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Fighting Farmers' Depression and Food Deserts

Strong men also cry. And farmers often don't address depression. From rural farmland to urban centers, we find struggles in the American food system--and explore solutions via farmers and farmers markets. Reporter Maggie Mullen explores #AGTWITTER and then we host a conversation between a cattleman well-versed in how social media can help during lonely times and an advocate from eliminating food deserts.


Native Knowledge

Native American identity came into the spotlight this year when Senator Elizabeth Warren claimed Cherokee status through a DNA test. President Trump, who called her Pocohontas, wasn’t satisfied. Justifiably so, Native Americans had their own opinions. Our hosts Devan Schwartz, Alex Warren, and Megan Donis speak with: Joe Whittle, an enrolled member of the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma, and Janeen Comenote, executive director of the National Urban Indian Family Coalition. And we hear about...


The High Costs of Western Living

Big Tech continues to expand in the West. And as they do, they’re increasingly looking beyond their birthplace - Silicon Valley. In this episode, we travel to Nevada to hear about a Tesla factory that's fundamentally changing an area known as much for natural beauty as manufacturing efficiency.


Climate Change and Faith

Monsoons are nothing new in Arizona--but hurricanes? As the Southwest dries out from massive flooding, we hear from ordinary citizens dealing with the fallout--and experts who break down future challenges in the region of precipitation and rising temperatures. Then we talk with two men of faith who read the tea leaves very differently when it comes to weather vs. climate change.


River Wild, River Tamed

The over 3 million miles of American rivers and streams meet between 80,000 and Two Million dams. They were built for water storage, hydroelectricity, and flood control. Since the nation was founded, we’ve built an average of a dam per day. But should four dams on the Snake River be removed to help the struggling Salmon--or are there better solutions? Join us to learn more about the high-stakes debates over hydroelectric dams.


The West Is Burning

The vast landscape of the Western United States encompasses pretty much every terrain imaginable. A rising mass from eastern plains on west, across a continental divide featuring some of the continent’s tallest peaks. But there is something that unites the communities of the West: wildfire. And with an already historic fire season on hand, the question remains, are we doing enough to prevent them?


This Land Isn't Yours

The U.S. government lays claim to more than 630 million acres of land. For some perspective, that’s more than the combined area of California, Florida, New York state and Texas. Public land is exactly what it sounds like, right? Owned by everyone. But this episode shows how ownership and stewardship mean two very different things when a prominent group of ranchers take on the federal government.


Who We Are

The prevailing narrative is clear: America is divided and it’s only getting worse. But if you look closer, you will find there’s much more that binds us together than tears us apart. Welcome to Saving the West, where urban and rural America sit down and listen to each other. Each week, host Steve Chiotakis takes you to different parts of this country to hear stories about everything from conservation to development, public lands management to food production.