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116: SPECIAL EDITION: Candidate-packed Euro Elections hustings-cast!

Surprise special edition incoming… It’s Euro elections week and lots of us STILL don’t know who to vote for. On Friday 17 May we brought together people from the key national parties who are hunting the Remainer vote to make their pitch in semi-hustings format. London MEP candidates DINESH DHAMIJA (Lib Dems), LAURA PARKER (Labour) and JAN ROSTOWSKI (Change UK) plus AMELIA WOMACK (Deputy Leader of the Greens for England and Wales) joined Dorian Lynskey for an hour of free-range podcanvassing...


115: THE EVE OF THE WAR with special guest Stephen Bush of the New Statesman

As the EU Election clock ticks remorselessly down to zero we’re joined by the New Statesman’s political editor **STEPHEN BUSH** to survey the campaign so far and predict the upshot. What will Labour’s “all things to everyone” stance to do its vote? How do we fight the Brexit Party’s “all rage, no content’’ politics? Just how screwed are the Conservatives? Why a Farage victory might be a good thing for Remain. And we (try to) answer the only question that matters: **who should Remainers vote...


114: DEMOTING THE VOTE with special guest, Labour MP ALEX SOBEL

How did a sweeping local elections vote for Remain parties become an instruction to “just get Brexit done”? What do those results mean for the EU Elections later this month? What will it take to stop the momentum of the Brexit Party? And what will happen if we don’t? **ALEX SOBEL**, the pro-People’s Vote Labour MP for Leeds North West, joins us to unpick the spin around a vote that saw both Labour and the Tories receive a bloody nose – and then try to explain it away. He gives us an idea of...


113: EU elections: HOWLS OF FRUSTRATION with special guest Rachel Shabi

As Labour’s NEC enrages members by pushing a Confirmatory Referendum into Never-Neverland and recommitting to “Soft” Brexit, we invite Guardian writer and Corbyn supporter **RACHEL SHABI** into the Remainiacs bunker for a candid discussion of Labour’s Brexit contortions. Why would voters back the party in the EU parliamentary election if that vote will only be transformed into a “vote for Brexit”? Is it time for Remainers to give up on Labour and vote for unequivocally Remain parties? And is...


112: FAILURE TO LAUNCH: Have Remain parties blown the EU elections? PLUS 1975 Referendum retro special

On this week’s podcast: Why can’t the Remain parties get their acts together for the European Parliament elections, the most important vote on the EU since the Referendum? Historian ROBERT SAUNDERS joins us to explain what lessons we should have learned from the 1975 Referendum (Do YOU have a copy of ‘Common Market Reggae’? Top £ paid). If we’re going to “remain and reform” what exactly is that supposed to mean? And could we pull it off anyway? And we have a very special Remainiacs Live...


111: D’HONDT STOP BELIEVING: Fighting the EU Elections and more with guest Matt Forde

This week [**MATT FORDE**]( – stand-up, ‘Mock The Week’ regular, creator of touring show ‘[Brexit Through The Gift Shop](’ and interviewer of political heavyweights on his podcast ‘[The Political Party](’ – joins us to get psephological for the upcoming EU Parliament elections. Should we embrace or fear a vote that Theresa May definitely doesn’t want? Can Remain parties co-ordinate, which side’s...


110: STOP THE CLOCKS: The delay is away, plus Future Politics with Jamie Susskind

As Theresa May bows to the inevitable and asks for a short delay to Brexit, we ask what it’ll mean when a merciful EU insists on rather a longer one. Do the hard Brexit headbangers have what it takes to bring her down or are the ERG now fatally split? Were the Lab-Con talks just about optics? What is “perfidious Albion” anyway? And when a Hansard survey says a great many Britons would be happy with a “strongman who breaks the rules”, do we really have to worry about Britain falling into the...


109: SPECIAL EDITION: Remainiacs onstage at PodcastLive

**BONUS EPISODE:** Here’s the audio from Sunday’s PodcastLive at The Light in London, where Dorian, Nina, Alex and Ros brought the RemainiacsLive experience to the special one-day festival of political podcasting. Have a listen to this special “raw and uncut” edition in which we look at the very latest in the May/Corbyn love-in/Blame Tennis tournament… ask whether anything can be done about Britain’s obsession with the War… and finally, fix Brexit in five minutes flat. It’s a rough’n’ready,...


108: PRIME MINISTER JEREMAY: National Unity special with guest Tom Kibasi

Wonders will never cease. All her avenues exhausted, Theresa May reaches out to the only person who can help in her hour of need. And that would be… Jeremy Corbyn? This week we look at the minefield that is the **Theresa-Jezza Love-in**. Is compromise possible any longer in the snakepit of the Commons? Who will carry the can for Brexit if they pull it off? And what does this mean for Labour’s General Election plans and the future of the two parties? As luck would have it we recorded right...


107: EMERGENCY PODCAST: Groundhog May as the Deal dies (again)

As MV3 turns out to be DOA we hotfoot it into febrile Soho to read the steaming entrails of the May Deal. What happens next? Does May have any blackmail left in her sack of off-brand tricks? What will happen at the EU Parent-Teacher meeting on April 10? Are we closer to Revoke or a People’s Vote? Michael Gove’s performative jogging, the political significance of Y-fronts, and the Magic 8 Ball that is a possible General Election. And how could Theresa May’s psychology finally scupper us?...


106: TAKING BACK CONTROL with special guest John Harris

The March. The Revoke petition. The Government that can’t govern and the amendment that put MPs in charge of Britain’s destiny at last. Was this the week that Brexiters lost control of Brexit? In that quiet moment before the Indicative Votes we welcome **JOHN HARRIS** – the Guardian’s wandering Brexit Britain correspondent – to work out where we are, what happens next, and what the unheard parts of Britain will make of the Brexit endgame. Plus: What Brexit will do to Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls...


105: Special edition: TONY BLAIR on this week’s crisis, how to win another Referendum and more

It’s a big one. TONY BLAIR, former Labour Prime Minister and now head of his Global Institute, talks to Dorian, Naomi and Ian about escape routes from the current Parliamentary chaos, how his own policies relate to the roots of Brexit, what a good Prime Minister would do under the catastrophic circumstances Theresa May has built for herself… and how this weekend’s march can sway the Government when the march against his own Iraq policy didn’t. It’s a fascinating conversation but a word of...


104: EDGE OF DESTRUCTION: Time runs out with guests Roland Smith and David Allen Green

With Brexit literally hours away, we convene Leaver-turned-Article-50-Revoker **ROLAND SMITH** and law and policy expert **DAVID ALLEN GREEN** to stare into the abyss. How did we get here? What could happen next? Has May engineered a Hobson’s Choice between her Bad Deal and No Deal? And what happens if nothing happens? PLUS May blames Parliament for her own failings. Why John Bercow’s Eskine Mayhem isn’t a constitutional crisis at all. David discusses the Meaningful Vote in terms of Thanos’s...


103: AFTERMATHCAST: Ok, so what exactly happened in Brexit’s latest Hell Week?

After a week like that we just had to reconvene and perform triage on the Deal, the People’s Vote, the state of May’s governmental authority and all the other walking wounded of the Brexit Infinity War. **Dorian Lynskey**, **Ian Dunt** and producer **Andrew Harrison** convene in a very nice North London restaurant – yeah we’re in a metropolitan bubble, what of it? – to find out where the latest Hell Week leaves us. As ever, our emergency podcasts are a little bit more rough and ready than...


102: BREXIT: FINAL FANTASY? with special guests LAYLA MORAN MP and Tim McInerney of The Irish Passport

The flaming wreckage of The Deal is all around us (yet again) but what happens next? Can Theresa May salvage anything from her plans and career? Is there enough turd polish around to give the Deal another go-round? What even is Malthouse 2.0? And is it democratically necessary to give the people the option to vote for catastrophe? Our special guests are LAYLA MORAN MP – Lib Dem Education spokesman and indefatigable People’s Vote warrior – and our brother-in podcasting TIM MCINERNEY of the...


101: THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM: We look at Brexit bribery, Ladies For Leave and the elephants in the room

This week, the last desperate moves before next week’s descent in the Hellmouth of Final Votes. Has Theresa May’s attempts to **bribe Labour MPs** from Leave constituencies backfired? Just how wobbly is **Labour’s “commitment” to a People’s Vote**? And who will run candidates in the **2019 European Parliamentary Elections** if Brexit is extended and Britain has to participate? Plus! While parliament wrestles with procedure, our panelists choose the real **elephants in the room** that nobody...


100: ONE HUNDREDTH SHOW! May’s delay, Labour People’s Vote flip, Common Market 2.0, Ireland and more

Huge thanks to May and Corbyn for laying on some quality material for our **extended 100th podcast**. Labour finally, finally comes out for a People’s Vote. But what needs to happen first? Can TIG claim credit? And are we in for another grudging 60% campaigning performance from Jeremy? And Theresa May finally, finally admits she’ll probably have to delay Brexit. But is she just setting a trap for Remainers? **We’ve put this one out quickly** because hey, you never know what might change....


99: THE NOTORIOUS T.I.G.? Labour and Tory breakaways – with special guest Cristo Foufas

EMERGENCY RELEASE AS EVENTS GO CRAZY YET AGAIN. The dam finally breaks in the most dramatic week in Brexit since… January? Eight Labour MPs including Luciana Berger and Chuka Umunna quit Labour over anti-semitism and Corbyn’s intransigence over Brexit. Then three Tory women – Heidi Allen, Anna Soubry and Sarah Woollaston – resign from the party they now say is irrevocably dominated by the hard Right and its ERG extremists. What can **the Independent Group** achieve and what must they do to...


98: PODCLASH SPECIAL! Remainiacs meet Cakewatch in EU summit conference

It’s a special edition of Remainiacs as we welcome our brothers-in-podcasting STEVE BULLOCK AKA [@GuitarMoog]( (left) and CHRIS KENDALL AKA [@ottocrat]( of the brilliant [Cakewatch]( podcast for what the world is already calling the Yalta Conference of Remain. Embedded in Brussels deep inside the EU policymaking machine, Steve and Chris bring their insider knowledge to the Remainiacs bunker for a...


97: CAVALIERS vs. ROUNDHEADS with guest MARK GATISS of League Of Gentlemen

This is a LOCAL podcast for LOCAL people… We are thrilled to have the great **MARK GATISS** – writer, star of ‘The League Of Gentlemen‘, 'Sherlock' and 'Doctor Who', and five-star unyielding Remainer – as this week’s special guest on Remainiacs. Listen in as Mark explains how the League unwittingly predicted the Brexit mindset, why despite the Nissan news Leave has such a grip on the North-East where he was born, **“the weaponisation of nostalgia”**… and which residents of Royston Vasey...