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The "Seeking Justice" LIVE Radio Talk Show originates on the Campus of Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. The show's objective is to transcend issues of conflict by listening to both sides of the story. Topics include: Current Events, Political Controversies & National & International Conflicts. Hosted by Dr. Mary Kendall Hope. 90.9 FM WQFS Greensboro, 4-5pm ET every other Wednesday.

The "Seeking Justice" LIVE Radio Talk Show originates on the Campus of Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. The show's objective is to transcend issues of conflict by listening to both sides of the story. Topics include: Current Events, Political Controversies & National & International Conflicts. Hosted by Dr. Mary Kendall Hope. 90.9 FM WQFS Greensboro, 4-5pm ET every other Wednesday.
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The "Seeking Justice" LIVE Radio Talk Show originates on the Campus of Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. The show's objective is to transcend issues of conflict by listening to both sides of the story. Topics include: Current Events, Political Controversies & National & International Conflicts. Hosted by Dr. Mary Kendall Hope. 90.9 FM WQFS Greensboro, 4-5pm ET every other Wednesday.




Candidate Barbara Howe (I) U.S. House of Representatives

Ms. Barbara Howe (L) Libertarian Candidate for The U.S. House of Representatives presents her platform for Congress. She discusses what it is to be a Libertarian, and how this differs from the present political party beliefs. She further talked about the present Republican dominated branches of government (Executive, Legislative & Judicial) and her recommendations for integrating Libertarian views into these institutions. Barbara discussed her thoughts about Mr. Trump, the most recent...


VOTE! Your Voice Matters in These Mid-Term Elections

Director Rachel Raper, Board of Elections for Orange County, NC discusses the many ways our citizens can vote from Mail-In Ballots, Early Voting to Voting at the Precinct on Nov. 6th 2018. She further discussed the simple process to register to vote with a postcard or instantly at the DMV in NC. We also talked about the history of Voter ID in North Carolina. Rachel clearly stated several times that citizens in NC do not have to present a photo ID for this election. Lastly, we discussed the...


FEAR by Bob Woodward & Tomorrow 3.0

Dr. Michael C. Munger, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Duke University & Professor of Political Science analyzes FEAR by Bob Woodward with me. Dr. Munger further discussed the details of his book: Tomorrow 3.0: Transaction Costs & The Sharing Economy. I began our analysis of FEAR by presenting my disappointment with the book not living up to it's title and cover presentation. I expected Mr. Woodward to provide an analysis of the FEAR that the Trump Presidency has engendered in both the...


What Can Your Representative (D) or (R) Do For You?

Dan Friedman (C) Conservative and Solomon Gibson, III (D) presented a lively, fun, and respectful discussion of current events ranging from political party labeling, The "Silent Sam" Confederate Monument Debate, Local vs. State Control of issues, Voter ID, and their own respective historical analysis of Presidents past. An unexpected analysis of the Presidency and Impeachment of Bill Clinton evolved as both Dan & Solomon discussed the human fallacies of Presidents as men. Both Solomon &...


Bridging The Political Divide

Recorded LIVE from WCOM 103.5 FM in Carrboro/Chapel Hill, North Carolina, veteran talk show host Bill Hendrickson of "Time Out" and I discussed our American political divide. I gave a brief background of the formation, development & history of the "Seeking Justice" talk show concept from 2014 through it's move to the Triangle of North Carolina. The show's objective: to reveal deeper perspectives of both sides of current events, contemporary issues of conflict, and social justice issues in...


Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (R) North Carolina

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (R) of North Carolina's 5th Congressional District - began our interview with a brief history of what led her on her journey toward leadership. From her days as a School Board Member, Professor at Appalachian University, President of Mayland Community College, NC State Senate then Seven Term Congresswoman, she revealed that her beginnings were humble and hard work guided her path. As Chair of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, she detailed her...


Training Police Officers to Better Address Conflicts

Retired Police Chief & Current Director of Public Safety for Guilford College William Anderson shared his thirty years of experience as a veteran police commander and 4 time Police Chief. The many conflicts that have received public attention and negative notoriety in the news during the last 20 years has stimulated a gradual opening of awareness in a police system that continues to face challenges between officers and members of the public. William discussed how he and the public safety...


He Who Must Not Be Named: The Consequences of Silence

It's the topic no-one will bring up or talk about - the Trump Presidency and scandals. The short and long term effects that the political divide in America deepen by the day and month, as individuals on both sides of the aisle avoid even speaking the President's name in public. Dr. Roy Schwartzman and Dr. Thom Little Little and I analyzed the reasons why this topic has been the GOP elephant in the room. We further discussed it's affect on millennials - who seem so disconnected that they...


Student Journalists Discuss Current Events, Their Awards & Contemporary Journalism

Award winning student journalists: Praveena Somasundarum (Pulitzer Center Fellow) and Abby Bekele, Photo journalist from The Guilfordian discussed with surprise guest: Dr. Cheryl Hatch, Professor of English the latest journalism awards won by Guilford College. The Society of Professional Journalists, Region 2 (NC, VA, Maryland, & Washington, D.C.) Mark of Excellence awards have been given for about 60 years and this year was the first collection of wins for Guilford College. Praveena (2017...


An American Culture of Violence

Since our first beginnings as a nation, our culture has been shaped by cycles of violence. Even though there were periods of significant peace, a focus on our violent history paved a pattern of errors in reaction and formed a "tradition" that we have had a hard time overcoming. Dr. Mike Sistrom pointed out that the period between 1890 through the early 1900's marked an influential era of violent reaction that may have formed our 20th century patterns of gun violence. Dr. Aqueil Ahmad...


Relationships: A Woman's Perspective with Nicole Kaufman

Nicole Kaufman, licensed counselor joined me for our last women's history month show discussing relationships from a woman's perspective. We began by touching on the recent scandals in the news: "Stormy Daniels," Karen McDougal & Summer Zervos. We did not discuss the details of these incidents but rather how these factors are changing us. We compared current events to the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Describing the new monogamy, Nicole brought research data reflecting current data on cheating...


Women in the Workplace with Ann Hardee, Business Owner

Ann Hardee, Business Owner, Real Estate Agent & Retired Flight Attendant shares her experience as a working woman from the late 1970's to present. Ann began her professional career as a flight attendant (stewardess) for United Airlines. She shared the specifics written into work expectations for women and men in the airline industry that were expected then. From the requirements to wear high heeled shoes, false eyelashes, short skirts and weight requirements that female "stewardesses" (the...


Women in Journalism & The Journalist As Witness Conference

Covering the Journalist As Witness Conference (March 17-18) at Guilford College and in continued support of Women's History Month, we focused on women in journalism and the experiences that participants will have at this upcoming event. From the earliest days of women in journalism through today, Cheryl Hatch and Richard Tsong Taatarii discussed women such as Dickey Chapelle, who indeed was a well known photojournalist from the WWII era through the Vietnam War. We discussed media legends...


Nevertheless She Persisted: The History of the Women's Movement Thru #MeToo

The "Seeking Justice" public radio talk show begins our honor of women borrowing this year's National Women's History month theme: "Nevertheless, She Persisted." Gwen Erickson, Tiffany Holland, and Sarah Thuesen present first a history of the women's movement and women's studies in colleges. As these departments soon evolved into women, gender and sexuality studies, all three guests described how the intersection of these aspects of women's history helped shape the last decades of our...


The Partnership Project with Nora Jones

Nora Jones from The Partnership Project talks about the Racial Equity Institute (REI) workshops such as Phase I - which educates participants about racial equity and stimulates discussions that empower and encourage while promoting increased awareness and understanding. Nora described the Phase II workshops as empowering individuals to take action - such as letter writing, community organization, protest movements and fostering active community discussions. She discussed how these workshops...


The Beloved Community Center of Greensboro, 2018

Joyce and Nelson Johnson, who walked and worked with Martin Luther King, Jr. and founded The Beloved Community Center (BCC) in 1965 came with Wesley Morris to discuss the work the BCC continues to initiate. This center promotes dialogue, education and discussion among all cultures in the Triad area and is a national leader in social justice work. They discussed specific projects that they have championed such as Healing Tuesdays (stimulated by North Carolina's Moral Mondays). Nelson & Joyce...


The African Student Association at Guilford College

The African Student Association at Guilford College's President, Emerantienne Tang discussed the formation of this student organization on campus. She talked about the upcoming African Night events scheduled for April 21, 2018 and an upcoming pageant competition on February 24th between our ASA and other ASA organizations from other colleges. She discussed her inspiration to create Guilford's chapter of the ASA, detailing how she felt as a young adult immigrant from the continent of Africa,...


Representative Amos Quick, III (D) of North Carolina

I was honored to have as my guest, Representative Amos Quick, III (D) of North Carolina. Rep. Quick talked at length about the status of the redistricting in NC as our state waits for the Supreme Court to decide whether they will hear a full appeal from NC's GOP of the re-drawn district lines. Rep. Quick also spoke at length about North Carolina's challenges in education, detailing his goals for improvements. He outlined that the four pillars of his work to encompass: Education, Employment,...


Black History Month Kickoff & The Status of The Democratic Party

The first segment (4-4:30) of this episode was dedicated to previewing the activities planned to honor Black History Month (February) at Guilford College. Krishauna Hines-Gaither & Brianna Randolph detailed the many unique events being sponsored including a discussion of the history and use of "The N Word" and the first installment of a three part series: "Hair & Body Politics." The second segment (4:30-5) Dave Wils, NC Democratic Party leader and national party committee member came on and...


Respect for ALL: When All Includes LGBTQ+

On this episode, Fernando Jimenez, Photo Journalist, discussed the LGBTQ+ identifiers and how to approach discussions of LGBTQ+ descriptors with family members, friends, co-workers and associates. Fernando shared his own personal stories of coming out to his conservative Christian mother and his time with the North Carolina State Legislature during the NC Bathroom Bill time frame. Fernando's experiences were poignant and relevant to many who may have listened to this show. We discussed...