AC Grayling on Brexit vs. Democracy

It’s a deep-thinking edition of Remainiacs as we welcome Prof AC GRAYLING – Philosopher, Master of the New College of the Humanities and intellectual engine-room of Remain – to examine what Brexit really means for British democracy. Can it be stopped? How? What has it done to Britain? And the Referendum dilemma: if the 2016 vote wasn’t truly democratic, can another referendum to fix it be democratic either? PLUS: Jeremy Corbyn’s baby steps towards the Brexit policy his voters wants. The...


36: The One With Matthew Parris

WE LOVE PARRIS IN THE SPRINGTIME… This week, noted Times and Spectator columnist and former Conservative MP MATTHEW PARRIS joins us for your weekly dose of Brexit badinage. Why do so many Tory MPs hate Boris Johnson? Is his ‘Bridge Over Bullshit Waters’ feasible? What’s life like when you’re a Remainiac Conservative? And why should we be glad and not angry that British democracy has become a provincial car boot sale? PLUS More bawdy fun in long-running Westminster farce ‘Carry On Ukip’. We...


35: Nigel’s Second Referendum and the Amorous Henry Bolton

On this week’s show… What’s behind Nigel Farage’s will-we-won’t-we routine on a Second Referendum? Does he just want to stay in the news – or does he know something we don’t? Our panel check which way the wind is blowing for another vote to undo the last one. Plus PLAY MAGNA CARTA FOR ME: the tangled love life of Ukip leader (at time of writing) Henry Bolton. The little-known clause in a government bill that means we could rejoin the Customs Union on the very day we leave it. And why...


34: Good Lord! ANDREW ADONIS on rebellion, ‘national fascism’ and PM Nigel Farage

PEER PRESSURE: Newly-unbound superhero of remain Lord Andrew Adonis joins us in the Remainiacs Bunker to discuss how Brexit is infecting every aspect of government, the dirty tricks culture at No.10, and why Nigel Farage is the real Prime Minister. What’s it like to be targeted as a “weasel” for speaking as your conscience dictates? And is he the right man to lead the Remain bloc? Plus: the return of our own IAN DUNT, the trolling in the public interest of Chris Grayling… and welcome to...


33: The One With Vince Cable

You wait ages for a top Lib Dem and then two come along at once… Lib Dem leader SIR VINCE CABLE follows our Nick Clegg special with his own take on the brave, Brexitty new year. Where should we Remainiacs focus our energies? Have we actually HAD a real referendum yet? And what colour would passports be under a Lib Dem government? All will be revealed. And don’t worry, we’ve got a healthy spread of Labour, centrist, soft Tory and “none of the above” guests on the show in weeks to come. Help...


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