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138: JUSTICE LEAGUE HITS SUPREME COURT with guest Jolyon Maugham

With the legality of prorogation being tested in the crucible of the Supreme Court, we welcome Good Law Project director and Remain legal vanguard JOLYON MAUGHAM QC to the studio to discuss exactly what’s at stake. If the Government wins this one, could future administrations simply suspend Parliament whenever it likes, as if in some authoritarian Hokey-Cokey? Plus, the maddening detail of what would be required to implement Johnson’s imaginary deal. What does the Lib Dems going broke for...


137: SUPREME CAUGHT? David Allen Green on the Scottish court case capers

“And finally monsieur, a wafer-thin Brexity mint…” The “distinguished”* legal expert DAVID ALLEN GREEN joins us to explain the consequences of the Scottish Court of Sessions’ bombshell ruling in a little extra Remainiacs for one week only. * As endorsed by the House of Commons. Audio production by Alex Rees. Produced by Andrew Harrison. Remainiacs is a Podmasters production.


136: GAGGIN’ FOR BREXIT plus guest Bridget Phillipson MP

As the Prorogue Leader’s plans fall apart at the first hurdle, we look at the fallout of The Week It All Went Wrong. Will a silenced Parliament speak louder than an active one could? Does Johnson have any real power left? And will there be anything remaining of the Tory Party after #ClassicDom Cummings has finished “remodelling” it? Plus BRIDGET PHILLIPSON, Labour MP for Houghton and Sunderland South, joins us to correct a few myths about the Left Behinds, shine a light on the path marked No...


135: THE LYIN’ KING LOSES CONTROL plus guest Jonathan Lis

Was that the shortest honeymoon since Cher married Greg Allman? The Johnson- Cummings plan is in bits on the floor of Parliament and Bojo’s jolly mask has well and truly slipped. As the petulant boy king threatens a General Election he can’t deliver, the Remainiacs team gather with special guest and journo Jonathan Lis of think tank British Influence to work out what happened and what it all really means. Presented by Dorian Lynskey with Naomi Smith and Ian Dunt. Audio production by Sophie...


134: PROROGUE STATE Emergencycast with David Allen Green

Things are moving far too fast to wait ’til next Friday. Ros Taylor, Alex Andreou and guest David Allen Green gather in the studio to look at the legality of prorogation, the chances of beating it in the courts or elsewhere… and the poor performance of Her Majesty The Queen. Or was it?


133: MAD COUP DISEASE plus guest Hugo Rifkind

The moment of truth is finally here. Johnson-Cummings have decided it’s necessary to destroy parliamentary sovereignty in order to “save” it. But the Remain Alliance finally has its act together — and the numbers to stop No Deal. Alex Andreou is optimistic. Remain Wonder Woman Naomi Smith is ready for battle to be joined. Host Andrew Harrison is panicking. And special guest HUGO RIFKIND of The Times wonders why he picked this week to do Remainiacs… Listen up. The Endgame is on and we can’t...


132: BOJO GOES INTER-RAILING plus special guest Guy Garvey of Elbow

“What you’ve got to remember is, even the good guys are sociopaths.” Presented by Dorian Lynskey with Ros Taylor and Ingrid Oliver. Audio production by Elsie Bath at Soho Radio, London. The producer is Andrew Harrison. Remainiacs is a Podmasters production. Get every new episode of Remainiacs a whole day early when you back us on the Patreon crowdfunding platform ( . You’ll also get our monthly Ask Remainiacs special episode plus smart merchandise, an...


131: EMERGENCYCAST: Have We Got GNUs For You with special guest David Allen Green

If Remainer Conservatives and Lib Dems can’t swallow their notion of Jeremy Corbyn, Interim Prime Minister, who CAN they agree on? Exactly how would we get to our Government of National Unity anyway? How long would it last? Why there is no Season Finale Reset Button for Article 50. What would the Remain Dominic Cummings do? And the dawn of the Meat Loaf Remainers: “They’ll do anything to avoid No Deal… but they won’t do that.” Produced and presented by Andrew Harrison with Alex Andreou and...


130: The Brexiters’ War on Objective Reality

This week: Why Dominic Cummings is putting out information chaff to create the impression of activity. Which good Remainy cause are YOU going to donate your shiny Brexit 50p to? Would Paddington Bear be rejected for Settled Status? Why are the Brexiters placing their faith in the WTO and Trump just as Trump is trying to neuter the WTO itself? And your autumn timetable of what (not) to worry about. “This Government is exactly like Brexit Twitter. And it behaves like Brexit Twitter.” Produced...


129: CUMMINGS GOES KAMIKAZE plus special guest Rory Palmer MEP

On the agenda: The headlong rush to an end nobody voted for, and why No Deal is a man-made asteroid strike. When is the right time for a No Confidence motion against the Government? Linguistic programming as Johnson drills the buzzphrase “undemocratic backstop” into the national mind. Scenario planning and horizon scanning. Ingrid – our secret agent within the Tory Party – finally succumbs to Stockholm Syndrome. The Government’s snappy 1,400 page No Deal for small businesses. And why food...


128: BRECON BAD: Emergency By-Electioncast

Lib Dems on the march? General Election plans scattered? As the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election result reduces Johnson’s majority to just one, Naomi Smith, Alex Andreou and guest Rob Blackie convene to sort out what it all means.


127: BOJO’S ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION plus special guest Heidi Allen MP

This week HEIDI ALLEN – independent MP, recovering Tory and battle-scarred CHUK veteran – joins us in the Brexit blunderdome. How can we create a Remain Alliance when the clock is ticking? What’s Johnson planning for Election ’19 and how do we fight the Vote Leave ERG Goverment? What can we learn from the CHUK episode? And much, much more Presented by Ros Taylor with Ian Dunt and Alex Andreou. Produced by Andrew Harrison. Audio production by Alex Rees ad Soho Radio, London. Remainiacs is a...


126: THE CORONATION OF PRINCE BOFFREY plus special guest Gavin Esler

So it’s come to this… Boris Johnson finally gets to sit in the Big Chair. Where do we go from here? Can he turn Brexiter fantasy into governmental reality? Is there a real Awkward Squad assembling on the Tory backbenches? And how do we get through this new low with our sanity intact? Plus special guest Gavin Esler talks us through his new book Brexit Without The Bullshit, his short rollercoaster ride as a Change UK candidate, and the war of facts vs fiction that defines Brexit. Oh, and there...


125: Guests LED BY DONKEYS: How they hacked Brexit Britain’s brain

They put tweets that Brexiters would rather forget on giant billboards, chased Farage around the country with reminders of his lies, and annoyed loony-right glove puppet Guido Fawkes so much he outed them for spite. Now guerrilla artists and Remainiac heroes LED BY DONKEYS ( join us on the podcast to tell us what it’s like when an idea in the pub goes on to the country alight. Ben Stewart and Olly Knowles from LBD tell us who deserves a proper lampooning (and...


124: THE AMBASSADOR’S RECEPTION plus guest Wes Streeting MP

So much for the Special Relationship… In an unprecedented week in which PM-to-be Boris Johnson effectively fired Britain’s ambassador to the USA to placate a bullying Donald Trump, we look into Britain’s humiliating future as a taker of orders from bigger international players. Plus independent-minded Labour MP for Ilford North WES STREETING joins us to explain what the party’s shift of Brexit policy means. Corbyn now says he wants another vote – but would Labour really fight a General...


123: RISE OF THE TROLLITICIANS plus comedian Kieran Hodgson on the lessons of 1975

As the Brexit Party Ltd’s antics in Strasbourg grow more obnoxious, does the future belong to “trolliticians” who don’t really want to achieve anything – they just want to ruin everything around them? Should Vladimir Putin’s pronouncement that “liberalism is dead” worry us? And character comedian KIERAN HODGSON joins us to explain how his show ‘75’ – about the first EU referendum, and returning to London and Edinburgh soon – tells us much about the 2016 one. And the next one too…? PLUS:...


122: POWER, CORRUPTION AND LIES with Brian Klaas, author of How To Rig An Election

As the Tory leadership race is buried under an avalanche of dead cats, we’re joined by political analyst Brian Klaas – assistant professor of global politics at UCL, expert on authoritarianism, electoral malpractice and how democracies die, author of How To Rig An Election, and host of the Power Corrupts podcast ( . What can the truth-lite, nonsense-heavy Trump nightmare tell us about the future of British democracy in the Age of Johnson? Plus… Why DID...


121: A PANTOMIME OF DEMOCRACY plus guest Caroline Criado-Perez

This one’s in danger of being superseded by events so it’s out a day early… We recorded it just a little too soon to catch the heroic demise of Rory Stewart. But we did catch the latest Blue on Blue atrocities from the Tory leadership squabble, plus depressing research that shows the British people are more hostile to compromise than ever. Meanwhile, indestructible feminist warrior CAROLINE CRIADO-PEREZ joins us to discuss the March for Change (


120: PROROGUE ONE: A Tory Wars Story with guest Anand Menon

This week ANAND MENON – commentator, director of UK In A Changing Europe and Moriarty to Ian Dunt’s Sherlock Holmes – joins us in our fancy new studio to perform triage on the Tory leadership battle and all the latest Brexit catastrophes. On the podcast: ‘My Gove Hell, by Cocaine’. Are tax cuts for the rich the bold move the Left Behinds cried out for in 2016? Why Dominic Raab wants to destroy parliamentary sovereignty in order to save it. Peterborough fall-out. And a whole lot more. “What...


119: Into PurgaTORY with special guest DOMINIC GRIEVE MP

On the agenda: the Conservatives’ self-inflicted purgatory. The squabble for the Party leadership, and why Rory Stewart is the Tory Corbyn (Torbyn?). Trump Week and Britain’s future as trade partner or prey. And the sad end (or is it?) of Change UK. It’s all here in an absolutely fascinating extra-length conversation with a titan of our political times. And there’s a ray of hope too. “The Brexit Party is thriving on paralysis,” Dominic Grieve tells us. “Take away that paralysis and they will...