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The "Seeking Justice" LIVE Radio Talk Show originates on the Campus of Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. The show's objective is to transcend issues of conflict by listening to both sides of the story. Topics include: Current Events, Political Controversies & National & International Conflicts. Hosted by Dr. Mary Kendall Hope. 90.9 FM WQFS Greensboro, 4-5pm ET every other Wednesday.

The "Seeking Justice" LIVE Radio Talk Show originates on the Campus of Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. The show's objective is to transcend issues of conflict by listening to both sides of the story. Topics include: Current Events, Political Controversies & National & International Conflicts. Hosted by Dr. Mary Kendall Hope. 90.9 FM WQFS Greensboro, 4-5pm ET every other Wednesday.
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The "Seeking Justice" LIVE Radio Talk Show originates on the Campus of Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. The show's objective is to transcend issues of conflict by listening to both sides of the story. Topics include: Current Events, Political Controversies & National & International Conflicts. Hosted by Dr. Mary Kendall Hope. 90.9 FM WQFS Greensboro, 4-5pm ET every other Wednesday.




National Employment Rates-An Accurate Representation?

Why are most Americans working 2-3 jobs and still struggling to survive, and most without benefits? Dr. William "Sandy" Darity of Duke University's Sanford School of Public Policy discusses (as a Professor of Economics) the meaning of "Employment" and measures today's measures of "Employment." He points out that the income inequality and wealth disparity in this country continues to widen and worsen. Dr. Darity points out that a Federal Job Guarantee program would address this problem by...


An Inglorious Anniversary: The KKK in North Carolina

Neo-nazi - a term now uttered in the same breath as The KKK. A recent movie "Inglorious Bast---s" revealed the dark nature motivating likeminded nazi followers. Would Grand Dragon (leader) Bob Jones have agreed that the KKK and nazism were the same? On this episode Actor John Paul Middlesworth who portrays Bob Jones in an Odyssey production in the Triangle - talks about his life and the terrible 40th anniversary of the Greensboro Massacre. In the production "Past Imperfect" many of North...


"Evangelical": The Hijacking of the Religious Right

From its earliest Greek meaning "Evangelical" meant "good news." Today the meaning has turned from into an association with conservative support of the current White House Administration. When did this "hijacking" of the term originate? And how/when has religious been conflated into a "religious right" throughout history? Dr. Bill Lawrence, Former Dean & Professor Emeritus of Southern Methodist University discusses the answers to all of these questions with a detailed history of how this...


Impeachment: A Multi-"Side" Analysis

With comparisons dating back to both Clinton & Nixon, one Conservative, Dan Friedman and one Progressive, Solomon Gibson, III respectfully discuss the Impeachment Inquiry. Both political perspectives are represented well in this episode, with very different opinions and perspectives. Both Dan and Solomon have been down this road with me before, discussing controversial topics from their respective political perspectives. Today, their discussion was lively, presenting a general populous...


Making Friends in Times of Division

Reaching out in kindness...beginning a new conversation then friendship... how does one do this in such a time of division in our country? Dr. Daniel Steinert, Director of Music Ministries talks about specific instances in which he is doing just that. He spoke about what inspired him - ODD moments? God moments? And how his choices to just reach out to those who may need a friend created new friendships and began lasting relationships. Reaching across communities can make a difference. We...


Impeachment: What if we DO? What if we DON'T?

Impeachment? It may not be a question at this point, but a Senate Hearing may... so predicts Dr. Thom Little, Professor of Political Science at UNCG & nationally Thom schedules events and lends his professional guidance through the State Legislative Leadership Foundation - which trains leaders (federal & state) throughout our nation from all political parties & perspectives. What about Impeachment? Thom presented that just during this past week he changed his mind on impeachment (whether...


Liberty & Power: The Populous Rise of Presidents Jackson & Trump

His picture hangs in the Oval Office, but why? President Andrew Jackson's picture & a smaller statuette of President #7 is displayed among #45's chosen trinkets. Dr. Harry Watson, Professor of History at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in his book: Liberty & Power presents an analysis of the populism that swept President Jackson into the White House, and admittedly, many of the comparisons of the two ring similar. From the "spoils system" of firing elites and experts in...


Improving Justice Systems with Sheriff Charles Blackwood

Sheriff Charles Blackwood of Orange County North Carolina came to discuss the new jail being built in the area and the systematic improvements that he has experienced over his long career that truly help inmates and community members to be safer. Sheriff Blackwood, who came to this office in 1980 and worked his way through the ranks in the decades that have followed to become Sheriff in 2014 discussed in detail how the community has changed over those decades - including the affect of...


Transforming Our Trash to Enrich Our Good Earth

Composting Trash...Saves money, makes money and enriches our good earth. Who knew? Rhonda Sherman, Director of the NC State University Compost Learning Lab and world renown expert in composting discusses how composting is now done in individual homes & businesses. Rhonda defines vermicomposting - one of the most money making new innovations that saves our earth instead of harming it. While poorly conceived human trash continues to destroy our earth's soil, water and resources, seeking new...


The U.S. Immigration Crisis: What Lies Underneath

Is it a crisis - Immigration - or is it normal American experience. Ambassador Michael Cotter (retired) and I discussed the many of the details underneath our Immigration crisis that both political parties seem reticent to even bring up. The hidden conflicts embedded within the Immigration of job loss, cultural shift, economic & income inequality seem to lie buried underneath political labels. Does Immigration have racist undertones? Absolutely. But what about everything else underneath...


Lessons from The Greatest Generation

Great Grandson of W.K. Kellogg, Randy Mapes patiently shared with me LIVE his family's famous history of Battles, contentiousness and the legacy of benevolence that influences his life today from his Grandfather Ralph Kellogg. Growing up in the Greatest Generation, Randy's Grandfather learned to look beyond the corporate success of the Kellogg family and reached out to those in his community through the Kellogg Foundation in Brutus, Michigan. Randy's patience was on clear evidence in this...


The Good Earth. The Not So Good Earth. Part II: Defining Sustainability

Our Good Earth & Not So Good Earth series (Part II) continued with Dan Schnitzer, Director of Sustainability for Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (CHCCS) in North Carolina. Dan first defined "sustainability" from multiple perspectives - to include a deep analysis & consider of our human sustainability on this planet - regarding how humans have been treating our earth with waste products in the past - and how we hope to better sustain our earth in the future by producing, using, and...


The Good Earth. The Not So Good Earth: Letting the Children Lead Us

Season 7 begins with a look at The Good Earth. The Not So Good Earth - examining ways we can transform the damage humans have done for lack of knowing how to better care for our earth. Alexis Besosa presented an innovative program called "Creation Care" from Christ United Methodist Church based that was being used in Elementary Schools and churches throughout (in this geographic area) to reduce landfill waste and transform "trash" into compostable material. Surprisingly, these programs...


Representative Graig Meyer (D) North Carolina District 50

Completing June's "The Best of Congressional Representation" with my interview of Graig Meyer (D) of North Carolina's District 50. Representative Meyer spoke about his large and diverse geographic area of constituency - covering both farming areas and the metropolitan population of Durham. He discussed contemporary issues facing both political perspectives, detailing his approach and leadership objectives.


Representative Amos Quick, III of North Carolina

I was honored to have as my guest, Representative Amos Quick, III (D) of North Carolina. Rep. Quick talked at length about the status of the redistricting in NC as our state waits for the Supreme Court to decide whether they will hear a full appeal from NC's GOP of the re-drawn district lines. Rep. Quick also spoke at length about North Carolina's challenges in education, detailing his goals for improvements. He outlined that the four pillars of his work to encompass: Education,...


Patrick Morgan & Valeria Cesanelli Attorneys at Law

Patrick Morgan and Val Cesanelli discuss the ways in which they assist clients in family & criminal law. They described how they listen in detail to the needs of their clients, taking into account the "big" picture perspective of the dispute, considering all possible options to address the problem. Their holistic approach to assisting clients (taking into account the budgetary allowances available to those they serve) reveal the caring and depth of expertise these professionals offer to...


Representative Verla Insko (D) North Carolina

North Carolina Representative Verla Insko (D) began our discussion with the news of Theresa May's (Prime Minister of England) resignation and the influence of Russian meddling on the Brexit conflict that likely forced May from office. She continued to highlight the European elections in countries such as Germany (Angela Merkel) that have also seen divisions stimulated by far right influence. She noted that these uprisings and resultant problems seem to have been caused by the same social...


International & National Conflicts: Iran, China, Mueller & The Crisis at the Southern Border

U.S. Ambassador Michael W. Cotter (Retired) joined me LIVE me to discuss current events. We began with the movements in The Middle East of the aircraft carrier Lincoln against Iran, then proceeded to discuss tariffs with China & Chinese spying. We continued to discuss the Russian intervention in our election and presently and transitioned into the fall out from The Mueller Investigation. Mike's deep perspectives and insights into these conflicts (which at times differed from my thoughts)...


Democracy...We'll Miss It When It's Gone

"Democracy may not exist... but we'll miss it when it's gone." Author & Filmmaker, Astra Taylor's (2019) newest book release reflects the current struggle we have in the United States with our own Democracy. Her companion movie "What is Democracy" presents a documentary analysis of our human definitions of both big "D" Democracy as well as the origins of the concept of democracy in Ancient Greece through Rousseau's writings. Astra Taylor discussed her choice to film a portion of the movie...


The Mueller Report: What Do We Do Now?

Barbara Howe (Libertarian) candidate in 2018 for the U.S. House of Representatives was my guest for this discussion of The Mueller Report and current events. Barbara first defined her political affiliation as a Libertarian, detailing "makes a Libertarian think the way they do" for our tribute to this theme in April, 2019. Regarding the Mueller Report, Barbara clearly stated her aversion for government focus, stating she did not read The Mueller Report and now does not watch television. I...