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Sarah is a political commentator who seeks to correct the course of modern culture.

Sarah is a political commentator who seeks to correct the course of modern culture.


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Sarah is a political commentator who seeks to correct the course of modern culture.




Abortion Activists Are Bloodthirsty (Social Stream)

Enraged by a recent leaked document from the Supreme Court, pro-abortion advocates are targeting churches and pregnancy clinics.


The Good News Still Exists (Social Stream)

This stream covered the shutdown of CNN+, the cases in the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping faux collapsing, a NOT guilty verdict in a January 6th case due to police cooperation, Disney's loss of the protected status that it should never have had, and more.


Christian Communities as the Way Forward (On the Catholic Current)

I went on the Catholic Current to discuss how I recently joined the Catholic Church, as well as the need for real communities and fellowship in the times to come.


Stanford Talks ”Mother Pairs”

The once-prestigious Stanford School of Medicine is now so focused on political correctness at the expense of science that it is seriously doing studies on "mother pairs" and comparing them to "mixed gender couples".


Too Woke to Feed the Poor

The latest method of signaling leftist virtue is refusing donations to the poor when those donations come from 'objectionable' people. Further, it now seems that some charities are so afraid of canceling that they too are rejecting donations.


Crusader Gal’s Social Stream 3/31/2022

This live show covered the "International Day of Transgender Visibility", Fox News' hiring of 'Caitlyn' Jenner, and the leaked footage from Disney about their not-so-secret gay agenda.


The Faux Family of Dave Rubin (with Denise McAllister)

Dave Rubin's announcement of his purchasing of children has been lauded by many on the right who ought to be horrified. Denise McAllister joins the show to discuss this perversion of a family and willful neglect of children.


Don’t Say Gay and the Disney Pedophiles (With Rob Noerr)

Friend of the show and recurring guest, Rob Noerr, joined me to talk about the hyper-sexualization of children, the so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill, and the media's recent cover-ups.


Is There Hope for Our Culture (With Let’s Be Frank)?

Frank from Let's Be Frank joined the show live to discuss the direction we're going, whether there's hope using the political apparatus, how we start fixing our culture, and more.


The Farce of Women’s History Month (on The Catholic Current)

I went on The Catholic Current with Fr. Robert McTeigue to talk about how condescending Women's History Month is, how the Biden Administration's announcement thereof reeks of cultural Marxist class warfare, and the importance of building communities as a resistance against a tyrannical government.


Womxn History Month and Racial Balancing (Social Stream)

This social stream covered the shameless pandering to women by those in Big Tech (Women's History Month), the notion of "racial balancing" in high schools, Biden's supreme court nominee, and the tragic death of Matthew Perna.


Our Woke Military, War With Russia, and Canadian Tyranny (Social Stream)

This stream covered the updates in the Canadian tyrannical crackdown against protesters, how the American military is going more woke while the White House foments tensions with Russia, the free speech case about to reach the U.S. Supreme Court in regards to forced pro-LGBT labor, and more.


Canada and Australia Go Extreme Against Dissidents(Social Stream)

This stream covered the evolving Canadian crisis, Australia's use of extreme tactics on protesters, the state of Hong Kong, and more.


Sex in Schools and How We’re Being Targeted (Social Stream)

This stream covered the eighth-graders being groomed by official teaching, Joe Rogan's capitulation and its effect, the feminist and animal rights activist who combined all of modern leftist thought into one illuminating (and hilarious) speech, and how the Department of Homeland Security is targeting "mis-dis-and-mal-information".


Biden White House Targets Gun Rights and Speech (Social Stream)

This live show covered Biden targeting gun rights, Whoopie Goldberg's suspension, corporations that fund China while complaining about the U.S., the White House attempt to bully Spotify into engaging in censorship, the medical groups that are discriminating against white people, and more.


Canada Goes Dystopic (Social Stream)

This stream covered the anti-mandate truck convoy of Canada that the media is ignoring, the Walmart stores that are abusing unvaccinated shoppers, Biden's plan to make food shortages worse, and more uncovered news.


British Terrorists and Inclusive M&Ms (Social Stream)

This show covered the terrorist who had a British accent, more inclusive M&Ms, the rapist who won't be jailed because he's trans, and the upcoming unsafe election according to Democrats.


They’re Making Lists of the Non-Complaint (Social Stream)

In this stream, we discussed how the U.S. government is making lists of the unvaccinated, the high school teacher who put her own child in the trunk, the recent Supreme Court rulings, and more.


Media Lies, Censorship, and the Pronoun War with Fr. Robert McTeigue

Sarah Corriher went on The Catholic Current with Fr. Robert McTeigue to discuss media lies, censorship in our age, the pronoun war, and the scapegoating of white people by our societal elitists.


The World as a Penal Colony (Social Stream)

This live stream covered Australia's embrace of its penal colony past, the anniversary of Ashli Babbitt's death, how the entire western world is creating a second-class citizenry, the just implosion of the Church of England, and more.