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Equal Representation with LaShaune

Today I welcome a good friend and Human Resource professional, LaShaune as we discuss navigating the workforce as a minority and fostering equal representation within organizations. Join the conversation! Follow the blog at Follow me on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter at salaahscorner


R. Kelly, Kevin Hart, Bill Cosby! The Culture Talk With Bree

This week we finally weigh in on R. Kelly, Bill Cosby and Kevin Hart with a twist. As black culture continuously looks for ways to gain representation, does it come at a cost of allowing black celebrities to hurt our communities with their actions in private life. Join our discussion as we engage on the importance of holding those with large platforms accountable for their influence in black culture. Have an opinion or question? email me at Follow my blog at...


Your Top Political Events of 2018 with Bree Wilson

We asked you to rank the biggest political events of 2018. Here are your top 5 political events that you wanted to know more about. I'm sitting with Bree as we try to make sense of some of the craziest stories of the year and what to pay attention to throughout 2019. Enjoy! Check out my latest blog post at Follow me on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @salaahscorner If you have questions, topics, or want to make an appearance on the podcast, email me at...


Culture Appropriation or Appreciation with Paige Wilson & Allison Hodges

In music, fashion, food, and holiday celebrations, there's always a debate surrounding which people can partake in other cultures. Today I sit with Paige Wilson and welcome back to the podcast Allison Hodges to discuss how we navigate other cultures. How do we appreciate other cultures without appropriating their style? Paige just launched her YouTube channel at The MILF Files. Also on Instagram @themilffiles You can find more of Allison's work at Also on Instagram...


Navigating into adulthood with Alex & Tylor

At age 18, adults can vote, smoke cigarettes, join the army and in some states purchase a firearm. Many rack up student loans all towards a degree someone else is pushing them towards. However, are we being taught how to manage our financial burdens and be civic participants in America? On today's episode we discuss our unpreparedness for the responsibilities of adulthood after high school and the pressures of attending college immediately. We sit with two recent high school grads Alex...


Getting to Know Me with Bree Wilson

Today I'm reversing roles and sitting in the interview chair. So who's doing the interview? None other than Bree wilson, the love of my life and my best friend. Join us as we discuss the reasons I came up with this podcast, what I hope you take away, and how I approach this new beginning in both our lives. Email me at Find me on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter at salaahscorner Read more at


Living with a Pre-Existing Condition with Allison Hodges

Do you have any family members or know anyone living with Crohn's? This week is Crohn's and Colitis awareness. Listen to Allison Hodges owner of The Savvy Camel Lifestyle Blog and learn what this disease is and how it takes it's toll on the body. She also discusses what it takes to maintain a healthy life, some challenges she's faced navigating Crohn's at a young age, and building relationships with friends and loved ones. Allison also shares how this decision drove her to becoming an...


Your Struggle is My Struggle

Struggles in America reflect struggles around the globe. From immigration, to Ferguson and Palestine.


What We're About

Learn how politics invades every aspect of your life, without having a degree in political science. In a period where the troubles of the world appear more dire than ever, we take a journey talking to the everyday American. What's happening beyond cable news, beyond Washington, and driving it home into your community.