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San Diego Stories is KPBS' news podcast. KPBS covers politics, education, health, environment, the border and more on podcast, radio (89.5FM), TV and online at Listen to new episodes every weekday at 7 a.m.

San Diego Stories is KPBS' news podcast. KPBS covers politics, education, health, environment, the border and more on podcast, radio (89.5FM), TV and online at Listen to new episodes every weekday at 7 a.m.
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San Diego Stories is KPBS' news podcast. KPBS covers politics, education, health, environment, the border and more on podcast, radio (89.5FM), TV and online at Listen to new episodes every weekday at 7 a.m.




SDSU Gets Feedback On Mission Valley Campus Expansion And More Local News

It was a hotly contested ballot measure and now residents are getting a better picture of development plans for SDSU West as the university held an open house to get feedback. Plus, new research from the Navy found troops almost always used personal firearms to kill themselves, highlighting the need for safely storing guns. And KPBS talks to an asylum-seeker a day after the Supreme Court ruling allowing the Trump administration asylum rule to stand. Also on today’s podcast, county public...


Council Approves Mission Valley Community Plan Update And More Local News

The Mission Valley Community Plan calls for increased mixed-use development that is pedestrian-friendly and helps residents make better use of public transit. Plus, tens of thousands of homes in San Diego are at high-to-extreme risk of wildfires, according to a new study by CoreLogic. Also on today’s podcast, a new therapy using pig hearts to treat heart attacks shows promising results in human trials and the Supreme Court has handed the Trump administration a victory in its efforts to...


Research Shows California’s Marine Sea Life Reserves Are Working And More Local News

Scripps Institution of Oceanography has found that California’s system of Marine Protected Areas is doing exactly what it was designed to do — allowing marine species to reproduce in safe places. Plus, 12 church leaders from the Imperial Valley Ministries have been indicted for allegedly holding homeless people against their will and forcing them to panhandle in several cities, including San Diego. Also ahead on today’s podcast, residents of San Diego County's unincorporated areas could soon...


Ex-Deputy Richard Fischer Pleads Guilty In Sexual Assault Trial And More Local News

Former San Diego Sheriff’s Deputy Richard Fischer pleaded guilty Monday to sexually assaulting 16 women. In many cases, he was on duty and was dispatched to help women who were victims of a crime. Also, San Diego County children are slightly less obese than they were a decade ago, according to a new report. And, the Mexican city of Juárez, opposite El Paso, sees a diverse population of migrants waiting to get their asylum cases reviewed.


How One Gig Worker Is Barely Scraping By In Imperial Valley And More Local News

Amid high unemployment and hot weather, local workers are trying to patch together a living in the “gig” economy. Plus, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer speaks at the GOP convention at a resort in Indian Wells. Also, the Trump administration is challenging California and automakers on the state’s fuel emission standards, SANDAG approves prioritizing new homes near public transit and California approves new vaccine exemption rules.


City Heights Refugees Cope With Substandard Housing Plus More Local News

Cockroaches, mold, and broken windows. The Kashindis, who immigrated from Congo as refugees, say these are just a few of the problems they’ve had to deal with since moving into a home in City Heights. Also, Congresswoman Susan Davis sat down with KPBS to discuss her political career after announcing she won’t be seeking reelection in 2020, a new mental health clinic offers transportation and childcare to help veterans, plus what California’s new data privacy law means for you.


California Loses Key Military Project And Gains Funding For Wall Plus More State And Local News

The California Air National Guard is losing an $8 million flight simulator as one of 127 military projects to lose funding to pay for border projects ordered by the Trump administration. Also ahead on today’s podcast: two Southern California congressman are rallying support to block new offshore oil drilling along the state’s coast, San Diego Unified is speaking out about the need to provide food to immigrants and a report from UCSD found plastic sediment in the Santa Barbara Basin has...


Local Dive Boat Captain Reacts To Conception Boat Fire, Says Charters Are Safe Plus More Local And State News

There is still no word on what caused the boat fire off the Santa Barbara coast that left 34 people presumed dead. Local charter boat operators said tragic incidents like these are extremely rare. Also, San Diego is entering a dangerous phase of its wildfire season, a new California law that goes into effect in January will give consumers more control over their personal data online, and the governor has appointed a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur as the new head of the DMV.


San Diego Rescue Team Dispatched To Florida For Hurricane Dorian

San Diego's fire department has sent a five-member task force to Florida to help coordinate search and rescue missions amid Hurricane Dorian. Also, at least eight people were killed in a deadly boat fire off the California coast, some Uber and Lyft drivers are speaking out against a bill aimed to curb independent contractors, and San Diego water rates are going up.


Qualcomm Institute's Virtual Reality Cave Offers 3D Experience And More Local News

Researchers at the Qualcomm Institute at UC San Diego are commemorating the second year of the Suncave, which they say is the highest resolution virtual reality cave in the world. Plus, water customers in San Diego will be seeing another increase in future bills, Warner Bros. is bringing part of its gaming industry to Carlsbad, and the San Diego Museum of Art is featuring a new exhibit about African Americans living in Southern California.


People Protesting Drag Queen Story Hour Met By Counter-Protesters And More Local News

Members of a group called Mass Resistance protested Drag Queen Story Hour at a Chula Vista library. Counter-protesters were there to meet them. Plus, San Diego County’s “second chance” program diverts some offenders away from jail, Rep. Mike Levin tours San Diego border facilities, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzales joins workers calling for the passage a new labor law aimed at contractors, and San Diego REP and Amigos Del REP are hosting their third Latinx New Play Festival.


State, Federal Politics Cloud San Diego's Climate Goals And More Local News

San Diego's promise to cut its greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2035 is facing challenges from outside forces. Meanwhile the city is behind on efforts to reduce waste and car travel. Plus, the San Diego International Airport faces rising ocean sea levels, UC San Diego surgeons performed the first HIV to HIV kidney transplant in Southern California, and a new report on the conditions experienced by thousands of asylum-seekers in U.S. immigration detention centers finds a large percentage...


San Diego Senior Centers Unprepared For Over 65 Population Surge And More Local News

In ten years, one in four people living in San Diego County will be a senior citizen. Plus, the county is asking voters to check their registration after “motor voter” problems, which led to nearly 84,000 duplicate voter records statewide. Also ahead on today’s podcast: San Diego immigration courts lead the nation in returning asylum-seekers to Mexico and horse deaths are down at Del Mar this summer, but so is attendance.


Nearly 40% Of Young Adult Californians Live With Their Parents. Here’s Everything To Know About Them, Plus Local News

Nearly 40% of Californian’s between the ages of 18 to 34 live with their parents. Also, the U.S. Navy says using CBD products is against the rules for sailors, an update on horse deaths at the Del Mar race track and California’s government is suing the Trump administration over a new rule that could detain asylum-seeking families longer.


City Heights Kids Take Rare Trip To The Beach And More Local News

The City Heights Community Development Corporation organized a "Boulevard to Beach: Community Transit Ride" trip this week to highlight what they say are inequities in ocean accessibility for the low-income residents of San Diego. Also, Zillow has new info on where San Diegans are coming from and where others are moving to, the group that owns the San Diego Gulls hockey team has been chosen to operate the Pechanga Arena, and changing demographics in California means changing radio formats.


Lawsuits: Federal Gov't Fails To Protect Military Reservists Returning To Civilian Jobs And More Local News

Claiming they are denied promotions and pay, reservists and guard troops are suing their civilian employers under a federal law designed to protect their civilian careers. Plus, the city of Santa Monica is ramping up rental subsidies for seniors, National City is preparing for the 2020 Census after an undercount in 2010, and Scripps researchers have created a disease detecting method to uncover Zika outbreaks.


Rep. Peters Explains Why He Doesn't Like The Green New Deal And More Local News

San Diego Congressman Scott Peters does not support the Green New Deal, but he does think congress should be taking action to protect the environment. Also, San Diego County Democrats have endorsed Assemblymember Todd Gloria for San Diego mayor, the Trump administration is moving to end limits on child detention, and despite a massive cleanup effort, people near some military bases still can’t drink their tap water.


San Diego Looking To Oust Lime Scooters And More Local News

The city claims Lime violated new speed rules for scooters that went into effect in July; the company says the city is wrong. Plus, veterans who participated in nuclear weapons testing are being offered certificates for their sacrifice and Caltrans has permanently closed a Mission Valley off-ramp as part of a major transportation project.


California Gov. Newsom Signs Law To Limit Shootings By Police And More Local News

California is changing the standards for when police can use lethal force under a law signed Monday that seeks to reduce officer-involved shootings. Plus, KPBS takes a look at a new analysis of police shootings released by the D.A. Also, an appeals court found more than 4,000 illegal immigration convictions were improper. The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System will soon be raising its fares and the Coaster commuter in the North County gets a new shuttle service.


Records: SDPD Officer Accused Of Sexual Assault Resigned And Never Charged

A San Diego police officer was accused of sexual assault. Records show that he resigned and was never charged with a crime. Also, San Diego becomes the fifth city in California to open a chapter of Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice. It's a national organization dedicated to giving a voice to survivors of crime. And a new Trump Administration policy is making it easier to deport Chaldeans. KPBS will take a look at how that’s impacting local communities. Plus, why is inflation in San...