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Resist the Dissolution of Democracy. Political news commentary from a progressive point of view. New episode every Friday at 12 noon CST!

Resist the Dissolution of Democracy. Political news commentary from a progressive point of view. New episode every Friday at 12 noon CST!


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Resist the Dissolution of Democracy. Political news commentary from a progressive point of view. New episode every Friday at 12 noon CST!






The Capitol Insurrection | Tearing Down the Fence: Memphis, Tennessee

What do you think about the insurrection in D.C.? If you could say one thing to Biden or Trump, what would you say? This episode was filmed in Memphis, TN.


The Only President Impeached Twice | The Weekly Dumpster Fire - #70

Donald Trump has made history several times throughout his one-term presidency, but "the only president to be impeached twice" is definitely at the top of the list of achievements to be remembered by.


The Success of Trump’s Sedition | The Weekly Dumpster Fire - #69

Trump's attempts to stage a coup finally materialized, resulting in thousands of his supporters "breaking into" the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. and interrupting Congress in the process.


Am I Not Turtley Enough for the Turtle Club | The Weekly Dumpster Fire - #68

A recap of the past week in politics with a new guest: Baris Gursakal. Happy 1st Birthday to Ride The Fence!


The Coup | The Weekly Dumpster Fire - #67

The second COVID-19 relief bill is stopped by Trump, most of Washington gets vaccinated, travel to and from the UK is halted due to a variant of the coronavirus, Romney keeps posturing, Barr denies special counsel for election fraud, Newsmax and Fox News backtrack on fraud claims, Biden announces another handful of cabinet members, Alexei Navalny releases audio from a conversation with the man who attempted to kill him, and more.


Trump Lost: Get Over It, Snowflake | The Weekly Dumpster Fire - #66

The Electoral College declares Joe Biden the winner, Attorney General Bill Barr resigns, federal executions continue, Biden and Harris are named TIME's "Person of the Year," Congress continues the fight over a second stimulus bill, Steve Schmidt reaches out to AOC, the Proud Boys protest in a "Stop the Steal" march, the FTC sues Facebook and others for violating antitrust laws, and more.


Who Won the Election? | Tearing Down the Fence: Memphis, Tennessee

Many people do not seem to be able to accept the election results, so we decided to go out and ask a simple question: who won? This episode was filmed in Memphis, TN.


Trump Announces 2024 Bid for Presidency | The Weekly Dumpster Fire - #65

Rudy Giuliani tests positive for COVID-19, Joe Biden continues to announce horrific cabinet picks, Austin Mayor Steve Adler tells his city's residents to stay at home from his family vacation in Mexico, the House moves to decriminalize (not legalize) marijuana, Michael Flynn encourages the use of martial law, Trump announces his 2024 bid for president, and more.


Abortion | On the Issues - #64

What is the pro-choice argument? What is the pro-life argument? Take a closer look with us.


Joe Biden Emphasizes Distaste for Progressive Policies | The Weekly Dumpster Fire - #63

The White House communications team has been announced, and while corporate news outlets have rejoiced at the fact that they are all women, the rest of us are looking at their history in politics. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court overturns New York Governor Cuomo's order, Israel most likely assassinated another Iranian nuclear scientist, the feds rule to allow death by firing squad, Trump suggests that he may pardon himself, and more.


Biden Selects Several Cabinet Members | The Weekly Dumpster Fire - #62

If you thought, even for a moment, that Joe Biden would bring positive change to America, think again. After announcing only a few of his cabinet members, it's more than obvious that his presidency will bring more of the same.


The President Refuses to Concede | The Weekly Dumpster Fire - #61

With Joe Biden as the projected winner, there are only two months until he will be sworn in. How much damage can Donald Trump do to public trust in our democracy between now and then? Is election fraud affecting the outcome of this presidential race?


Biden or Trump? | Tearing Down the Fence: Memphis, Tennessee

No matter where you stand politically, one thing is certain: divided we fall. Watch us walk in downtown Memphis, TN asking strangers who they want to win and who they believe will win. This is our very first segment of Tearing Down the Fence.


Joe Biden Defeats Donald Trump - #60

Joe Biden, in his third run for president, narrowly defeats Donald Trump to become 46th President of the United States of America.


Here's How Trump and Biden Could Tie - #59

The race between Trump and Biden is close this year. In some cases, the polls are identical to Hillary's performance against Donald in 2016, but in many key areas, Biden has taken a much greater "lead" against him. You saw how it turned out last time though, right?


Why the Hunter Biden Story Makes No Difference - #58

At this particular moment, corporate news is flooding the public with the narrative that Joe Biden is slated to defeat Donald Trump by a landslide. Rewind to 2016: Joe's performance in major polls is, more or less, identical to Hillary Clinton's; we may have to endure four more years of orange man. In other news, the New York Post has published several articles nailing Hunter Biden to a cross and taking his father down with him, but does it even make a difference?


That One Time the Boogaloo Planned to Murder a Governor - #57

Sure, maybe the Boogaloo isn't "officially" the far right, but every time we hear about them, they're doing something ridiculous, so it's probably time to call a spade a spade. In other news, Trump is very far behind in the polls (further behind than he was 4 years ago at this time), but will it be another wild card experience? Also, the GOP plans to have Amy Coney Barrett, the new Associate Supreme Court Justice nominee, voted in before election day.


The Fly on Pence's Head Totally Won the VP Debate - #56

Whether you like Biden/Harris or Trump/Pence or neither (I like neither), we can all agree that the Vice Presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence was far more civil and productive than the first debate. With that being said, the entire ordeal was essentially a contest to see who has more Republican endorsements and who loves fracking more. Luckily, a fly landed on Pence's head and unanimously won the debate. A Fly 2020.


Trump Gets COVID - #55

As Texas Governor Greg Abbott is blatantly suppressing the voices of his own constituents, and the Commission on Presidential Debates is considering changing the rules of future debates after the dumpster fire of an experience we all suffered through last time, Trump's campaign is giving the FEC hell for choosing one of Biden's former interns to host the next debate. Trump gets the coronavirus.


Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump: The First Presidential Debate - #54

Maybe in a parallel universe, the United States had a civil and productive debate, but not here. If only Donald Trump could shut the hell up...