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Classic talk radio format. Original analysis. Get caught up on everything you need to know from the week in less than two hours. When it comes to news and politics, Sam doesn't just lean right. Sam is right.

Classic talk radio format. Original analysis. Get caught up on everything you need to know from the week in less than two hours. When it comes to news and politics, Sam doesn't just lean right. Sam is right.


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Classic talk radio format. Original analysis. Get caught up on everything you need to know from the week in less than two hours. When it comes to news and politics, Sam doesn't just lean right. Sam is right.








And We’re Back!

Today we break down election fraud, critique Trump’s strategy, fill you in on how elections are like water polo, and update you on the State of Sam Nation and tentative plans moving forward with the show.

The Absentee President

Sam gives his take on the election and why the left will have buyer’s remorse. Even more, how we had a record number of ballots but not voters, and why Rudy could be harmful to Trump’s legal fight. Also, CA Dems vs. NV Dems and Sam’s Pro-Nevada outlook.

Why Trump Will Be Reelected

Sam returns to the airwaves in his new downtown studios in Vegas. Sam provides analysis and commentary on the debate and everything else regarding the 2020 Presidential race and why we’ll have 4 more great years of President Trump.

Some Things Are More Important Than Votes

Sam discusses the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, her logical approach to issues, and her incredible friendship with Justice Scalia. Sam invents the “Biden Rule” and its precedent on moving forward with filling the vacancy on the court. Also, Nevada Governor Sisolak comes down with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

This Podcast Won’t Win An Oscar

Sam discusses the Woodward tapes and why they are a non-issue. Also, favorable polls show sports going down, why we’ll have record turnout for Trump with woman voters, and Biden’s diminishing poll numbers are a bad sign for conservatives.

Sam Czechs Out

Sam, broadcasting from Prague, explains how Trump’s alleged comments about fallen soldiers differs from what he said about McCain. Also, Sam recalls the time he met John Bolton at the RNC and why Bolton’s tone of Trump may be colored by post-employment anger. Plus, Sam compares the European handling of COVID to America’s, and why […]

Live From Prague

Sam analyzes the latest news while abroad in the Czech Republic.

Surviving Virtual Education

Sam looks at the left’s obsession with bad news to stay in control of the media’s narrative. Also, the impact of virtual school on our children, how Bannon’s indictment is another example of leftist favoritism, Al Sharpton‘s secret, affluent lifestyle, and Sam’s upcoming trip to Europe with his son.

A Biden-Harris Flop?

While the media fawns over Joe Biden selecting Kamala Harris as his running mate, Sam looks at why the pick could backfire. With the new Middle East peace deal, President Trump continues to master Iran. Sam breaks down why Uber drivers should be classified as independent contractors. A shocking story out of North Carolina reveals […]

Clean-up on Aisle Biden

After a trainwreck week for Joe Biden, Sam sums up why there’s more to the Democrat’s gaffes. With three months from the election, hear why pragmatic voters will play the most critical role come November. A legal analysis of the Sahara v. Vital Vegas and New York v. NRA lawsuits. And in the midst of […]

The Disappearance of Differing Opinions

With a new survey showing that over 60 percent of Americans are afraid to reveal their political beliefs, Sam drops a truth bomb on how the willingness to hear dissent in America has vanished and how we can get it back. Sam analyzes President Trump’s summer of missed opportunities. While the president’s tweets about the […]

America V China

America Vs China Sam goes into detail on China and why they are the biggest geopolitical threat to our country. Also, Portland is on fire and New York is in denial, why covid deaths are being over reported, and how Chief Justice is making more poor decisions.

And Justice For All

Sam analyzes the unfair and bias treatment governors are giving to different groups of Americans. Also Sam shares when he met Roger Stone and why Trump made the right decision on his case, the Supreme Court rulings surrounding the President’s tax returns and how they aren’t as big of a deal as the media claims […]

Born In The USA

Sam reviews President Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech (surprise, high marks all around) and explains why the 4th of July is his favorite holiday. Also, blue state governors treating different groups unfairly, the record setting jobs report, and why it’s important to make friends with a liberal.

Getting Offended Is A Choice

Sam pokes holes in the left’s mask theories and why the rising numbers are not a cause for concern. Also, you should not be afraid to stand up against movements rooted in violence, Trump’s campaign woes and how he can right the ship, and how to save your favorite shows from getting wiped from history.

We Can’t Have It Both Ways

Sam shares the perfect defense for mask shaming and how we’re driven by fear, not data. Also, analysis on the recent Supreme Court decisions and why conservatives should be supportive of the outcomes, debunking Bolton’s new book, and why we need to accept our differences and be tolerant of others.

Lawless In Seattle

Sam talks about what we need to get our communities back together – not a lawless world with corner shakedowns, but celebrating people, their accomplishments, and their individuality. The cure to the problem isn’t more divisive language and actions, but open dialogue and patience. Also, Sam explains what defunding the police actually means and why […]

Fixing Police Unions

Sam breaks down the simple fixes we need to keep bad cops off our streets while keeping the public safe. Also, why we desperately need sports back, the challenge in bumping up murder charges against Derek Chauvin, and how the main stream media is misleading you on the economy.

Holding Power Groups Accountable

Sam goes beyond the hot takes of the media and gets at the true matter behind the brutal killing of George Floyd and how being pro-police and holding bad cops accountable isn’t mutually exclusive. Also, why it’s time to open up Vegas, canceling cancel culture, and the COVID hierarchy of greetings. Proud to be a […]

Questioning Official Narratives

From coronavirus to the prosecution of Michael Flynn, Sam explains why you should be skeptical of official narratives. And if that’s not enough to grab your interest, we revisit the story of a Sudanese man sentenced to marry a goat.