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These are the Podcasts from the Radio Oklahoma Ag Network and our website- www.OklahomaFarmReport.Com

These are the Podcasts from the Radio Oklahoma Ag Network and our website- www.OklahomaFarmReport.Com


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These are the Podcasts from the Radio Oklahoma Ag Network and our website- www.OklahomaFarmReport.Com








Ron Hays Talks to Co Owners of Chisholm Trail Milling- Graison Gill and Brady Sidwell

Chisholm Trail Milling is a joint dream of two businessmen from different states and from different parts of the food chain- Oklahoman Brady Sidwell who farms and has been moving his business into value added products brings the expertise of wheat farming and merchandising that wheat while Graison Gill is a nationally known baker and miller from New Orleans, La. They have come together in Enid, Oklahoma to establish a commercial mill that produces niche high quality fresh flour that is...


Don Schieber Honored as 25th Member of the Oklahoma Ag Hall of Fame by Governor Kevin Stitt

Ron Hays talks with Don Schieber, the 2022 winner of the Outstanding Achievement in Agriculture Award, which is the highest award given by the Governor of Oklahoma to honor distinguished Oklahoma agriculture producers. This prestigious award honors leaders in the agriculture industry who exemplify personal values, performance, and achievement. Governor Kevin Stitt presented Schieber his award during the Oklahoma celebration of Ag Day on March 24th- after riding with the honoree in a mule...


Episode 75- Harrison Pittman, Director of the National Ag Law Center

Senior Farm and Ranch Broadcaster Ron Hays sat down and talked with the Director of the National Ag Law Center Harrison Pittman. The Center is located at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Ron and Harrison discuss what Ag Law is- and dove into a whole list of issues that have real world impacts on farmers and ranchers- Prop 12 in California, the Supreme Court's consideration of WOTUS, ESA and the impact on Ag Chemicals, Right to Repair and more.


Episode 74- Ron Hays Year End Conversation with Congressman Frank Lucas

It's a year end conversation between Oklahoma Third District Congressman Frank Lucas and Radio Oklahoma Ag Network Senior Farm/Ranch Director Ron Hays. They talk about the recently passed extension of the Livestock Mandatory Reporting Measure as well as the Cattle Contract Library Act of 2021, the continued wait on the US Department of Justice investigation into the major meat packers, Congressman Lucas' work on the Science Committee, his continued intentions to return to the House Ag...


Episode 73- KC Sheperd Talks with Jed Green About Medical Marijuana Production in Oklahoma

KC Sheperd talks with Jed Green, the founder of the group ORCA- Oklahomans for Responsible Cannabis Action. They discuss the problems that have developed in rural Oklahoma because of the explosive growth of medical marijuana production in the state- and of the need for better regulation of the industry- as well as recognition of the economic benefits Green believes are a part of the arrival of this industry- especially in areas where legal operations are being established.


Beef Buzz- Dr. Harold Newcomb Says Strategic Deworming Helps Your Bottom Line

As ranchers and dairymen and women across Oklahoma prepare their operations for fall, another round of deworming cattle comes to mind. Ron Hays talked with Harold Newcomb, technical services manager and veterinarian with Merck Animal Health, about parasite control strategies ahead of the turn of the season. Newcomb said parasite control is important for three reasons: an infestation causes an animal to reduce their feed intake, lag in production - whether that is measured in weight gain,...


Beef Buzz- Katelyn McCullock of LMIC Talks Hay Price and Supply Outlook

As pasture and range conditions continue to deteriorate, according to the latest Crop Progress Report by the USDA, suggest tight hay supplies ahead. Katelyn McCullock, director and senior economist for the Livestock Marketing Information Center (LMIC), told Ron Hays that hay prices are rising. Right now, 45% of the continental U.S. is experiencing moderate to exceptional drought conditions, most of which is in the western half of the country. Some of the areas being hit the hardest are known...


Episode 72- KC Sheperd Talks Animal Handling and More with Dr. Temple Grandin

As continue along the Road to Rural Prosperity- In our latest Ag Perspective Podcast, KC Sheperd talks with the leading animal behavior authority in the world, Dr. Temple Grandin. KC and Dr. Grandin talk about the concept of Sustainability and the proper handling of beef cattle, how to treat your cattle the right way, the concept of Stockmanship, how to get an animal ready for the show ring and the amazing memory that cattle have- and how understanding that memory can help you lessen the...


Episode 71- Ron Hays Talks with Dr. Brett Carver on the OSU Wheat Breeding Pipeline

Along the Road to Rural Prosperity- we feature our latest Ag Perspectives Podcast. Radio Oklahoma Ag Network Senior Farm Director Ron Hays recently sat down and talked at length with the head of the Oklahoma State University Wheat Improvement Team, Dr. Brett Carver. Ron and Brett discuss what happened during the 2021 wheat growing season as it pertains to the OSU bred wheat varieties- and then Dr. Carver launches into what is coming- in both the near term and further down the road from the...


Episode 70- Lt Governor Matt Pinnell Shares His Excitement on the Great State of Oklahoma

KC Sheperd talks with Oklahoma's 17th Lt. Governor, Matt Pinnell. Pinnell is also serving as the first Oklahoma Secretary of Tourism & Branding. Pinnell says lots of exciting things have Oklahoma on an upward trajectory- and he shares several highlights in today's conversation. Today's Road to Rural Prosperity Podcast is powered by Banc First, Loyal to Oklahoma and to you.


Episode 69- Sam Knipp Reflects on a Career of Advocating for Farmers and Ranchers

Host Ron Hays sits down with Sam Knipp, who has been communicating to farmers and ranchers in Kansas and Oklahoma as a farm broadcaster and ag journalist since the 1970s- Most recently, he has been a part of the broadcast and journalism team for the Radio Oklahoma Ag Network- but before that, Sam worked for farmers and ranchers in Public Relations and Communications for the Kansas Farm Bureau, Oklahoma Farm Bureau and the American Farmers and Ranchers. He's a farm boy from western Kansas,...


Episode 68- Farm Bureau's Steve Thompson Reviews 2021 Oklahoma Legislative Session

Oklahoma Farm Bureau Senior Director for Public Policy Steve Thompson talked with Ron Hays about 2021 Oklahoma Legislative Session in the latest Road to Rural Prosperity. Steve believes "this may have been the best legislative year that I've been a part of- and I've been working on these things in a variety of ways for twenty plus years." He says that the agricultural interests at the Capitol played both offense and defense during the four months that the lawmakers were in session- and cites...


Episode 67- OSU President Designate Dr. Kayse Shrum and OGFA CEO Jeff Hickman

At the 2021 Oklahoma Grain and Feed Association annual meeting on May 4th, we were allowed to record the lunch time conversation between OGFA CEO and President Jeff Hickman and Oklahoma State University President Designate Dr. Kayse Shrum, who will officially become the 19th President of OSU on July first. Learn more about who Dr. Shrum is- personally and professionally- and what her early priorities will be when she takes the reins as President on July first. Today's Road to Rural...


Episode 66- Talking State Legislative Session and More with Michael Kelsey, OCA Exec Director

As the 2021 Legislative Session heads into the Home stretch for 2021- Host Ron Hays talks with OCA Executive Director Michael Kelsey about bills that have been passed and the Governor has signed, several bills that are still in play and how the budget bills are starting to come into focus. Ron and Michael also talk about the mood of cattle producers and their concerns- locally and nationally.


Episode 65- OSU Wheat Breeder Brett Carver Talks the Big Freeze of 2021 and Our Wheat Crop and More

Host KC Sheperd sat down with Dr. Brett Carver, Regents Professor Wheat Genetics Chair in Agriculture, Wheat Breeding and Genetics in his office on the Oklahoma State University campus in Stillwater and talked about a variety of subjects- all relating back to his passion for breeding wheat. He offered his take on how the 2021 wheat crop has handled the historic freeze the southern plains dealt with in February of this year, reviewed the wheat varieties that have come out of his program and...


Episode 64- Okla Rep Trey Caldwell Talks Rural Healthcare Education and More with Ron Hays

Oklahoma State Rep Trey Caldwell has started his second term in the Oklahoma House of Representatives- serving as the Deputy Majority Leader. He talks with host Ron Hays about his roots in agriculture and why he is serving in State Government. They discuss redistricting, rural healthcare, education and the state budget process that is making good progress here in 2021- despite the year of Pandemic. Caldwell is a rising star in the Oklahoma Legislature- and won the seat that was held for 12...


Ep 63- Rep Frank Lucas on Democrat Agenda Being Pushed- Confirmation of Tom Vilsack amd More

Host Ron Hays talks with Oklahoma Third District Congressman Frank Lucas about two recent pieces of legislation that he voted against- HR 1, the Democrat's Voting Rights Bill that would strip power away from the states on how to register and verify voters- and also the Budget Reconciliation Bill that the Biden Administration is calling the American Rescue Plan. Hays and Lucas also talked about confirmation of Tom Vilsack to be USDA Secretary- Lucas saying he is "relieved" that Vilsack was...


Episode 62- Steve Rhines of the Noble Research Institute Talks Regenerative Ag with Ron Hays

The Noble Research Institute, based in Ardmore, Oklahoma, has announced their intention to focus on Regenerative Agriculture- and Steve Rhines, CEO and President, tells host Ron Hays that the intention of NRI is to work on a primary goal to regenerate millions of acres of degraded grazing lands across the United States. “Land stewardship is a core value held by many farmers and ranchers. Regenerative agriculture is the next step in the land stewardship journey wherein farmers and ranchers...


Episode 61- Dr. Tom Coon Offers a Update on DASNR and the New Frontiers Campaign

At the recent Oklahoma Genetics, Inc Annual Conference, Dr. Tom Coon, Dean and Vice President of the Division of Ag and Natural Resources provided an update on 2020-2021 Enrollment at OSU in the midst of the Pandemic, new personnel for the Division and all the latest in the New Frontiers Project to fund and construct the new Ag Hall for the Division and the Ferguson College of Ag. Host Ron Hays was moderating the Conference and asked Dr. Coon about the timeline for the construction- with...


Episode 60- Amarie Griffeth talks with KC Sheperd About Pete's Pantry at OSU

Oklahoma State University Junior Amarie Griffeth has a heart for people- and she tells Host KC Sheperd about a need she saw on campus in Stillwater to combat food insecurity. She was a part of a Task force- and out of that students came up with Pete’s Pantry, an anonymous way to help other students on campus needing a helping hand. Amarie grew up in Cushing, Oklahoma- her dad is in the livestock marketing business, so she has grown up loving being involved in producing food- and she has...