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Talk radio that gets under your a GOOD way!

Talk radio that gets under your a GOOD way!
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Talk radio that gets under your a GOOD way!






The Ash-Holes ask YOU - What's your favorite stick!

Tonight LIVE 7pm CST on the show - The Ash-Holes are always asked what we smoke, but tonight we wanna flip the script!! We wanna know what you smoke and why you smoke it!! Hit us up on Facebook LIVE during the show, call in 914-813-4079 and let us know what your fancy is!! Don't forget not only can you listen LIVE on Itunes, Stitcher, or blogtalk you can now WATCH the antics on Facebook - If you comment LIVE during the show we'll send you a special gift from...


The Ash-Holes talk Cigars and the Presidents who smoked them!

Tonight LIVE on the show starting @ 7pm CST - In Honor of Presidents Day, The Ash-holes thought they should have a meeting of the minds to see how many Presidents indulged in the glorious obsession! Call in during the LIVE show 985-241-0034 with your wisdom, thoughts, or just tell us what lights your ASH on Fire - Watch them on Facebook LIVE or listen on Blogtalk Radio, the FUN starts 7pm CST - Hope to see you on the show!! #SmokinAcesLive #PerfectoCigars #DeadPresidents #smokesmooth


The Ash-Holes offer the 10 Best Cigars to pair with Whiskey!!

“What’s the best drink to pair with a good cigar?” This Week on the show (7pm CST Tuesday Nights)- This is one of those questions we get every so often in our inbox, and more importantly, we hear it a lot at my shop, Perfecto Cigars. Years ago, it was pretty common to end the night with a fine cigar and spirit, but the choices and options were pretty slim back then. Fast-forward to 2017 and you ask 10 people how to pair them and you might get 10 different answers. Coffee, craft beers and...


The Ash-Holes get dirty with Tobacco

Tonight LIVE starting @7pm CST as always, The Ash-Holes get down and dirty with tobacco - We'll talk about the History, curing, fermenting, growing, the soil, ahhh you get the drift!! Tune in to Facebook LIVE as well to actually watch all the antics - - Now bear with us as we are working on the audio but we think we've got it!! So tune in tonight - Fun starts @ 7pm CST - or call in and let us know what LIGHTS YOUR ASH on Fire!! 914-803-4079 #facebooklive...


The Ash-holes sit down with Miami Cigars and the Blue Jean Lawyer !!

Tonight, The Ash-Holes sit down with Miami Cigars' Adrian Strickland to talk about the all new ADN and the tobacco used in this amazing stick!! La Aurora has a Cigar Event coming up....Oh YEAH ...its here at Perfecto Cigars in Ocean Springs, MS Friday February 2, 2018 from 6-10 pm so we'll also pick Adrian's brain on some of the fantastic blends featured by La Aurora. Then, in hour number 2, The ash-holes talk legalese with "The Blue Jean" Lawyer and maybe we can find out why the FDA and...


The Ash-holes offer their opinion about the FDA

The main issue at hand is how premium cigars will be defined. Due to the nature of how premium handmade cigars are produced, distributed and marketed, this seems to have gotten the Drug Administration tied-up like a Culebra, so here’s what they’ve proposed: Either the FDA would regulate all cigars, machine-mades, premium handmades, et al. as one all-inclusive product, or, create a new definition for what they call “covered cigars,” and therefore, premium cigars would be identified as a...


The Ash-Holes ask....Cigar or Pipe - ThE StRuGgLe iS rEaL!!

Tonight on the show LIVE @ 7pm CST - The Ash-holes debate the long standing myth that a Pipe is classier and more sophisticated than a Cigar - NO WAY NO HOW!! who wants a heavy peice of wood sticking out of your mouth for 2 to 3 hours having to tamp, relight and manicure all while trying to look like Sherlock Homles trying to smoldering a thought during an investigation. We believe Cigar smoking should never be a status symbol but a tool to gather together and fellowship...Unfortunately...


The Ash-Holes talk Coffee and Cigars .....5 things you didn't know!!

Tonight, The Ash-holes still recovering from the debauchery of New Year's eve talk Coffee and Cigars. There's alot more to it than you think and they are more similar than you might imagine! So Tune in TONIGHT, the fun starts @ 7pm CST so call us with your thoughts, questions or what "Lights your ash on Fire!" A whiff of fresh-brewed coffee. The scent of an open humidor, or the hint of a thick, oily Maduro-wrapped cigar being toasted. Your Pavlovian response is triggered as soon as you...


The Ash-Holes talk Expansion? Plus the Cigars we smoked all Year

Tonight on the Show - We talk about the ALL NEW Club Perfecto?? 4,000 Square Feet of Luxurious Cigar aroma filled space with every accessory you can think of - HELL YEAH!! Yep The Ash-holes talk about our expansion, Plus we'll articulate what we've smoked all year, the Good, Bad and down right NASTY!! So join us TONIGHT LIVE starting @7pm CST - Call in 914-803-4079 with your thoughts, ideas or story about what you've smoked this past year! #ClubPerfecto #PerfectoCigars #SmokinAcesLIVE


The Ash-Holes get Nostalgic with a look back - 2017 Year in Review

Tonight 7pm CST - on the Show we look back through this year and uncover some memorable moments including outtakes, bloopers and some of the best conversations and Guests we had this year. So light the fire, kick the tires...oh that's Top Gun....well light the fire, kick the cat off the couch and join us for a great look back of 2017!! Call in and let us know what "Lit your ASH on Fire this year" 914-803-4079 and from all of the Ash-holes we wish you a Wonderful and Prosperous New Year.


The Ash-Holes get Christmasy with Santa and Cigars

Tonight's show will be a Blistery Bonanza of Christmas spirit so join us tonight starting at 7pm CST - Santa may even show up!! Call in with your Yuletide cigar story and we just might send ya a gift - 914-803-4079 or tell us what lights your ash on fire this holiday season!! Ahhhh… Cigar smoking and the holidays – they go together like cigars and beer… cigars and poker… cigars and whiskey… cigars and steak… cigars and basically everything… hey, are you noticing a pattern here? The holiday...


The Ash-Holes talk Bourbon and Cigars with Bourbon Expert Jonathan Maisano

Tonight on the Show - The Ash-Holes start with the "Smoldering Ash" session and then sit down with Bourbon Expert and Sommelier of Wine Jonathan Maisano, We'll pick his brain and find out how to pair a great Cigar with the greatest brown water on the planet...uh yeah that's Bourbon!! So Join us tonight, the FUN starts at 7pm CST - Call in anytime during the show and ask your Bourbon infused question 910-813-4079 Enjoy the article below from If you’re like most folks, you...


The Ash-Holes sit down with "Ford on 5th Cigars" Anthony & Melanie Cantelmo

Last Tuesday, After a dibocial with our server that prevented us being ON AIR (Those DAMN RuSSiAnS) from interviewing Ford ON Fifth Cigars, We felt horrible so GUESS who's coming on This WEEK!! That's right "Ford ON Fifth Cigars" - Tuesday night starting @ 7pm CST - Our smoky Rapid fire includes a chat with Ocean Springs Mayor She Dobson and then The Ash-holes sit down and talk with the owners of one of the most KICK-ASS Cigar shops in the Country - Ford on 5th Cigars, in Scottsdale, AZ!!...


The Ash-Holes get down and dirty with the Soils Tobacco grow in

When we think about cigar tobacco, we often think of the world’s major tobacco-producing nations, and how we prefer one country’s tobacco over another Ecuadorian, or Indonesian). American tobaccos rarely enter that discussion, with two obvious exceptions: Connecticut shade and Broadleaf tobaccos. Connecticut shade, a tall, elegant tobacco variety widely praised for its mild flavor and smooth appearance, has been grown under shade tents in the Connecticut River valley since the early 1900s....


The Ash-holes HACK your smoking experience - Tips & Tricks you NEVER knew about

Tonight 7pm CST on the show - The Ash-holes become Cyber Ninjas, we are going to HACK your smoking experience!! - We'll put our own hilarious twist on the info given out by Cigar advisors in the article posted below!! Sure, cigar smoking is pretty easy – but it can be even better, when you get creative. If you’re looking for some new fixes or just some cigar smoking tips to get better enjoyment out of the experience as a whole, LISTEN UP for these creative ideas…they’re a little out of the...


Cigar 101 - The Ash-holes talk - The Field Guide on How to Destroy a Smoke Nazi!

On Tonight's show, LIVE @7pm CST - Of course we'll start the show with our "Rapid Fire" Session talking things that light our ashes on fire - Politics, NFL, GQ, Liberals.....and much more.....Then, Listen as the Ash-holes take you to school and talk about those annoying, whining, cry baby "Smoke" Nazi's that troll the earth looking to ruin someone's day smokin' a great stick. You know the type, they start coughing from 1.89 miles away and by the time they get to you they swear they have...


The Ash-Holes ask - How's your Cigar Etiquette?

Tonight AT OUR NEW TIME!! 7pm CST - The Ash-holes uncover the horrid stories about the boorish, crude, ill-mannered and down right rude behaviors in Cigar Shops and the ridiculous reasons behind such acts! Do you tamp out your ash like your using a construction style jack-hammer? Have you brought your own Cigars to a shop (that you didn't purchase there??) Don't fret, We'll help you understand what and what NOT to do when your smoking your favorite stick! If you're a shop owner, a...


The "Ash-Holes" Talk - The DiViDeD StAteS of AmERiCa

This week, The Ash-holes sit down and discuss a Plethora of subjects that are DiViDiNg this country into so many ridiculous factions. From the debacle the NFL is creating with our National Anthem, Law Enforcement being afraid of offending someone, The Government imploding on itself ....even Transgenders in the Military!! What is it that will bring us back to THE United States of America?? YOU tell US. You are NOT gonna want to miss this episode LIVE Tuesday night 8pm CST on Blogtalk Radio,...


The Ash-Holes Talk - Trump, Tactics and Torts with Senator Chris McDaniel

This week on Smokin Aces LIVE - During hour #1 - The Ash-Holes sit down and talk Trump, Tactics from the Left and Right and Torts with Senator Chris McDaniel from Mississippi (District 42) State Senate. In Hour #2 we'll have Sean Williams the Brand Ambassador for Cohiba Cigars!! We are a HIT!! Over 200k downloads on Itunes in less than 3 weeks!! A HUGE shout out to YOU the Listener for making our show possible. We want to give you the the best guests who will bring you TRUTH sans the...


The "Ash-holes" talk Bullets, Bureaucrats and the BCAA - with Gaby Kafie

Tonight show - We'll have Dr. Gaby Kafie, President of the Boutique Cigar Association of America - He sits down with all the "Ash-holes" and talks about what impact the FDA has had on the Cigar World and what He's doing to "FIGHT THE POWER!" So Join us tonight 8pm CST Call in with your thoughts or Questions 914-803-4079!! The ONE and ONLY Cigar Talk Show on Blogtalk Radio! We want to educate the novice smoker, enhance the noob smoker and pick the minds of the "experts" - All while bringing...