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76: “People’s Vote? I’m in!” DEBORAH MEADEN of Dragon’s Den is our special guest

We’re thrilled to welcome the legend that is **DEBORAH MEADEN** – star of Dragon’s Den, business colossus and indefatigable Remainer – into the Remainiacs bunker. Why is she refusing to be bullied into silence over Brexit? What does it mean when the Party of Business refuses to listen to business? How does Deborah score Theresa May on leadership? What’s it going to say on her banner at the [People’s Vote March]( on Oct 20th? And will Deborah accept our surprise...


75: #RemainerNow: Leavers who changed their minds. Plus FESTIVAL NEWS: Brexit Through The Gift Shop

This week we meet the most important people in the whole Brexit mess: the people who voted Leave, now regret it and are fighting hard for a #PeoplesVote. Emma Huckey and Hugh Norris of grassroots group [Remainer Now]( join Alex, Naomi and Andrew for a stirring discussion of why they changed their minds – and their tips on how to persuade wavering Leavers over to our side of the fence. “How did I feel after the Referendum?” says Hugh. **“I’d never felt so played...


74: “NOBODY is ruling out Remain” Labour Brexit latest and more with special guest RUPA HUQ MP

On this week’s show special guest RUPA HUQ – Labour MP for Ealing Central and Acton – joins us to read the entrails of the Labour Conference, marvel at the ERG’s latest made-up trade model, and ask just who the Dirty Rats of Brexit really are. What does Keir Starmer “not ruling Remain out” mean for Labour’s Brexit policy and will John McDonnell ever come down off the ceiling of the Conference Hall? What’s Rupa’s Boris Johnson impersonation like? (Spoiler: “it’s uncanny”) Plus your...


EMERGENCY LO-FI PODCAST! The aSalzburg and Battery edition

With tottering Theresa still reeling from the proper Tusking meted out to her Chequers proposals, Ian Dunt and Andrew Harrison meet up outside the British Library to discuss the fallout from Salzburg – which was strategically timed, of course, to miss our recording on Wednesday. They do it deliberately, we’re sure of it. Plus, there’s a twist! The Prime Minister has announced a surprise press conference and Ian has to catch a train! Stay tuned for a post-presser phone call… and to find out...


73: Brexit vs IndyRef2 vs Remain… but who wins? Let’s ask ALYN SMITH, SNP MEP for Scotland

SNP MEP for Scotland **Alyn Smith** joins us for a spirited discussion of Scotland’s experience of Brexit, what it means for the future of the UK, and the complex relationship between Remainers and Scottish nationalists. Is the SNP really not lending its strength to calls for a **#FinalSay** referendum just because of the prospect of an IndyRef2? Should English Remainers support the SNP and if so why? And Alyn tells us about his electrifying speech after the Referendum when he urged the...


72: No Lexit Strategy: special guest ZOE WILLIAMS on the Brexit battle on the Left

Guardian columnist and Left Against Brexit activist ZOE WILLIAMS joins us to talk over the surreal Operation Yellowhammer, Boris Johnson’s Operation I Still Want To Be Prime Minister, why the ERG can’t stop battering the corpse of Chequers… and the Brexit battle on the New Left. What will it take to dispel the Lexit fantasy? And how can Labour supporters shift the party to support a People’s Vote? “For Labour, the electoral argument against Brexit is dead,” says...


71: BREXIT HUSTLE: Scams expert Alexis Conran on the psychology behind the Leave vote

Was Brexit a sophisticated confidence trick? Scams expert, host of the BBC’s The Real Hustle and TalkRadio presenter [ALEXIS CONRAN]( joins us to talk bait-and-switch, the power of emotional alignment, and whether an ill-informed, manipulable Referendum electorate was the biggest “mark” in modern British political history. And what now? “The worst thing you can do,” he tells us, “is shove it in someone’s face and say, ‘Ha, you fell for it.’ The truth is that...


70: Let’s Dance! Labour Euro MP SEB DANCE’s inside track on No Deal, Corbyn and more

Labour’s Deputy Leader in Brussels **SEB DANCE MEP** joins us in the Remainiacs Bunker to discuss the Government’s ‘technical notices’ and why they may be saving the worst for last… what life in Brussels is like for British MEPs now that we as a country have roundly insulted their colleagues… and why the next Tory Prime Minister could well be someone you’ve never even heard of (they might even be listening to this show). And Seb talks about the biggest question of all. What will it take to...


69: “Brexit is a betrayal of every British leader from Elizabeth I to Margaret Thatcher”

You wait forever for a Conservative Remainer on the show… and then two come along at once. This week **SIMON ALLISON** of “Torymainer” group [Citizens4Britain]( joins us to discuss the Tory conference gagging Brexit dissenters, how the Party of Business became the Party of F**k Business, why Tories need to Take Back Control of their own party… and where next for a country with a Government that can’t govern. Plus: What’s behind the hazy notion of Theresa May’s...


68: What’s the story, Remainer Tories? Pro-EU Conservative Garvan Walshe guests

This week on the Brexit podcast that DOES answer questions when it brings you a cup of tea… we’ve got **Garvan Walshe**, former Conservative Party National and International Security Policy Adviser and now columnist at, joining us to explain how it feels to be a Tory Remainer, how electoral arithmetic means we’re in for political paralysis forever, and what future the party has after the dust of Brexit settles in about thirty years’ time. Plus: Best For Britain’s poll...


67: WTO? WTF! How Brextremists are normalising a No Deal nightmare

This week: Are Brexit jihadis using the summer break to acclimatise voters to No Deal as if it’s some sort of sensible idea instead of kamikaze economics? ALSO: Chilli con Carney on the menu as Bank of England boss **Mark Carney receives a punishment beating** for doing his job. Wild praise for Emily Maitlis and a terrible shoeing for Bernard Jenkin MP. Steve Bannon in a Monopoly top hat and monocle. The Telegraph tells the Tories they’re **not right-wing enough**. And what Brexit will...


66: Dark ads, troll hunting and more with special guest STELLA CREASY – yes, it’s the Rebel MP

Special guest STELLA CREASY – Walthamstow MP, out-and-out Remainer and biggest* Wedding Present fan in the Commons – joins us in the week that the Government decided that its own contingency advice for No Deal was too alarming for the simple British public to see. (* OK, only). In a wide-ranging chat with Stella we ask… How can we get **Labour to make a stand against Brexit** before it’s too late? Now that Vote Leave’s deceitful Facebook ads have been exposed, can Britain regulate its way...


65: FOOD! ADEQUATE FOOD! Stockpile special plus Jason Arthur of FFS

This week on the podcast that David Campbell Bannerman MEP wants to see prosecuted for “extreme EU loyalty”… Does Britain have what it takes to live on a diet of nettle soup? Will people who never actually experienced WWII ever shut up about the “Blitz Spirit”? And how research shows that Leavers really are more aggressive online. PLUS our special guest **JASON ARTHUR** of the youth anti-Brexit campaign FFS (For our Future’s Sake) comes in to explain what’s going on with The Young People,...


64: HARD BREXIT, HERE WE COME? with guest David Allen Green

As Theresa May cravenly caves to the Brextremists yet again, are we finally trapped on a course for the catastrophic Hard Brexit that everyone fears? Lawyer and commentator DAVID ALLEN GREEN (also known as [Jack Of Kent]( joins us to explore escape routes from Brexit, the legal landscape around a People’s Vote, and much more. Plus: Donald Trump’s drive-by shouting. The ghost of David Davis’s reputation. And when “Tommy Robinson” gets out of jail, will Trump...


63: DAY OF CHAOS What next for Brexit after Tory fratricidal fall-out?

After our emergency podcast on Monday it’s time for a more considered take on the Government’s disastrous week... and the verdict is still “WHAAAAAT?” Does Theresa May still have a Chequers policy or just a chequered future? After BOREXIT, will Johnson become a backbench thorn in May’s side, emerge as the next Prime Minister or just go back to being Britain’s least lovable music hall turn? Will anyone ever mention David Davis again? All this and more we will examine. This week’s REMAINIACS...


62: TORY CIVIL WAR MINICAST! Johnson gone, Davis gone... so what now?

It’s been 24 hours of scarcely believable Tory chaos as the Brexit clown car finally loses its wheels. Boris Johnson and David Davis are out — but what does it mean? IAN DUNT and DORIAN LYNSKEY hotfoot it across a febrile London to gaze in disbelief at the smoking wreckage of the Red, White and Blue Brexit. Beware: sound quality is variable. Regular show back on Friday as usual. And has anyone seen our heart pills?


61: Comedian INGRID OLIVER vs Brexit plus V For Vendetta revisited

On this week’s show we welcome comedian and actor INGRID OLIVER – yes fellow nerds, it’s UNIT scientist Osgood from Doctor Who – to the Remainiacs bunker to discuss Vote Leave finally (?) being brought to book for election spending, what the German half of her family think of Brexit, and her own raging case of Brexophobia. It’s OK for Ingrid! She’s got a German passport. What about the rest of us? PLUS: Theresa May’s Third Way on customs: unicorn or dead duck? DANNY DYER speaks for England....


60: SELLING BRITAIN BY THE POUND: Shorting sterling, blowing out business

This week on the anti-Brexit podcast for people who actually KNOW how to rebel… the Greens’ Brexit and Finance spokesperson MOLLY SCOTT CATO MEP joins us to dig into the scandal of the Leavers short-selling sterling. Did hedge funds illegally use private polling to profit from weakening the pound on Referendum Day? And where does Nigel Farage fit in? PLUS: Because you demanded it, we welcome political commentator, actor and our favourite Greek guy ALEX ANDREOU as a regular Remainiacs team...


59: MEANINGLESS VOTE: So that’s your rebellion, is it?

Tough week. Tension in the studio as we record this show on Wednesday afternoon while the crunch debate on the “meaningful vote” is taking place. Listen in for analysis on what it could mean, where we go next… and then stunned disbelief as Dominic Grieve folds at the last minute. Guess that’s a case of “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… that’s absolutely fine by me?” PLUS after May promises to pay for that NHS budget hike with the imaginary, non-existent “Brexit Dividend” we ask is...


58: EMERGENCY LO-FI MINI-CAST! May breaks her word in Grieveous fashion

Why do they keep doing this to us? YET AGAIN major events occur immediately after we finished recording Remainiacs on Wednesday. So YET AGAIN we've recorded a quick-and-dirty response to events. On this minicast, panel regular NAOMI SMITH talks about Theresa May’s unprecedented bait-and-switch over the Withdrawal Bill with producer Andrew Harrison. Will Dominic Grieve and the Tory Rebels ever trust the Prime Minister’s word again? This time we’re not recording in a pub or a park but in the...