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Richard Syrett talks about UFOs, conspiracies and Paranormal phenomena on his critically acclaimed Alternative Radio Show and Podcast. Support our show by becoming a premium member!

Richard Syrett talks about UFOs, conspiracies and Paranormal phenomena on his critically acclaimed Alternative Radio Show and Podcast. Support our show by becoming a premium member!


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Richard Syrett talks about UFOs, conspiracies and Paranormal phenomena on his critically acclaimed Alternative Radio Show and Podcast. Support our show by becoming a premium member!




819 The Psychiatrist and a Case of Demonic Possession

EPISODE #819 THE PSYCHIATRIST AND A CASE OF DEMONIC POSSESSION Richard speaks with a successful New York psychiatrist who recalls how he was skeptical yet intrigued when a hard-nosed, no-nonsense Catholic priest asked him to examine a woman for a possible exorcism. Guest: Dr. Richard Gallagher is a board certified psychiatrist and a Professor of Psychiatry. Educated at Princeton, he trained at Yale and Columbia where he remains on the psychoanalytic faculty. He is a recognized medical expert...


818 The Psychic and the Soviet Spy Ring

EPISODE #818 THE PSYCHIC AND THE SOVIET SPY RING Richard welcomes a Canadian psychic to discuss his adventurous life, including his work with a coma patient and how he was able to help cure a very deadly superbug infection featured in the book,"The Perfect Predator." He also reveals how he broke up a Spy Ring called the "Havana turn-around". and what happened when he was contacted to interview a Spy and KGB Agent. GUEST: Robert Lindsy Milne is a Psychic-IntuitiveCounsellor, Teacher, Healer,...


817 The Science of Secret Lifeforms

EPISODE #817 THE SCIENCE OF SECRET LIFEFORMS Richard welcomes a former professor of statistics and research methods to discuss critical, new scientific findings in coherent energy-matter and how these ideas help explain seemingly paranormal phenomena, like space-time anomalies and orbs, seen around creatures such as bigfoot and other mysterious cryptids. If Bigfoot is an Ancient Primate or an Undiscovered Human, why is the Creature Seen Around Balls of Light and Other Paranormal Phenomena?...


816 Art and the Unknown

EPISODE #816 ART AND THE UNKNOWN Richard welcomes an award-winning artist to discuss the consciousness of Art, where does art come from? She will attempt to answer the questions; Do artists make their work “alone?” Where does inspiration really come from? GUEST: Pat Benincasa is an artist, art educator and podcaster who loves to give form to a good idea! She will use paint, steel and even words to tell a good story! Her art has received national and international recognition and she has been...


815 Consciousness and The Big Bang

EPISODE #815 CONSCIOUSNESS AND THE BIG BANG Richard welcomes ... the true origins of human life have been hidden by the materialist philosophy that dominates current science and that in order to provide answers to the existential questions that human beings may have, we must be able to grasp what consciousness is and take another approach than the current reductionist approach… GUEST: Carl Johan Calleman holds a Ph.D. in Physical Biology and has served as an expert on cancer for the World...


814 The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

EPISODE #814 THE WRECK OF THE EDMUND FITZGERALD Richard welcomes a journalist/historian/author specializing in researching shipwrecks on the Great Lakes. He'll discuss the most significant shipwrecks on the Great Lakes, that of the Edmund Fitzgerald, which went down on November 10, 1975, leading to the loss of 29 lives. Guest: Ric Mixter is a journalist, author, former television news reporter and historian. He specializes in maritime and aviation history. Ric has been awarded by the...


813 How Psychedelics Can Help Save the World

EPISODE #813 HOW PSYCHEDELICS CAN HELP SAVE THE WORLD Richard welcomes a who explores the immense healing intelligence of nature, the wisdom of ancient Indigenous prophecies and shamanic practices, and the crucial role of psychedelic and entheogenic plants in initiating transformations of consciousness. Guest: Stephen Gray has been a lifelong student, teacher and researcher of spiritual paths, in particular Tibetan Buddhism and the peyote ceremonies of the Native American Church. He has...


812 Real Life Sea Monsters

EPISODE #812 REAL LIFE SEA MONSTERS Richard welcomes a best-selling author and amateur paleontologist to discuss marine mysteries, great white sharks, killer whales, crocs and alligators. He'll also read from his new novel, Sleigh. Guest: Max Hawthorne ( is known as the “Prince of Paleo-fiction.” He was born in Brooklyn and attended school in Philadelphia, where he graduated from the University of the Arts. He is the author of the award-winning Kronos Rising...


811 Abduction to the Ninth Planet

EPISODE #811 ABDUCTION TO THE NINTH PLANET Richard welcomes an L.A.-based Chinese translator who discusses the strange case of Michel Desmarquet and his account of being abducted by alien beings from his home in Australia and then taken to their home planet, Thiaoouba, where he remained for nine days. Thiaoouba is classified as an advanced "category 9" planet compared to Earth which is a "category 1" lesser-evolved world, Chong recounted. Desmarquet referred to Thiaoouba as the "Golden...


810 MK-Ultra Survivor

EPISODE #810 MK-ULTRA SURVIVOR Richard speaks with a man who claims to be a life-long victim of mind control, torture and abuse via a new psychic/technology-based system of slavery. He is joined by his editor, a writer and researcher in the field of Deep State issues like MK-Ultra, ritual abuse and geoengineering. Guest: Ron Alan says his technological mind slavery began at birth with CIA/U.S. Navy MK-Ultra brain manipulation. As an adult he was attached by an "electrical leash" which now...


809 Adventures in the Quantum Field

EPISODE #809 ADVENTURES IN THE QUANTUM FIELD Richard welcomes an author/healer who discusses his journey into the Quantum Field as he discusses how you can learn to use your natural abilities in Quantum Healing as well his research and experiences in the paranormal field. Guest: Todd Wilcox ( has had a lifelong fascination with alternative healing, consciousness expansion, and human potential. His first book Slipstream Shaman: Using Quantum Healing for Individuals,...


808 The Beatles Uncovered

EPISODE #808 THE BEATLES UNCOVERED Richard welcomes a Rock music researcher and author to discuss the Beatles' collaborations and the band member's contributions to other people's music. Guest: Kristofer Engelhardt is the former host of Breakfast with the Beatles and has been a regular guest speaker at authorized Beatlefest conventions in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. His Beatles books document members of the group's direct musical contributions to other artist's recordings. Engelhardt...


807 The Pale Crawler

EPISODE #807 THE PALE CRAWLER Richard speaks with a woman about her face-to-face encounter with a real-live monster, and her journey to understand what she had seen and experienced. Guest: Missy Leigh Sterling ( says there is something about her particular arrangement of molecules which has set her up for countless experiences of high strangeness. She imagines this ability is due to a number of things. Her great grandmother, Lillie was psychic. She also has...


806 Grey Aliens and Artificial Intelligence

EPISODE #806 GREY ALIENS AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Richard welcomes a researcher and colleague of the late Nigel Kerner to discuss his work and theories concerning Grey Aliens and their interactions with human civilization. Kerner arugued that humanity is gradually being converted into an artificial format that will lead to the loss of our souls and our eternal connection to what he called the 'godverse.' Kerner also theorized that an advanced civilization in our universe became entirely...


805 Exorcisms in Argentina

EPISODE #805 EXORCISMS IN ARGENTINA Richard welcomes a documentary filmmaker and podcast host to discuss his documentary for the BBC about a controversial exorcist in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Guest: Andrew Gold ( is a journalist, documentary maker (HBO, BBC) and podcast host of "On the Edge with Andrew Gold." He speaks five languages, and documents the world’s strangest and most controversial people, from true crime and paranormal to science and politics....


804 Meaningful Coincidences

EPISODE #804 MEANINGFUL COINCIDENCES Richard welcomes a psychiatrist to discuss his work in the systematized study of coincidence, which has entailed surveying and categorizing a significant number of events, large and small. He draws distinctions between mere "coinciding instances" and meaningful or useful coincidences, and further defined synchronicity and serendipity as varieties of meaningful coincidence Guest: Bernard Beitman, MD ( is the first psychiatrist...


803 Horror Films

EPISODE #803 HORROR FILMS Richard welcomes a filmmaker, writer and podcast host to discuss his favorite horror films, including the Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Thing, Them, and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. He'll also talk about his docu-drama, The Montauk Chronicles, about the conspiracy theory that alleges there were a series of U.S. government projects conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station in Montauk, New York, for the purpose of developing psychological warfare...


802 UFO Hotspots

EPISODE #802 UFO HOTSPOTS Richard welcomes a ufologist and filmmaker to discuss some of the most intriguing UFO cases and hotspots, including anomalous activity at the Bradshaw Ranch near Sedona, AZ. Guest: Craig Campobasso ( is a casting director and award-winning filmmaker. He has been casting film and television for over three decades, and was Emmy-nominated for casting David E. Kelly’s Picket Fences. He recently cast "Don’t Come Back from...



EPISODE #801 SHADOW ANIMALS Richard welcomes an animal communicator and author to discuss how the animals we fear or dislike, such as rats, snakes, spiders, wolves and sharks, can help us to recognize our Shadow: the hated, abandoned, judged and denied aspect of ourselves. Guest: Dawn Baumann Brunke ( is an animal communicator and dream enthusiast who has led workshops and offered animal consultations for more than 20 years. Her many books include: Animal Voices;...



EPISODE #800 THE SHARED DEATH EXPERIENCE Richard welcomes the president of the Expanded Awareness Institute to discuss the Shared-Death Experience. He talks about his own personal SDE as well as the lessons learned from the millions of NDErs that can be learned and incorporated into our lives in the physical. These lessons change people’s perspectives and allow them to realize more fulfilled lives. Guest: Dr. Scott Taylor is the President of the Expanded Awareness Institute. EAI helps people...