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San Diego Stories is KPBS' news podcast. KPBS covers politics, education, health, environment, the border and more on podcast, radio (89.5FM), TV and online at Listen to new episodes every weekday at 7 a.m.

San Diego Stories is KPBS' news podcast. KPBS covers politics, education, health, environment, the border and more on podcast, radio (89.5FM), TV and online at Listen to new episodes every weekday at 7 a.m.
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San Diego Stories is KPBS' news podcast. KPBS covers politics, education, health, environment, the border and more on podcast, radio (89.5FM), TV and online at Listen to new episodes every weekday at 7 a.m.




Flu Outbreak Hits Local Migrant Shelter And More Local News

In today’s San Diego News Matters podcast, at least 16 people at a family migrant shelter downtown are suffering flu-like symptoms. Also, say goodbye to plastic plates, bowls and cups when you go out to eat and the city’s Independent Budget Analyst says San Diego’s homeless program funding is "unsustainable."


Dogs Vs Boats: The Future Of Fiesta Island And More Local News

In today’s San Diego News Matters podcast: Space for paddle sports or a place for dogs to run free? The fate over Fiesta Island’s multi-use park could soon be decided. Also today, the county takes steps towards cleaner air and federal regulators say San Onofre fuel transfers can resume.


District Attorney Calls For De-Escalation Training For Law Enforcement Who Encounter Mentally Ill And More Local News

In today’s San Diego News Matters podcast: How police and deputies can better respond to people with mental health challenges, local abortion rights advocates join nationwide protest and a north county city looks to knock down an old hospital to make way for new housing.


City, County Leaders Call For Federal Aid As Migrants Fly To San Diego And More Local News

In today's San Diego News Matters podcast: the latest on the migrant influx from Texas to San Diego, the future of Horton Plaza and the zoo's efforts to revive the nearly extinct northern white rhino.


San Diego Zoo's Research Could Help Stave Off Northern White Rhino Extinction And More Local News

In today's San Diego News Matters podcast: San Diego Zoo researchers are caring for two pregnant southern white rhinos that are a key part in the plan to save the critically endangered northern white rhinos. The extinction clock is ticking because only two northern whites remain alive. Also in the show: The City of San Diego wants to create bus-only lanes. Records have been released under a new state law requiring law enforcement agencies to make internal reports about officers who shoot...


Clergy Abuse Victims Caution Against Accepting Church Settlements And More Local News

In today's San Diego News Matters podcast: Victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests have cautioned against accepting a church-sponsored program to financially compensate them. Also in the show: While President Trump pushes Congress to create a new military branch called the Space Force, the Pentagon is about to choose a permanent home for its existing Space Command. And to help address the flow of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is tapping its...


Loneliness And High Rent Prompt California Seniors To Look For Roommates And More Local News

A growing number of California seniors are moving in together to deal with the state’s affordability crisis and the solitude that comes with the death of a spouse. San Diego officials are proposing a new program to help police officers live within the city. And unexpectedly wet weather is set to start today.


Mayor Faulconer's Budget Revise Funds Scooter Enforcement, Balboa Park Upgrades And More Local News

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced $6.7 million in additional spending Tuesday as part of his revised fiscal year 2020 budget proposal. Women participating in a UCSD HIV research study still haven't been told their information was exposed in an October data breach. And California advocacy groups want lawmakers to further address what they call a blind spot in the state's climate policy.


San Diego Landlords Could Face Historic Rent Control Legislation And More Local News

In a variety of recent assembly bills: one proposes a form of rent control statewide, another bans tiny toiletry bottles in hotels, and another aims to expand the practice of collecting scooter ride data. KPBS Film Critic and host of Cinema Junkie podcast Beth Accomando has full details on how the LGBTQ film festival is taking a year off, but will still being showing a series of short films at Landmark's Hillcrest Cinemas.


San Diego Cannabis Growers Grappling With A Changing Marijuana Market And More Local News

As more growers enter the cannabis cultivation business in California business are getting ready for a changing market. The San Diego Hunger Coalition warns the Trump Administration's proposed budget cuts to Cal Fresh, known nationally as SNAP, would be devastating. And the San Diego City Council is set to hold a meeting this evening for public comments on their spending plan.


County Wants To Boost Funding For Mental Health Programs And More Local News

San Diego County's new budget proposal includes money for short-term and long-term mental health care. Also in the podcast: A new study shows teachers in San Diego are facing financial crisis due salaries not keeping up with housing costs. And KPBS's film critic and host of the Cinema Junkie podcast, Beth Accomando, has a full preview of the oncoming Ken Cinema film week.


Uber, Lyft Drivers Demand $28 Minimum Hourly Wage During Rally At San Diego Airport And More Local News

Some Uber and Lyft drivers feel companies are taking too much money from their rides and want to be paid more for their work. Also on the podcast: The Pentagon is planning to address pitfalls in how it moves military families, and Mayor Kevin Faulconer says eight city properties will be made into affordable housing.


San Diego Researchers Help With Urgent Effort To Stop Ebola In Africa And More Local News

As health workers in the Democratic Republic of Congo work to stop the spread of another highly contagious Ebola outbreak, researchers in San Diego are working on a cure. Plus: San Diego based Alpha Project celebrated a recent opening of an apartment complex aimed at getting homeless vets into housing, and Governor Newsom's budget is coming out on Thursday and it's expected to have millions of dollars for women and children.


Balboa Park Trees Are Stressed And More Local News

In today's San Diego News Matters podcast: The health of the trees in San Diego’s largest park is getting some extra attention because the urban forest here isn’t as healthy as it used to be. Also on the show: Washington State Governor Jay Inslee campaigns his climate change message in California, and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra wants to review how the state's Roman Catholic dioceses handled allegations of child sex abuse.


City Councilwoman Jen Campbell Has Politics In Her Blood And More Local News

City Councilwoman Jen Campbell has a family history of political engagement. Her election last November tipped the partisan balance on the council, giving Democrats a veto-proof majority. Police departments across San Diego are releasing their records. And USD students partake in a "sustainable shark tank" at the Fowler Global Innovation Challenge.


The Evidence In The Vaults Below The Courthouse And More Local News

On today's San Diego News Matters podcast: San Diego Superior Court stores about 30,000 exhibits, and 2/5 of them are from murder cases. All evidence has to be stored until a case's appeals process is complete. Plus: the shooting at a Poway synagogue has raised questions about law enforcement's preparedness to counter violent white supremacy, the city of Imperial Beach passed one of the most sweeping plastics bans in the state of California and more San Diego and California news and analysis.


Imperial Beach Officials Planning For Sea Level Rise And More Local News

On today's San Diego News Matters podcast: Imperial Beach faces the most imminent threat from rising sea levels, and city officials are already thinking about adaptation strategies. Plus: you’ve heard of NIMBYs and YIMBYs, now meet the PIMBYs, the "Parents in my Backyard'; SDSU students hold a vigil for the victim of the recent synagogue shooting in Poway and more San Diego and California news.


Concealed Weapons Permits Increasing In San Diego County And More Local News

There were 1300 concealed carry permits in San Diego last year, compared to 2400 now. Sheriffs talk about the rise in permitting. Also in today's podcast: The city of San Diego is taking proposals for Pechanga Arena, and part two of Mexico's American gun flow problem.


Mexico's American Gun Problem And More Local News

As President Trump wants to fight drugs and migrants pouring into the U.S., Mexico is reeling from bloodshed fueled by American guns, bullets and grenades pouring into Mexico. Also: Two San Diego County supervisors are not happy with plans to change what future transportation funding will be spent on, and District Attorney Summer Stephan says there's been a rise in hate crimes in San Diego.


Faith Leaders And Politicians Condemn Act Of ‘Hate’ In Poway Deadly Synagogue Shooting And More Local News

Following the deadly shooting Saturday at a synagogue in Poway, faith leaders and politicians were quick to condemn the shooting as an act of hate. Plus: The San Diego Association of Governments has unveiled a broad framework for its next regional transportation plan; the ancient European festival known as Walpurgis Night or Witches' Night takes place April 30 to May 1; a bill that would require cities and counties to issue cannabis retail licenses if a majority of residents voted for...